CWA TV 12/26/1987

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 12/26/1987
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Randy Hales welcome everyone to the program this week. Hales is filling in for Dave Brown, who is on vacation.

Hector Guerrero comes out singing with his guitar and reminds the fans that Santa is coming to town. Guerrero claims that America copies all of their songs. Guerrero says that the real true reason for Christmas is important in Mexico. Guerrero says that Santa isn’t real. Guerrero is getting tired of the situations in Memphis. They know how to celebrate Christmas the real way and promises we will find out.

Opening Contest: Teijho Khan vs. Freezer Thompson: Mark Guleen is not with Khan this week. Khan wins the match with a throat thrust strike. After the match, Khan dumps Thompson to the floor and sends Thompson face first into the announcers table.

Lance Russell says there will be a Lord of the Ring tournament and the winner will et a Super Bowl like ring. The ring is worth $10,000. We see a picture of the ring. AWA World Champion Curt Hennig competed in the tournament and wrestled Jerry Lawler in the first round. We see footage from Memphis.

AWA World Champion Curt Hennig vs. Jerry Lawler – non-title – Coliseum
Hennis decked Lawler with a punch before the bell and stomps on Lawler to keep the advantage. Hennig continues to beat on Lawler with strikes to drop Lawler several times. Hennig continues to strike Lawler over the back. Hennig elbow strikes Lawler several times in the corner. Hennig rams Lawler face first into the corner and taunts the fans. Lawler drops his strap and fights back with right hands to drop Hennig. Lawler pummels Hennig in the corner as we’ve reached four minutes into the action. Lawler is sent into the referee and the referee falls to the mat. Hennig drops Lawler over the top rope, but there’s no referee for the pin attempt. Hennig tries to wake up the referee and Lawler ducks a right hand. Lawler atomic drops Hennig and Hennig has his head tied up in the ropes! The referee helps Hennig and Lawler comes off the middle rope to hit a fist drop to win the match in less than six minutes! (I never would have guessed that match would be less than six minutes.)

Second Contest: Jimmy Jack Funk vs. David Johnson: Funk wins the match with the swinging powerslam (Texas Twister). After the match, Funk says that he’s coming for Jerry Lawler on Monday Night and says he’ll regret hearing the name Funk.

Nate The Rat has something to say before the next match. Rat says that Bobby Jaggers isn’t here this week and that he’s the toughest man in wrestling. Rat admits that Keith Erich doesn’t have a good win/loss record and thinks that with his guidance that he’ll be a champion. Scott Hall comes over and puts Rat on the announcers table saying the people came to see wrestling and not hear him talk. Hall shoves Rat off the announcers table. Rat is livid and demands Eric go get Hall.

Third Contest: Scott Hall vs. Keith Erich: Hall no sells punches and hits a dropkick. Hall follows up with a clothesline and elbow drop. Hall hits a leg drop and plays to the crowd. Hall hits a bulldog out of the corner to easily win the match. Well, put the belt on Hall!

Hector Guerrero comes out again and says that he’s a superior wrestler to any American. Guerrero wouldn’t support Jeff Jarrett under any circumstance. Guerrero backs up everything he says and calls Jarrett over to the commentary area. Guerrero says he’s been a top talent everywhere he’s gone. Guerrero is going to prove that Mexican wrestling is better than American wrestling. Guerrero wants a stipulation where the person who throws the first punch will be disqualified. Guerrero says that it’s not in reference to a forearm or uppercut.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Hector Guerrero: Guerrero cleanly breaks from Jarrett and hits an arm drag. Jarrett comes back with a few arm drags too leading to a standoff. Guerrero hip tosses Jarrett and gets a rollup for a near fall. Guerrero complains to the referee. Jarrett shoulder blocks Guerrero a few times and puts a headlock on. Guerrero has a top wrist lock on Jarrett, but Jarrett counters with one of his own. Guerrero locks in a standing chicken wing, but Jarrett doesn’t give in. Jarrett breaks free and takes Guerrero down with a hammerlock. Guerrero wants to punch Jarrett, but decides against it. Guerrero drives Jarrett down with a backbreaker. Guerrero gets a surfboard on Jarrett for a moment, but doesn’t keep the hold locked in for very long. Jarrett backdrops Guerrero out of the corner for a two count.

Guerrero takes Jarrett down to the mat with a headlock. Guerrero puts a bow and arrow on Jarrett for a moment. Jarrett hip tosses Guerrero followed by a dropkick but Guerrero reaches the ropes to break the count. Jarrett arm drags Guerrero several times and Guerrero slaps Jarrett! Jarrett backs Guerrero into the corner and the referee is out of position as Guerrero punches Jarrett. Guerrero has a pin on Jarrett with his feet on the ropes and wins the match. (*1/2. A predictable outcome from the beginning and the action wasn’t all that entertaining. It seems like they want to elevate Jarrett and then they take a step backwards with this kind of stuff.)

Scott Hall comes out and talks with Lance Russell. Hall says that he just came back from Japan for a month. Hall thinks the fans are in for a treat with him in the area. Russell brings out Nate The Rat and Bobby Jaggers. Hall doesn’t think that managers should be involved in action in the ring. Hall knows the people came here to see wrestling. Hall knows all about Bobby Jaggers and says he’s easy to find if he wants him.

Lance Russell calls out the Bruise Brothers for an interview. They are wearing white trunks. Russell wants to know how it’s been going since last week. They say it’s been going pretty good thus far. They note their match with the RPMs didn’t go well with the brass knuckles, but they’ll get them next time.

Main Event: Bruise Brothers vs. Rough & Ready: This is an expiration of time match, according to Randy Hales. As expected, the Bruise Brothers win the match with a rollup out of an abdominal stretch.

Final Thoughts:
I really hope that Scott Hall sticks around in Memphis for a little while, at least. Bruise Brothers are not good talkers, and their in-ring doesn’t look to be all that great at the start. Seeing the Hennig/Lawler match on TV was cool, but surprising that it was so short. I enjoyed the final episode of 1987 for Memphis TV.

Thanks for reading.

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