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Inside The Magazine Volume #47: Wrestling Superstars Summer ’94


Richard from Mississippi talks about how Bobby Heenan was a major act for the WWF over the course of the past nine years, but much like Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Mean Gene, he’s gone. Richard liked how Heenan was sent out of the company by Gorilla Monsoon and thought that revealing his possessions included toilet paper was fitting since Heenan has been full of it for many years.

Brian Christopher

Francis from Kentucky thinks that the magazine overlooked Brian Christopher in a recent article highlighting ten guys to lookout for in 1994. Francis doesn’t think Jeff Jarrett should have been included because Jarrett has been wasting his career by talking about country music more often than realizing his true potential. Francis hopes for Christopher to get more chances at beating Jarrett up and thinks it’s just a matter of time before arriving in WCW or WWF.

Jim from Massachusetts believes that Crush was in the right for attacking Randy Savage because Savage had often times left the announcers table to help people, but didn’t do anything for Crush. After Crush is done with Savage, Crush will concentrate on bringing more gold to Mr. Fuji.

Krystal from North Carolina recently saw Ric Flair wrestle Lord Steven Regal and walked out of the arena impressed by Regal. She’s looking forward to seeing more matches between Flair and Regal down the line.

Lance from Virginia doesn’t understand why Luna Vachon wasn’t involved in crowning a WWF Women’s Champion and thinks that Bam-Bam Bigelow prevented her from competing. He doesn’t think Alundra Blayze will be a proven champion until she defends against Luna.

Barry from Idaho isn’t disappointed that Hogan will likely not appear at WrestleMania X and it’s because Hogan was disappointing in 1993. Barry thinks that Hogan needs to decide between being an actor and being a professional wrestler. He suggests a farewell tour if Hogan is done wrestling.


Lex Luger would love to get another shot at WWF World Champion Yokozuna, but signed a contract for his SummerSlam opportunity that meant it was his only shot. Luger may get a chance if he were to win the Royal Rumble, but Yokozuna may not even be the champion since Yoko is defending against the Undertaker at Royal Rumble.

1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty won the tag titles from the Quebecers, but the reign lasted one week. Randy Savage celebrated RAW’s anniversary by shoving a cake into the face of IRS and won a match between them by disqualification.

A love triangle has developed between Luna Vachon, Bam-Bam Bigelow and Bastion Booger. Luna appears to be leaning towards Bigelow, though.

Ric Flair enters 1994 as the WCW World Champion and quickly defended the title against Lord Steven Regal winning each contest. Arn Anderson returned on December 28th after his fracas with Sid Vicious a few months prior. Anderson was victorious over his former tag partner, Paul Roma. Roma has been associated with Paul Orndorff since departing the Horsemen group.

Brian Pillman has been taunting Col. Robert Parker with a chicken suit and blames Parker for the Hollywood Blonds splitting up.

Jerry Lawler is the USWA Heavyweight Champion when he defeated former friend Jeff Jarrett on December 20th. Terry Funk won the ECW World Championship from Sabu on December 28th.


Ric Flair: Flair kept his family away from the business because it wouldn’t be fair to them, but is glad they were able to witness his victory over Vader at Starrcade.

Bobby Heenan: Heenan feels like he’s entered the WWF alumni society in WCW with all the former WWF wrestlers joining the company recently. He’d fill in for Larry King if needed, too.

Brian Lee: Lee thanks Tammy Sytch for supporting him in SMW and winning the Heavyweight Championship. Lee plans to have a chain match and knows that Tammy is worried about getting blood on her dress. Lee suggests that Sytch dress down that night because she’d still look better than everyone in the area.

Sherri Martel: Sherri may not like Alundra Blayze, but she’s supporting her to have great success in the WWF because it would bring great exposure to women’s wrestling. Sherri wants Alundra to be champion until she returns to win the title.

Jeff Jarrett: Jarrett feels bad for everyone that hasn’t heard him sing and blames Marty Jannetty for trying to ruin his success in Nashville.

Col. Robert Parker: Parker says that the chicken suit insult by Pillman isn’t going to fly with him and that along with Steve Austin they are going to roast Flyin’ Brian.

Eddie Gilbert: Gilbert has greatly enjoyed wrestling Lawler in the USWA and recalls running Lawler down with a car. Gilbert suggests that the viewers haven’t seen anything yet.

Jimmy Hart: Hart dismisses the notion that Hulk Hogan is washed up and mentions his recent success over in Japan and in Hollywood. Hart suggests that Hogan could wrestle full time if he really wanted to.

Lord Steven Regal: Regal recently wrestled Flair and found out just how good he really is. Regal notes that Flair is getting older, and Regal is only getting better.

Ricky Morton: Morton notes that Cornette and his henchmen have done some messed up things, but to attack Gibson’s father is the lowest thing they’ve done thus far. Morton promises to get revenge for those actions.

Missy Hyatt: Hyatt has heard from several wrestlers about how much they liked the calendar she recently posed for. However, she hasn’t heard from 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell. She knows that they love her, though.

Chris Adams: Adams is glad they he won the Global Championship on Christmas night to cap off his year when he defeated Iceman Parsons. It was a rough year, but he ended it on a good note.

KNOW YOUR HOLDS: written by: Big John Studd

Studd believes that intimidation is important for victory in the ring and his strength assists him in that. He likes the backbreaker because of the pain and possibility of crippling opponents if executed correctly.

Vader and Harley Race


Leading into Starrcade, Vader and Race didn’t have much media attention. That bothered Race, but it didn’t bother Vader. Race felt disrespected and tried to convince Vader to feel the same, but was unsuccessful. Some people believe that Race was distracted by the lack of media and that ultimately cost Vader the WCW World Championship against Ric Flair at Starrcade. Vader no longer looks dominate and will likely compete against Sting in a series of matches. Flair went back to his old rule breaker habits to hit Vader with a chair and that lead to a victory with the figure four. Vader and Race will return to the main event scene, but they’ll need to learn from their previous mistakes.

Hawk & Sasaki


Hawk says he’s heard people ask about a Road Warrior reunion and it got to a point where it annoyed him. Hawk has had success in Japan while Animal has kept busy competing in Minnesota. When they both appeared in WCW, fans were drooling over the prospects of them wrestling the Nasty Boys. That didn’t happen and fans hoped for Hawk failing to regain the titles with Sasaki, but on January 4th their wishes were dashed when Hawk and Sasaki defeated Scott Norton and Hercules for he titles. Hawk doesn’t think it would be right to ditch Sasaki when Sasaki had been loyal and helpful to him in Japan. Hawk is happy with his partner and happy to be tag team champions once again while acknowledging his previous success with Animal will never been matched again.


Bastion Booger

Booger encourages the old stereotype of out of shape wrestling fans who doesn’t care about his body image.

Missy Hyatt

Hyatt is an embarrassment for essentially using her body to advance her career instead of her likely intelligence that she doesn’t use. Hyatt should have some more self respect.

Lord Steven Regal

Regal is an embarrassment because he’s clearly lying about his royalty status and should be ashamed for doing so.

Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett is an embarrassment for not realizing his full potential as an in-ring performer. In the USWA, Jarrett was a great wrestler, but jumped ship to the WWF to be like Jerry Lawler and became a phony country music singer. Jarrett is wasting his talent to be a singer that nobody knew he was capable of being previously.

Randy Savage

Savage is out of control and that is seen as an embarrassment in wrestling. Savage has been this way for a while now and it appears to be something that is a way of life. It would appear that Savage isn’t able to control himself.

Luna Vachon

Luna is also seen as being crazy, but her appearance that features tattoos is regarded as being an embarrassment to women’s wrestling. Nobody wants to wrestle Luna because she’s so wild and a match with Alundra Blayze likely won’t happen because of that.

Doink the Clown

The editors of the magazine do not enjoy watching a clown pretend to be a wrestler. When they watch a wrestling match that’s what they want to see. Doink’s sidekick, Dink, isn’t helping matters and they don’t consider fan favorite Doink any different than the rulebreaking Doink. Their main gripe is that he’s a clown wrestling like a clown and making the WWF look like a circus.


They consider Yokozuna to have very little actual skill and Yoko winning the WWF World Championship just because he’s 500lbs is embarrassing to the top title in the WWF. Yoko is also a coward for constantly avoiding challengers such as Lex Luger and The Undertaker. They want Yokozuna to go back to sumo wrestling where he belongs.

Brian Lee

Lee is considered a full-time minor leaguer who isn’t ready to live up to his nickname of “Primetime.” He first rejected Tammy Fytch, but a few weeks later Lee ended relying on her for his recent success in SMW. Lee doesn’t need Tammy’s help and he’s proven that in the past. Tammy helping Lee is only hurting Lee’s rank in the business.


Apparently, Tatanka reminds the editors of the Hakawi Indians on the tv show F-Troop. Some people are questioning whether or not Tatanka is truly Native American because they’ve never seen him eat buffalo or celebrate Thanksgiving. Their major gripe is that Tatanka showcasing his Native American background shouldn’t the be focus of his career since he didn’t embrace it before arriving on WWF television.

Dustin Rhodes: credit WCW Worldwide


After losing to Steve Austin at Starrcade and losing the WCW United States Championship, Dustin retreated to his fathers ranch in Texas to gather his thoughts. While in the ranch, Dustin mostly remained in the trophy room to seemingly motivate him. Dustin is in line to become a World Champion, but he is held back by not taking advantage of situations. Dustin needs to embrace breaking the rules, something his father lacked, as well. Dustin is contemplating that it may be time to stop being nice in the ring and worrying about his reputation. Dustin is pissed about losing the championship and it may be time for a change in how he approaches matches moving forward.


Hogan would have never left for Hollywood if every night was WrestleMania in the WWF. Hogan thinks there’s a magical connection between himself and the event as they both bring the best out in each other. Hogan recalls each Mania experience and says that the first Mania was a special feeling and knew that Mania would sellout. WrestleMania II was different because they had three events in three different major cities. Hogan has different thoughts on WrestleMania III now that Andre has passed on and would rather remember the crowd reaction to Piper winning his retirement match. He enjoyed helping Savage win at WrestleMania IV instead of DiBiase. Hogan says that at WrestleMania V, Savage lost before he even got into the ring and couldn’t overcome all his fans. Hogan didn’t want to wrestle Warrior at WrestleMania VI because they were friends, but he lost and got upset with Tunney for refusing to grant a rematch. Hogan has great pride in regaining the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania VII by defeating turncoat Sgt. Slaughter. WrestleMania VIII, Hogan only commented on Savage/Flair and noted that he was disgusted by Flair’s antics with Elizabeth. As for Mania IX, Hogan feels like he could never surpass how he won the title on that night because it was spontaneous.


Jarrett has been bragging about being on the cover of Country Beat, but Jerry Lawler doesn’t know who has been telling Jarrett that he can even sing to being with. It is noted that the cover is a fake by PWI that Jarrett published himself. Jarrett notes that he is steady in his behavior between USWA and WWF. Meanwhile, Lawler has been a good guy in USWA and a bad guy in the WWF. Lawler doesn’t see himself as a heel in the WWF and thinks the fans can think however they want about him there. He’s never turned on his fans like Jarrett has done. Jarrett’s attitude change has come out of nowhere and he’s claimed that he’s appeared at clubs and bars in Tennessee, but there’s nothing on record to support that claim.


Anderson refuses to speak about the incident with Sid Vicious that recently happened. Anderson wanted to wrestle Paul Roma in his first match back because Roma turned his back on the Horsemen and Arn isn’t going to forgive him for doing that. Anderson doesn’t know the future for the Horsemen, but knows that Flair is focused on World Championship. Arn may need to find a partner for the tag titles, or focus on his own singles career. Though, he’s not done with Paul Roma just yet. Arn puts over the tag teams currently and notes that the Nasty Boys should have never won the tag titles from them at Fall Brawl. Bagwell and Scorpio are just going to be hungrier for gold following their brief title reign, and he finds the new duo of Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne to be interesting. Arn would need to find someone who is loyal and able to take directions. Arn doesn’t want to talk rumors about Hogan coming to WCW. Arn does say that if Hogan wrestles Flair then he’d be in Flair’s corner and if Hogan came to join the Horsemen, he might as well welcome him aboard.


This is a fantasy interaction and match segment of the magazine and it’s highlighted that this match is “unlikely to ever happen outside of this magazine and your imagination.” There’s a lengthy fake background story leading into the match, which in this imaginative article lasted 97-minutes and saw Bret win after slamming Sting off the middle rope. The aftermath of the match saw Sting return to a fictional game show that he had hosted as part of a lengthy story and Bret winning both World Championships from Flair and Yokozuna.

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