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Rebooking ECW: Hardcore TV (02/27/97)

Tonight, the aftermath of Cyberslam is here. Who was left standing? Who won and who lost what? Were they screwed over? On this episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV, these burning questions will be answered, along with the return of Sabu and Mike Awesome in Hardcore TV wrestling action!

ECW HARDCORE TV 02/27/97 (Camden, NJ)

1. Chris Candido Interview: The new ECW Television Champion, Chris Candido, addressed the cheap-shot his former friend Lance Storm took on him after his match at Cyberslam. “What a bittersweet victory… I left that arena in Queens after night one of Cyberslam, not overjoyed with my title win, but with a sour taste in my mouth and… a sore groin. Lance, if you wanted a shot at the new champion, all you had to do was ask! We were friends, tag team partners… and then you turn around and throw it in my face? Storm, you had a best friend. Now… you have a greatest enemy. You better PRAY that Shane and Awesome have your back as much as I did, because you don’t have me anymore.”

2. John Kronus defeated Davey Morton Jericho this week after an unexpected guest arrived ringside. After Jericho controlled most of the match-up, “Prime Time” Brian Lee appeared ringside and stood in the corner of John Kronus. With Lee ringside, Kronus was able to get back on top with the unwanted, otherwise illegal, help from “Prime Time”. Once Kronus picked up the victory, he stared down at Brian Lee. Lee clapped and pointed at Kronus, giving him a thumb’s up before walking out. Shaking off the bizarre occurrence, Kronus clebrated his win and headed toward the back. Perry Saturn (the other half of The Eliminators, with John Kronus) was not seen at all during the match or after. (10:43)

3. Commercial break + A reminder of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hostile City Showdown, taking place on March 3rd, 1997.

4. Pitbulls Interview: The interview conducted backstage in a stairwell began with Pitbull #1 speaking. “What did we tell you, boys? We would be the next ECW Tag Team Champions. We came through, didn’t we?” Then, Pitbull #2 cut him off, “Listen, enough of the past. We are the present and the future! The Pitbulls are this company’s best team and we are putting the word out now: Anybody, anytime. If you this you have what it takes, step up, so The Pitbulls can knock you back down to size! After all, champs aren’t hard to find. We’ll be waiting…” Both Pitbulls then walked off camera.

5. Mike Awesome defeated New Jack in an absolute beat down. New Jack mounted no offense and the match was over within a few short minutes. The rest of Triple Threat was at ringside for Awesome, distracting New Jack whenever they could. After the match, Douglas, Storm and Francine would join Awesome in the ring who had been stomping New Jack into the canvas. Mustafa would rush down to the ring to try and help but he too fell victim to the beating the new version of Triple Threat had been dealing. The Gangstas were left motionless and the Triple Threat exited in jaded victory. (6:50)

6. Commercial break + A recap video of ECW’s Cyberslam event.

7. Terry Funk Interview: This short interview featured the newly-crowned ECW Heavyweight Championship, Terry Funk. “In one of the most physically challenging matches of my career, I became a two-time ECW Heavyweight Champion. I will hold this belt with the respect it deserves and like it deserved when that scumbag Raven had it. I am twice the man that Raven is and have always been a fighting champion… Hell, I’ve fought my whole career. I’m not gonna’ stop now that I have this. This just means I gotta’ fight harder for what I have now.” Funk then switched topics. “Now, I’ve been hearing words around the locker room that Sabu will be gunning for me now that he is back from injury. Some people, including Sabu, claim that I was directly responsible for his injury when I moved that chair in our match all those weeks ago… Well, to those people and to Sabu, I say, what are you going to do about it? Cry and whine, or challenge a fighting champion? It is your call…

8. Raven Interview (Taped after the Cyberslam event): We find Raven sitting against the event building, in an alleyway. “Funk… I had you beat. It was my match. MINE! I can make no excuses but I promise you this Funk, this isn’t over. No way. So until it is Terry, enjoy it. Enjoy your reign… because even if it costs me my career, I will make sure it is your last. Quoth the Raven. Nevermore.” The camera then panned away, thus ending the interview and bringing us back to our current episode of Hardcore TV.

9. Sabu defeated Axl Rotten in a great show closing contest. Axl has been showing great work lately with some top talent, and tonight was no different. Sabu showed no rust and seemed as if he hadn’t taking an hour off, let alone several weeks. The two contrasting styles meshed well and Sabu would make Rotten tap out right around the fourteen minute mark. All in all, the fans ate this one up and Sabu made it clear that he was back and ready to take on the whole locker room if he had to. (14:14)

10. Joey Styles closed with reminding everybody to tune in to Extreme Championship Wrestling next week, as Chris Candido and two partners of his choice would take on the Triple Threat stable of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Lance Storm, and Mike Awesome!

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