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Rebooking The WWF: Week 39, 1993

On RAW, Bret Hart is interviewed, Bam-Bam Bigelow attacks an announcer and in the main event Rick Martel competes against Razor Ramon. On Superstars, Yokozuna and Ludvig Borga team up to face the Smoking Gunns. Lastly, the Headshrinkers square off against Ron Simmons and Crush on Wrestling Challenge!

WWF RAW 9/27/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. The Undertaker defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:38 following the tombstone pile driver.
2. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with former WWF World Champion, Bret Hart. McMahon believes Hart is still the best wrestler who happened to run into an unstoppable force in Lex Luger. McMahon hopes that Hart will be the guy who dethrones Luger because he deserves to be the champion. Hart thanks McMahon for the kind words and says that being the WWF World Champion is the most important thing for him from a personal and professional standpoint. Hart explains that the financial success that being the WWF World Champion provides allows him to take care of his growing family, and without it he can’t do that which is hurting him inside. He tells McMahon that he is going to continue to fight to win back the WWF World Championship so he can be at the top of the company and be able to take care of everyone in his family. McMahon closes the interview saying that Bret Hart is someone that everyone should idolize.
3. IRS defeated Virgil in 3:55 following a running lariat.
4. Johnny Polo/Quebecers Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the Quebecers and their new manager, Johnny Polo. Polo takes over the interview saying that he was brought in so that he can guide Jacques and Pierre to championship gold. He claims that he is a manager of champions and hasn’t failed at having his guys win championships. Polo continues by saying that the Steiner Brothers may have the championships but that the Quebecers are the best team in the WWF right now and they will prove it!
5. Brawl: Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan are talking about the feud between the Undertaker/Bam-Bam Bigelow being too dangerous for WWF officials to allow them to wrestle again. Savage tells us that the Undertaker proved that he is the toughest man going in the WWF by beating Bigelow at SummerSlam. Savage believes that Bigelow is “weak” and is “unable to beat guys straight up” in reference to Bigelow having to use a fireball at WrestleMania. Savage continues to talk about Bigelow until he is attacked from behind by Bigelow! Bigelow rams Savage head first into the announcers table and shoulder first into ring post! McMahon gets up from his seat and tries to hold Bigelow back but Bigelow shoves McMahon to the ground! Bigelow screams that he is the BEAST FROM THE EAST and is not weak! So, Bigelow shows this by diving off the apron onto Savage with a head butt! Bigelow knocks down several security guys until he is held back by several heels from the back and brought to the backstage area!
6. Jeff Jarrett defeated Duane Gill in 2:08 following a jumping DDT. After the match, Jarrett cuts a piece of Gill’s hair off and gloats to the fans saying that he will cut Neidhart’s hair at SNME on October 23rd.
7. Razor Ramon defeated Rick Martel in 10:07 with a roll up after failed interference by WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. After the match, Ramon was double teamed by Michaels and Martel until Marty Jannetty and the Kamikaze Kid ran down for the save knocking Michaels and Martel to the floor. Diesel ended up coming out as well but was dropkicked by both Kid and Jannetty to the floor. Diesel was held back by Michaels and Martel to close the show.

WWF Superstars 10/2/1993
1. Ted DiBiase defeated Reno Riggins in 2:39 with the Million Dollar Dream.
2. Steiner Brothers Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions, the Steiner Brothers. Ross talks about last week when the champs lost the Quebecers. Scott says that the Quebecers managed to beat them by showing how cowardly they are when they got help from their new manager Johnny Polo. He believes that when everything is fair and square they will keep their WWF World Tag Team Championships and continue to dominate the tag team division here in the WWF!
3. The Kamikaze Kid/Marty Jannetty defeated Mike Sharpe/Barry Hardy in 3:16 when Kid pinned Hardy following a top rope moonsault.
4. Lex Luger Interview: Mean Gene interviewed WWF World Champion Lex Luger. Gene talks about Luger’s journey to win the championship. Luger reminds Gene that he has accomplished everything he said he was going to do because he is just that good. Luger says that he beat Mr. Perfect back at WrestleMania and at the King of the Ring. Luger believes that Perfect will fail at his quest of redemption because he is younger, faster and stronger than Ric Flair. Luger finishes off the interview telling Gene that at the end of their match at SNME on October 23rd, Mr. Perfect will have his name changed to Mr. Imperfection because compared to Lex Luger, he is a disgrace.
5. Owen Hart defeated Terry Austin in 2:53 following a missile dropkick.
6. Jack Tunney Interview: WWF President Jack Tunney announces that at SNME on October 23rd, there will be a special surprise for WWF fans. The only way to find out what the surprise is, is to tune in on October 23rd! “I’m confident that World Wrestling Federation fans will not be disappointed.”
7. Ludvig Borga/Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns in 7:09 when Borga pinned Billy following a shoulder breaker.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/3/1993
1. Jerry Lawler defeated Jim Powers in 4:04 following a pile driver. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Tatanka were aired. Tatanka tells Lawler that he made a huge mistake by putting his hands on his mentor and that he will live to regret that decision.
2. Earthquake Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Earthquake who has made it clear that he wants a piece of the Undertaker. Earthquake tells us that the Undertaker has never wrestled a man as big as he is. He believes that the Undertaker wouldn’t be able to choke slam or tombstone him. Quake has confidence that he will squash Undertaker like a bug and put him in a coffin to finally put the Undertaker to rest!
3. Jim Neidhart defeated Greg Reyes in 2:53 following a power slam.
4. Diesel defeated James Hudson in 2:15 following a power bomb.
5. The Canadian Crippler Hype Video: A video promoting the debut of the Canadian Crippler, Chris Beniot is aired. The narrator says that Beniot has the most feared submission hold that no one has ever seen before in the WWF. “No man will be able to escape the crippling hold, the Cross Face.”
6. Ron Simmons/Crush defeated the Headshrinkers in 8:59 when Simmons pinned Samu following a spine buster.


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