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Rebooking ECW: ECW Cyberslam (02/21/97 + 02/22/97)

Fans worldwide will be watching tonight, as two of the biggest events in wrestling history unfold. This is Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Cyberslam fan event, occupying two huge nights back-to-back! To miss an extravaganza like this would be criminal. So, sit back and get ready to be blown away by the nonstop action all your favorite Extreme Championship Wrestling and worldwide stars are prepared to provide! Titles will change hands, alliances will solidify, and there will be blood !

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents:

ECW Cyberslam 1997 – 02/21/97 (Queens, NY)


Singles Match

Rob Van Dam Vs. Mikey Whipwreck w/Chris Chetti

Tag Team Match

Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten Vs. Little Guido & Louie Spicolli

Special Attraction Singles Match

Damián 666 Vs. Davey Morton Jericho

“Last Chance” Singles Match

Taz w/Bill Alfonso Vs. Tommy Dreamer

Singles Match for the ECW Television Championship

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas w/Francine Vs. Chris Candido w/Lance Storm

The results were as follows:

1. Fans were given the opportunity to meet all the ECW stars performing on the event card of tonight’s show. Tomorrow night, they’d be given the opportunity to meet with the rest of their favorite wrestlers in ECW at the intermission of that show.

2. Mikey Whipwreck defeated Rob Van Dam in a strong but even opening contest to kick off Cyberslam. The fans had waited in anticipation for the show to begin, so when it did, their energy carried over. With the crowd ready to go, the wrestlers set the bar high with great energy and hard-hitting action. There would be several close falls for both men and even a huge sunset flip to the outside, off of the apron. Whipwreck would knock off Van Dam with a Whipper-snapper and there would be no interference by Chetti. (16:13)

3. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten put Louie Spicolli and Little Guido away relatively quick in this tag team contest. Balls and Axl were the obvious aggressors and showed no mercy to the smaller team. The two would dump Guido to the outside before giving Louie Spicolli a conchairto. As Axl went for the pin, Guido returned to the apron in attempts to save his partner but was unsuccessful as his face met a frying pan Balls Mahoney had commandeered from the in-house audience. Balls and Axl pulled out all the stops to work as a unit and pick up a good victory. (13:09)

4. Damián 666 defeated Davey Morton Jericho in a classic lucha-style classic. The two meshed very well, mixing power and great aerial skill together. This was a very unique match-up as it started out as somewhat of a comedy but the paced would quickly change when Morton Jericho would have none of Damián’s nonsense. The two would try and one-up each other, hitting each other with nearly everything they had in their arsenal. Damián 666 would end up hitting a huge top-rope hurricanrana, landing Davey Morton Jericho’s head on a chair that had been in the ring. (18:43)

5. In Tommy Dreamer’s last-ditch effort to defeat Taz, he was finally able to get the job done in one-on-one competition. After several blatant attempts to frustrate Dreamer, Taz finally fell victim to a vicious DDT that spiked his head into a chair at one point in the match. He was visibly shaken and was seemingly out on his feet as the match continued for a bit longer. Dreamer would later on bring Taz up to the second rope for a huge avalanche DDT, which he devastatingly hit. This would end the match and instead of getting up and showing his respect for Dreamer, Taz stayed on the mat unconscious for several minutes after Dreamer left. He needed to be helped out by Bill Alfonso. (22:16)

6. Finally, Shane Douglas and Chris Candido were able to meet face-to-face in what was nothing short of an ECW classic. In one of the most important matches of Candido’s career, he was able to capture the Extreme Championship Wrestling Television Championship from his former-friend and Triple Threat teammate, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. The two did fierce battle, relying on sheer guts alone when it came down to the last few minutes of the match. Douglas was pushed to use desperate but impressive aerial tactics that he rarely relies on, while Candido was able to keep some good steam throughout the whole match. The two knew each other and it was obvious. After nearly a half hour, Candido won the strap to dethrone “The Franchise”. After the match, Lance Storm entered the ring and raised his friend’s hand in victory as Douglas sulked on the outside with a distraught Francine. Just then, Storm low-blowed Candido and followed it up with a crushing clothesline, sending his swerved friend to the canvas. The arena erupted in boos and trash began to fill the ring. Douglas and Francine then entered the ring and embraced Storm. “The Franchose” then got on a mic saying, “As if this wasn’t shocking enough… we’re still in need of another member for a new and improved Triple Threat stable. It just so happens that man is waiting in the back and will be out here shortly. Before then, I’d like to make something crystal clear to all of you. With this place-holder off of me, I will now adjust my focus to the World Championship. It is the only belt that is truly worthy of “The Franchise”. Chris here, helped me realize that. If scum like him are gunning for the Television Championship, Shane Douglas wants no part of it! With all that said, Shane Douglas is also worthy of a better, new-and-improved Triple Threat. The future of ECW now belongs to “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Lance Storm and… MIKE AWESOME!” Mike Awesome then walked down to ringside, being seen for the first time in months by a wrestling audience. The new Triple Threat of Douglas, Storm, and Awesome accompanied by Francine embraced in the center of the ring to thunderous boos and a barrage of trash. Candido, with his new accolade in-hand, walked gingerly to the back while they celebrated. (28:56)

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents:

ECW Cyberslam 1997 – 02/22/97 (Philadelphia, PA) 


Singles Match

Buh-Buh Ray Dudley w/D-Von Dudley Vs. “Hollywood” Nova w/The Blue Meanie & Stevie Richards

Tag Team Match

The Gangstas Vs. Roadkill & Spike Dudley

Grudge Match

“Prime Time” Brian Lee Vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

Tornado Tables Match for the ECW Tag Team Championships

The Eliminators Vs. The Pitbulls

Special Attraction Singles Match

Gran Naniwa Vs. Lance Storm

Singles Match

? ? ? Vs. Stevie Richards

Raven’s House of Fun Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship

Raven Vs. Terry Funk

The results were as follows:

1. Buh-Buh was able to knock off the Blue World Order’s own, “Hollywood” Nova, in the opening contest of the night. It was a relatively one-sided match with Nova only getting the upper hand when the bWo would interject here and there. Nova’s rolls would be repeatedly short-lived as Buh-Buh would continually mount impressive offense. After seemingly throwing Nova around all match, Buh-Buh Ray  finished him off with a huge Buh-Buh bomb. Richards and The Meanie pulled a limp Nova out of the ring and walked him to the back as the Dudley celebrated. (9:50)

2. Roadkill and Spike Dudley defeated The Gangstas tonight in a major upset. The team with much less experience together was able to work off of their distinct differences. Roadkill did most of the heavy lifting while Spike worked a fast, hectic pace as usual. The Gangsta must have underestimated the two going into this tag team match, as they were unable to divide and conquer which is often their strategy. Spike would climb to the top and would hit a doomsday device on Mustafa. How Spike had set it up, Mustafa would go crashing though a table, right on top of New Jack. This would cause The Gangstas the match as Mustafa damn near broke his neck and New Jack had his larger partner come crashing down on him as the two went through the table. A dog pile-style pin earned Roadkill and Spike the victory. It was an impressive and unexpected victory. (14:31)

3. In a fluke victory, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams was caught sleeping and lost to “Prime Time” Brian Lee. It was a roll-up victory as Williams had quite obviously underestimated Lee after beating him in the past. “Dr. Death” dealt most the pain while Lee calculated his attacks, making each count. Finally after putting Lee down Steve Williams figured he’d play the crowd before he pinned his victim. This was a fatal mistake, as Lee had been playing opossum and was able to score a cheap roll-up victory on the more dominant competitor. Brian Lee raced out as Steve Williams lividly chased after him. (11:45)

4. The Eliminators were finally dethroned as the ECW Tag Team Champions. However, they fought tooth and nail to the bitter end before John Kronus was finally put through the final table to end the match, complements of Pitbull #2. The two teams fist-fought all over the arena, nearly being lost in the crowd several times by the ECW camera crew. The match definitely didn’t disappoint as sportsmanship was thrown out the window by both teams out of mutual built up hatred for one another. To end the match, Saturn was laid out by both Pitbulls, with the help of a baking sheet. Once Saturn was detained, Kronus found himself cornered near the commentators table on the balcony of the ECW arena. The Pitbulls then proceeded to powerbomb Kronus off the ledge, through two spare tables that had been holding merchandise down below. The Pitbulls were handed the belts and celebrated on the balcony to mixed reactions. (18:02)

5. A short intermission was taken, giving fans the opportunity to meet the rest of the ECW stars that did not appear the for the previous night’s event.

6. Lance Storm was able to defeat the ECW first-timer, Gran Naniwa. This was a great match, with a lighting fast pace that was kept for the majority of the match. It seemed the two were trying to apply moves that the other had never experienced before. The crowd was amazed as well as impressed with the level of sportsmanship and athleticism shown by both men. Naturally, the fans cheered Naniwa and booed Storm, most likely because the screw-over Storm took part in the night before. Naniwa would tap out to Lance Storm’s Sharpshooter submission. At the end of the match, Lance raised the unsuspecting hand of Gran Naniwa, and then low-blowed him. Before he left, he kicked off the dust on his boots in Naniwa’s direction and was booed to the back with his hands raised in victory. (16:59)

7. The lights were killed after Stevie Richards made his entrance. For a full minute the ECW arena was encased in total darkness. The returning Sabu’s music then hit and as the lights came back on he had already been making his way to the ring. He tossed a chair into the ring, nearly hitting Richards. Richards, realizing what kind of mood Sabu was in began to flee but, he was unsuccessful. Sabu absolutely annihilated Richards and it was a safe bet the “Big Stevie Cool” didn’t get one ounce of offense in in this match. Sabu looked to be in the best wrestling shape of his career and he flew around the ring and used the chair flawlessly throughout. The match was a quick one, as once Sabu slapped on the Camel Clutch, the match was over. Sabu rocked Richards and after the match, set up a table in the ring and put himself through it by moonsaulting off the top rope. He then threw the table pieces onto Richards who had been slowly making his way to the back. Finally, ECW officials appeared ringside preventing any further attacks. (7:44)

8. In one of the most brutal matches to ever take place in a wrestling ring in the sports history, Terry Funk once again found himself perched on top of the wrestling world as the Extreme Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. This one was an emotional, bloody, roller-coaster. Both men were busted open in the first ten minutes of the match and bled from then on. At one point, Funk was hung on the cage wall by a chain that Raven had wrapped around his neck. Both Raven and Funk met the steel at least two dozen times each and still continued to coherently beat the life out of each other. In fact, this one almost got the show shut down due to the sheer violence and it is said that this match would have never seen a live programming spot on television. At one point, fire was even teased to be used by Funk. Fortunately, Raven was able to foil Funk’s attempts and waste the lighter fluid by squeezing it through one of the chain-link holes. Raven attempted to the scale the cage wall away from Funk and was powerbombed through a table that had been inside. Finally, Funk slapped on a barbed wire wrapped spinning nerve hold. Raven gave up, as the barbed wire began to rip at the tissue in his calf. Once the bell rang, Funk broke down in tears and held the ECW belt up as high as he could with as much pride that he could muster in his battered body. Funk would then go on to hug and high-five everybody in the first row, thanking them, after being released from the cage. (29:58)

9. Closing the Show Paul E. thanked the fans for being a part of ECW’s yearly fan event. He then mentioned that he hoped this year’s two-night extravaganza did nothing short of purely entertain the great fans of Extreme Championship Wrestling and professional wrestling fans that watched on the web around the world!

Readers: I’d love to know any suggestions, improvements, or thoughts you have to improve your reading experience of my fantasy booking thus far of Extreme Championship Wrestling. If you read and enjoyed Cyberslam 1997 and you had an opinion on it or my booking thus far in general, feel free to let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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