Rebooking ECW: ECW Heatwave 1997 (07/19/97)

The wait is finally over, as tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Heatwave 1997! The summer of violence continues to heat up as bitter battles come to ahead, when the highly anticipated client of “Ravishing” Rick Rude goes one-on-one with the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu! Will The Sandman stand victorious and take the belt with him to a rival promotion? And who walks out tonight as the undisputed ECW Television Champion, Taz or Saturn? The ECW Tag Team Championships are also up or grabs as The Gangstas look to settle the score with The Prime Time Killers! All that and much more await you, live from the hot streets of New York City!


Would You Go To This Show? Volume Seventeen


This time around I take a look at a World Wrestling Entertainment house show that took place on August 29th, 2003 in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s a RAW brand show, so the major angles are Goldberg chasing after WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Kane has been unmasked and tormenting his former best friend, Rob Van Dam.

Do we get a Goldberg appearance? Lets check out the show and see if it’s something we’d go to looking back at it. (more…)

Reliving A Title Run #16: Bobby Roode As TNA World Champion ’11 – ’12


Bobby Roode made his debut in Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling way back in May 2004 as part of the heel stable Team Canada. For almost three years, Roode remained one of the top performers for the group winning the tag team championships on several occasions with partner Eric Young. Once Team Canada went their separate ways, Roode ventured off into singles wrestling competing in feuds with the likes of Eric Young, Petey Williams, Samoa and Jeff Jarrett throughout 2007.

By the time 2008 came around Roode was involved in a feud with Booker T involving Booker’s wife Sharmel. While Roode wouldn’t win the feud, he did defeat Booker at Destination X that year and competed in the King of the Mountain match, but was unable to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. His singles career would stall and he formed one of the greatest tag teams not only in TNA history, but in pro wrestling history when he teamed with James Storm to be known as Beer Money Inc. (more…)

Rebooking ECW: ECW Orgy of Violence (06/28/97)

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Orgy of Violence 1997! Tonight, there is no time to waste. The lines in the sand have been drawn and tonight is sure to live up to its name. Every belt is on the line and it is truly every man for himself! Looking for a three way dance, hardcore tag team action, a submission match, a grudge match, a steak defense, an in-ring debut… strong-style Japanese Puroresu!? Then, you are on the right channel… Now, get ready to watch history violently unfold. Will YOU even be able to survive this Orgy of Violence!?


Rebooking ECW: ECW Barely Legal 1997 (06/15/97)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the dance! Tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling brings pay-per-view to the land of extreme. After only a month long return following a lawsuit granted by our old network,  a more fitting event couldn’t have been  held. The card is stacked from top to bottom and the time for talk is over. ECW has returned and said return has arrived in a BIG way. Thanks to you, the fans of ECW, we proudly present ECW Barely Legal 1997! Championships will be defended, rivalries will progress and history will indeed be made…


Rebooking ECW: ECW Wrestlepalooza 1997 (05/31/97)

Extreme Championship Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena again for this years Wrestlepalooza extravaganza! Saying tonight will surely change the course of ECW’s present and future is an absolute understatement as Terry Funk defends his ECW Heavyweight Chamionship against the suicidal, genocidal, homicidal maniac Sabu. Where is Raven and will he make an appearance? Also, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz has hunted down Chris Candido, will he defeat the ECW Television Champion tonight? Plus, the ECW Tag Team Champions face arguabley their hardest opponents yet in The Dudleys. And what about “Ravishing” Rick Rude, will he make another mysterious appearance tonight? All these questions and more lie in wait heading into Wrestlepalooza 1997!


Rebooking ECW: ECW Hostile City Showdown (05/17/97)

Out of control, Unwarranted, hostile! In a state of public emergency, Extreme Championship Wrestling enters into a Hostile City Showdown tonight, live for the ECW Arena! In action is ECW’s Television Champion Chris Candido as he faces his former best friend Lance Storm, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz, Rob Van Dam, and Tommy Dreamer all locking horns in three way action! Also, Terry Funk,The ECW Heavyweight Champion himself, defends his title against Raven one more time. It’ll be a showdown tonight and Extreme Championship Wrestling is on the front lines.One one question remains, are YOU ready to enter the Hostile City Showdown?