Life Outside The Big Time: Volume Two

By the fall of 2006, Raven’s wrestling career was on the decline. His run as a main event act in TNA had come to an end in early 2006 and would soon be regulated to being a mid-card act centered on the group known as Serotonin. The group didn’t connect with the fans and would fizzle. Raven would bounce around between TNA and be on the independents over the course of the next four years. (more…)

Rebooking ECW: ECW Heatwave 1997 (07/19/97)

The wait is finally over, as tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Heatwave 1997! The summer of violence continues to heat up as bitter battles come to ahead, when the highly anticipated client of “Ravishing” Rick Rude goes one-on-one with the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu! Will The Sandman stand victorious and take the belt with him to a rival promotion? And who walks out tonight as the undisputed ECW Television Champion, Taz or Saturn? The ECW Tag Team Championships are also up or grabs as The Gangstas look to settle the score with The Prime Time Killers! All that and much more await you, live from the hot streets of New York City!


Reliving A Feud #36: Raven Vs. The Sandman In ECW ’96 – ’97

The Sandman

Extreme Championship Wrestling produced some captivating stories during their early years of producing shows. One of the most memorable feuds to ever take place in ECW happened between Raven and The Sandman.

After a failed career in WCW as Scotty Flamingo and in the WWF as Johnny Polo, Raven appeared in ECW in January 1995 as a loner and hating everyone. He hated the guy that brought him into the company, Stevie Richards. Alongside Richards, Raven was quite successful in his feud with Tommy Dreamer and won the ECW Tag Team Championships. However, he had sights for higher accomplishments. (more…)

At Look Back At: The 1998 PWI 500 Rankings

It’s the eighth installment looking back the PWI 500 magazines that have become a popular publication over the years. 1998 saw the WWF get a lead in the ratings war, while WCW was still highly popular. ECW continued to grow throughout the year, as well.

Unlike last year, the number one ranked wrestler is a toss up between a WCW wrestler and a WWF wrestler. There isn’t controversy attached to this years ranking.

Reminder, I don’t look at every wrestler in the magazine, but a full list of the rankings can be found HERE.

The grading period was from August 1st 1997 to August 31st, 1998. (more…)

The Rise & Fall Of Chris Harris

'Cowboy' Chris Harris before the fall from grace.
‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris before the fall from grace.

Twelve years ago, Total Non-Stop Action was running weekly shows in Nashville, Tennessee usually getting around 1,200 people to watch their Wednesday night show. The show was aired on pay per view for $9.99 and had plenty of former WWE stars to go along with younger guys that hadn’t been exposed to the national spotlight.

Some guys part of the latter group were James Storm and Chris Harris who formed a tag team known as America’s Most Wanted. In 2002 and 2003 the team was the top tag team in the company and had a memorable feud with Triple X, which consisted of Low Ki, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels. By the end of 2003, many people started to think that Chris Harris was going to be a breakout star from the team and have highly successful singles run with the company. (more…)

You Should Know The Name… Colin Delaney


In December 2007, Colin Delaney made his debut for World Wrestling Entertainment in a losing effort against Shelton Benjamin. For roughly the next eight months, Delaney competed on the ECW brand and would regularly lose to guys like Great Khali, Miz, John Morrison and others. By the summer of 2008, Delaney would turn heel and cost Tommy Dreamer the ECW Championship, but wouldn’t be pushed heavily and was released by the WWE in August of 2008.

I’m sure many people forgot all about that and never think about it, which is understandable. There may be people reading this today that have no idea who the hell Colin Delaney is. If that’s the case, well, it is time you know just what Colin Delaney is all about and what you’ve missed. (more…)

Rebooking ECW: ECW Orgy of Violence (06/28/97)

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Orgy of Violence 1997! Tonight, there is no time to waste. The lines in the sand have been drawn and tonight is sure to live up to its name. Every belt is on the line and it is truly every man for himself! Looking for a three way dance, hardcore tag team action, a submission match, a grudge match, a steak defense, an in-ring debut… strong-style Japanese Puroresu!? Then, you are on the right channel… Now, get ready to watch history violently unfold. Will YOU even be able to survive this Orgy of Violence!?


Rebooking ECW: ECW Barely Legal 1997 (06/15/97)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the dance! Tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling brings pay-per-view to the land of extreme. After only a month long return following a lawsuit granted by our old network,  a more fitting event couldn’t have been  held. The card is stacked from top to bottom and the time for talk is over. ECW has returned and said return has arrived in a BIG way. Thanks to you, the fans of ECW, we proudly present ECW Barely Legal 1997! Championships will be defended, rivalries will progress and history will indeed be made…