IWA-MS Quote The Raven 3/28/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

IWA-MS presents Quote The Raven
From: Clarksville, IN

Opening Contest: Hype Gotti vs. Ryan Boz: Boz backs Gotti into the corner and cleanly breaks away. Gotti hammers away on Boz, but is stopped by a right hand against the ropes. Gotti heel kicks Boz and continues with right hands. Boz stops being sent into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Gotti delivers a few right hands, but Boz hits a sit out scoop slam. Boz distracts the referee as Gotti is choked by Bozs’ manager. Boz press slams Gotti to maintain control of the contest. Boz shoulder rams Gotti in the corner, but Gotti almost wins with a rollup. Boz decks Gotti with a clothesline. Boz hits a double under hook powerbomb for a two count. Boz tosses Gotti overhead with a belly to belly suplex for another near fall. Gotti kicks Boz in the corner and hits a middle rope DDT. Boz delivers a flurry of chops and forearms in the corner. Boz spikes Gotti with a jumping piledriver for the win. (**. Not a bad start to the show with Boz showing some good intensity. I could see Boz getting a decent push in the company. Gotti had some decent high spots, but he wasn’t really a threat to Boz.)

Second Contest: JC Bailey vs. Simon Sezz in a number one contenders match to the Light Heavyweight Championship: Sezz gets out of a waist lock and controls Bailey with a wrist lock. Bailey works over Sezz with a wrist lock of his own. Sezz shoulder blocks Bailey and taunts the crowd. They continue to counter each other with basic holds. Sezz delivers a knee breaker, but Bailey kicks Sezz away. Sezz elbows Bailey several times in the corner and controls Bailey by choking him. Bailey hip tosses Sezz followed by an arm drag and scares Sezz to the floor. Bailey hits a suicide dive on the floor into some chairs. Bailey misses a missile dropkick and Sezz hits a springboard moonsault after a leg drop. Sezz jumps onto Bailey’s back over the middle rope. Bailey almost wins with a backslide and is met with a back elbow. Bailey sends Sezz into the corner and is met with a back elbow. Sezz hits a frog splash off the top rope for a two count after a struggle to make the pin attempt. Sezz superkicks Bailey after missing a kick attempt. Sezz heads to the top rope again and misses a twisting moonsault. They collide in the middle of the ring on stereo crossbody attempts. They trade strikes with Bailey getting the advantage with a backdrop and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Bailey heads to the top rope and is crotched by Sezz. Bailey stops Sezz hitting a middle rope Michinoku Driver for the win. (*1/2. The beginning of the match was rather boring and even when the action picked up it felt a little flat and wasn’t all that interesting or entertaining.)

Third Contest: Jayden Draigo vs. Brad Bradley: Bradley elbows Draigo in the corner briefly. Draigo takes Bradley down to the mat and connects with a tilt a whirl DDT for a two count. Draigo heads to the top rope looking for a crossbody, but Bradley catches Draigo to hit a fallaway slam. Bradley forearms Draigo in the corner a few times followed by kicks to the chest. Bradley keeps Draigo on the mat with chops to the back followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Bradley nails Draigo with a running boot in the corner. Bradley drops Draigo with a chop and an elbow drop off the ropes. Bradley decks Draigo with a lariat for a two count. Draigo avoids a back suplex to hit a bulldog out of the corner. Bradley decks Draigo with a forearm followed by a dangerous brainbuster for the win. (*3/4. That was mostly an extended squash for Bradley. That brainbuster was ridiculous and I’m surprised that Draigo wasn’t seriously hurt by it. He was dropped right on his neck. I dug Bradley’s offense here.)

Fourth Contest: Steve Stone & Tracy Smothers vs. Mean Mitch Page & Rollin’ Hard vs. Lemonjello & Oranjello: All six men are going at it as the ring announcer, Jim Fannin, still decides to introduce each team during the brawl. Lemonjello and Oranjello are worked over by both teams. Stone decks Hard with forearms while Smothers talks with Page. Stone hits them with a broom on the floor. Hard hits a suicide dive onto Lemonjello and Oranjello. Page climbs to the top rope and doesn’t do a dive. Smothers fakes a dive and does a dance instead. Smothers hits a heel kick on Page for a two count as everyone else is brawling around ringside. Page plants Smothers with a powerslam and sends Smothers to the floor. Lemonjello and Oranjello almost win following an elevated heel kick to Stone. Oranjello hit a top rope leg drop onto Hard as Page made the save. Smothers hits Hard with a trash can lid on the floor. Oranjello leg drops Page over the bottom rope. Smothers is double teamed by the Jello Brothers. Hard nearly wins with a side slam. Lemonjello gets a two count following a neckbreaker on Hard. Oranjello takes Hard down with a side Russian leg sweep and a forearm drop for a two count. Oranjello heel kicks Smothers while more brawling is taking place around ringside. Stone plants Oranjello with a sit out spinebuster for a near fall, but Hard sends Stone to the floor. Hard plants Oranjello with a side slam followed by a Death Valley Driver. Page hits a middle rope splash, but is kicked by Smothers. Stone hits a flatliner on Oranjello followed by a top rope moonsault, but doesn’t go for the cover. Oranjello gets a rollup on Stone as he argued with the referee and gets the three count. (1/2*. I wasn’t a fan of this as it was mostly just sloppy wrestling and sloppy brawling around ringside.)

Fifth Contest: Corporal Robinson vs. Bull Pain in a fans bring the weapons match: I can only imagine how this is going to go. Pain gets the early advantage using his baseball bat wrapped in a chain to control Robinson. Robinson is bleeding and whacks Pain over the head with a chair on the floor. There is a bunch of weapons shots and brawling. Pain plants Robinson with a DDT on the concrete floor. Pain suplexs Robinson through a glass fame wedges onto a few chairs. Pain also hit a Michinoku Driver on to a pile of chairs on the floor. Fans are throwing chairs into the pile on the floor. Pain goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash. Robinson almost wins with a slingshot splash from the apron into the ring. They end up on the apron where Robinson hits a cobra clutch slam onto the pile of the chairs for the win. After the match, Pain attacks Robinson. Pain hits a splash off the bleachers onto Robinson on a few chairs. Robinson fights back and they continue to brawl in the crowd. Chris Hero eventually comes out to stop the beating and Pain walks off. (*. I mean, if you like this stuff you’re going to enjoy it much more than me.)

Sixth Contest: Jimmy Rave vs. Adam Gooch: They focus on some mat wrestling to start the match until Gooch gets to the ropes to force a rope break. Rave goes for a cross arm bar, but Gooch again quickly gets to the ropes. Gooch wants to do a test of strength and gets the advantage for a moment until Rave forces a bridge. Rave kicks Gooch a few times and locks in an arm bar, but Gooch gets to the ropes and bails to the floor again. Rave avoids a shove with an arm bar. Gooch monkey flips Rave, but Rave comes back with another arm bar. Gooch eye rakes Rave and delivers a boot to the gut. Gooch sends Rave to the floor and Rave is slammed to the floor by Michael Todd Stratton. Rave continues to try for an arm bar, but Gooch eye rakes free. Gooch hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Rave fights back with a few chops, but Gooch stops Rave with a swinging neckbreaker. Gooch bites Rave’s nipple in the corner to keep control of the contest. Rave locks in a Crossface, but Stratton gets on the apron to distract the referee. Rave knocks Stratton off the apron, but Gooch hits a reverse DDT for a two count.

Gooch hits a blockbuster off the middle rope for another near fall. Rave nearly wins with an inside cradle. Rave almost wins with a rollup and Gooch delivers a dropkick to the knee for a two count with a rollup. Rave locks in an arm bar to counter the rollup and delivers a few kicks to the head and wins the match by submission. (**. I can appreciate the story behind the arm bar focus by Rave and managing to win the match with the hold and doing so cleanly. Rave looked good in there and Gooch held his own fairly well, I thought.)

Seventh Contest: Mark Wolf vs. Mitch Ryder in a throw in the towel match: Wolf gets the advantage with a clothesline after they traded right hands. Wolf decks Michael Todd Stratton to the floor. Wolf baseball slides Ryder off the apron. Wolf hits a dive onto both men onto the floor. Wolf rams Ryder face first onto the trash can and sends Stratton into a pole. Ryder has been busted wide open. Wolf is bleeding now as well. Ryder taunts the referee while working over Wolf. Wolf is stopped by Stratton from behind with a strike to the back. Ryder delivers a trash can shot to Wolf before returning to the ring. Ryder bites Wolf’s forehead in the corner and spits blood into the air. Wolf boots Ryder in the corner followed by a clothesline. Wolf backdrops Ryder followed by right hands. Wolf kicks Ryder on the groin and locks in the figure four leg lock. Ryder doesn’t want to give in and reaches for the ropes. Ryder manages to counter the hold, but Wolf lets go. Wolf plants Ryder with a DDT and rolls to the floor. Wolf puts on a horrible figure four around the ring post. Stratton kicks Wolf to save Ryder from submitting. Wolf kicks Ryder on the knee and locks in the figure four again. Ryder breaks free by using Wolf’s own chain on him. Ryder decks Wolf with the chain. Ryder spikes Wolf with a piledriver. Ryder spikes Wolf with another piledriver. Ryder spikes Wolf with a third piledriver. Stratton attacks Wolf’s wife on the floor choking her with a towel. Ian Rotten comes out and attacks Stratton. Stratton lets go of the towel and Wolf wins the match because Stratton let go of the towel. (*. The finish was a little cheesy, but it protects the heels. The action was not very good at all. I do enjoy Mitch Ryder’s character, though.)

Eighth Contest: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Alex Shelley in a best two out of three falls match: Shelley gets the fans to chant “shave your boots” at the start of the match. They shove each other, but Shelley gets a rollup on Jacobs to quickly win the first fall. Jacobs attacks from behind, but Shelley gets a two count on a few rollup attempts. Jacobs takes Shelley down to the mat to keep control of the match with an STF. Shelley arm drags Jacobs and gains arm control. Shelley continues to counter Jacobs offense. Jacobs trips Shelley to the mat and tries for a submission, but Shelley quickly gets to his feet. Shelley keeps an arm bar on Jacobs, but can’t get a submission. Shelley locks in a modified abdominal stretch with an Indian death lock, but Jacobs doesn’t give in. Shelley stretches Jacobs over his knee upside down, but Jacobs continues to hold off on submitting. Jacobs tries for a head scissors, but Shelley blocks it and hits an arm drag off the ropes. Jacobs bails to the floor after arm dragging Shelley. Shelley kicks Jacobs a few times and keeps Jacobs on the mat with another arm bar. They counter each other on the mat a few times. Shelley tries for a Death Valley Driver, but Jacobs wiggles free with a few strikes. Shelley plants Jacobs with a neckbreaker followed by a backbreaker.

Shelley puts a bow and arrow on Jacobs, but Jacobs breaks free with an eye rake. Shelley decks Jacobs with a right hand. Shelley connects with a spinning heel kick. Shelley almost wins with a bridging fisherman suplex for a near fall. Jacobs drops Shelley over his knee with a backbreaker and a clothesline from behind. Jacobs gets a two count following a standing senton splash. Shelley fires back with a few chops, but Jacobs connects with a modified neckbreaker for a near fall. Jacobs rams Shelley into the corner and delivers a few chops. Jacobs elbows Shelley in the corner, but Shelley dropkicks Jacobs to the floor. Shelley hits a springboard twisting crossbody to the floor! Shelley plants Jacobs with a back suplex for a near fall. Jacobs hits a Slice Bread out of the corner and manages to pin Shelley to tie the match at one fall.

Jacobs sends Shelley into the corner back first and delivers a few shoulder rams before sitting Shelley on the top turnbuckle. Jacobs hits a superplex off the top rope for a two count. Shelley boots Jacobs in the corner and drops Jacobs over the top face first. Shelley hits a release German suplex and manages a near fall. Shelley drops Jacobs to the mat gut first followed by a kick. Shelley plants Jacobs with a brainbuster for a near fall. Jacobs delivers a chin breaker, but avoids a kick by Shelley to deliver a yakuza kick for a two count. Jacobs heads to the top rope missing a senton as Shelley got his knees up. Shelley almost wins with a rollup. Shelley plants Jacobs with the Shell Shock for the win. (***1/4. A solid match between these two even with the odd dynamic of Shelley being the face and Jacobs playing the heel role. Shelley came across as the bigger star with more potential. I’d be down for a Shelley/Punk match judging by the commentary on the match.) After the match, Jacobs challenges Shelley to a match on April 18th to a hair vs. boot hair match.

Ninth Contest: IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion Nate Webb vs. Austin Aries: Lollipop from TNA fame is managing Webb and is wearing her cage girl outfit. Aries slaps Webb out of a full nelson, but Webb returns the slap. Webb drop toe holds Aries and keeps a side headlock on Aries for a moment. Aries holds onto Webb with a side headlock of his own. Webb breaks free with a back suplex and delivers an uppercut in the corner. Webb hits a cannonball in the corner. Aries is sent into the corner where Webb misses a cannonball attempt. Webb kicks Aries and hits a twisting body press for a two count. Webb dumps Aries to the apron, but Aries delivers a few strikes. Webb nails Aries with a spinning kick off the apron. Webb takes Aries out with a somersault dive to the floor. Webb goes to the top rope missing a moonsault to the floor and crashes to the concrete! Aries hits a slingshot senton from the apron followed by a splash for a near fall. Aries drops Webb over the top rope throat first managing a two count. Webb fires back with right hands and plants Aries with a DDT for a near fall. Aries dropkicks Webb in the corner and dropkicks a seated Webb for a near fall. Webb gets a rollup for a two count on Aries. Webb takes Aries down with a sunset flip for another two count. Aries low blows Webb to avoid a backslide. Aries drops Webb with a throat thrust for a two count. Aries has Webb on his shoulders to hit a rolling fireman’s carry. Aries misses a frog splash off the top.

Webb is stopped on the middle rope with a few strikes. Aries hooks Webb for a superplex, but Webb breaks free and puts Aries in the tree of woe. Webb asks for a chair and gets one from a fan. Webb puts the chair in front of Aries face. Webb hits a springboard moonsault dropkick sending the chair into Aries face for the three count. (**1/2. That finish was gruesome. I would have laughed if Aries kicked out of that. The action was solid here and probably one of Webb’s better showings that I have seen. Aries didn’t really seem to do much in there.)

Tenth Contest: Colt Cabana vs. David Young: Cabana complains of a hair pull and nut sack grab by Young, but neither one happened. Cabana chops Young in the corner and hides behind the referee. Cabana is chased to the floor before they return to the ring where Young delivers a chop and a dropkick to a kneeling Cabana. They trade some chops with Young not selling them, but an eye poke stops Young. Young dropkicks Cabana to the floor from behind. Cabana avoids a baseball slide and tries for a moonsault, but Young pulls Colt off the apron. Young hits a springboard moonsault of his own. Young eye pokes Cabana in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Young ducks a wild strike and Cabana low blows Young. Cabana delivers a running double knee strike to the head for a near fall. Cabana keeps a chin lock on Young, but switches to a sleeper. Young doesn’t let his arm fall three times and elbows free. Young ducks a few strikes, but Cabana delivers a chop to stop Young. Cabana tries for a cover, but Young kicks out. Cabana chops Young, but misses a right hand on a sunset flip attempt. Cabana nails Young with a running clothesline.

Cabana delivers an elbow strike, but Young fires back with strikes. Cabana blocks a spinebuster with strikes to the back and twists Young’s neck with his legs. Cabana goes to the top rope looking for a frog splash, but Young blocks with his knees. Young almost wins with an inside cradle. Young dropkicks Cabana and heads to the top rope. Young hits a flying crossbody for a two count. Colt boots Young in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but Young counters by hitting a suplex into the corner. Cabana counters a backdrop with a rollup for a two count. Cabana counters a rollup and holds the ropes for leverage to pin Young. (*1/4. Well, that was a lifeless match and I don’t think these two meshed well at all. Young worked a style that doesn’t really work in IWA-MS. This was not a good undercard match.)

Eleventh Contest: Ken Anderson vs. Jorge Estrada: Early on, Estrada arm drags Anderson and they have a standoff leading to Anderson doing the same. They have another standoff after rolling on the mat. They are really overdoing the standoffs. Estrada elbows Anderson a few times and keeps a hammerlock locked in. Anderson counters with a headlock on the mat, but Estrada breaks free and we do another standoff. Estrada takes Anderson over with a snap suplex for a two count. Estrada and Anderson trade a few blows with Estrada getting the better of the exchange. Anderson chops Estrada in the corner, but Estrada hits an arm drag and keeps arm control on the mat. Estrada blocks a monkey flip and almost wins with a rollup. Estrada keeps a front face lock on Anderson, but doesn’t get a submission. Anderson controls Estrada with a face lock. Estrada shoulder rams Anderson in the corner a few times. Estrada shoulder rams Anderson in the corner and locks in an abdominal stretch on the mat. Anderson knee lifts Estrada a few times to gain the advantage. Estrada tries for a crossbody, but Anderson stops Estrada with a gut buster for a two count. Anderson puts an abdominal stretch on Estrada, but doesn’t get a submission. Estrada battles back with chops in the corner. Estrada head scissors Anderson followed by a dropkick and a scoop slam.

Estrada hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Estrada hits a powerbomb on Anderson for a near fall. Anderson drops Estrada over the top rope gut first and manages a near fall. Anderson backdrops Estrada to the apron. Estrada tries for a sunset flip, but Anderson sits down. Estrada counters, but Anderson kicks Estrada and plants Estrada with a powerbomb for a near fall. Anderson connects with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Anderson heads to the top rope trying for a swanton, but Estrada got his knees up. Estrada tries for a cover, but Anderson kicsk out at two. Estrada kicks Anderson in the corner and hit a swinging flatliner out of the corner for a near fall. Anderson elbows Estrada in the corner and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Estrada hits a swinging neckbreaker, but Anderson got his boot on the bottom rope. Estrada puts Anderson on the top rope and delivers a few strikes. Anderson elbows Estrada and hits the Green Bay Plunge off the middle rope to win the match. (*1/4. The finish was good, but the match was mostly boring. The standoffs at the start were overdone and took me out of the match as it was trying to suggest this was better than it was. I like that the TNA guys are jobbing on the show for the local talents. That’s smart business.)

Twelfth Contest: Chris Sabin vs. Danny Daniels vs. Truth Martini in an elimination match: They do a three way lockup before switching to regular lockups and they trade arm drags. Daniels does some taunting and is chopped by both opponents. Martini and Sabin double team Daniels hitting stereo dropkicks to send Daniels to the floor. Martini shoulder blocks Sabin, but Sabin comes back with a chop. Martini head scissors Sabin, but Sabin delivers a dragon screw leg whip. Daniels hits a missile dropkick off the top rope onto both men. Daniels works over Martini in the corner and hits a bulldog/clothesline combo for a two count. Daniels takes Sabin over with a snap suplex and a fisherman suplex followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Daniels elbows Martini followed by a strike to the back and a German suplex. Daniels hits a reverse DDT for a two count on Martini. Daniels sits Martini on the top rope and Sabin had Daniels on his shoulders briefly. Sabin drops Daniels with a backbreaker. Sabin takes Martini off the top with a hurricanrana and tries to pin both men, but only manages near falls. Sabin spikes Daniels with a tornado DDT. Sabin hits a fisherman suplex on Martini while having an Indian death lock on Daniels. Martini almost pins Sabin with a rollup. Martini kicks Daniels twice and chops Sabin against the ropes. Martini plants Sabin with a tornado DDT. Martini hits a handspring back elbow to both men. Martini nearly pins Daniels. Sabin low blows Martini in the corner to hit a powerbomb. Daniels tries a crossbody, but Sabin rolls through and hits a backbreaker on Daniels.

Sabin dropkicks Daniels for a two count. Martini tries for a handspring back elbow, but is caught and slammed by both men. Sabin crotches Daniels on the top rope. Sabin puts Daniels in a tree of woe. Martini tries for a crossbody against the ropes on Sabin and they fall to the floor. Daniels takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor. Sabin gets a backslide on Daniels for a two count. Martini has a ladder and hits both men with it on the floor. Martini springboards off the ladder to hit a dive to the floor and lands on his feet. Martini plants both men with a DDT on the floor after bouncing off the ropes. Martini hits a missile dropkick on Daniels managing a two count. Daniels catapults Martini into the corner face first and Martini lands on Daniels knees allowing Sabin to hit a top rope leg drop. Daniels gets a two count on Martini. Sabin and Daniels trade strikes with Sabin getting the better of the exchange. Sabin and Martini continue to trade strikes. Sabin sends Daniels into Martini for a tornado DDT and a head scissors to Sabin at the same time. Martini kicks Daniels to the floor and Sabin tosses Martini onto the ladder in the corner. Sabin spikes Martini with a piledriver to eliminate Martini.

Sabin misses a slingshot crossbody to the floor as Daniels sidesteps him. Daniels is stopped on the ladder in the corner. Sabin hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder for a two count. Daniels counters a piledriver attempt by spikes Sabin with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall. Sabin spikes Daniels with a jumping double under hook piledriver, but Daniels kicks out at two. They begin to trade forearms until Sabin backdrops Daniels onto the ladder. Sabin hits a tiger suplex for a near fall. Daniels elbows Sabin into the ropes and delivers a forearm smash in the corner. Sabin fights back with a few forearms. Daniels has Sabin on his shoulders to hit the Rubik Cube to win the match. (***1/2. Well, that was a lot of fun and much better than I was thinking it would be. Martini showcased some fun offense that I didn’t expect to see from him. The segment between Sabin and Daniels was done nicely, as well. An enjoyable three way match.)

Thirteenth Contest: Ian Rotten vs. Michael Todd Stratton: They start off with trading strikes and headbutts with Rotten getting the advantage with a low blow in the corner. Rotten steps on Stratton’s groin. It looks like they are both bleeding from the stiff headbutts. Rotten sends Stratton into the corner shoulder first a few times. They go to the floor where Rotten sends Stratton into the pole and delivers a trash can shot. Rotten hits Stratton with a light tube. Rotten sends Stratton off a ladder onto pieces of wood. Stratton rams Rotten onto a chair face first. They are continue to hit each other with weapons and they are both bleeding quite a bit at this point. Stratton dropkicks Rotten and locks in an arm bar. Rotten grabs Stratton by the nuts in the corner. Rotten forearms Stratton several times. Rotten nails Stratton with a running dropkick. Stratton stops Rotten with an atomic drop followed by a headbutt to the groin. Rotten works over Stratton in the corner with several strikes. Rotten splashes Stratton in the corner. Rotten splashes the referee on accident. Adam Gooch comes out with a rag of ether, but Rotten uses it on Gooch. Stratton uses another rag on Rotten while the referee is distracted by another referee on the apron. Rotten is laid out and the referee counts out Rotten for Stratton to win the match. (1/2*. If you like blood and hard hitting nonsense, then you’d enjoy this more than I did.) After the match, Rotten makes a match for the next night against Stratton, Gooch and Ryder. Rotten threatens the referee, Mickie Knuckles, to not screwup like she did tonight.

Main Event: IWA-MS Heavyweight Champion Chris Hero vs. Raven: Hero backs Raven into the corner, but cleanly backs off. Raven takes Hero down to the mat with a headlock. Hero backs Raven into the corner and backs away. They trade wrist locks until Raven goes to the ropes quickly. Hero takes Raven down with a back suplex. Raven stomps Hero in the corner to maintain control of the contest. Raven misses an elbow drop. Fans are reminding Raven of “Johnny Polo”, his gimmick in WWF back in 1993 and 1994. Raven takes Hero down to the mat with a headlock. Raven shoulder blocks Hero, but Hero hip tosses Raven to the floor. Hero misses a baseball slide to the floor and Raven sends Hero into the ring post face first. Raven keeps control with a boot to the face. Hero nails Raven with a boot in the corner, but Raven fights back with right hands. Raven keeps a headlock on Hero, but Hero counters with a hammerlock. Hero gets a rollup on Raven a few times managing a two count. Raven drop toe holds Hero to the mat and slaps the back of his head. Hero keeps a go-behind on Raven, but Raven breaks free to counter only for Hero to take Raven down to the mat quickly. Raven goes to the corner again to stall.

Hero shoves Raven into the ropes and is met with a shoulder block. Raven bails to the floor to regroup and stalls a bit. Hero nails Raven with a baseball slide. Hero tries for a slingshot and is met with a chair shot. Raven beats on Hero on the apron with strikes to the chest. Raven tosses Hero back into the ring. Raven drop toe holds Hero face first onto a steel chair. Raven sends Hero into a wedged chair in the corner managing a two count. Raven continues to stomp Hero and delivers a snapmare to keep control with a headlock. Lucy attacks Hero on the floor behind the referees back. Raven tries for a cover, but Hero kicks out at two. Hero puts a sleeper on Raven, but Raven stops Hero with a jawbreaker. Raven sends Hero to the floor and rams Hero face first onto a chair. Raven sends Hero into chairs and a wall. Raven grabs a chair and Hero manages to drop toe hold Raven face first onto it. Hero hammers away on Raven with right hands. Hero fights back with clotheslines and a scoop slam. Hero heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick. Hero tries for a neckbreaker, but Raven counters with an Un-Prettier managing a two count. Raven sends Hero chest first into the corner and misses a clothesline. Hero nails Raven with a big boot, but Lucy gets on the apron to distract the referee.

Hero grabs Lucy and tosses her into the ring. Prazak wants Hero to spank her and Hero does spank her. Raven nails Hero with a boot to the face. Hero drop toe holds Raven and locks in the Hangman’s Clutch in the middle of the ring. Raven tries to reach the ropes and manages to grab the bottom rope. Raven spikes Hero with a DDT getting a two count. Raven has a chair as the referee is distracted by Lucy. Raven whacks Hero over the head for a two count. Raven is pissed and pulls Hero up for a German suplex. Hero counters with a drop toe hold and locks in the STF to force Raven to submit cleanly for the win. (*1/4. Raven promised us to have a bad match with Hero and he delivered that. Raven didn’t seem to try at all and after hearing an interview with Ian Rotten that Raven held him up for more money, that would explain a lot. Raven never appeared again for IWA-MS.)

Final Thoughts:
There’s a couple of good matches on the card, but for a four hour show there’s not enough quality here to justify spending four hours to watch the show. Clearly I did, but don’t make the same mistakes I do. Recommendation to avoid.

Thanks for reading.

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