WCW Power Hour 1/25/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Power Hour

1.) Brian Pillman defeated Buddy Lee Parker
2.) Steiner Brothers defeated Bob Cook & Dave Diamond
3.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Chris Sullivan
4.) WCW Television Champion Steve Austin defeated Ron Simmons

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage of Jushin Liger winning the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship is shown as he defeated Brian Pillman to win the title.

2.) Jim Ross conducted an interview Sting regarding his title match against WCW World Champion Lex Luger at Superbrawl II. Ross asks how it feels to prepare against someone like Luger, who be knows very well. Sting knew it was bound to happen but never thought it would under these circumstances. Ross notes that Luger is reducing his schedule before the title match, but Sting is going to remain on his busy schedule heading into the pay per view.

3.) Missy Hyatt hosts Missy Does The Mail once again. Hyatt talks about Butcher and Cactus Jack again regarding their brawling in recent weeks. They recently brawled again following a tag match, which they won. They brawled into the crowd. Butcher attacked Cactus following a match against Ron Simmons.

4.) Paul E. Dangerously cuts a promo with Cactus Jack and Larry Zbyszko as they will be wrestling Ron Simmons and Abdullah the Butcher on WCW Main Event. Dangerously says that Madusa has come up with a plan to take out Simmons and Butcher. Zbyszko promises to crunch their bones. Cactus chimes in and says they are in a for a world of trouble.

5.) Austin takes Simmons down with a headlock and a head scissors on the mat. Austin tries to get out of the hold, but Simmons keeps Austin on the mat with a head scissors. Austin reaches the ropes to break the hold after a few moments. Simmons is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks Austin, but is met with a knee strike. Austin hammers away on Simmons, but a leaping shoulder block by Simmons gets a two count. Simmons controls Austin with a headlock on the mat. Austin counters by pulling Simmons hair and runs the ropes only to be dropped over the top rope throat first. Simmons is sent to the floor, but quickly returns and Austin stomps on Simmons left hand. Austin knee drops Simmons on the hand, which he had broken at the end of ’91. Dangerously hits Simmons on the hand with his cellphone. Austin wraps Simmons hand under the top rope. Simmons fires back with right hands out of the corner. Simmons drops to the mat after a few punches to sell the injury. Austin stomps on the hand a few times. Austin continues to work over the left hand. Simmons kicks Austin away in the corner followed by more strikes. Austin knee strikes Simmons in the corner and comes off the middle rope, but is caught with a slam in midair and Simmons almost wins the match. Simmons hammers away on Austin followed by a knee lift. Austin eye rakes Simmons but runs into a spinebuster! Simmons has the cover, but Dangerously got on the apron. Bobby Eaton comes out and hits a top rope leg drop to cause a disqualification. Ricky Steamboat runs out to attack Eaton. Arn Anderson attacks Steamboat but here comes Dustin Rhodes for the save. Larry Zbyszko enters the ring as does Barry Windham. There’s a massive brawl taking place. (*1/2. It felt like these guys were purposely keeping the action dull and simple. There wasn’t much energy until the final thirty-seconds and the aftermath. A disappointing match to end the show.)

Final Thoughts:
Power Hour continues to be the most disappointing show that WCW produces thus far in 1992.

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