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Life Outside The Big Time: Volume Two

By the fall of 2006, Raven’s wrestling career was on the decline. His run as a main event act in TNA had come to an end in early 2006 and would soon be regulated to being a mid-card act centered on the group known as Serotonin. The group didn’t connect with the fans and would fizzle. Raven would bounce around between TNA and be on the independents over the course of the next four years.

While Raven’s career was still successful, it was on the decline in terms of on-screen prevalence. He was still an in-demand act for the independents. His services were needed for a debut show in Florida for Frank Goodman’s UXW, which had previously been located mostly in New York.

Trent Acid had been a rising independent star for a handful of years. He had been successful in companies like CZW, ROH, JAPW, PWU, and UXW. Acid was one of the first guys that I was drawn to when I got into independent wrestling in the early 2000s. He had a good look and his style of wrestling entertained me greatly. The Backseat Boys, which was Acid and Kashmere, were seemingly tag team champions in every independent promotion at the time.

Acid had some incredible matches against the likes of Homicide and Teddy Hart in 2003/2004 for CZW, ROH, and JAPW. That ended up being the peak of Acid’s career on the independents. Still, Acid was presented as a top act for his own company, PWU, which he ran with Johnny Kashmere. Obviously, Frank Goodman still saw Acid as an asset to be his heavyweight champion.

UXW Heavyweight Champion Trent Acid vs. Raven – UXW Florida Debut Show – September 23rd, 2006

Acid bails to the floor to stall for a few moments as soon as the bell sounds. Raven attacks Acid in the corner with right hands as Acid was playing to the fans on the middle rope. Raven dumps Acid to the floor but Acid slides back into the ring and tries to get the fans into the match but they don’t want to support him. Raven decides to sit in the front row with the fans and play mind games with Acid. Raven actually has the camera and beats on Acid while holding the camera. It’s the rare POV style beating in wrestling. Raven gouges Acid’s eyes. The referee gives the camera back to the right person. Raven takes Acid over with a snap suplex.

Raven continues with a swinging neckbreaker and goes to the floor to get a chair. Acid baseball slides the chair into Raven sending him into the railing. Raven sends Acid ribs first into the guard railing. Raven slams Acid face first onto the steps and they go into the crowd. A small kid is following them as they walk up the empty bleachers. Raven knocks Acid down the bleachers.

Raven brings Acid back up the bleachers and then tosses Acid all the way down the bleacher steps. I mean, that’s got to hurt. Raven covers Acid on the floor and two kids count the fall, but that doesn’t count. Raven relaxes again in the front row giving high fives to kids. Raven drives Acid face first onto a steel chair. Raven delivers a chair shot against the railing on Acid. Raven wedges a chair into the corner but Acid sends the challenger back first into the chair to finally get some momentum. Acid works over Raven with stomps on the mat. Acid comes off the apron to forearm strike Raven on the floor.

Acid goes for the cover in the ring but can’t put Raven away. Acid dumps Raven to the floor and takes him out with a slingshot crossbody. Raven kicks Acid away on the floor and delivers a superkick. Acid delivers a superkick but Raven kicks out at two. Acid heads to the top rope and misses a moonsault. Acid misses a clothesline and Raven delivers a superkick. They are both laid out on the mat trying to recover from the match. Raven tries for the DDT, but Acid counters with one of his own.

Raven fights back with a bulldog out of the corner for a two count. Raven has a steel chair but Acid stops him with a low blow. Raven blocks being sent into the chair and tosses the chair into Acid’s face. Raven hits the DDT and wins the match. (*1/2.)

After the match, Kevin Sullivan and his cast of guys try to attack Raven but they get taken out. Kevin Sullivan comes into the ring and hits Raven with his cane.

Needless to say this was a disappointing showing by both men. Raven didn’t seem to care much about the match in front of a rather small looking crowd. Acid didn’t really get a whole lot of time to shine. It really just felt like a minor league ECW brawl. The showing here by Acid is drastically different compared to his work just three of four years prior. I wasn’t expecting a classic by any means, but something at least average and that didn’t happen here.

What are your thoughts on the match or either wrestler involved?

Thanks for reading.

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