Clowin’ Around In The WWF


There are plenty of people who while growing up or even their entire life, have a fear of clowns. It’s understandable considering the often creepy face paint, fake big red nose and usual annoying high pitch laugh.

Naturally, the World Wrestling Federation took the time to develop a wrestling character that looked to hit that nerve amongst their kid demographic in the early 1990s. The character they created would be known as Doink the Clown and he made his debut in the fall of ’92. Doink’s official debut would be on the October 31st edition of Superstars. He would often be seen in the crowd pulling pranks on fans, but soon he would pull tricks on WWF wrestlers. Continue reading

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Sixteen


The next installment of Would You Go To This Show takes us to the SunDome in Tampa, FL for some World Wrestling Federation action. The SunDome holds just under 11,000 people. According to theHistoryofWWE, the show had an attendance of roughly 3,000. The show doesn’t feature many main event guys and is filled with mid card acts the company had at the time.

So, after reading the card for this event, the question is…. Would You Go To This Show? Continue reading

Why Did Hak Fizzle In WCW?


In the mid 1990s whenever you heard “Enter Sandman” by Metallica there may have been two thoughts that entered your mind. If you’re a baseball fan, perhaps it is Mariano Rivera coming out in the 9th to seal a victory for the most hated baseball franchise in history. Or, if you’re a professional wrestling fan, perhaps it was the sound of one of the most popular characters in Extreme Championship Wrestling making his way down to the ring through the crowd hitting himself on the forehead with a beer and smoking a cigarette. Continue reading

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Fifteen


By the fall of ’96 the World Wrestling Federation was fully behind Shawn Michaels as the WWF World Champion as he was still feuding with Vader since the summer but was also involved in a feud with Mankind. The fifteenth installment of Would You Go To This Show takes us to a time where the WWF presented a triple main event card and featured a match involving two guys from a successful regional company just two years ago.

The date of the show is September 14th, 1996 from the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. Continue reading