Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game


From the fall of 1993 to late 1997, Booker T was part of the highly successful team Harlem Heat with his brother Stevie Ray. During that span, the duo won the WCW World Tag Team Championships seven times. Over that period, many fans and experts were starting to notice Booker T for his in-ring style and noted he just needed a way to breakthrough on his own.

When Stevie Ray got injured in late ’97, Booker T was left on his own and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Booker didn’t waste much time capturing gold as a singles wrestler when he defeated Disco Inferno on the December 29th Nitro to win his first WCW Television Championship. It wouldn’t take long for Booker to connect with the fans and often times Booker had the entire arena “raising the roof.” Continue reading

A Look Back At: The 1997 PWI 500 Rankings


The seventh installment of looking back at PWI 500s brings us to the year 1997. 1997 is a major year with the rise of ECW getting on pay per view and getting much more exposure, to the rise of Steve Austin in the WWF, to the year long feud between Sting and Hollywood Hogan in WCW.

However, the number one ranking in this year has been a topic of controversy and to many when looking back at the number one ranked wrestler, the wrestler sticks out as not “fitting in” with the rest. Who was ranked number one? You might be surprised.

As per usual, I don’t look at every ranking, but rather the interesting names of the year and any substantial rise or drop in ranking from years prior. You can view the complete list of rankings HERE.

The grading period this year was from August 1996 to August 1997.

Now, lets start the process of looking back at the 1997 PWI 500. Continue reading

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Fourteen


The fourteenth installment of Would You Go To This Show brings us to Little Rock, Arkansas for a World Championship Wrestling live event. The event took place on January 3rd, and has a rather interesting main event.

A little bit of a background before looking at the card. The New World Order is full steam ahead with Hogan, Nash and Hall dominating the company. Sting hasn’t competed in a match since September and was routinely up in the rafters. As you’ll see for the show, there was a lot of changes shortly after the show, which I’ll touch upon. Continue reading