7 Levels Of Hate: Cabana Vs. Pearce


At a time when the National Wrestling Alliance wasn’t heavily talked about, Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana brought interest back to the promotion with their Seven Levels Of Hate. For years, Pearce and Cabana had been going at each other in NWA Hollywood with both men winning the NWA World Championship. At one point, they had become allies, but that was short-lived and they would go back to being bitter enemies looking to destroy each other and have the honor of being the NWA World Champion.

The series of matches would have a stipulation attached to each with the championship on the line. Their match would take place on May 13th, 2012 and their final match happened on October 27th, 2012. I’ll be reviewing each match in-depth in this article. Continue reading

Reliving A Feud #31: Christian Cage Vs. Abyss In TNA ’06


A lot of times when a baby face wins the World Championship they usually encounter a monster heel challenger and have to fend them off in some dangerous matches. Off the top of my head, Ric Flair defending against Vader in WCW circa 93-’94, or Steve Austin defending against Kane and/or Undertaker in ’98.

The same can be said for when Christian Cage won the NWA-TNA World Championship at Against All Odds in February 2006 when he pinned Jeff Jarrett. It wouldn’t take long for the monster Abyss to step up and issue a war to the ever popular, Christian Cage. Continue reading

A Night At The Matches: WWE vs. 2CW


Last night, I attended two wrestling shows with a few friends of mine. The first show was a World Wrestling Entertainment house show at the War Memorial in Syracuse, New York, which started at 5pm. The second event was a show put on by a local company, Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW), which took place at 8pm. I thought it would be interesting to compare to the two shows since in recent months there has been a “us vs. them” mentality from independent companies towards the WWE.

For those unaware about 2CW, they are based out of Syracuse and have ran most of their shows in the Upstate New York area since 2006. They have used plenty of top names and have a pretty good local talent including guys like Colin Delaney, Jay Freddie, Sean Carr, Brute Van Slyke, Kevin Graham and Nick Ando. Continue reading

Flashback: WWF WrestleMania XI


The World Wrestling Federation by 1995 was pretty much at an all time low in terms of excitement and quality programming. Despite hitting a low point, the company was able to stir up some interest in their biggest event of the year. The event took place on April 2nd, 1995 in Hartford, CT with an attendance of 16,305.

An in-depth review of the show can be located HERE which were written by Scott and Justin from Place To Be. Continue reading

The Rise & Fall Of Chris Harris

'Cowboy' Chris Harris before the fall from grace.

‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris before the fall from grace.

Twelve years ago, Total Non-Stop Action was running weekly shows in Nashville, Tennessee usually getting around 1,200 people to watch their Wednesday night show. The show was aired on pay per view for $9.99 and had plenty of former WWE stars to go along with younger guys that hadn’t been exposed to the national spotlight.

Some guys part of the latter group were James Storm and Chris Harris who formed a tag team known as America’s Most Wanted. In 2002 and 2003 the team was the top tag team in the company and had a memorable feud with Triple X, which consisted of Low Ki, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels. By the end of 2003, many people started to think that Chris Harris was going to be a breakout star from the team and have highly successful singles run with the company. Continue reading