Flashback: WCW Superbrawl II


At the end of 1991, a new stable of wrestlers named the Dangerous Alliance stormed into World Championship Wrestling led by Paul E. Dangerously. He recruited top wrestlers Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko to form one of the best stables in wrestling history. It wouldn’t take long before the group would hold several of the top titles in the company.

The main attraction for the show was the WCW World Championship showdown between former friends as champion Lex Luger defended against Sting. The show took place on February 29th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I did an in-depth review of the show which can be located HERE. Continue reading

TNA Slammiversary 2015


Slammiversary XIII features a non-sanctioned match between Magnus and James Storm. Davey Richards and Austin Aries compete in singles action. The main event is the return of the King of the Mountain match as Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Eric Young, Bobby Roode and the returning Jeff Jarrett all do battle to win the TNA King of the Mountain Championship Continue reading

Wrestle Kingdom 9 Is Still Worth Watching Six Months Later

Perhaps the best professional wrestling show I’ve seen in a decade.

Maybe, you’ve never seen a Japanese Wrestling pay-per-view. Maybe, you’re not even remotely familiar with the product or its talents. Maybe, you find the language barrier to be too great. Whatever the case may be, I absolutely promise you one thing, none of that matters. Wrestle Kingdom 9 is a must-watch. Let me tell you why. Continue reading

When The WWF Got Nastisized


In late 1990, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags competed in a tag team match agains the Steiner Brothers at Halloween Havoc for World Championship Wrestling. They put on a good showing against the popular tag team, so much so that they bailed on WCW and headed North to the World Wrestling Federation where they would have an up and down tenure. Continue reading