Inside The Magazine Volume #8: PWI May ’96


The Giant goes to Japan to make himself better, Dan Severn is featured in a sit-down interview, Goldust a disgrace to wrestling?, Jeff Jarrett on a search for a stable, and the feud between Tommy Dreamer and Raven might cut both their lives short.


A fan doesn’t understand why Goldust is allowed to compete in the WWF, which is heavy on being family entertainment. They don’t like the face paint and his overall actions. Another fan suggests that Sabu watch a video of Shawn Michaels when it comes to not taking unnecessary risks for their careers. Dave from Binghamton really doesn’t understand why Steve McMichael is on commentary considering he knows nothing about professional wrestling. Pete from Harrisburg can’t watch Nitro because of all the interference in the feature matches and lifeless interviews that take place during the show.

Just who does this guy think he is?
Just who does this guy think he is?

Justin from Florida is bummed out about Smoky Mountain Wrestling shutting down and put over the action and television show that was produced. He also noted that SMW often ran shows in his high school gym. Which, would make sense if SMW ever ran a show in Florida. Lastly, Mike from Georgia is happy that Randy Savage recently won the WCW World Championship, even for a few weeks, just to prove to all the fans that he is still a championship caliber wrestler.

RINGSIDE: written by: Bill Apter

One Man Gang won the WCW United States Championship from Konnan at WCW Starrcade ’95 in a dark match, but Apter notes that nobody in the Dungeon of Doom was there to witness it. Kevin Sullivan said that Gang had assured him he’d win the match and didn’t need the Dungeon of Doom, and that’s all there was to it. Vader has arrived in the WWF and he has set his sights on Diesel, Undertaker and Bret Hart. Ahmed Johnson has made it clear he deserves a shot at Razor Ramon and the WWF Intercontinental Championship. That doesn’t sit well with Jeff Jarrett, who believes he deserves a shot before Johnson.


Tommy Rich has been defending the SMW Heavyweight Championship at various independent shows despite the company not existing anymore. Tex Slazenger, the USWA Southern Champion, claims that he had talks with the WWF, but that was denied by a source. Tex would be Phineas Godwin, so he wasn’t lying, folks. Rob Van Dam recently made his ECW debut, but hasn’t reached a deal with the company to work there long-term. Jushin Liger won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship from Koji Kanemoto on January 4th. On the same show, Nobuhiko Takada defeated the Great Muta to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

Taz is pissed with Paul E. Dangerously for bringing Sabu back into ECW. It’s likely going to setup another feud between Taz and Sabu. Zodiac held back the Giant after hitting a choke slam on Hulk Hogan on the January 8th edition of Nitro. Apparently, Zodiac is sick of Kevin Sullivan and wants to make amends with Hogan. Hogan might actually consider it, but Apter suggests he doesn’t do it.


Apter can’t believe that Madusa would dump the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash on a recent episode of Nitro. Apparently, the WWF is going to keep the championship alive by attempting to sign Japanese women. Diamond Dallas Page hasn’t been able to convince Kimberly to dump Johnny B. Badd and come back to him. WWC Universal Champion Carlos Colon ha slanged to keep Mabel away from winning the championship. Lastly, Sunny claims that a lot of Hollywood execs have been calling her to get her to be in their movies, so we should enjoy her on WWF TV while we can.

WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW: written by: Andy Rodriguez


Steve Austin has jumped ship from WCW and made his way to the WWF after a brief stop in ECW. However, his association with Ted DiBiase may be the demise of his career. Virgil chimed in and said that DiBiase is a very convincing person and it’s almost seductive. Kama recently left the Corporation to do better on the independents and said that DiBiase gets you to think that any championship could be yours. Ricky Steamboat thinks Austin joined because Austin doesn’t have any allies and took the risk to join with DiBiase’s group.

Chris Adams, who trained Austin, thinks they will work well together because Austin is sinister and doesn’t think either man can be trusted. Rodriguez believes that Austin is capable of having terrific matches with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

THE STEEL CAGE: written by: Chris Bernucca

WCW and WWF are finally going head to head with the stipulation being “the loser must retire.” WCW started the war by getting talents like Hogan, Savage and several other on-air personalities. The topic of the Billionaire Ted skits is highlighted on how the WWF attempts to cheapen WCW’s product by mentioning how old Hogan and Savage are. The skits proved one thing and that is the WWF is far more concerned about WCW than anyone thought. The WWF is scared and need to find new tactics to prevail in the war. Will they?

OFF THE TOP ROPE: written by: Eddie Ellner

Ken from Washington wonders if any money made in the WWF goes to charity, which Ellner believes that something goes to charities. Oh boy, Gary from Shreveport is pissed with Eddie ripping on Sting and wants to know why. Eddie proceeds to rip on Sting for bleaching his hair and painting his face while having the name Sting, too. Martha from Indiana is in love with Diesel and wants him to be her guy. Eddie suggests she not worship a regular human being like Diesel and believes it’s a case of lopsided hormones taking over.



Giant recently went to the Orient for a tour teaming with Arn Anderson, who took Giant under his wing to teach him some things while over in Japan. Giant performed a dropkick and drop toe hold in a match against Randy Savage on December 18th, showing the world what he learned from Anderson in Japan. Giant wants to create his own path and not follow Andre the Giant’s. Giant might be a champion due to being a legitimate wrestler to go along with his devastating choke slam. Watch out, Hogan!



Severn doesn’t understand why people try to separate pro wrestling from UFC as he sees them being as very similar. Severn hasn’t heard anyone tell him he can’t be NWA Champion and compete in UFC. In fact, he only ever hears that in the PWI magazine. He recalls defending the championship in Japan and follows the guidelines the NWA has. Severn doesn’t understand why UFC would be banned or compared to cockfighting since in cockfighting it involves animals that are not wanting to compete and there is likely death involved. He’s never heard of anyone dying in a UFC cage and has witnessed worse injuries in football, boxing and professional wrestling. UFC is all out for a shorter period of time while in wrestling you have to pace yourself for a longer battle. Severn believes he could still compete in UFC despite a full-time wrestling career because it’s in his blood and needs to compete since he’s a former champion. He also notes that he had discussions to appear at the Royal Rumble, but talks fell through. He looks forward to competing against Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the WWF.

RIC FLAIR: “THE WORLD OWES ME AN APOLOGY!”: written by: Steve Anderson

Flair was pissed that nobody thought he’d win the triple threat match involving Sting and Lex Luger and nobody thought he’d challenge Randy Savage for the WCW World Championship in the main event. Well, he did all of that and wants an apology from everyone that doubted him. The article basically reflects on Flair achieving victory and nobody should forget that Flair is best when he is an underdog.



Staks believes that the Goldust character has finally crossed the line and will perhaps ruin the career of Dustin Rhodes. Staks believes that Rhodes chasing after Razor Ramon for a romantic relationship has gone too far. Staks believes that the character Goldust encourages fans to laugh at homosexuals. Staks thinks that Goldust pursuing a relationship should have led to a fine or suspension. Staks believes that Dustin has disgraced his families legacy and had a price to turn his back on legacy.


Jarrett doesn’t have the Roadie by his side anymore, but Jarrett is on a mission to find several more people like the Roadie help him rise the ranks of the WWF again. Jarrett is paranoid and apparently believes he can find another Roadie, but the Roadie declares that he made Jarrett who he was and there isn’t anyone like him out there. Bryan suggests guys like Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yankeem, Buddy Landell, and Brian Christopher would be ideal stablemates.



Dreamer and Raven were hoping to win Feud of the Year in the PWI Awards, but lost out to fellow ECW wrestlers Ian and Axl Rotten. Raven and Dreamer both agreed that they should have won the award because of their bloodshed in all their battles throughout the year. Since they were snubbed this year, they promised even more brutality in ’96 to show the fans they should have won the award and not the Rotten brothers. Dreamer proclaimed he’ll win the award next year even if it kills him. Paul Heyman couldn’t believe that Dreamer and Raven were behind feuds like the Nasty Boys/Harlem Heat, who spilled a lot of mustard and not blood, Jarrett/Ramon feuding with aluminum ladders, and Flair/Savage feuding over who is older and more decrepit. Raven and Tommy’s lives may be at stake all to win a plaque for their feud.

WRESTLING ENQUIRER: written by: Dave Lenker

Hull Hogan filed charges of extortion on Minnesota against a woman and her lawyer on January 4th. Kate Kennedy filed claims of sexual assault regarding an incident at the first Nitro in September. She never went to the cops and threatened Hogan with a criminal charge if he didn’t settle. The case is ongoing.

Shane Douglas returned to ECW on January 5th and made it clear that he is targeting the Sandman to reclaim the ECW World Championship he had lost prior to his failed run in the WWF.

Antonio Inoki forced Vader to submit at the January 4th Tokyo Dome show with the usage of an arm bar. Vader dismissed the loss saying it was just one bad night for him and he’d win any other time.

Osamu Nishimura almost got an upset victory over Flair in Tokyo and is considered an up and comer in Japan. The feud between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Psicosis is also entertaining crowds in Mexico to go along with ECW fans.

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