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Rebooking ECW: Hardcore TV (01/23/97)

Tonight on Hardcore TV, the Pitbulls and the ECW Heavyweight Champion share a few words with their respective opponents. Also, major details on ECW’s next supershow, ECW: Crossing The Line Again will be revealed! Get tuned in with all the latest with tonight’s episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV!

ECW HARDCORE TV 01/23/97 (Ardmore, PA)

1. Chris Van De Lay defeated Louie Spicolli after Mikey Whipwreck ran down to ringside and prevented Little Guido from interfering who was up on the apron distracting Van De Lay. Out of gratitude, Chris Van De Lay hit Louie Spicolli with a Whipper-Snapper in ode to Mikey. (6:47)

2. Pitbulls Interview: Pitbull #2 did most of the talking, saying that come ECW Cyberslam on February 22nd, The Eliminators’ time as tag champs are up. He also states that if the champs are lucky, they’ll be able to walk away after the beating and loss they receive when the time comes. Until then, The Pitbulls will be ready to rip apart anybody who tries to stand in their way before then…

3. Commercial break + Announcement of ECW’s Crossing The Line Again supershow on the first of February. Main event being Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk taking on Taz and Raven in the main event of the evening. A small highlight video package plays.

4. The Pitbulls defeated Balls Mahoney and Axel Rotten in a regular tag team match up. The Pitbulls made pretty short work of these contenders and sent a message to the ECW Tag Team Champions by beating on the men even after the bell had rang. Security had to pull the Pitbulls away from Balls and Axel. (8:58)

5. Raven Interview: Raven starts by saying right away that Funk has been dodging him and having his little buddy Dreamer fighting his battles for him. He asks what kind of man Funk is and then began mumbling to himself. Returning focus to the task at hand, Raven declared that come Cyberslam, he and Funk would be locked in a fifteen-foot high steel cage. Nobody running in, and nobody running out. He also says that Funk’s time at the top is slowly waning and that fate has finally caught up with him. He warns Funk that his reckoning is nearly here and that all things come to an end. He ends with, “Quoth the Raven, nevermore…” before walking off camera.

6. Commercial break + Announcement of Lance Storm with Chris Candido in his corner facing off against the ECW Television Champion, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas for the title. A short recap video is played.

7. Chris Candido w/Lance Stom defeated Davey Morton Jericho in a back-and-forth battle and a great effort being put forth by both wrestlers. There was fast-paced action sprinkled throughout the match and the action left the fans spent after numerous near falls. Jericho was able to reverse a powerbomb  on the outside at one point in the match sending Candido  into the guard rail, hitting his head pretty hard. After buying a little time and using a full nine count Candido returned to the ring. His victory came shortly after. After the match it was apparent that Candido’s head had been opened up pretty good and would later be announced that he needed ten stitches in his head to close the wound. (10:19)

8. Another reminder is played telling viewers to tune in to ECW’s Crossing The Line Again on the first of February (only days from tonight’s show). Also, it is mention that Extreme Championship Wrestling’s annual fan event ECW Cyberslam 1997 would be coming up on the 22nd of February!  The closer stated that, “The next month of ECW action is jammed packed, so everybody better hold on for the ride or they’ll be left behind… First up, ECW Crosses The Line in days!”

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