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PWG Pimpin’ In High Places 12/13/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Pimpin’ In High Places
From: Los Angeles, CA

Opening Contest: Zokre vs. Phoenix Star vs. Puma: All three men attempt to get the advantage but instead everyone gets some offense in. Star dropkicks both men but is sent to the floor. Puma snap suplexs Zokre and knocks Star to the floor. Star can’t get back into the ring as he is knocked off by Puma again. Star takes Puma over with a springboard arm drag. Star hits a reverse Olympic Slam on Zokre. Star nearly pins Zokre with a flipping sunset flip. Puma back suplexs Star and locks in a surfboard but Zokre hits a swanton bomb on Star! Zokre plants Star with a nice reverse DDT from the apron back into the ring. Puma nearly wins with a German suplex. Puma plants Star with a tombstone and wins the match. (**. A few solid moves thrown into this one, but it was really too quick. I think if they had gotten a few more minutes this could have been a really good match.)

Second Contest: Aerial Express (Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky) vs. Havanna Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero): Romero and Quicksilver kick off the tag match exchanging kicks with Romero getting the better of the exchange. Romero locks in a leg lock but Quicksilver reaches the bottom rope. Quicksilver locks in a surfboard on Romero briefly. Romero chops Sky on the apron but tags out to Reyes and Sky tags in. Excalibur really makes some racist comments on commentary about all four men looking alike. I understand the attempted humor, but that’s too much. Reyes controls Sky with some mat wrestling. Sky gets some mat wrestling on Reyes as well. Romero and Quicksilver come back into the match. Quicksilver takes Romero over with a hurricanrana for a near fall. Romero kicks Quicksilver several times and drops Quicksilver with a leaping kick to the head. Quicksilver takes Romero over with a springboard head scissors. Romero bails to the floor and stalls with Reyes. Sky tags in to go at it with Reyes. Sky takes Reyes over with a hurricanrana. Sky takes Reyes to the floor with a head scissors. Quicksilver does the same to Romero. Sky and Quicksilver take the Havanna Pitbulls out with stereo somersault dives to the floor! Reyes is kicked by both members of Aerial Express. Romero kicks Quicksilver from the apron and Ricky connects with a belly to belly suplex. Reyes takes Quicksilver over with a butterfly suplex. Romero enters and drops Quicksilver with a series of kicks. Rocky drags Quicksilver to the ring post groin first and Reyes delivers a dropkick. Quicksilver continues to be worked over the Havanna Pitbulls. Quicksilver nearly pins Romero after a slingshot splash. Sky hits a top rope splash across the ring on Romero. Aerial Express hit a leap frog leg drop on Romero for a near fall. Quicksilver drops Reyes with the Final Cut for a two count. Reyes hits a back suplex on Quicksilver for a two count again. Pitbulls hit a back breaker/top rope knee drop combo on Quicksilver for the win. (**3/4. A good match between these two teams. The early stuff took a while to get going. However, it was an enjoyable tag match.)

Third Contest: Excalibur vs. Chris Bosh in a hair vs. hair match: Bosh attacks prior to the bell and dropkicks Excalibur to the floor. By the way, Excalibur is providing commentary for his own match. Bosh hits a somersault dive off the top to the floor! Bosh delivers a back breaker and a fall away slam for a two count. Bosh continues his offense with a back breaker. Bosh yanks Excalibur down by the mask down across his knee. Bosh runs into a boot in the corner and is choked in the corner. Excalibur follows up with a top rope knee drop but only gets a near fall with a one finger pin attempt. Bosh leg drops Excalibur across the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana. Excalibur delivers a shot to Bosh’s groin to regain control of the contest. A dragon sleeper is locked in on Bosh in the middle of the ring. Bosh is stomped on the face and Excalibur locks in an arm bar. Excalibur spikes Bosh with a tombstone and can’t get a three count since he did a one finger pin, again. Bosh hits a springboard cross body off the middle rope and they both go down following a double clothesline. Bosh plants Excalibur with a sit out spine buster for a two count. Bosh with a sit down scoop slam and heads to the top rope. Bosh hits a big splash but can’t get a three count. Bosh is attempting to rip the mask and is succeeding at it. Excalibur battles back with a clothesline. Bosh nearly wins with a roll up. Excalibur delivers an ugly looking shining wizard. Bosh is planted with a brain buster but Excalibur can’t get a three count. Excalibur hits a back suplex for a two count. Bosh plants Excalibur with the Steiner Screwdriver! Bosh rams Excalibur into the ring post back first and dropkicks the referee on the floor! Bosh nails Excalibur with a trash bin. Quicksilver and Scorpio Sky run out but Bosh bails to the floor. Quicksilver hits a piledriver and Scorpio Sky dropkicks Excalibur! They turned on Excalibur! Bosh begins to shave the head of Excalibur while Scorpio Sky rips on the crowd which I can’t hear over the commentary. Disco Machine and Super Dragon run out to make the save. Dragon has a freaking brick! Dragon carries Excalibur to the backstage area. (**1/2. A decent match here that saw a few good spots thrown into the mix. The commentary by PWG has to be the weirdest yet the funniest commentary I’ve ever heard in my life. This appeared to be an angle advancement for bigger things between these six men.)

Backstage, Excalibur cuts a promo about himself and five business partners trying to give back to everyone from the boys to the fans. He says Scorpio Sky, Quicksilver and Chris Bosh don’t care about that. Excalibur says he will get revenge whether it is tomorrow or six months from now. Nobody does that to him.

Fourth Contest: The Ballard Brothers vs. Matt Cross & Jardi Frantz: Shane and Jardi kick off the tag match. Jardi gets a few blows in on Shane in the corner and does a back flip out of the corner. They have a standoff after a few moments. Cross and Shannon tag into the contest. Cross dropkicks Shannon after a few moments and hits an arm drag. Cross takes Shannon over with a head scissors and hurricanrana. Jardi tags in to hit a top rope double axe handle. Cross snap suplexs Shannon and Jardi follows up with a top rope knee drop. Jardi has a surfboard on Shannon but doesn’t get a submission. Cross is being worked over by the Ballard Brothers as they do a giant swing/dropkick combo. Cross clotheslines Shane but Jardi isn’t on the apron after a collision with Shane. Shane plants Cross with a back breaker. Shannon drives Cross to the canvas with a brain buster. Shannon splashes Cross in the corner. Shannon slams Cross to the canvas and Cross is double teamed in the corner. Cross stops Shannon with a Death Valley Driver back breaker. Jardi hits Shane with a springboard kick from the apron. Jardi takes both Ballard Brothers with a cartwheel dive on the floor. Cross does a similar dive on the floor! Jardi follows up with a springboard leg drop on Shannon in the ring but he misses a 450 splash and is met with a clothesline. The Ballard Brothers hit a double team face buster for a two count. Cross drops Shannon on his head. Cross hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Jardi plants Shannon with a tornado DDT for a two count! Jardi accidentally hits Cross with a baseball slide. Cross punches Jardi on accident as well and Shannon rolls Jardi up for the win. (*1/2. This match was kind of all over the place. They tried to make people care about this Jardi/Cross split but it didn’t come across strong and the spots were just odd.) After the match, Cross slaps Jardi and they begin to attack each other.

Fifth Contest: Samoa Joe vs. BJ Whitmer: Whitmer backs Joe into a corner early on but cleanly backs away. Joe controls BJ with a wrist lock for a few moments. Whitmer cheap shots with a poke to the eyes against the ropes and delivers a few strikes to drop Joe down to a knee. BJ follows up with a swinging neck breaker. Joe chops Whitmer several times to drop him to the canvas. Whitmer sling shots Joe throat first across the bottom rope. Joe drops BJ with a STO as Whitmer charged the corner. Joe with a knee drop but only gets a two count. Joe continues his offense with a back breaker and locks in a Boston Crab. Whitmer is able to reach the bottom rope quickly, though. They are trading boots until Whitmer gets a two count after a forearm shot. Whitmer gets another near fall after a exploder suplex for a near fall. Joe nails BJ with a running kick and almost wins with a German suplex. Joe delivers stiff kicks to the chest but Whitmer drops Joe with a back suplex for a near fall. Joe chops BJ and delivers a kick to the face but switches to an arm bar and BJ taps out. (*1/2. Well, that was a boring match with the only entertaining aspect of the match being a fan yelling and Whitmer saying he would never pin Joe. Lets face it, no one ever thought BJ would win here. So, it was obvious who was going to win the match.)

Main Event: PWG Heavyweight Champion Frankie Kazarian, CM Punk & Joey Ryan vs. Colt Cabana, Adam Pearce & Super Dragon: Dragon and Punk kick off the main event. They don’t do anything and instead we get Pearce and Kazarian. Pearce tags out to Cabana. Kazarian tags out to Ryan. Ryan prevents Colt from tagging out and the match begins finally. They decide to go with the mat wrestling start with both men getting a brief advantage over the other man. Ryan dropkicks Colt and goes back to the mat wrestling base attack. Kazarian tags in and works over Colt’s left arm. Dragon enters and cheap shots Kazarian with a kick. Dragon legally tags in but Kazarian gets a leg lock on Dragon. They slap each other while sitting on the canvas. Punk tags into the bout but Dragon bails to the floor. Pearce tags in and quickly goes at Punk with several strikes. Punk dropkicks Pearce and they botch a head scissors. They begin to exchange chops but Adam gets the better of it with an eye poke. Punk leaps off the top to hit Pearce with a overhand chop. Punk hits a head scissors. Kazarian comes off the top to hit a double axe handle to Pearce’s arm to keep control of the contest as Ryan hits the same move on Pearce. Ryan delivers a hammerlock scoop slam and tags in Punk. The babyfaces are focusing their attack on Pearce’s arm until Pearce nails Frankie with a right hand. Dragon dropkicks Kazarian on the back for a two count and hits a somersault kick in the corner. Frankie is being controlled by the heels for a few moments now. Kazarian fights back by sending Colt butt first into Pearce and kicks Pearce in the face. Punk gets the hot tag with a spine buster on Pearce for a near fall. Ryan nails Colt with a top rope clothesline. Pearce kicks Ryan from the apron and is met with a clothesline and Dragon hits a double stomp from off the top! Colt takes Ryan over with a snap suplex. Dragon clubs Ryan in the corner with chops and forearms. Dragon delivers the curb stomp on Ryan but the cover is broken up. All six men go at it for a moment but order is restored. Ryan hits a middle rope side Russian leg sweep on Pearce but can’t make the tag. Ryan fights off Cabana with a kick and a German suplex on Dragon! Pearce and Kazarian get the hot tags with Kazarian hammering away on Pearce. Kazarian counter a roll up and has a choke hold on Pearce! Adam fights out by ramming Frankie into the corner. Kazarian nearly wins with a roll up and the same for Pearce. They collide after they both attempted a cross body. Dragon and Punk tag in and they trade forearm shots. Dragon connects with a clothesline to get the better of the exchange. Ryan dropkicks Dragon as he attempted a suicide dice. Pearce and Cabana are back dropped to the floor. A triple dive over the top onto the heels on the floor! Punk nearly pins Dragon after a DDT. Colt plants Punk with an elevated snap suplex. Ryan tags in and hits a middle rope swinging neck breaker. Dragon hits the Super Natural Driver on Ryan! Colt covers but can’t get the pin on Ryan. Kazarian hammers away on Pearce but Adam powerbombs Kazarian. Punk leaps off Adam’s back to kick Dragon. Colt puts Punk on his shoulders but after Dragon hits a clothesline Punk connects with a reverse hurricanrana! Ryan is looking to hit a swinging neck breaker to the floor on Dragon but Pearce shoves Ryan to the floor. Kazarian super kicks Pearce and Frankie hits a Spanish Fly on Dragon but only gets a two count. Frankie hits the Wave of the Future on Pearce but Pearce’s manager gets involved. Kazarian takes the manager out with a drive. Pearce drives Kazarian down on the championship with a piledriver and wins the match! (**1/2. A decent match but I was expecting so much more considering the talent involved. Of course, this was almost ten years ago and the men involved hadn’t become the talents they are as of 2013. It was cool to see these six go at it. The match had a few good moments but the opening moments of the match was really slow and hurt the match for me.) After the match, Kazarian gets stretcher ride out of the building. Pearce cuts a promo saying that he is going to take the PWG Heavyweight Championship from Kazarian and he is the uncrowned champion!

Final Thoughts:
Not a good show this time around for PWG to close out 2003. The six man tag disappointed me. Considering how great PWG can be later on in their existence, there is no reason to go out of your way to see this show.

Thanks for reading.

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