Rebooking ECW: Hardcore TV (01/30/97)

On tonight’s edition of Hardcore TV, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk share their thoughts on the upcoming tag team match at Crossing The Line Again which is just days away. Also, in the main event, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz takes on Rob Van Dam in one-on-one competition! That, plus much more jammed into this final episode of Hardcore TV before ECW Crosses The Line… Again!

ECW HARDCORE TV 01/30/97 (Philadelphia, PA)

1. Chris Van De Lay defeated Stevie Richards in this opening contest and surprisingly enough, no outside interference from the bWo occurred. They didn’t even appear, which seemed a bit odd. Either way, this was a good match up, with pretty even competitors. The younger, less experienced Van De Lay was able to pick up the victory over Richards which didn’t sit well with him as he threw a fit leaving ringside. (10:08)

2. Commercial break + A special ECW tribute music video package.

3. John Kronus w/Perry Saturn defeated Pitbull #1 w/Pitbull #2 with relative ease and was able to stay in firm command of the match-up for most of the contest. Pitbull #2 tripped up Kronus a few times throughout the match but, about half way through the contest, Perry Saturn brawled with Pitbull #2 all the way to the back and didn’t return to the ringside area. It was obvious, both teams still have a lot of bad blood for each other, pitting the titles inside a bitter rivalry. (8:45)

4. Dreamer and Funk interview: Funk and Dreamer started the interview by saying that in this upcoming tag match against Taz and Raven, they would be getting even finally. Dreamer said that Taz has one-upped him twice now and that, lighting will not strike a third time. He said this time, on the first of February, Dreamer would be declared the winner and that Taz will not have the last laugh. Funk also added that Raven’s cheap shot antics would be over because it was now an even playing field. He would have to face Funk face-to-face, and that there was no longer any opportunity for Raven to duck away. Both seemed confident and intent on exacting their own revenge.

5. Commercial break + Recap video of the Shane Douglas/Chris Candido saga thus far.

6. Taz defeated Rob Van Dam in tonight’s main event. This was a great match and both men put in great effort. Rob Van Dam would reverse many attempts of the Tazmission hold and would mount great offense in spots throughout the match. This match showcased Van Dam in a different light, setting him among one of the top players in Extreme Championship Wrestling with the likes of Taz, Raven, Terry Funk, and Tommy Dreamer. Taz ultimately caught Van Dam with a final attempt of his Half Nelson with Bodyscissors submission, known as the Tazmission. (11:27)

7. Another reminder plays to tune into ECW’s Crossing The Line Again, this closes out the show.

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