Rebooking ECW: Hardcore TV (01/10/97)

Hardcore TV is back this week with some major developments! Will Chris Candido fire back at the ECW Television Champion, “The Franchise”, his former friend? What will Raven have to say again this week, if anything at all? What is the latest news on Sabu and the finish to last week’s match with Terry Funk… All questions and more will be answered this week! Now, what are you waiting for?!

ECW HARDCORE TV 01/10/97 (Allentown, PA)

1. Last week is very breifly recapped in a video that is voiced over by Joey Styles.

2. Stevie Richards (w/The Blue Meanie) defeated Little Guido w/Louie Spicolli after a major interference on the part of The Blue Meanie. After Stevie inadvertently took care of Louie Spicolli when he hit Little Guido off the apron causing him to roughly spill out to the concrete on top of Spicolli, Meanie capitalized on the situation by throwing Guido back into the ring. He then advised Richards to hold him down, and then performed a Meaniesault onto Richards’ defenseless opponent. Richards then pinned Guido and he and Meanie only celebrated briefly as Spicolli jumped into the ring with a chair, causing them to flee. (5:45)

3. Commercial Break + Hype for House Party 1997, ECW’s first Supershow of the year, tomorrow night.

3. Mikey Whipwreck defeated Chris Van De Lay in what was a great match-up. Whipwreck is noted to have trained Van De Lay in the art of professional wrestling and the two showed the crowd just how well they knew each other coming to many stalemates. Not to be outdone by his former student, Whipwreck resulted in taking a dinner plate from a fan and smashing it over Van De Lay’s head. Van De Lay would fire back with using a fan’s frying pan on Mikey repeatedly at ringside. The two made it back into the ring and wrestled cleanly the rest of the match. Mikey was able to squeeze out the victory after a twisting Whipper-Snapper. The two showed great sportsmanship and no hard feelings after the match as they shook hands. (7:37)

4. Shane Douglas/Chris Candido confrontation: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas was awaiting his opponent, Spike Dudley, when Candido ran up behind Spike stopping him in the entrance way. As the music was cut, Candido broke in with his mic. He told Spike that though he was sure he would have wiped the floor with Douglas tonight, that Spike would have to wait to do so another night. He then whispered something into Spike’s ear and Spike then gladly returned back stage. Candido then addressed Douglas who was standing confused in the ring. He said to Douglas that he knows he likes to play politics in the back because he was afraid that Candido would take his spot all these years, he decided to play a little politics of his own. He said he was able to find Douglas a more suitable opponent to challenge him for the Television Championship tonight… Candido then stood aside as “Dr. Death” Steve Williams’ music played and Douglas went wild with anger in the ring and Francine yelled at Candido from the ring.

5. Commercial break

6. Shane Douglas defeated Steve Williams in what was perhaps his toughest title defense thus far. Williams maintained a head of steam throughout the entire match. Douglas fought back valiantly much to the chagrin of the live audience as then chanted derogatory remarks to Francine and Douglas. After hitting “The Franchise” with everything he had, Williams’ frustration got the better of him which allowed Douglas to get the upper hand. Francine grabbed the ankles of Williams from outside of the ring, allowing Douglas to catch an off-guard “Dr. Death” in a fisherman buster. After the match, “The Franchise” (who was obviously winded by the beating he had recieved) played off his victory as no problem as his brushed his hands off together, almost as to tell Candido that his little mind game had not even phased the TV Champ. (10:10)

7. Commercial break + Joey Styles announcing Sabu suffered a bruised sternum at the hands of Terry Funk and a chair last week. Sabu’s next appearance is determined as unclear at this point.

8. Terry Funk in-ring promo: Funk appears in the ring with a microphone looking rather distraught. He begins by saying that Raven has not gotten into his, mind ‘one damn bit’. He also reminds Raven that where ever he may be, he better always remember who he is dealing with. The man that created hardcore wrestling. The fans stand and clap for Funk before he continues… He starts up again by saying that if Raven really thinks he could crack him with words after all that he has done and seen over the years, then it is Raven who should have his head examined. Then, behind Funks back, Raven jumped the guardrail and got into the ring with a chair in hand. Before Funk could respond, Raven grabbed him and Evenflow DDT’ed him onto the chair. Raven then went to hit Funk with another one before Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam rushed down to the ring to Terry’s aid. Raven fled to the outside and stood on the corner of barricade and taunted all three men before he left through the crowd. With Raven gone, Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer looked after Terry Funk who was just beginning to get up…

9. This episode ends with Terry talking with Dreamer and Van Dam as he held his head and they made their way to the back.

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