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Rebooking ECW: Resurgence (05/29/97)

Just shy of Wrestlepalooza 1997, Extreme Championship Wrestling makes one final stop in Erie, Pennsylvania for Resurgence! In one-on-one competition tonight is ECW’s very own Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk. Who is the number one contender for his championship, and who will his opponent be at Wrestlepalooza? Paul E. addresses that tonight. Also, where does “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz and Chris Candido fall as far as the ECW Television Championship is concerned? Not to mention Saturn addressing his former partner Kronus and Kronus’ new running mate “Prime Time” Brian Lee… All this and more featured within!

ECW RESURGENCE 05/29/97 (Erie, PA)

1. Opening segment: Paul E. Dangerously is seen already halfway to the ring with a mic in hand. It seems no time will be wasted tonight. Entering the ring, he began to speak to the viewers at home as well as the audience on hand. “There has been a lot of discrepancy as of late concerning who is the rightful number one contender for the ECW Heavyweight Championship. I am here to tell you personally… that it is not Raven. You see, because Raven has had rematch after rematch against Terry Funk and each time he has been unsuccessful. Nobody gets an undefined number of customary rematches. That means you too, Raven. Seeing as this is the case, Raven, If you feel it necessary to involve yourself in the ECW Heavyweight Championship match this Saturday at Wresltepalooza, you will face not only an immediate termination but a ban from Extreme Championship Wrestling. You will be blacklisted, If you’re not already due to the Boston stunt you pulled…” After a healthy applause from the crowd for the well-deserved verbal punishment thrown in Raven’s direction, Paul E. continued. “So, this only leaves one more man to talk about. The true number one contender for the ECW Heavyweight Championship… SABU! Not only has Sabu been clearly acting on his displeasure of not holding the belt, but at this point his revenge is well overdue. After all, it was Terry Funk and a steel chair that put Sabu on the shelf all the way back in January. For these reasons, and impressive recent victorys, it is Sabu who is the official number one contender and therefore will be facing Terry Funk for the ECW Heavyweight Championship on the thirty first. This Saturday, at Wrestlepalooza 1997! Thank you!” And with that, Paul E. exited and the extreme action was ready to begin.

2. Kronus, with “Prime Time” Brian Lee accompanying him, defeated Mustafa Saed in a pretty bloody match up. Kronus become busted open presumably accidentally early on in the match up and bled throughout the match. Kronus would undoubtedly need stitches after the match due to the physicality and cut experienced. Eventually able to break Mustafa’s momentum and slow him down, Kronus would hit a quick Kronus Driver and pick up a rather lucky victory over Saed. An angered Saed would get up shorty after being pinned and begin attacking Kronus until being chased off by Brian Lee. Unanimous boos would occur for both Kronus and Lee who would tell them where to shove it before they returned to the locker room. (8:34)

3. Commercial break + Hostile City Showdown recap video showing highlights from the show.

4. Danny Doring Interview: Danny Doring’s first interview in Extreme Championship Wrestling was about to commence. Doring, looking very confident as he watched himself in the mirror, finally turned to the camera and finally, cockily spoke. “Speaking to you directly, right now, is the only undefeated man in Extreme Championship Wrestling and in the sport of professional wrestling as a whole. That’s right. Me. Danny Doring. And let me tell you, they are all jealous of me right now. Only four matches into my professional career, and I’m the talk of the sport. They say you can’t keep talent down and Danny Doring is no exception. Come Wrestlepalooza 1997, my glorious streak will only continue. Four and zero now, baby. Forever and zero later. Believe that.” Satisfied with his words, Danny Doring turned back around to gaze at himself in the mirror.

5. Taz defeated Lance Storm in a surprisingly uneven match. These two tremendous mat wrestlers should of had a dynamite wrestling based match, instead it was a beat down. With the rest of the Triple Threat on the outside, Taz continually threw Storm around the ring with a particularly explosive arsenal tonight. It was obvious that Lance Storm had not expected the over intensity from Taz and Taz showed up more focused and deadly than ever. After a definitive submission win, the Triple Threat was able to grab Lance Storm from the ring without entering it and then carried his beaten carcass to the back. Once the camera returned to Taz he lipped, “Candido, you’re next..” (12:05)

6. Commercial break + ECW Hype Central for merchandising information.

7. Saturn Interview: Saturn, looking far more confident than usual as of late, stood ready to speak. “Kronus, Lee, at Wrestlepalooza this Saturday, I have a partner lined up. I already talked to the office and they signed it for this weekend. It’s me and my guy against you two…” Saturn began to walk away and then quickly returned to face the camera, “I’m sorry. I almost forgot… It’s gonna’ be a steel cage tag team match!” With a smile, Saturn then walked off camera keeping his words short and sweet.

8. The Dudleys were able to pick up a solid victory over Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney after a real knock-down drag-out battle. D-Von and Buh-Buh definitely earned their win tonight, proving without a doubt that they are the worthy challengers for the ECW Tag Team Champions. Not to say they won like two great gentlemen. Everything they could do to really beat down and destroy both Balls and Axl they did and in a big way. Anything that wasn’t nailed down was used in this one and although Balls and Axl saw points of control, the Dudleys took the victory. It was a brawl and a pretty serious challenge, only furthering the D-Von and Buh-Buh’s confidence going into Wrestlepalooza to face the champs. (14:55)

9. Commercial break + Reminder to tune into Wrestlepalooza 1997 live from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this Saturday. It is sure to be a CAN’T MISS extreme super show!

10. Spike Dudley & Roadkill Interview: The ECW Tag Team Champions stood side by side in the locker room looking directly into the camera. The littler of the two men began first, “So, my brothers have decided that they want to answer our challenge? Well me and Raodkill have heard you both loud and clear, guys! You got it! You think you can hit us from behind last week and scare us off? No way, man. We’re not the champs for no reason, we’ve beaten some tough guys… Even tougher that you two!” A pumped up Spike was then cut off by his gigantic tag partner, Roadkill. “You see Dudley boys, the only pup out of the litter that turned out any good, stands right next to me. Is he the biggest Dudley? No… But, you can bet your ass he has double the heart that you two do! This Saturday you two are going to find that out first hand as Spike lines you up and I squash you… You think you’re tough. Well, heart trumps all…” And with that final statement the interview concluded.

11. Terry Funk took down Stevie Richards tonight in the main event. Richard, being the big mouth that he is, tried to talk Terry Funk out of the match in the beginning by saying that he’d get hurt if he decided to go through with the match. Paying no mind to this, Funk went right after Richards providing an impromptu start to the match. Richards controlled a lot of the match seemingly just a step ahead of Terry Funk throughout the match up. However, as soon as Terry caught on to the pace of Stevie, it was the beginning of the end for the bWo member. Funk would beat Stevie to the punch when it really counted, catching a super kick and turning it into a toe hold by spinning Richards downward toward the mat. After hitting face first clumsily, Stevie would be forced to tap out to the ECW Heavyweight Champion. (10:39)

12. Joey Styles closed the show with a breakdown of what to expect this Saturday for Wrestlepalooza 1997. “Every ECW title would be on the line and personal issues between several men would be settled. Not to forget that if Raven interferes in the main event, his is banned from Extreme Championship Wrestling! Also scheduled, Kronus and Lee to face Saturn and a partner of his choice in a cage, and “The Human Suplex Machine” taking on the reigning Television Champion, Chris Candido. All that and more when Extreme Championship Wrestling presents, Wrestlepalooza 1997. You won’t want to miss this!”

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