Rebooking ECW: Hardcore TV (02/06/97)

It is tag team match-up mayhem on tonight’s edition of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV! The number-one contenders for the ECW Tag Team Championships square off against the team of ECW Heavyweight Champion Raven and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz. Plus, a momentous announcement from ECW’s Guru of Hardcore, Paul E. concerning the very future of the company! All that and more packed inside tonight’s episode…

ECW HARDCORE TV 02/06/97 (Wilmington, PA)

1. Little Guido and Louie Spicolli defeated Mikey Whipwreck and Rob Van Dam in an upset victory to start off the show. The match was pretty even, with both teams putting up a good fight. Mikey and RVD showed just as much teamwork if not more tonight than they did at Crossing The Line Again four nights ago. Little Guido was out for revenge for the double-teaming he received at the supershow and got it with tonight’s victory over the two. (10:47)

2. Commercial break + ECW Cyberslam hype video package. The two-night event being held on February 21st and 22nd is one strictly held for the ECW fans. The entire event is being presented across continents for free and at very low, affordable price to attend both shows live and meet the brightest ECW stars.

3. Chris Candido and Lance Storm defeated The Gangstas in another good tag team match-up. Unlike the first contest, this match had a tag format (which both teams abided by pretty well surprisingly). Candido would dish out a super-kick on to Mustafa and Lance would follow that up with a slapping on a quick sharpshooter. While Mustafa was in the hold, New Jack rushed towards Candido who reversed a running attack into a crushing German suplex. Mustafa would tap out and Candido and Storm would gain a strong victory over a well-established tag team. (14:10)

4. Commercial break + Sabu injury update: According to doctors and physicians Sabu has refused treatment and has been barely nursing his own wounds. Insufficient care will only prolong the bruised sternum symptoms, according to experts. No other reports were released at this time.

5. Paul E. Interview: Paul E. would make a rare appearance on Hardcore TV in this interview with a pretty important announcement. He announced that a deal in the very near future concerning possible talent exchanges with the Japanese promotion, Michinoku Pro Wrestling (M-Pro). He explained how this would mean that the possibility of seeing new, exciting, young talents from overseas in ECW and that seeing some of your favorite ECW stars perform in front of foreign crowds with some of the greatest pure wrestlers in the world would now be very real. “Extreme Championship Wrestling will now more than ever embrace and live up to the larger worldwide audience’s expectations. “We plan to continue to grow, develop and present you, the fans, with the best professional wrestling product out there today.”

6. The Pitbulls defeated Raven and Taz due to a disqualification when The Eliminators rushed ringside and forced the ECW official to throw out the match. Pitbull #2 was nearly ready to get the pin over Raven when the ECW Tag Team Champions appeared. The Eliminators and The Pitbulls battled back and forth and even made their way to the back where the camera followed as the two teams tore each other apart. Unfortunately, the airtime ran out before the battle was able to be broken up. (7:58)

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