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WWF Superstars 11/3/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Springfield, IL

1.)The Bushwhackers defeated Bob Bradley & Spike Jones
2.)Sgt. Slaughter defeated Warren Bianchi
3.)Dustin Rhodes defeated Ted DiBiase by lasting ten minutes in the ring
4.)Mr. Perfect defeated Randy Jackson

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Rick Martel shares some pre-tape comments regarding what happened last week. Martel says he takes back his apology and reveals he sprayed Roberts in the face on purpose and he is happy he did so!

2. Brother Love has a neck brace due to the DDT last week. His guest this week is Bobby Heenan. Love talks about how Heenan will not be able to say another word about Bossman’s mother ever again. Heenan appreciates Love standing next to him. Heenan is out here to apologize to Bossman’s mother. He says he is sorry to everyone’s mother. He is sincerely sorry for what he said. Love says look at how sincere Heenan is. Heenan has Love feel his heart and Love feels how sorry Heenan is. Love wants the fans to put their hands on the TV and feel the remorse! Heenan drops down to his knees pleading for forgiveness! They do a moment of silent remorse to end the segment.

3. Can Dustin last ten minutes with DiBiase? DiBiase avoids locking up with Dustin in the opening moments of the match and just stalls before attacking Rhodes from behind and works over Dustin with several chops in the corner. DiBiase is taunting Dusty on the floor. Dustin backdrops DiBiase and hits a series of dropkicks and a hip toss! DiBiase bails to the floor as the crowd erupts. Ted returns and hammers away on Dustin until Rhodes nearly gets a win with a backslide. DiBiase rolls to the floor after a scoop slam. Dusty sends DiBiase back in and Dustin nearly pins him again. Ted works over Dustin with a series of falling fist drops as six minutes remain in the match. DiBiase backdrops Rhodes and taunts Dusty on the floor. DiBiase drives Dustin down to the mat with a snap suplex. DiBiase continues to deliver suplexs for a near fall. DiBiase keeps Dustin on the canvas with a sleeper hold. Ted stops Dustin with a knee lift as Rhodes came off the ropes. Dustin fights back with a shoulder block and a sunset flip for a two count but is stopped by DiBiase with a clothesline. There is one minute remaining. DiBiase locks in the Million Dollar Dream! Dustin is trying to fight the hold but drops to his knees with thirty seconds left. Dustin manages to keep his arm from falling three times and wins the bout for lasting ten minutes! After the match, DiBiase flips out and clotheslines Dusty to the floor. DiBiase nails Dustin with the Million Dollar Championship! Dusty comes back with a chair but DiBiase bails from the ring. (***1/4. I really enjoyed that match. There was a lot of energy and the crowd just ate everything up. A very good television match and did a great job of introducing Dustin Rhodes if he were to part of the roster moving forward.)

Final Thoughts:
A very good episode this week as the two major segments delivered big time. I think a lot of people would enjoy that match. The crowd was into it from the opening bell. I’m willing to say the best TV match for the WWF this year that I’ve seen. A thumbs up for this show.

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