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WWF Superstars 11/10/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Springfield, IL

1.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Texas Tornado defeated Buddy Rose
2.)The Barbarian defeated Red Tyler
3.)Power & Glory defeated Scott Colton & Reno Riggins
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Doug Vines
5.)Legion of Doom defeated Orient Express by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We hear from Dusty Rhodes who tells DiBiase that this has become really personal. Dusty is going to show just how bad a father can be. DiBiase assures Dusty that a victory at Survivor Series will be only in his dreams.

2. The Warlord and Rick Martel shared pre-tape comments during the Power & Glory match. Martel says they never lose sight and they are looking forward to Survivor Series. Thus, that’s why they were named the Visionaries.

3. Brother Love this week has Mr. Perfect and Demolition as his guests on the program. Perfect says that everyone knows that he is the greatest wrestling machine to ever enter the ring. He says that Demolition is trouble for anyone. Perfect tells Texas Tornado to think again and he is still perfect. Ax chimes and says that the Legion of Doom are theirs to handle. Crush says there will only be one Perfect Team. Smash says they will beat the Ultimate Warrior, Tornado and Legion Doom.

4. Sgt. Slaughter cut a pre-tape during Duggan’s match. Slaughter says Duggan will have his last Thanksgiving to be thankful for.

5. The Orient Express try to attack LOD before the bell but LOD is able to press slam them down to the mat. Hawk turns Tanaka inside out with a clothesline. Animal shoulder blocks Saito and Hawk casually slams Saito to the canvas. Hawk press slams Tanaka again. Behind the referee’s back, Hawk is double teamed. Saito drops Hawk with a standing spin kick. Animal drives Saito down to the mat with a powerslam. LOD signals for the Doomsday Device. Mr. Fuji calls out for Demolition and they run down to attack LOD! It’s a 5 on 2 attack! Ax breaks the cane over Animal’s back! Demolition hits the Decapitator on Animal as well! No one comes out to help LOD. (*1/4. LOD looked good here and dominated most of the match. The post-match beat down was understandable as well.)

Final Thoughts:
A standard episode of Superstars as we get closer to Survivor Series. Nothing really big going on here this week. So, I’ll just consider it an average episode.

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