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Rebooking The WWF: Week 31, 1993

On RAW, Crush is a guest on the Kings Court. Plus, IRS meets the Undertaker. On Superstars, WWF World Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner squares off against Earthquake. Lastly, Randy Savage wrestles Diesel on Wrestling Challenge!

WWF RAW 8/2/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Lex Luger defeated Kamala in 4:36 with the Torture Rack.
2. Kings Court w/Crush: Jerry Lawler conducted an interview with Crush, who has taped up ribs due to the beating he received at the last SNME. Lawler calls Crush a disgrace and a failure in trying to defeat Yokozuna after saying he would. Crush is clearly emotional as he knows he let the fans down. Lawler believes Crush is weak and pokes Crush in the ribs, which doesnÂ’t go over well with Crush. Lawler also slaps Crush in the face for failing to live up to the fans expectations. Lawler turns his back to rip on the fans saying that they boo Lawler but cheer for someone that lets them down? Lawler turns around and is met with a big boot from Crush. Crush attempts to put the Kona Vice on Lawler but one of LawlerÂ’s odd ball friends, Doink, comes down to the ring. Doink whacks Crush over the back with a crutch and works on Crush in the ribs until Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart run down to the ring to run Lawler and Doink out of the ring.
3. The Quebecers defeated Barry Horowitz/David Williams in 1:06 when Pierre pinned Williams.
4. Diesel/Tatanka Brawl: Backstage, Jim Ross was going to interview Tatanka but instead we see a brawl between Diesel and Tatanka. They tossed each other into the walls several times along with Diesel whacking Tatanka over the head with a chair. Referees and security ran over to break up the fight soon after.
5. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Rick Martel in 2:59 following a top rope moonsault. After the match, a shocked Martel tried to attack Kid but was unsuccessful as Kid escaped to the floor and was greeted by Marty Jannetty as the crowd erupted!
6. WWF SummerSlam 1993 Report: Mean Gene runs down the card, and we get a promo from WWF World Champion Bret Hart. Hart talks about being the underdog despite being the WWF World Champion and says that being the underdog makes him fight harder. He says at SummerSlam he will make Luger tap out and have him realize that Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!
7. The Undertaker defeated IRS in 5:27 following a tombstone pile driver. During the bout, DiBiase tried to interfere on his partners behalf but failed each time. Bam-Bam Bigelow also came down to ringside, but any further interference was prevented by the Smoking Gunns who came down as well.

WWF Superstars 8/7/1993
1. Razor Ramon defeated Barry Hardy in 2:13 following the Razors Edge.
2. Rick Martel Interview: Jim Ross tried to conduct an interview with a livid Rick Martel, but didn’t get a word in as Martel made it very clear that what happened on RAW was a fluke and that “some Kid” will not get away with making him look foolish. Martel demands for the Kamikaze Kid to fight him on RAW so that Martel can show the world he is not a joke!
3. Mr. Perfect defeated Bill Davidson in 2:04 following the Perfect Plex. During the bout, Ric Flair called in and said that Perfect isnÂ’t the only person looking forward to the cage match. Flair wants this to be the final match between them and says that fans will realize that Perfect is simply not an elite wrestler like himself.
4. The Smoking Gunns defeated Mike Bucci/Terry Austin in 2:44 when Billy pinned Bucci. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Money Inc. were aired. DiBiase says that they still rule the tag team division and that they will stop the Gunns right in their tracks. IRS chimes in to say that everyone ends up paying up to Money Inc.!
5. Bret Hart/Lex Luger Hype Video: A video looking at the feud between WWF World Champion and number one contender Lex Luger is aired.
6. Earthquake defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner in 5:53 following an avalanche splash. After the match, Earthquake posed with one half of the tag team championships as their partners were barred from ringside.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/8/1993
1. Yokozuna defeated Steven Scott in 1:02 following the Bonsai Drop. During the bout, Ron Simmons called in to say that at SummerSlam that he will defend AmericaÂ’s honor and stand tall over Yokozuna!
2. Ric Flair/Mr. Perfect Hype Video: A video promoting the steel cage match between Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair is aired.
3. Marty Jannetty defeated Rick Michaels in 2:47 following the Rocker Dropper.
4. Tatanka defeated Scott Williams in 2:25 following a Samoan Drop.
5. Bam-Bam Bigelow/the Undertaker Hype Video: A video promoting the match between Bigelow and Undertaker at SummerSlam is aired.
6. Diesel defeated Randy Savage by disqualification in 6:19 after Savage hit both Diesel and Michaels with a chair to prevent from being double teamed. After the match, Tatanka ran down to brawl with Diesel around ringside.

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