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Honky Tonk Man sits down for a Q&A. Paul E. Dangerously won’t let Sabu commit suicide in the ring. Arnold Skaaland may have found a man to get revenge on Bob Backlund for a recent attack. Vader should fear Hulk Hogan. The Patriot might not be able to team with Marcus Alexander Bagwell. The Undertaker visited USWA to take on Sid Vicious. All that plus many more features in this edition of Inside The Magazine! (more…)


Bryan Clark: A Mishandled Talent

Posted: October 15, 2014 by Bob Colling in Uncategorized
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At 6’6’’ and 290lbs, Bryan Clark would have seemed to have been the perfect size to have a lengthy, successful run in professional wrestling. Sure, he wrestled from 1989 to 2003, but along way Clark had many of missed opportunities. (more…)


The date is June 30th, 1995. Mabel has just won the KOTR and the WWF is promoting this show around the Diesel/Sid feud that hasn’t really caught on with fans. Quite a few top names or good workers are missing from the show too. Let’s see how this impacts the decision of Bob, Matt and Brandon when it comes to attending the show or not. (more…)