Retro Reading Vol. 6: Wrestling 84 – Fall 1984

You Decide if the NWA should ban the Road Warriors

Find out what’s going on in this magazine, Wrestling 84! Read more of this post

Inside The Magazine Volume #31: The Wrestler July 1988

Vince McMahon takes part in a Q&A. Kevin Sullivan appears to have brainwashed Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham is pissed. Can the Fantastics replace the Rock N’ Roll Express in the NWA? Bad Company could be the tag team of 1988. Has Hulk Hogan turned into a rule breaker? Is there any help out there that could save Tommy Rich from himself? All this and more inside the magazine! Read more of this post

Inside The Magazine Volume #21: Wrestle America April 1993

Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas don’t like the criticism they’ve gotten in WCW. Dustin Rhodes is bummed about Barry Windham turning on him. Does Randy Savage need a break from wrestling? Being a smaller wrestler is in instead of being a larger than life persona. Kevin Sullivan recent attacks and blood feud with Brian Lee in SMW. All this plus much more in the magazine! Read more of this post

The Lone Wolf In WCW


For most of 1992, Barry Windham fought the good fight with the likes of Sting, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and Nikita Koloff to fight off the Dangerous Alliance, who were trying to take over World Championship Wrestling throughout the year.

Once they got rid of the Dangerous Alliance, Windham began to focus on himself and only himself and if that meant breaking friendships then so be it. Barry Windham was on his way to becoming the Lone Wolf in WCW. Read more of this post

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Ten


The return of the ‘Would You Go To This Show’ series focuses on the debut for World Championship Wrestling in New York City. Recently, I purchased a PWI magazine that focused on the debut and it got my interest to dissect the card and see if I’d be interested in attending the show, some 20+ years later. Read more of this post

Bob’s Opinion On… The Dangerous Alliance

Dangerous Alliance

Now, when the Dangerous Alliance was at it’s peak I was roughly two or three years old, so I wasn’t able to experience their greatness as it happened. I have always had a great appreciation for old school WCW so when I started to watch footage of the company from late 1991 or early 1992 I was quickly interested in the faction. Read more of this post