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The fourth installment highlights Juventud Guerrera in action, Shane Douglas makes an appearance, and Christopher Daniels having a contract worthy match with Chris Candido. (more…)

The third installment for the forgotten show that was WCW Worldwide is upon us. This edition has some TNA/Impact stars before they rose to fame. Plus, Tammy Sytch in a mixed tag match. You know that’s gotta be fun, right? (more…)


The date is June 30th, 1995. Mabel has just won the KOTR and the WWF is promoting this show around the Diesel/Sid feud that hasn’t really caught on with fans. Quite a few top names or good workers are missing from the show too. Let’s see how this impacts the decision of Bob, Matt and Brandon when it comes to attending the show or not. (more…)

Yearly Review: ECW April 1993

Posted: February 1, 2013 by Bob Colling in Uncategorized
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Here is how the first month of ECW’s existence went. A drastic difference from what they would end up becoming. (more…)