Before The Camera Rolls: Volume #1

Sometimes action is just for the live TV audience and not for everyone at home.

When it comes to professional wrestling television shows, fans are often provided television content ranging from one hour to three hours. Sometimes it is good programming and other times it’s dreadfully awful. Often times, fans in attendance are given dark matches that aren’t aired on television. Sometimes the matches are just a way to get the crowd riled up for the TV product for a better presentation.

There’s also times when the dark match is used as a tryout match for potential new wrestlers joining a company. That’s exactly what this series is all about. I’ll be looking at dark matches that have been uploaded onto YouTube. There will be several editions of this, similar to my WCW Worldwide 2000 series. Lets get this started. (more…)

Ten Underrated Wrestlers

I originally made a list of ten wrestlers that I considered to be really underrated, but that grew to fifteen with five getting the honorable mention status. However, I’m sure there are countless others that I simply can’t put on the list. These guys quickly came to mind and thus, here we go. By the way, this isn’t in any specific order. (more…)