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Inside The Magazine Volume #34: PWI November 1997

What’s inside the magazine? Lets find out! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #32: PWI December 1991

The December ’91 Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine included the first ever PWI 500. I covered that part of the magazine in a separate series which can be found HERE. Lets find out what else was in the magazine! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #26: PWI June ’91

In this edition of Inside The Magazine, I look at the June 1991 Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Ric Flair has been giving bonuses out to his teammates and one man is getting quite a bit more than the rest. Hulk Hogan visits Fort Bragg. Cactus Jack is a danger to himself. Is there going to be a clash between Ron Simmons and Butch Reed? Scott Steiner sits down for Press Conference. All this and much more! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #19: The Wrestler February ’95

Honky Tonk Man sits down for a Q&A. Paul E. Dangerously won’t let Sabu commit suicide in the ring. Arnold Skaaland may have found a man to get revenge on Bob Backlund for a recent attack. Vader should fear Hulk Hogan. The Patriot might not be able to team with Marcus Alexander Bagwell. The Undertaker visited USWA to take on Sid Vicious. All that plus many more features in this edition of Inside The Magazine! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #15: PWI September ’97

The fifteenth edition of the series highlights the September ’97 Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. Lets take a look. Read more

Reliving A Feud Volume #35: Sid Vicious Vs. Hulk Hogan In WWF ’92 & WCW ’99 – ’00


In the early 1980s, Hulk Hogan was the money man for the World Wrestling Federation. Children, young adults and adults all bought into Hulkamania when Hulk Hogan defeated the hated Iron Sheik to win the WWF World Championship on January 23rd, 1984. For the next eight years, Hogan remained the top face in the company. Vince McMahon tried to phase Hogan out in 1990 by pushing the Ultimate Warrior to the WWF World Championship, but by WrestleMania VII in 1991, Hogan was back on top. Read more

A Look Back At: PWI Awards 1996


Taking a look back at the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards for the year 1996. Do you agree with who won the awards? Read more

A Look Back At: The 1993 PWI 500 Rankings


1993 marked the third installment of the PWI 500. The previous two years saw Hulk Hogan and Sting win the number one spot respectively. Hogan being a star from the 80s and Sting being a rising star for WCW since the late 80s. 1993 would see a new face of the WWF rise up the ranks to take the number one spot.

The grading period appeared to be from August 1st, 1992 to July 31st, 1993.

To view the complete list of where wrestlers landed, check that out HERE.

Now, here are the notable rankings for the year 1993. Read more

Reliving A Title Run #3: Scott Steiner As WCW World Heavyweight Champion In ’00 – ’01

On November 26th, 2000 Scott Steiner won his first and only WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Steiner had been one of WCW’s most over heels dating back to early 1999. However, that was at a time when Hogan, Flair, Nash and Bret Hart were all playing a political game. By November 2000, Hogan was gone from WCW forever, Flair wasn’t active, and Bret Hart was on the sidelined with his career ending concussion. There weren’t a lot of options for WCW. Read more

What If Sid Vicious Didn’t Fail The Evil Drug Test In ’92?

I’m going to look back and discuss some “what if” moments that would’ve changed the history of professional wrestling. Some of the “what ifs” may be rather obvious, but I hope for a few to be unexpected and create some kind of thought and interest. I hope you enjoy the series.

In August 1991, Vince McMahon signed Sid Vicious to a contract. Sid had previously competed in the NWA/WCW and was considered to be one of the future stars for that company. Sid would referee, yes, referee the main event at SummerSlam ’91 and have an alliance with Hulk Hogan. His babyface run didn’t last too long as he would develop a heel persona at the Royal Rumble in January ’92 and officially turn on Hogan at the next months Saturday Night Main Event by ditching him in a tag match against Ric Flair and the Undertaker. Read more