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Honky Tonk Man sits down for a Q&A. Paul E. Dangerously won’t let Sabu commit suicide in the ring. Arnold Skaaland may have found a man to get revenge on Bob Backlund for a recent attack. Vader should fear Hulk Hogan. The Patriot might not be able to team with Marcus Alexander Bagwell. The Undertaker visited USWA to take on Sid Vicious. All that plus many more features in this edition of Inside The Magazine! (more…)



Taking a look back at the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards for the year 1996. Do you agree with who won the awards? (more…)


At the end of 1991, a new stable of wrestlers named the Dangerous Alliance stormed into World Championship Wrestling led by Paul E. Dangerously. He recruited top wrestlers Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko to form one of the best stables in wrestling history. It wouldn’t take long before the group would hold several of the top titles in the company.

The main attraction for the show was the WCW World Championship showdown between former friends as champion Lex Luger defended against Sting. The show took place on February 29th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I did an in-depth review of the show which can be located HERE. (more…)



WCW continues to be on a roll in the war.  (more…)


Find out how wrestling fans voted for the 1993 Pro Wrestling Illustrated year end awards. Share your opinions, as well! (more…)



Another WWF star jumps ship to WCW. Austin 3:16 is born, but it doesn’t translate into the ratings… yet. (more…)


The second installment of looking back at the PWI Awards takes us to the year 1991. WWF had a lengthy battle between an Iraqi turncoat and an American Hero. A once loved superstar turned on fans to win the WCW World Championship.

How would the fans vote when it came to the Wrestler of the Year? Who was the most improved wrestler for the year? Read the results and let us know if you’d vote any differently! (more…)