NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #17 10/23/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #17
Date: 10/23/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone NWA-TNA. Tenay hypes up the Jerry Lynn/Sonny Siaki match. Also, Jeff Jarrett will face Scott Hall. Ron Killings takes on Curt Hennig in a rematch from last week for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Opening Contest: Amazing Red defeated Elix Skipper, Kid Kash, Joel Maximo, and Jose Maximo in a elimination match:
Skipper dropkicks Jose over the top to the floor. Red dropkicks Skipper and Kash over to the floor. Joel clotheslines Red as he goes to dive over the top rope. Joel takes Kash and Skipper out with a suicide dive. Red with a somersault moonsault over the top onto everyone on the floor. Kash connects with a springboard somersault moonsault onto everyone on the floor. Jose with the Gory Special on Kash and this leads to a interesting combination involving all five men. Skipper dropkicks Jose and all four men release their holds. Joel with a head scissors take down and German suplex on Skipper for a near fall. Joel with a head scissors take down on Kash. Kash dropkicks Joel in midair. Kash springs off the middle rope and connects with a hurricanrana on the floor taking Joel down. Kash leaps off the announcers table driving Joel down with a tornado DDT on the floor. In the ring Red and Jose are going at it. Jose drops Red with a sit out power bomb. Jose with a hurricanrana on Skipper for a near fall. Skipper blocks a tornado DDT attempt from Jose. Skipper with a roundhouse kick on Joel. Skipper walks the ropes and hurricanrana Joel to the mat. Kash with a top rope clothesline on Skipper for a near fall. Skipper with a gut wrench suplex on Kash. Skipper follows up with a overhead double under hook suplex for a near fall. Red with a spinning kick to the face of Skipper. Kash runs up the ropes and drives Red to the mat with a overhead slam off the top rope! Joel with a top rope clothesline on Kash. Jose with a tornado DDT on Joel for a near fall. Skipper with the Play of the Day on Jose and manages to eliminate Jose.
First Elimination: Elix Skipper pinned Jose Maximo following the Play of the Day.
Skipper takes Joel and Kash out on the floor with a cross body. Skipper with a head scissors take down on Jose as well. Joel plants Skipper with the Maximo Explosion to eliminate Skipper.
Second Elimination: Joel Maximo pinned Elix Skipper following the Maximo Explosion.
Kash plants Joel with the Money Maker to eliminate Joel.
Third Elimination: Kid Kash pinned Joel Maximo following the Money Maker.
Kash with a scoop slam and leg drop on Red early on. Red with a twisting kick to the side of Kash’s head for a near fall. Red with a spinning reverse tornado DDT off the middle rope for a near fall. Kash with a springboard moonsault on a standing Red for near fall. They trade a series of rollups countering out of each move. Kash hits the Bank Roll but Red kicks out at two. Double springboard cross body by Kash for a near fall. Red elbows Kash off the top rope and Kash crashes to the mat. Red with the Infrared off the top to pick up the win and to earn a title shot!
Fourth Elimination: Amazing Red pinned Kid Kash following the Infrared. ***


Backstage, Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler who is peeking through a door leading to the parking lot. Lawler asks if they can do the interview later. Goldylocks wonders what that was all about.

Mike Tenay and Don West go back to last week going over what happened regarding the tag team titles. A video highlighting the Hot Shots attacking Chris Harris and James Storm is shown.

Second Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated the Hot Shots to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships: Harris and Storm charge the ring and brawl with the Hot Shots both in the ring and on the floor. Harris and O’Reilly got at it while Storm brawls with Stevens. Storm whips Stevens with a strap while Harris sends O’Reilly into the guard railing. This is a wild brawl right now. Storm blocks a springboard hurricanrana from Stevens by connecting with a power bomb on the floor. Harris and O’Reilly are brawling right behind the announcers. Harris slams O’Reilly head first into the announcers table a few times. Storm and O’Reilly enter the ring as order is restored. Harris enters as well and drives O’Reilly down with a running bulldog. O’Reilly accidentally knocks Stevens off the apron. Stevens trips Harris down as O’Reilly works over Harris for a few moments. Stevens with a snap suplex on Harris for a near fall. Hot Shot with a roll through slam on Harris. Harris with several chops on O’Reilly to gain control. Stevens knocks Storm off the apron preventing Harris from making the tag. Harris with a spear on Stevens and is able to tag in Storm. Storm with a back drop on both Stevens and O’Reilly. Storm drop toe holds O’Reilly into the groin of Stevens in the corner. Harris attempts the Catatonic on O’Reilly but Stevens nails Harris with a super kick. O’Reilly covers Harris and nearly wins the match. Harris knocks Stevens off the top rope to the floor. Storm plants O’Reilly with the Eight Second Ride to pick up the win and retain the titles! **
NOTE: Mike Tenay mentions that the fans have dubbed the champions “America’s Most Wanted”.


A video hyping up the Jerry Lynn/Sonny Siaki feud over the past several weeks.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. Lynn says that his knee isn’t 100%. Lynn says that he needs to continue because he is a wrestler. Lynn mentions that wrestlers don’t get a off season. Lynn tells Goldylocks he isn’t going to be a stepping stone for the young guys in TNA. Brian Lawler appears right in front of the camera lens asking the camera guy if he has seen his girlfriend. Lawler looks slightly worried.

Third Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Sonny Siaki:
Lynn is still limping from the injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago. Lynn drags Siaki to the floor and sends Siaki head first into the ring steps. Lynn kicks Siaki over the railing into the crowd. Lynn leaps over the railing diving onto Siaki. Lynn sends Siaki over the railing back to ringside. Lynn’s knee goes out on a scoop slam attempt. Siaki drops a elbow to the right knee of Lynn. Siaki with a knee breaker and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Lynn is able to reach the bottom rope after a brief struggle. Lynn backdrops Siaki to the apron and connects with the guillotine leg drop. Siaki takes advantage of Lynn who is holding his knee and wraps Lynn’s injured knee around the ring post a couple of times. Siaki with another knee breaker and goes for another but Lynn slides off and rolls Siaki up for a near fall. Lynn with a crucifix pin attempt for a near fall. Siaki chop blocks the injured knee of Lynn to regain control of the contest. Siaki locks in a grapevine and pushes Lynn’s knee away from his body. Siaki continues to work on the knee of Lynn locking in several submissions. Siaki slams Lynn’s knee onto the canvas several times. Lynn kicks Siaki away and Siaki goes shoulder first into the ring post. Siaki stumbles back and Lynn rolls Siaki up with a bridge to win the match! **
After the match, Siaki attacks Lynn with another single leg Boston crab until officials run down. Lynn brawls with Siaki for a few moments until Siaki bails to the floor. Lynn is helped to the backstage area.

Mike Tenay says that Bob Armstrong has a major announcement for next week.

A video hyping up the Curt Hennig/Ron Killings feud over the past couple of weeks. Highlights from last weeks match were shown.


Jeremy Borash introduces Curt Hennig and BG James to cut a promo in the ring. Hennig says that he has seen guys in this business try to be like Curt Hennig. Hennig mentions one mark who tried to steal his gimmick, Diamond Dallas Page. Hennig says that Jeff Jarrett has been a Curt Hennig wannabe since day one. Hennig goes back to when Jarrett was a rookie and how he beat Jarrett up in the same building. Hennig mentions the West Texas Rednecks and how they had a hit. Hennig points out that Jeff Jarrett had a guitar and proclaimed he wanted to be a country singer which makes him a Curt Hennig wannabe. Hennig says that since he is older he needs to train a little harder. Hennig wants the camera guy to zoom into his face. Hennig says “ I am the guy who took down Brock Lesnar at thirty five feet”. Hennig challenges Jeff Jarrett to a match next week. Jeff Jarrett’s music hits. However, Jarrett doesn’t come out. Brian Lawler is seen backstage telling Jarrett for him to go out their by himself because he is waiting for his girlfriend. Jarrett walks off. BG cracks a joke about the month April being several months away. BG says that Lawler tried to “take out the trash” but he isn’t the trash. BG tells Lawler to remember the name BG James. Hennig and BG head to the back.

Scott Hall comes out which according to the announcers wasn’t on their format. Hall gets a microphone and does the “Hey Yo” phrase. Hall knows that he isn’t suppose to be out there but says he doesn’t follow the rules. Hall butchers trying to say “I am sick and tired of trying”. Hall wants Jeff Jarrett right now. Tenay acts shocked despite the fact they are to wrestle anyway. Jarrett makes his way out and the match is on.

Fourth Contest: Scott Hall defeated Jeff Jarrett: Hall with several right hands that send Jarrett bailing to the floor. They quickly re-enter the ring where Hall continues his offense with right hands and ramming Jarrett head first into the top turnbuckle. Jarrett manages to get control with several boots in the ring and right hands. Hall catches Jarrett and takes Jarrett down with a fall away slam. Jarrett walks up the entrance ramp but Hall follows him and delivers more right hands. They battle into the crowd where Hall hits Jarrett with a trash can a few times. Jarrett returns the favor with a trash can and chair shot. Tenay actually promotes this as a revenge match from all the way back in 1995. Hall with several chair shots to the back of Jarrett. Hall rams Jarrett head first into the announcers table. They get back into the ring where Hall goes for the Edge but Jarrett backdrops Hall to the floor. Hall is holding his left knee. Jarrett leaps off the apron delivering a blow to the back of Hall. Jarrett sends Hall head first into the ring post. Jarrett jabs a chair into the midsection of Scott Hall. Jarrett with several right hands in the corner. Jarrett blocks a backdrop and drives Hall down with a face buster. Jarrett jumps onto Hall as he is hovering over the middle rope. Jarrett continues his offense with a swinging neck breaker and gets a near fall. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold and Hall begins to fade. Hall struggles to his feet and blocks a hip toss attempt by driving Jarrett down with a choke slam. Jarrett gets moving first and covers Hall for a near fall. Hall with several rights but misses a right hand. Hall ducks a clothesline and Jarrett clotheslines the referee. Jarrett gets a steel chair and hits Hall over the head. Jarrett goes for the cover but Curt Hennig runs down and attacks Jarrett. The lights go out.. Ron Killings appears backstage with a microphone. Killings thinks he has given Hennig too much credit. Killings taunts Hennig. When the lights go back on Brian Lawler attacks Hennig. BG James chases Lawler to the back. Hennig blocks the Stroke for Jarrett with a low blow. Hall manages to plant Jarrett with the Edge and picks up the win. *1/4
After the match, Scott Hall and Curt Hennig taunt Jeff Jarrett and head to the backstage area.


A video hyping up the Brian Lawler/BG James feud is shown. Lawler’s attack on James last week is shown.

Fifth Contest: BG James defeated Brian Lawler:
BG runs into the ring and is controlled by Lawler early on with several right hands. Lawler misses a running axe handle and falls to the floor. BG works on Lawler with several right hands on the floor and rams Lawler groin first on the railing a few times. Lawler comes back sending BG head first into the railing a few times. Lawler grabs a microphone and asks if anyone has seen his girlfriend. Lawler hits BG with the microphone and attempts a pile driver but BG reverses with a backdrop, that looked very dangerous as BG landed on Lawler’s head. BG with a chair shot to the back of Lawler and rams Lawler head first into the announcers table. BG throws Lawler into the railing chest first. Lawler throws BG into the ring steps. Lawler tries to get a chair, but the same fan from several weeks ago refuses to give it to him. Lawler gets a different chair but BG nails Lawler over the head with it. Back in the ring, Lawler connects with a super kick and goes up top. Syxx-Pac and April appear at the top of the entrance ramp and they make out. Lawler is shocked on the top and is shoved off the top. BG covers and picks up the win. *
After the match, BG prevents Lawler from getting to the top of the ramp. Lawler is forced to watch and begins to cry. Lawler cries on the shoulder of a referee.

Video hyping up the Syxx-Pac/AJ Styles match from last week and their rematch on this show.

Before the next match, Syxx-Pac has a microphone. Pac thinks that is a disgrace when a X-Division Championship match ends in a disqualification. Pac threatens Plumtree if he gets involved.


Sixth Contest: AJ Styles defeated Syxx-Pac in a no disqualification match to win the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Styles with a go behind but Pac manages to send Styles to the floor. Pac takes Styles out with a somersault dive on the floor. Pac with a standing side kick to continue his offense in the ring. Pac also lifts Styles up and slams Styles down chest first. Pac also locks in a surfboard submission but Styles doesn’t give up. Styles with a head scissors that sends Pac to the floor. Pac blocks a baseball slide and drops Styles chest first on the railing. Pac throws Styles into the ring steps as well and lifts the ring steps up but Styles avoids them. Styles manages to lift Pac up and Pac goes groin first into the ring post. Styles leaps off the top and hits the Spiral Tap but only gets a two count. Styles drops Pac with a springboard reverse DDT moments later for another near fall. Pac avoids a dropkick and Styles crashes to the canvas. Pac with several standing side kicks. Pac blocks a hurricanrana and plants Styles with a sit down power bomb. Pac follows up the Bronco Buster and plays to the crowd. That allows Styles to power bomb Pac off the middle rope and gets a near fall. Pac bridges out of the pin and hits the X-Factor. Plumtree pulls the referee out of the ring. Pac grabs Plumtree and Styles hits Plumtree on accident. Pac takes Styles down with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Styles comes back with a German suplex for a near fall of his own. Styles with a cross body off the top but Pac rolls through to get another near fall. Styles reveres a power bomb attempt and hits the Styles Clash after Lawler hits Pac with a beer can. Styles covers Pac and picks up the win and title. **1/2
After the match, Styles and Plumtree celebrate the win. Pac raises Styles arm. Lawler re-enters and Styles gives Lawler the belt. Lawler hits Pac over the back with the belt to leave Pac laying in the ring.

Seventh Contest: Jorge Estrada defeated Ace Steel: Estrada blocks a head scissors attempt with a slam for a near fall, a few moments into the match. Estrada with a head scissors out of the corner that sends Steel head first into the middle turnbuckle. Estrada with a vertical suplex and several chops. Steel blocks a head scissors hitting a side slam. Steel with a dropkick off the middle rope to the face of Estrada as he was sitting up. Steel with a suicide dive to the floor taking Estrada out. Steel throws Priscilla down and Estrada comes back with a handspring DDT on the floor. Estrada misses a slingshot split legged moonsault. Steel with a splash off the top but doesn’t cover Estrada. Steel crotches Estrada on the top rope and connects with a superplex for a near fall. Estrada with several clotheslines and a dropkick. Estrada blocks the Twist of Pain. Steel with two Northern Lights suplexs for a near fall. Priscilla trips Steel as he comes off the ropes and Estrada covers Steel to win the match. *1/2
After the match, Mortimer Plumtree comes down and confronts Estrada and Priscilla. Steel attacks Estrada as Plumtree slams Priscilla down and pulls her hair. Plumtree is pulled away by officials.

Mike Tenay mentions that the NWA-TNA car driven by Hermie Sadler returns to racing this weekend.

Jeremy Borash introduces Syxx-Pac to apparently cut a interview. Pac limps down to the ring as he just lost his title moments ago. Pac knows that the fans have seen him to much tonight so he will get this done over as quick as he can. Pac knows the fans think he sucks, and that is fine with him. Pac puts over AJ Styles as a world class wrestler. Pac says that he was too focused on messing with Lawler’s mind by sleeping with April. Pac says that he actually digs April and she is a “fine piece of ass”. Pac tells Brian Lawler that hey can settle things right now. Pac proceeds to challenge Lawler to fight right now. The winner getting to be with April, I guess. Lawler comes out and he looks like he is going insane. Lawler is crying and tells Pac that the fight is over. Lawler doesn’t want April anymore and calls her “used and a piece of trash”. Lawler saw Pac kiss her and that she kissed him back. Lawler continues to cry. Pac tells Lawler that she did much more than that. April comes out and tells Lawler right in the microphone and says that Syxx-Pac forced her to do all the things Lawler saw. Pac says “you lying bitch”. April swears that she loves Lawler and only Lawler. Lawler runs into the ring and says he is going to kill Syxx-Pac. They brawl for a few moments until referees and security run down to break up the brawl.


Mike Tenay compares NWA-TNA to the Young the Restless while Don West says that the segment previously reminds him of Sex and the City.

Mike Tenay and Don West hype up the rest of the show, but first Don West hypes up next weeks show. West mentions some of the matches that include Brian Lawler taking on Syxx-Pac, AJ Styles defending the X-Division Championship against Amazing Red. Jeff Jarrett will face Curt Hennig and Ron Killings will compete against Scott Hall. Either one of the last matches will be for the NWA-TNA World Championship depending on who wins the main event.

Before the main event, NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ron Killings raps insulting the fans.

Main Event: Ron Killings defeated Curt Hennig to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Hennig runs down to the ring and throws his towel at Killings. Hennig with a couple of atomic drops and right hands. Hennig with a rolling neck breaker as well to control Killings. They brawl on the floor where Killings throws Hennig shoulder first into the ring post. Killings with a uppercut against the railing. Killings slams Hennig face first on the announcers table and delivers several right hands on the table. Killings attempts a leaping sidekick but Hennig avoids and Killings crotches himself on the railing. Hennig clotheslines Killings into the crowd but brings Killings back to ringside. Killings grabs the microphone cord and begins to choke Hennig! They get back into the ring where Killings continues his offense with a middle rope leg drop which gets a near fall. Killings comes off the ropes and connects with a scissors kick. Killings follows up with a fist drop off the middle rope. Hennig battles back with right hands but Killings rakes the eyes of Hennig. Killings with a go behind elevated slam on Hennig and gets a two count. Hennig stops Killings with a couple of chops in the corner. Killings with a forearm smash coming off the ropes to stop the momentum of Hennig. Killings with a cocky one foot pin but only got a two count. Hennig locks in a ankle lock and Killings reaches the ropes quickly. I should mention, a lot of people have left after the Pac/Styles match. Hennig with a backdrop and sends Killings face first into the top of the ring post. The masked man comes out and is flipped into the ring. Hennig with a running knee lift and sends the masked man at the top of the ring post. Hennig attempts to rip the mask off but Killings hits Hennig with brass knuckles behind the referees back to win the match and retain the championship. *1/2
After the match, Ron Killings leaves the ring and casually walks up the ramp. Killings holds the belt high in the air while Hennig is left laying in the ring.

Evil Knows No Bounds, Evil Never will Rest, Evil Returns.


My Take:
The opening match this week was a just a spot fest just as you would expect it to be. I like the Amazing Red as much as the next guy but I really thought that TNA were trying to catapult Elix Skipper into a bigger position within the company. To think that a few weeks ago he was aligned with Killings and Jarrett feuding with BG James and Scott Hall. So much for the experiment.

The Tag Team title match was a decent contest, but in my opinion made the Hot Shots look weak. Their offense didn’t last a good amount of time when they got it, and they just overall looked to be not in the league of Chris Harris and James Storm. It appears to me that Storm and Harris are losing any credible tag team challengers.

I would guess that the Jerry Lynn/Sonny Siaki match was suppose to prevent Siaki from looking bad as Lynn snuck out a victory. However, considering Lynn is selling a knee injury, how do you not have Siaki go over here? Siaki is one of the best parts of the show as he plays the cocky character very well. I hope Siaki and Lynn go at it again and this time Siaki beats Lynn when he is 100%. The match itself was king of a let down, considering the injury angle.

If you have seen one Jeff Jarrett/Scott Hall, then you have really seen them all. Also, I didn’t like the fact that the lights had to go out for the Killings promo on Hennig. Why the hell would that happen during the match? Didn’t make much sense to me.

As much as I may not like the Brian Lawler character, the feud with Syxx Pac is actually entertaining stand point. Having to watch Lawler fake cry, is very amusing. He does such a horrible job. However, the feud was displayed way too much on this show. Space things out over the course of the weeks. Don’t have to rush everything.

The X-Division Championship match had a very obvious outcome. Once Syxx-Pac screwed Brian Lawler over in his match, it was a given that Lawler would proceed to screw Pac over in his title match later on in the night. The fact that Lawler hit Pac with a simple beer CAN, made it seem like a weak finish. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have smashed a beer can over my head and it didn’t hurt. Average match, but I expected something better considering they didn’t have restrictions.

I am confused on what TNA is doing with Ace Steel. They made zero mention that he technically is the number one contender to the X-Division Championship considering he never got a one on one title match. Now, he is jobbing to the comedy character Jorge Estrada. Didn’t like that. I do like the idea of Plumtree’s Family type of deal. Sort of what the Heenan Family was in the WWF. That could be some good stuff.

How hard is it for Ron Killings to get a clean win? He is suppose to be the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion but he can’t beat people on his own? I get that he is a heel, but heels, at least good ones, can beat guys cleanly. I would think if a heel did that they would get even more heat. The match was very lackluster. I believe that Killings needs to work with younger guys as he comes across much better that way.

Thank you for reading.

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