NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #27 1/15/2003

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #27
Date: 1/15/2003
From: Nashville, Tennessee

A video of Jarrett telling Russo he will never align himself with him and the brawl with S.E.X is shown.

Mike Tenay had a sit down interview with Vince Russo earlier in the day. Tenay asks Russo what his job entitles as a wrestling writer. Russo says he has as many eyes on the product as many they can get. Russo knows that the ratings reflect back to him and tells Tenay that people aren’t going to watch two hour matches. Tenay asks Russo if he feels guilty about the demise of WCW. Russo mentions that he only wrote television for nine months. “If I did it, then it deserved to go out of business”. Tenay mentions the great talent in WCW, mainly Goldberg and Kevin Nash. Tenay puts over the cruiserweights and how Russo built that division around Ed Ferrera, Madusa and Evan Karagias. Russo says that the people want entertainment. Tenay talks about the David Arquette WCW title win. Russo says that was all about publicity as they got in the USA Today paper. Tenay mentions that WCW’s rating hit its lowest in four and a half years. Russo doesn’t believe Tenay because he doesn’t have them in front of him. Russo tells Tenay that no one was watching the show, before S.E.X came in. Tenay mentions the November 20 show and how Russo ruined the match between Jarrett/Killings. Russo doesn’t think people care about the promos by Jarrett. Russo wants his boys to make a money in this business, but that will not happen if Tenay and others were in charge. Russo walks off the set.

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the show, but are quickly cut off by Vince Russo’s music.

Vince Russo and all of his S.E.X stable mates are in the ring. Russo literally has a “soap box” just for Mike Tenay. Russo says this whole situation is between himself and Jeff Jarrett and no one else. Russo makes sure to say they are not the New World Order or “street thugs”. Rather, they are here to entertain the morons (fans). Russo gives everyone the chance to join them or forever be against them. Percy Pringle comes out and says he is ready to talk. Pringle believes he is the only one who knows the real Vince Russo as he has known Russo the longest of anyone. Pringle mentions a story about Russo begging for a job and sneaking into the business. Pringle has been apart of the best entertainment in this business, he says. Pringle thinks that Russo may be right and that the wrestling he knows very well could be dead. Pringle wants to shake Russo’s hand, and Russo believes Pringle wants to be apart of the “family”. Russo says Pringle is no different than Jeff Jarrett and the Undertaker as they kicked him out the door. Russo calls Pringle a “fat piece of shit” and Pringle is beaten down by SEX. BG James breaks the soap box over the head of Pringle and Pringle has been busted wide open. Jorge Estrada runs down and us beaten down as well. They get a table and place Estrada on it. Triple X drive Estrada through the table with a triple team power bomb. Jarrett and security run down with Jarrett having a chair. SEX proceed to bail from the ring because of one person. Pringle is helped to the backstage area.


Mike Tenay says that Amazing Red will not be able to be here and that Estrada was going to take Red’s place in the X-title match. Don West goes over what will be taking place on the show.

Opening Contest: America’s Most Wanted defeated Divine Storm to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Divine Storm attack AMW before the bell but AMW recover quickly. Quiet Storm is back dropped over the top to the floor onto Divine. James Storm is back dropped by his own partner onto both members of Divine Storm. Harris with several stomps on Quiet Storm before tagging in James Storm who hit’s a missile dropkick on Quiet Storm. AMW knock Divine off the apron and nail Quiet Storm with a double running clothesline for a near fall. Trinity distracts James which allows Quiet to deliver a clothesline and Divine enters taking James down with a snap suplex for a near fall. Divine with a running uppercut on Storm for a two count. James is sent to the floor where Trinity leaps off the apron taking James down with a head scissors take down. Quiet with a tornado DDT on James and gets a two count. Quiet misses a senton back splash off the middle rope. Both men make tags with Chris Harris taking out the challengers with clotheslines and a back suplex. Harris with a front power slam on Divine for a two count. AMW set Quiet up for the Death Sentence but Trinity low blows Storm, but Storm manages to kick out at two on the pin attempt. Quiet takes AMW out with a somersault dive off the top rope to the floor. Divine takes AMW out with a somersault dive as well. Trinity takes AMW and Divine out with a moonsault off the top rope to the floor. Quiet drives James down with a middle rope ace crusher for a two count. Divine is back dropped to the floor by James. James sets Quiet up for the Death Sentence and AMW connect! Storm covers and gets the three count. **1/4

A video highlighting the recent actions of AJ Styles is shown.

AJ Styles comes down to the ring and has a microphone. Styles says he is not with Mortimer Plumtree and that he is not with S.E.X. He says he is his own man and that he does whatever he wants when he wants to do it. He wants to be the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Ron Killings cuts him off. Killings thinks that Styles has lost his mind. Killings doesn’t think Styles gets a title shot until Killings gets one or until Styles beats him, which leads to a match.


Second Contest: AJ Styles defeated Ron Killings: Killings with several arm drags and dropkicks Styles to the floor. Killings with a sunset flip pin off the apron but Styles kicks out. Styles dropkicks Killings in the groin and connects with a kip up hurricanrana. Styles with several forearm shots and a dropkick which gets him a two count. Killings with a reverse Stroke on Styles but Styles kicks out at two. Styles with a standing spin kick and gets a near fall. Styles with a headlock for a few moments. Killings battles out but is yanked down by Styles. Scoop slam by Styles and follows up with a standing swanton bomb. Styles with a delayed vertical suplex driving Killings down to the mat and gets a near fall. Styles rakes Killings eyes in the corner to regain control of the match. Styles with several blows to the midsection and chops in the corner. Styles with a running clothesline in the corner that drops Killings to the mat. Styles misses a dropkick attempt and is rolled up by Killings but he only gets a two count. Styles with a clothesline that spins Killings around. Styles with a Indian death lock in the middle of the ring. Killings breaks the hold and delivers a head butt to the groin of Styles for a two count. Killings runs into a big boot but avoids a discus clothesline by driving Styles down with a spinning it out slam! Killings with a right hand and a spinning forearm shot for a two count. Styles stops Killings on the top rope and attempts a superplex but Killings stops Styles and hit’s a top rope sit out front slam! Mortimer Plumtree comes down to the ring which allows David Flair to come in and hit Killings with a bag. Styles covers Killings and kicks up the win. **

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett and the Road Warriors. Jarrett tells Styles that he worked a lot of years before working with World Champions. Jarrett looks at Styles as “a little punk”. Jarrett puts over Styles but says that Styles is far away from being a World Champion. Jarrett puts over the Road Warriors. Animal has Jarrett’s back no matter what and calls Styles a chicken, a punk and a baby for attacking them from behind. Hawk chimes in and says that S.E.X is going to be eliminated. Hawk finishes it off by doing his usual “what a rush” line.

AJ Styles has a microphone and wants Mike Tenay to use his stroke to get his title shot. Styles says he isn’t going to leave until he gets a title shot. Styles grabs a chair and sits in the middle of the ring. Styles says they can wrestle around him for all he cares. Larry Zbyszko arrives at the top of the entrance ramp. Larry is proud to be in NWA-TNA because it stands for tradition. Larry says that Styles is a fool. Larry says he wants to cut his wrists after listening to Vince Russo for fifteen minutes. Larry rips on Vince Russo calling him a cancerous cell that kills everything it touches. Larry tells Styles if he sells his soul he will never “make the grade”. Larry says that Styles only has a image and that if he loses that he will not survive in the business. There is a sign right behind Zbyszko that reads “The Non-Stop Action as officially STOPPED”. Larry asks Styles if he is going sell out to Vince Russo. Styles denies that he is with Russo. Larry wants Styles to go search for his soul. Larry says their isn’t a old school or new school but rather just the old school of hard knocks. Styles thinks that if he beats Zbyszko he will get a title shot. Styles slaps Zbyszko and security runs down before anything happens.

A video highlighting Desire telling Goldylocks to stay from her men a couple of weeks ago. Desire attack on Goldylocks is highlighted as well Athena attack on Desire.


Third Contest: Desire defeated April Hunter: Desire attacks Hunter before the bell with boots and right hands. Desire sends Hunter to the floor where Athena protects Hunter from Siaki attacking Hunter. They trade chops in the ring until Hunter takes Desire down with a head scissors and a side slam for a near fall. Desire dropkicks Hunter from behind and delivers several boots. Desire with a step up kick to the head but only gets a two count. Hunter with a back elbow and a clothesline followed by a snap suplex for a near fall. Hunter with a scoop slam and goes to the top rope. Siaki trips Hunter up and Desire tries to spring to the top rope but botches that. Desire with a top rope hurricanrana and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, Athena enters the ring and has a cat fight with Desire. Desire rips Athena’s shirt off and goes to take off her pants but Athena blocks that several times. Seems like Athena is really blocking Desire’s attempt to rip her pants off. Desire gives up on the attempt.

Backstage, Goldylocks sees a masked wrestler arrive to the building. Apparently it is Mr. Wrestling IV.

Mike Tenay and Don West wonder who the hell Mr. Wrestling IV could be.

A video highlighting the debut of Mike Sanders attacking Killings and Lynn last week.

Mike Sanders has a microphone and says that it seems like the fans still love him. Sanders is here for one reason and that is to support everything Vince Russo stands for. Without Russo their wouldn’t be a Mike Sanders. Sanders says that he job is going to be scouting talent for Russo to join S.E.X. Sanders knows that Russo doesn’t have a problem with tradition but rather the legends in the back. Sanders says there is a difference in philosophy. Sanders says that someone is going to end up S.O.L. Jerry Lynn comes out and says this is about tradition. Lynn says there is a difference between them and that is Sanders talks to much, basically.


Fourth Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Mike Sanders: Lynn works on Sanders with several right hand and boots. Lynn with a bulldog off the middle rope for a early near fall. Sanders with a knee to the gut but is sent to the floor by Lynn. Lynn with a baseball slide sending Sanders to the guard railing. Lynn rams Sanders into the guard railing head first. Lynn with a leg drop and a sling shot splash back into the ring for a near fall. Lynn works on Sanders and Don Harris distracts Lynn as he walks up the steps. Sanders drops Lynn across the top rope. Sanders with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Sanders chokes Lynn on the middle rope and plays to the crowd. Lynn rolls Sanders up as Sanders attempted a knee to the gut and gets a couple of two counts. Sanders with a pump handle suplex and Lynn lands on his elbow. Sanders gets a couple of two counts on a few pin attempts. Sanders with a kick to the chest of Lynn and a knee drop coming off the ropes. Sanders with a headlock for a few moments until Lynn battles out of the move. Sanders yanks Lynn down by the hair and misses a springboard moonsault. They trade a series of right hands with Lynn getting the advantage with several running elbows and a clothesline for a near fall. Lynn goes up top and connects with a cross body but Don Harris yanks the referee out of the ring as Lynn goes for the cover. Lynn with a tornado DDT on Sanders but their isn’t a referee. Sanders low blows Lynn and drives Lynn down with a arm trapped neck breaker and gets a two count as another referee comes down. Lynn with a sunset flip power bomb off the middle rope and gets a two count because Don Harris yanks the referee out. Dusty Rhodes comes down and brawls with Don Harris. In the ring, Lynn plants Sanders with the TKO to win the match.
After the match, Dusty Rhodes embraces Jerry Lynn. The crowd chants for Dusty as Dusty has a microphone. Rhodes wants to know if he is “crossed” with Vince Russo. Rhodes talks about looking at the marquee several years ago that read pro wrestling at 8pm and not a “midget jerking off in a trash can”. Rhodes says we can’t lose tradition. Rhodes knew that wrestling was real after looking at the NWA championship in his bag several years ago. Rhodes says that the boys have a chance to step up. BG James has come out to observe what Dusty is saying. Rhodes talks about Ricky Steamboat and Jeff Jarrett. Rhodes asks if the fans want to choose between those two guys or a midget. Rhodes repeats that the boys in the back have the chance to step up and that the choice is theirs. Rhodes says that he needs to make Russo’s night a living nightmare. Russo proceeds to come down to ringside and standing on the announcers table. Russo tells Rhodes that he never thanked him for making Dustin Rhodes a star. Russo admits that he got goose bumps last week because he idolize Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. Russo wanted to do two things, which were to shave Flair’s head which he did and that is to knock the birth mark off of Rhode’s gut. Rhodes wants Russo to enter the ring. Russo makes Rhodes an offer where he says that they should get involved in the six man tag later and make it a eight man tag team match. Rhodes says he will go talk to Bob Armstrong. Russo says that if S.E.X win that all the titles are on the line next week and that he gets to choose the challengers for the belts. Russo tells Rhodes to “ be aware, be very aware”.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over the announcement of the now eight man tag team match.

Fifth Contest: David Young defeated Jason Cross:
Young takes Cross down with a go behind but Cross manages to get a hammerlock on Young. Cross with hurricanrana and a spinning leg lariat that sends Young to the floor. Cross with a corkscrew dive onto Young on the floor. Cross attempts a tornado DDT on the floor but Young reverses by connecting with a northern lights suplex driving Cross back first on the apron. Young with a hard clothesline on Cross and gets a two count. After several reversals Cross drives Young down with a reverse roll of the dice for a near fall. Cross with a standing somersault leg drop on Young for another two count. Young drives Cross down with a swinging front side slam for a two count. Young misses a diving attack in the corner. Bob Armstrong makes his way down to the announcers table during he match. Cross is up top and connects with a swanton bomb and gets a near fall. Cross goes up top again but Young crotches Cross on the top rope. Cross manages to fight off and drives Young down with a twisting neck breaker. Cross goes up top and misses the Crossfire. Young plants Cross with the spine buster to pick up the win. *
After the match, BG James is confronting Bob Armstrong until Scott Armstrong breaks them. Wait a second, KONNAN has entered the ring with a kendo stick and is canning both Young and Cross. Konnan is escorted out of the ring by local promoter and police.


Sixth Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Kid Kash to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Kid Kash has Trinity by his side to counter Desire. Siaki and Desire brawl with Kash and Trinity. Kash and Trinity dropkick both Siaki and Desire to the floor. Kash with a series of arm drags that cause Siaki to bail to the floor. Siaki blocks a baseball slide and drives Kash onto the guard railing. Siaki twists and sends Kash into the guard railing. Kash sends Siaki into the guard railing and throws a chair into the face of Siaki. Kash with a top rope leg drop on Siaki and gets a two count. Siaki comes back with a overhead belly to belly suplex sending Kash into the corner and gets a two count. Kash with a springboard moonsault and gets a near fall. Kash drops Siaki across the knee and gets a near fall once again. Siaki with a pump handle into a sit down tombstone and gets a near fall. Kash with a double springboard hurricanrana and a tornado DDT but Desire yanks Kash out on the pin attempt. Desire trips Kash as he comes off the ropes and Siaki drives Kash down with the Siakalypse for the win.
After the match, Trinity and Desire brawl with Trinity driving Desire down with a tornado DDT out of the corner.

Mike Tenay and Don West talk about next weeks show. Tenay says we will hear from Roddy Piper LIVE…by video. Don West tells us the matches that are scheduled for next week.

Before the main event, Russo is announced as a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and has a hockey helmet on. Rhodes also lets Russo know that this isn’t a “hockey thing”.

Main Event: Low Ki/Christopher Daniels/Elix Skipper/Vince Russo defeated Dusty Rhodes/Jeff Jarrett/Road Warriors:
Daniels and Jarrett start the match off. Daniels attacks Jarrett and connects with a spinning leg lariat. Jarrett with a shoulder block and a short arm clothesline. Jarrett lifts Daniels up with a back drop and drives Daniels down to the mat. Daniels tags out to Ki as he gets met with a few shots from his opponents. Animal tags in and shoves Ki to the mat. Ki with a kick to the knee of Animal and a front face lock but Animal powers out by driving Ki to the mat. Animal misses a dive in the corner but catches Ki’s hurricanrana attempt and connects with a sit down power bomb. Skipper enters and delivers a running knee to the head of Animal. Skipper legally tags in and holds Animal to allow Ki to dropkick Animal right in the face. They attempt a double team suplex but Animal manages to take both men down with a suplex. Hawk tags in and drops down onto the arm of Skipper. Skipper with a knee to the midsection of Hawk but runs into a big boot. Hawk with a dropkick and gets a near fall. Skipper with a standing sidekick, but Hawk pretty much no sells that. Hawk with a clothesline and a gut wrench slam. Jarrett enters and Skipper clubs away on Jarrett. Skipper with a drop toe hold and allows Russo to get a cheap shot on Jarrett. Jarrett comes back leaping onto the back of Skipper as he was on the middle rope. Jarrett goes after Russo but is attacked by Daniels on the floor. Daniels sends Jarrett into the guard railing and Russo chokes Jarrett with a towel. Front suplex by Daniels and Skipper on Jarrett and Daniels gets a two count. Daniels with several boots on Jarrett in the corner and drives his knee into the midsection of Jarrett. Russo continues to choke Jarrett with the towel. Ki with a few face washes as does Skipper. Ki with a front face lock on Jarrett to maintain control of the match. Jarrett makes the tag but the referee didn’t see the tag as he was distracted. Jarrett is continued to be tripled teamed for several moments. Jarrett attempts a dropkick but Skipper avoids and Jarrett crashes to the mat. Daniels enters and works on Jarrett with several clubbing blows to the back of Jarrett. Jarrett has a inside cradle but the Road Warriors are in the ring distracting the referee on accident. Ki with a nice springboard kick to the face of Jarrett who was elevated by Daniels and they get a near fall. Jarrett attempts a double axe handle but Daniels blocks. Jarrett attempts the Stroke but Daniels battles out and they take each other down with attempted clotheslines. Jarrett makes his way to his corner and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes with several biotic elbows on everyone, aside from Russo. Hawk clotheslines Ki to the floor as order is lost in the match. Russo distracts Rhodes by taking of his coat as if he was going to enter the ring. Mr. Wrestling IV slides into the ring and hits Rhodes with a chain. Skipper covers Rhodes and picks up the win. **½
After the match, Mr. Wrestling IV takes of his mask and it is…. NIKITA KOLOFF!


End of show

My Take: I find it funny that Russo tries to disregard how bad the ratings where in WCW when he wrote their programs. What would he say when he was given the numbers? Blame someone else other than himself? He really needs to own up and admit that he wrote rather poor television for WCW back in 2000.

Anyway, the opening segment of the show with S.E.X and Percy Pringle was rather entertaining. I don’t know, something about Pringle getting busted open is entertaining to me. However, I do not like that S.E.X got ran off by Jeff Jarrett. ONE guy managed to cause at least EIGHT guys out of the ring. Sure, he had a steel chair but the numbers game would have caught up with him just as it did several weeks ago.

The tag team title match was actually a solid contest. Divine Storm had their best match in the company thus far with AMW. I don’t see Divine Storm sticking around, though. More on that a little later in this part of the recap.

I support a push of AJ Styles and his win over Ron Killings may not be seen as a big deal, but it actually is. Killings being a former World Champion really makes Styles look like he could hang with that division. Besides, Styles is rather young and obviously a gifted athlete. I think he would greatly help out the World Championship scene.

The segment with Styles and Zbyszko was good and made Styles look like a great heel. However, if there is going to be a Styles/Zbyszko match that is going to be one horrible match. Their styles just do not match and I don’t see Zbyszko taking the spots that Styles does during his matches.

Mike Tenay said that Dusty Rhodes trained Desire. Well, if that is the case then Dusty Rhodes is a horrible trainer, at least for women. Desire/Hunter was a horrible match and it was because Desire seemingly didn’t know how to take a bump. It also didn’t help that her pants kept on falling down so I would think her mobility was a issue as well.

For as good as a talker Mike Sanders is, he is as bad of a wrestler in my opinion. Sanders just doesn’t offer much in the ring, and he never has. Lynn going over was the right call here. Sanders needs to be a mouthpiece for S.E.X and not a in-ring wrestler.

Dusty Rhodes promo was very repetitive and it seemed like he was just killing time until Russo came down to the ringside area. Why Russo continues to book himself in matches is beyond me. Someone else should have been in his place as a younger worker would benefit from working with the champion and three legends.

David Young/Jason Cross was really just a filler match. Siaki/Kash was a decent match considering it only went about five minutes. Siaki did seem kind of sluggish in my opinion. Kash looked good as usual. Konnan making his return during the Young/Cross match is interesting, but I hope Konnan isn’t involved in the X-Division because he really doesn’t fit in with that style, at all.

The main event was okay as it did have some good moments. Having Triple X work with top tier talent/names will really help them get over in the fans eyes, I would think. Luckily, Russo didn’t get involved in the match, legally. That makes me wonder why even put yourself in the match to begin with. Another surprise with Nikita Koloff coming into TNA by screwing over Rhodes. I don’t know what to think of it, as I am pretty sure Koloff no longer wrestles at this point. Skipper getting the pin, even though by cheating, could lead to big things for him if TNA pushes him.

Next week, TNA presents night of champions where all the belts are on the line (like almost every week anyway). Russo gets to choose the challengers for the matches. Who knows what will happen next.

Thanks for reading.

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