NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #31 2/12/2003

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #31
From: Nashville, Tennessee

The show starts with a ten bell salute to the recently passed away Curt Hennig. A chair is set up in the ring with a picture of Hennig.

A video of Jeff Jarrett getting whipped by S.E.X. is shown. Jarrett was beaten up after the show went off the air. S.E.X. tied Jarrett up and was whipped with a belt from Russo and other members of the group. Jarrett has a lot of welts on his back as we get a close up of them.

NWA-TNA opening video

Mike Tenay is standing in the ring to start the show. Tenay says that Bob Armstrong as asked for a “leave of absence”. Tenay says that they have gone looking for a replacement and they have found one. Tenay hypes up the replacement as the “brains behind the Four Horsemen”. JJ Dillon is the replacement. Dillon comes out but is cut off by Vince Russo and S.E.X. Russo enters the ring before Dillon can even get down to the ring. Russo says that he came out here to give a update on his friend Jeff Jarrett. Russo, however, can not believe that Dillon has the nerve to come to the arena. Russo mentions that Dillon tried to get him fired from WCW. Russo says that he was most likely the biggest Four Horsemen fan. Russo rips Dillon saying that his head was far up McMahon’s ass and was fired when McMahon deemed him worthless. Russo also says that Dillon brought nothing to the table in WCW. Russo goes over the fact that WCW hired him to bring the company back. Russo claims that he was “well on our way” for WCW to comeback to the top. Russo says that Dillon went behind his back and got Kevin Sullivan who managed to get Russo out of the company. Russo tells Dillon that he took food off the table for his children. Tenay is now standing with Dillon on the entrance ramp. Dillon reminds Russo that Dillon decided to leave the WWF and went to McMahon in person and gave him his resignation papers. Dillon mentions that Russo did his by calling long distance on the night before a major television show. Dillon is rambling and compares WCW to the Titanic. Russo is literally laying down in the ring. Dillon reminds Russo that Russo called him to get a job in WCW. Dillon says that it was a mistake. The Harris Brothers come towards Dillon with ropes but they are attacked by the debuting… Sandman! Sandman hit’s the Harris Brothers with a kendo stick and they bail. Sandman hits himself with a beer can and plays to the crowd.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over what just happened. West wonders what Raven will think about Sandman being in TNA. Tenay says that Jeff Jarrett is not scheduled to be here tonight.

A video going over the history of the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships. The double pin finish from last week is shown.


Opening Contest: America’s Most Wanted defeated Rock n Roll Express in a NWA-TNA World Tag Team Title Tournament match: Harris and Morton start the match. Harris takes Morton down with a shoulder block but is stopped with a eye rake. Harris comes back with a hip toss and a clothesline. Harris also knocks Gibson of the apron. Gibson pulls down the ropes and Harris falls to the floor where Gibson sends Harris into the ring steps head first. Morton with a drop toe hold and Gibson drops a knee to the neck of Harris. Gibson scoop slams Harris down and delivers a running clothesline in the corner. Morton re-enters and drives Harris down with a running ace crusher but only gets a two count. Harris tags in Storm, but the referee didn’t see the tag. Morton with a double axe handle on Harris but only gets a two count. Morton and Harris collide in the ring and both try to tag in their partners. Storm and Gibson get the tags with Storm cleaning house with right hands. Storm delivers a kick to the side of Morton’s head and hit’s the Swinging Noose but Gibson breaks up for the count. Morton covers but only gets a two count. Gibson is sent to the floor and Morton is take down with a double dropkick. Harris drives Morton down with the Hennig Plex and pins Morton.
After the match, Low Ki runs into the ring and hits AMW with a tag team title belt.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Vince Russo. Goldylocks asks Russo who he is waiting for. Russo tells Goldylocks that it doesn’t matter. Raven arrives and Russo tells him that Sandman is here. Sandman runs over and chases Raven with the kendo stick. Raven runs into the S.E.X. locker room avoiding Sandman. Raven looked worried about Sandman being here.

Second Contest: Harris Brothers defeated The New Church in a NWA-TNA World Tag Team Title Tournament match:
All four men brawl around ringside to start the match. Lee plants Ron with a DDT and follows up with several elbow drops. Slash tags in but doesn’t get any offense in as Ron delivers a knee and tags in Don who delivers right hands in the corner. Slash manages to battle back with right hands and dropkicks Don in the corner and follows up with several stomps in the corner. Slash comes off the ropes and delivers a dropkick to a seated Don. Slash is pulled out of the ring and is taken out with a running big boot from Don sending a chair into Slash’s face. Ron with a suplex on Slash gets a near fall. Lee clotheslines Don down from the apron but Ron enters and sends Slash to the floor where he delivers a chair shot to the back. Slash avoids a splash in the corner and dropkicks Ron down. Slash makes his way to his corner and tags in Lee. Lee cleans house with a few big boots. Slash with a reverse neck breaker on Ron. Lee goes up top but leaps off to knock Low Ki off the apron. This allows the Harris Brothers to connect with the H-Bomb on Lee to pick up the win. *

A video package going over the recent history between Sonny Siaki and Kid Kash.

Wait a second, before the next match Jeremy Borash introduces the company as “Total Non-Stop ENTERTAINMENT”. It took them all of nine months to get rid of wrestling from the name.


Third Contest: Kid Kash defeated Sonny Siaki to win the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Mat wrestling early on with Siaki taking Kash down with a hammerlock and a hip toss. Kash and Siaki trade a few arm drags and have a stand still. Siaki with a poke to Kash’s eyes but Kash locks in a wrist lock. Siaki takes Kash down with a short arm clothesline. Siaki with a fall away slam and gets a two count. Kash misses a spear and falls through the middle rope to the floor. Siaki delivers a right hand on the floor but Kash sends Siaki into the ring steps and attempts to throw a chair into the face of Siaki but misses, however, he gets it back and hits Siaki. Desire comes over and sends Trinity into the guard railing. Kash covers Siaki back in the ring and gets a near fall. Desire trips Kash up nothing happens. Kash goes to the floor to get his hands on Siaki but Desire leaps on his back choking him. Kash slams her down and turns around to be met with a chair shot to the face from Siaki. Siaki sends Kash into the guard railing and pours beer over the head of Kash. Siaki covers Kash in the ring and gets a two count. Kash with a spinning leg lariat to stop Siaki’s momentum. Kash attempts a springboard dropkick but Desire yanks Kash down and Kash is sent face first into the apron. Siaki rams Kash head first into the guard railing. Siaki covers Kash back in the ring but can’t get the three count. Kash with a series of pin attempts but Siaki kicks out. Siaki with a t-bone suplex on Kash and gets a near fall. Kash with a double springboard hurricanrana and a tornado DDT but Siaki kicks out. Trinity and Desire enter the ring and begin to go at it. Trinity dropkicks Desire but Desire manages to crotch Kash on the top rope. Siaki clotheslines Trinity to the floor. Kash blocks a superplex and botches a moonsault off the top to win the title. **
After the match, Trinity re-enters the ring and celebrates the win with Kash.

Mike Tenay talk about the big win for Kid Kash and the NWA. Tenay introduces a new segment called “the Interrogators”. Where, Tenay and West ask the “hard hitting” questions to TNA talent.

Ron Killings is the first guest for the segment. Here are the questions:
1. Favorite match of your career?: All of them.
2. Eminem or Snoop Dogg?: Eminem
3. Favorite tag team partner?: BG James
4. Desire or Trinity?: Trinity (with a smile)
5. Favorite finishing move?: Hat Rack Crack (I don’t know, couldn’t understand what he said)
6. Ron or Don Harris?: Both of them.

Word Associations:

Vince McMahon: Asshole
Jesse Jackson: “Can we all just get along?”
BG James: Traitor
Michael Jackson: King of Pop
Jeff Jarrett: Crazy as hell
True of False? White Men Can’t Jump?: “That is true, I have seen that before”
You approached Vince Russo to join S.E.X?: Killings gets up and curses at Tenay and leaves the interview. Saying “I told you about that Tenay..”

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Mike Sanders and Glenn Gilbertti. Sanders hopes Goldylocks has some hidden talents because she isn’t cutting it from the outside. Gilbertti insults Goldylocks by saying she will be around for a bitch stable. Gilbertti discusses some rather horrible gimmick ideas. BG James comes into and asks them if they saw him get embarrassed by a one legged gang. BG James recruits them to team up with him in a six man tag team match.

Fourth Contest: Ron Killings/Tenacious Z/Jorge Estrada defeated Mike Sanders/Glen Gilbertti/BG James:
Estrada is no longer sporting the Elvis look. A rather poor brawl by all six men to start the match. BG James and Ron Killings officially start the match. BG works on Killings in the corner. Killings with a scissors kick to control BG after ducking a clothesline. Spinning leg lariat by Killings on Sanders. Estrada enters and drive Sanders down with a double hip toss getting a two count. Sanders takes Estrada down with a spinning heel kick. Gilbertti works on Estrada with a series of boots in the corner. Estrada with a springboard cross body and a standing shooting star press. Estrada avoids the Last Dance and nails Gilbertti with a super kick. Estrada goes up top and leaps off missing a frog splash. Gilbertti with a DDT and tags in Sanders. Gilbertti with a face breaker and Sanders connects with a neck breaker on Estrada. Sanders with a snap suplex on Estrada but only gets a two count. BG enters and delivers a kick to the chest of Estrada. BG with a knee drop to the forehead of Estrada. Gilbertti enters and knocks Estrada down. Gilbertti misses a elbow drop and Estrada tags in Z. Z with a springboard dropkick on Gilbertti and dropkicks both BG and Sanders. BG prevents Z from delivering another springboard dropkick and drives Z down to the floor. Gilbertti tags in BG who controls Z with a few right hands. BG with a big boot on Z and gets a two count. BG kicks the knee of Z and proceeds to mock Z. BG chop blocks the knee of Z as well. Scott Armstrong comes down and distracts BG. Killings snaps BG across the top rope. Z takes BG out with a moonsault off the top and both men are down. Sanders and Killings get the tags and Killings cleans house with series of right hands. Killings back drops Sanders down as Z and James brawl on the floor. Estrada takes James and Gilbertti out with a cross body on the floor. Killings hit’s the Truth or Consequences on Sanders and picks up the win.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Raven. Well, they didn’t realize the camera was going so someone told them to “GO!”. Goldylocks asks Raven if he knew Sandman would be taking Sandman tonight. Raven doesn’t get what is going on. Raven talks about Sandman’s wife being separated from Sandman and it wasn’t his fault his son left him. Raven sees a car show up and wonders who it is. AJ Styles jumps out of the car and attacks Raven until security runs over and stops the beating. Goldylocks sees that the Rock n Roll Express have been beaten up as well with hoods over their heads.


Mike Tenay sat down with David Flair earlier in the day. Tenay talks about Arn Anderson and David Flair says that Anderson is a big part of his life. Flair mentions that Russo gave him his first shot in the business. Flair says that he has progressed thanks to Vince Russo in TNA. Stacy Keibler is mentioned and he says “I don’t know which head was working, if you catch me drift” Ric Flair is brought up and asks Tenay what he wants to know about Ric Flair. David Flair does the sob story about Ric Flair not being their for him when he was younger. Tenay asks David how it was to grow up in the shadow of his father, which David said it was tough. Tenay asks David what drove him into the business or wrestling, but, David doesn’t really answer. David wants to be the NWA World Champion someday. David mentions that he is young, only being 23 years old. Tenay asks about burlap sack which David says “you’ll know when I want you to know”.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with the returning Steve Corino! Corino tells Low Ki to look into his eyes and says he always thought they were cool, but he was wrong. Corino says that Ki has disrespected the sport. Corino says that all the legends of the NWA are on his back. Corino is going to beat some respect into Ki. Corino is here to destroy the S.E.X. stable.

Fifth Contest: Steve Corino defeated Low Ki by DQ: Ki backs Corino into the corner but Corino delivers several right hands to Ki in the corner. Ki pokes Corino in the eyes but Corino still comes back with right hands. Ki takes Corino out with a wheel barrow kick to regain the control. Ki with a face wash and chokes Corino on the middle rope. Ki chops Corino in the corner several times. Corino sends Ki to the floor and begins to deliver several shots to the chest and face of Ki. Ki comes back with a kick and several chops of his own. Ki avoids a dropkick and drops a elbow for a near fall. Ki with a snap suplex for a near fall. Ki with a uppercut and chokes Corino in the corner. Ki with a kick to the back of Corino and chops away on Corino in the corner. Ki with several kicks to the chest of Corino. Corino comes back with more rights and kicks. Corino with a spinning forearm smash to gain control. Corino takes Ki down with a release overhead suplex and follows up with a spinning heel kick. Ki springs back into the ring and locks in the dragon sleeper but Corino backs Ki into the corner. Corino nails Ki with a super kick and gets a near fall. Ki with a crucifix submission but Corino counters with a neck breaker and covers but Ki kicks out. Ki gouges the referee in the eyes to cause the disqualification.
After the match, Corino clotheslines Ki over the top and brawls with Ki up the ramp. AMW run down and chase Ki through the crowd, Ki manages to escape. Ki is also chased by the New Church but Ki still manages to escape. AMW and New Church just stare at each other.

Backstage, Goldylocks is standing with Jerry Lynn. Lynn wants to put Vince Russo over. Lynn says that Russo has made Lynn lose focus. Lynn talks about the series of great matches he had with AJ Styles earlier in TNA’s existence. Lynn realizes what he has to do to get back at Vince Russo. That is he needs to re-establish the X-Division and will do so by winning the gauntlet match to become the number one contender to the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship.


Sixth Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Shark Boy/SAT’s/Jimmy Rave/Tony Mamaluke/David Young/Paul London in a elimination match:
First Elimination: Shark Boy pinned Jose Maximo following the Dead Sea Drop.
Second Elimination:
Shark Boy pinned Joel Maximo following the Dead Sea Drop.
Third Elimination: Jimmy Rave pinned Shark Boy following a Northern Lights Bomb.
Fourth Elimination: Tony Mamaluke pinned Jimmy Rave following a release side suplex.
Fifth Elimination: David Young pinned Tony Mamaluke following a spine buster.
Sixth Elimination: Jerry Lynn made David Young submit to a STF.
Seventh Elimination: Jerry Lynn pinned Paul London following the cradle pile driver. **¾
After the match, everyone involved in the contest are in the ring and they show each other all respect for the contest.

Konnan comes down with a microphone and asks Jerry Lynn what is popping. Konnan calls Jerry Lynn “Mr. JL” which he was called in WCW in 1995. Konnan tells Lynn he doesn’t need to re-establish the X-Division, but rather lucha libre. Lynn says that he was the only American back in 1995 who could hang in the lucha division to make them look good. Lynn has always had respect for the lucha and Japanese style. Lynn tells Konnan that he is “bitter and jealous” because Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis and Rey Mysterio Jr. Konnan says that he doesn’t need to be a aerial wrestler. Then, he says something in Spanish and the SAT attack the other X-Division wrestlers. Vince Russo comes out and asks Konnan a question. Russo wants to know what side Konnan is on. Konnan doesn’t answer Russo.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada. Estrada says that he is flying solo. Ron Killings comes in and says that he doesn’t want anymore questions from anyone. Mike Sanders and Glenn Gilbertti have been laid out in the parking lot.

Mike Tenay and Don West wonder who have been laying all the S.E.X guys. Tenay and West also go over what will be shown on PPV next week. Jeff Jarrett will defend the NWA World Championship against AJ Styles!

Main Event: Raven defeated The Sandman in a falls count anywhere match:
Raven has “FATE” written on his chest. Raven dropkicks Sandman as he walks around ringside. Sandman sends Raven back first into the guard railing. Sandman has part of the guard railing and throws it into the ring. Sandman with a drop toe hold sending Raven into the railing. Sandman crotches Raven on the railing and clotheslines Raven off. Raven rolls to the floor to try and recover. Raven has been busted wide open. Back in the ring, Raven sends Sandman flipping into the guard railing set up in the corner. Raven sends Sandman into the crowd and they brawl up towards the top of the bleachers. Raven sends Sandman into the stripper cage and gets a near fall. Raven with a snap suplex on the top of the entrance ramp. Raven grabs a chair and trash can. Raven hits Sandman across the back with the chair. Raven sends Sandman back into the ring and throws both the chair and two trash cans into the ring. Raven bridges a chair in the corner and throws Sandman head first into the chair and gets a near fall. Sandman comes back with a drop toe hold that sends Raven into a chair. Sandman with a trash can shot to the head of Raven. Raven staggers to his feet and is met with several trash can shots and both men are knocked down. Sandman covers Raven but Raven kicks out at two. Sandman sends Raven to the floor and sends Raven over the railing into the crowd. Sandman with several shots and they head towards the balcony. Sandman positions a table by the edge of the balcony. Sandman heads up the balcony but is attacked by Low Ki. Ki sends Sandman over the balcony and Sandman crashes through the table! Raven covers Sandman and picks up the win. **¼
After the match, Steve Corino runs over and begins to brawl with Low Ki. The New Church have also showed up and sent Raven over the guard railing. Raven is able to save Ki from the Old School Expulsion. Sandman enters the ring and hits Ki and Raven with a kendo stick. Sandman and Corino are hitting both Ki and Raven with several right hands. S.E.X. run down and attack Corino and Sandman with trash can shots and chair shots. S.E.X. are tying up both Corino and Sandman over the ropes. However, Jeff Jarrett runs down with a kendo stick and begins to clean house with the New Church! Jarrett hits the Stroke on Ron Harris. Jarrett blocks a chair shot from Russo. But, AJ Styles runs down and attacks Jarrett. Styles hits the Styles Clash on Jarrett driving him down onto a chair to end the show.


End of show

My Take: Well, the whole JJ/Russo segment was boring but it had to be done. Considering Dillon is replacing Bob Armstrong the fans need to be caught up on the history between both men. Sandman coming into TNA doesn’t really interest me. All that Sandman brings to the table is hardcore matches, which is only entertaining against Raven or Sabu, really.

Good to see America’s Most Wanted beat the Rock n Roll Express. I can’t imagine Gibson and Morton being in the company for much longer. The fans don’t seem to be interested in them at all. I bet that would be different if they had remained baby faces.

With the Harris Brothers winning this clearly means that AMW will be facing Triple X to crown new champions. Which, is just pointless. They should have never done the stupid double pin angle with the New Church. If their were more build then the AMW/Triple part II would be much more interesting.

Sonny Siaki has lost a lot of steam already. I think it has a lot to do with that Desire seemingly has to get involved in order for him to win, which makes him look weak. I am a fan of Kid Kash winning the title as he fit’s the style of the X-Division better than Siaki, anway.

SEX can’t win at all on this show as they lost the six man tag match as well. Their under card wrestlers are just looking really weak. That hurts the overall stable and hurts Raven as he is associated with a bunch of losers.

Nice to see Steve Corino back in TNA. His match with Ki was fairly boring, though. It was really just a brawl, as you can tell, so their wasn’t any real “action” or “high spots” for that matter. Lame finish as well, but clearly neither man can avoid looking weak with a one just returning and another having a title match in two weeks.

The elimination match was fine, I suppose. I really think Paul London should have gotten the win so that there is a fresh face in the division. I actually didn’t really expect Konnan to have the SAT on his side, but it makes sense. The segment with Lynn/Konnan could set up a match between them down the line.

Raven/Sandman was just a hardcore brawl, and that is fine. Nothing too risky or anything like that. Thankfully, Raven picked up the win as he is clearly in line for a huge push in TNA. The aftermath with Styles attacking Jarrett was fine as well. I can say without a doubt in my mind, that I am looking forward to Styles and Jarrett next week. The build up to the match has been nicely done and not rushed, too much.

Overall, nothing too special but a enjoyable show for the most part. Next week has the biggest match in terms of being “hyped up” in Jarrett vs. Styles in the brief history of TNA.

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