135 ROH Fifth Year Festival: Philly 2/17/2007

ROH 135 – Fifth Year Festival: Philly – 17th February 2007

Night two of the Fifth Year Festival emanating from the birthplace of Ring Of Honor and we have another decent card on tap. Takeshi Morishima challenges Homicide for the World Title, despite losing his debut match to Samoa Joe last night in New York. Daniels and Sydal defend the Tag belts against the Dragon Gate team of Jack Evans and Shingo. There’s also an FIP Title match, the Briscoes against El Generico and the returning Kevin Steen in a match which has been getting rave reviews, an intergender Street Fight plus the next stop in the Samoa Joe farewell tour. Sorry for the relatively downbeat introduction but I don’t have a lot to say here! Let’s get to Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard in Philadelphia, PA.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (31/01/07) – See Fifth Year Festival NYC (ROH 134) review for details.

Continuing where we left off with Jack Evans unconscious in New York. Davey Richards says he wasn’t responsible, but that’s what happens when you oppose the No Remorse Corps.

BJ Whitmer tells the off camera pixies that now he’s beaten Brent Albright he’s coming for Jimmy Jacobs. He’s willing to sacrifice his own body to get the job done.

Rebecca Bayless looks super hot tonight. She tells Jimmy Rave that he’s been suspended for using the Styles Clash against Homicide. Samoa Joe walks in to tell Jimmy that he’s getting his suspension lifted because Joe wants to beat his ass in the ring tonight.

TJ Perkins vs Nigel McGuinness

ROHVideos.com match being taped here. I imagine Prazak and Leonard will put this over as Perkins’ debut. That’s fine, but you’ll have seen him in ROH (and numerous other places) before wrestling under a mask as Puma. I’m a fan of his stuff so I’m glad to see him getting another look here. As I understand it he still lives on the west coast though. That really limits his chances of being booked to be honest, but we’ll see how he fares here.

Puma is all ‘look how quick I am’ as he tries to trade wristlocks with Nigel, but he’s a jobber so eventually gets put in his place and dumped. He opts to use his agility instead and manages to send McGuinness to the floor in order to jump at him with a cannonball senton from the apron. Nigel uses his apron ricochet lariat to floor TJ again though. Back inside he gets crunched again with the shortarm lariat for 2. Perkins blocks the Tower Of London and gets 2 with a frog crossbody. He manfully exchanges strikes with the physical McGuinness but takes too long going to the top and is caught. Tower Of London is nailed, and is totally destroyed as a finisher when TJ kicks out. I officially don’t care about that move now. Rebound Lariat wins it for Nigel at 06:00.

Rating – * – I’m sour on this match because I like TJ Perkins and seeing him get brutally squashed out there wasn’t so fun for me. The crowd popped for Nigel stiffing the sh*t out of him though so I guess it goes down as a successful opener. I absolutely despite that Perkins got to kick out of the Tower Of London though. If ever there was a chance to get any semblance of credibility back to that move – using it for victory here was it. Instead they killed it dead by having a total jobber kick out. Psh…

Lacey hypes up her team for the Street Fight later. She’s paying Adam Pearce to team with them tonight because she saw what a bad ass he can be when he was fighting CZW. Jimmy Jacobs steals the whole promo with the hysterical ‘tonight we go to war with the crest of Love on our shields’ line.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Austin Aries

These two had a singles match as recently as Suffocation in October of last year so I’m surprised they’re getting booked as opponents once again. I suppose this is a supplement to Aries’ issues with the Kings Of Wrestling at the tail-end of 2006 over the Tag Titles. It’ll also remind us that without Chris Hero by his side Castagnoli is basically an outcast on the ROH roster since everyone hates him for joining CZW. Austin has new problems of his own now – namely the No Remorse Corps.

Claudio is still a heel apparently and gets pissed off at the crowd for doing the ‘HEY’ thing. Luckily he’s good enough to really rile the fans up since the opening couple of minutes are fairly unremarkable. Aries is limping, perhaps as a result of the botched quebrada during his match in NYC last night. Double C socks him with a European uppercut but takes a while before he can really take full advantage of Aries’ limited mobility. He uses his tie to choke the former World Champion then catapults him into the bottom ring rope to take full control of the match. Austin works hard to keep him from attacking the ankle so Castagnoli hits the Cough Drop uppercut instead (yeah, I’m using Wikipedia to get move names now). Match Killer countered with Aries’ low dropkick despite the injury. He backdrops Claudio to the floor for the Heat Seeking Missile. It’s too early for the Brainbuster unfortunately, and Castagnoli manages the Match Killer second time of asking. SPRINGBOARD Swiss uppercut then the Alpamare Water Slide for 2. Aries ranas away from the Riccola Bomb and grabs Castagnoli for the Brainbuster. 450 Splash finishes things at 09:01.

Rating – ** –
Inoffensive but largely bland and forgettable undercard filler. I’m unsure how to treat the Aries ankle injury. If it’s a work he really didn’t sell the ankle that well at all, but I was under the impression that it was a legit injury (it certainly seemed that way last night in New York) so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. The Suffocation match was definitely better.

Aries immediately calls Rod Strong out, but gets Jack Evans instead. Despite getting assaulted last night Jack is still trying to be a peacemaker. Strong and Davey Richards eventually appear, but there’s no physicality because Roddy has an FIP Title match later. They tell Jack to pick a side, and it’s not a good idea to go against the NRC.

Jimmy Jacobs/Adam Pearce/Lacey vs BJ Whitmer/Colt Cabana/Daizee Haze – Street Fight

Much respect to the Haze for being willing to get into another no rules intergender match after what happened to her at Dedicated. Lacey doesn’t have Brent Albright at her disposal tonight because Whitmer tabled the crap out of him last night, so she’s paying Adam Pearce to team with them instead. That could lead to an interesting showdown with BJ, the man he fought alongside against CZW so often. Aside from that, it’s all the usual scores still to be settled. I’m enjoying these brawls but it’s approaching the time when these Jimmy Jacobs feud need a suitable and substantial blow-off. Everyone is in street clothes tonight to get over that this is a fight rather than a match.

Lacey looks hot in her brawling attire, whilst Jimmy looks like an idiot in his emo clobber. Haze lands a Yakuza kick on Lacey then gets poked in the eyes by Pearce. Jacobs spears Cabana then gets his head taken off by Whitmer. All the heels are sandwiched in the corner for Cabana to throw Daizee at them for her own Flying Asshole. From there Jacobs takes a nasty looking spill into the front row, with BJ in hot pursuit. On the other side of the building Colt and Pearce are involved in a similar altercation. Gradually everyone makes their way to the ring again, and via a split-screen we actually get a pretty decent overview of all six wrestlers. Whitmer strangles Jimmy with a belt so JJ grabs his spike and starts stabbing him in the head again. Outside the ring Daizee is taking more disturbing guardrail bumps. MOUNTED STABBING in the corner by Jacobs leaving BJ in a bloody mess. He still manages to block the Contra Code, but Jacobs drops him with a reverse rana instead. Cabana helps his partner out with a kryptonite neckbreaker so Scrap Iron comes into the ring to chokeslam Colt. Lacey hits her Implant DDT on the Haze but doesn’t cover. Instead she grabs Cabana, and distracts him long enough for Jimmy Jacobs to tie him up with tape. STILETTO SHOE TO THE THROAT! They’ve got a chair as well now but Whitmer saves Cabana before they can wrap it around Cabana’s throat. SUPER EXPLODER ON JACOBS! Whitmer scores the victory at 13:30.

Rating – *** –
More of the same from this combination of wrestlers. I think the amount of intergender violence was lessened after the injuries to Mercedes Martinez and Daizee Haze previously, but they didn’t actually need it to put on a tight brawl. Clever booking as well, allowing BJ to score the victory (meaning Jacobs wants to keep his issue with Whitmer going), whilst injuring Cabana – who’s feud ending match with Jimmy is next weekend in Chicago. This has been one of the most ambitious, elaborate but well-executed angles Ring Of Honor has ever produced.

El Generico/Kevin Steen vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe

It was obvious following his impressive showings near the end of 2006 that El Generico was someone ROH could really use to bolster their midcard. He’s over and talented and has a proven track record of quality matches in other promotions. However, I’m surprised they caved so quickly and brought Steen back too. Personally I like him and he’s done some awesome things in PWG, CZW and so on. But lets face it, his showings in ROH thus far have been pretty mediocre. Like Generico he’s looked nervous and struggled to impose himself in order to gain a permanent roster spot. Now they’re back and teaming together (as their careers tend to start in every new promotion) against the golden boys of ROH’s tag division right now – the Briscoes. Jay and Mark just suffered a surprising defeat against Nigel McGuinness and Colt Cabana so won’t want to lose two nights running.

Big Kev doesn’t look interested in losing any weight that’s for sure. He’s packing a big gut. He tries to get all aggressive with the Briscoes so they jump start the match and destroy his generic luchador partner with a double boot in the corner. Steen and Jay end up on the floor fighting so Mark hits a wild TURNBUCKLE HURDLING somersault plancha at them, and cuts his own back open doing so. Tag format is established with the Briscoes trying to isolate Generico but getting knocked back and allowing him to tag in Mr Wrestling. In the end it’s Jay that is actually trapped in the ring. Finally he does get the tag and that brings Mark in with the REDNECK KUNG FU for 2. Sidewalk slam/leg drop combo on Generico gets 2 as the brothers now have the advantage. In a humerous moment Steen rips the tag rope out of the turnbuckle and tries to whip Jay with it. Briscoe then grabs the rope and starts choking Generico with it. The Generic Luchador blocks Mark’s springboard Ace crusher with a cutter of his own and crawls into a hot tag to Steen. He lumbers his fat ass into a cannonball senton on Mark. Both Briscoes get sent to the floor and Steen dives like a maniac with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OFF THE TOP! Generico dives through the ropes into a SWINGING DDT ON THE FLOOR! SWANTON BOMB BY STEEN gets 2! He gets another 2 with a Cradlebreaker as Stee-nerico continue to break out some sick moves. Generico hits the HALF AND HALF SUPLEX ON JAY! Mark him out only to be powerbombed by Kev and all four are in a head-dropping heap. It comes down to Jay and Steen both desperate for tags, and both getting them. Mark powerbombs Generico into the corner then gives him the urinage suplex whilst their partners are fighting on the floor. Jay arrives in the ring and the Briscoes drop the Mexican with a splash mountain neckbreaker. STEEN POWERBOMBS JAY INTO THE APRON! He lands on his feet missing a moonsault…YAKUZA KICK by Generico instead! Steen nails a big fat frog splash for 2. Package Piledriver countered with a CUT-THROAT DRIVER! SHOOTING STAR PRESS/LEG DROP COMBO! Briscoes win at 18:01.

Rating – **** –
And that’s why Generico and Steen have been smash hits everywhere else on the indy scene but ROH in recent years. Neither of them are amazing technicians, but they both have a devastating array of unique moves which pop a crowd like nobody’s business. This is the first time they’ve been booked in “their” match and unsurprisingly they tore the house down. Live reports called this an MOTYC but that’s way off the mark. It’s an exciting spot-heavy match that played up both teams’ strengths suitably. Jay and Mark move into tag title contention, whilst I’d suggest Generico and Mr Wrestling just earned themselves future bookings.

Rebecca Bayless tries to get an interview with Colt Cabana…which is pretty idiotic considering what his injury is. BJ Whitmer sends him off to the hospital then has more words for Jimmy Jacobs.

Jimmy Rave vs Samoa Joe

Originally this was scheduled to be Joe against Davey Richards, with Joe/Rave scheduled for next week in Dayton, but Davey’s injury meant the matches were switched. There’s actually a bit of a back story around this one. Joe slapped Rave in the face at Final Battle 2006 when he tried to jump Nigel McGuinness from behind. In an attempt to get revenge (remember, Jimmy hates being disrespected), Rave slapped the Heel Hook on Joe in Boston at the start of the year. That sufficiently pissed Joe off to get Jimmy’s suspension lifted before it had even begun to give us this match. Joe is going retro tonight and comes out to ‘Another Body Murdered’ – the music he first used in ROH.

Joe is fairly nonchalant and basically has his way with Jimmy Rave from the outset. In the end he needs the shady assistance of a fish-hook to get some offence. ST-Joe countered but Joe just throws Rave to the floor instead. Jimmy tries to dive off the apron and but gets tripped face-first into the mat, then SWUNG head-first into the guardrail. You know what happens when Samoa Joe matches spill to the floor right? Obligatory double Ole Ole Kick sequence deepens Jimmy’s misery. The second one looked particularly violent. This is just a pasting right now, as Rave tries a crossbody out of desperation and misses that too. Next he tries to entice Joe to the floor then attack him as he comes back in. That succeeds and he’s able to give the Samoan an STO on the apron. That’s followed by a swinging neckbreaker, but that’s only good for a 1-count. He stays on the neck though, wrapping a leg around the head whilst stretching the arms to apply more pressure. Unfortunately he gets too cocky and spits in Joe’s face, leading to him getting his own face rocked with a massive running boot. It’s facewash time but Rave avoids it and seizes an opportunity to work the leg and soften Joe up for the Hook. He spends the next couple of minutes targeting the leg from a variety of positions and it’s probably his most successful period of the entire match. Eventually he runs into Joe’s powerslam then the powerbomb/submission sequence and his advantage is negated again. Ghanarea nailed after a kick to the leg, and Jimmy hits the ropes for the Satellite Crossface. He’s worked the neck as much as the leg in this match so that’s sound strategy. Joe makes it to the ropes though. Heel Hook instead but Joe is just too big. He tries to put Rave in the Heel Hook himself, but has to settle for an ST-Joe. No dice on the Musclebuster so Joe turns the Pedigree into an ISLAND DRIVER! 16:10 and Joe is your winner.

Rating – *** –
Almost totally devoid of any excitement so I guess this match goes down as a disappointment, but I thought it was a well-worked match and they had a tough ask anyway following all the craziness of the Briscoes/Stee-nerico tag. Let’s face it, the fans don’t like Jimmy Rave, and they WANT to see Joe kicking his ass, hence that’s what most of the match was. On his limited offensive flurries Jimmy worked logically and attacked body parts to set up for a finish – but it didn’t work and Joe gets the popular victory. Unlike last night I’ve got no problem with him going over. Whilst I’m sure Jimmy could use the rub of beating Samoa Joe on his farewell tour, he just went on a three month winning streak with the Heel Hook anyway. He doesn’t need to beat Joe to be over as a heel anymore.

Joe cuts another crowd-popping farewell promo, putting over Ring Of Honor in Philadelphia. It’s the second night in a row he’s sent the fans nuts with his mic-work incidentally.

INTERMISSION – Becky Bayless (w/ boobs) tells Jack Evans that she thinks it was Davey Richards that attacked him last night. Given her level of intellect, I think we can rule Davey out as a suspect then. Evans confirms that he’s certain it wasn’t Richards. Silly woman…

Roderick Strong vs Delirious – FIP Heavyweight Title Match

Isn’t Delirious a member of DP Associates in FIP? Shouldn’t Dave Prazak therefore get more excited about this match on commentary? Anyway, Roddy is the golden boy of Florida wrestling and regardless of his new status as a heel in ROH, he’s still Gabe’s chosen one to carry Full Impact Pro. He’s looking to raise the prestige of the belt by defending it on more ROH shows. To that end we’ve already seen matches with Shingo and Davey Richards in recent months.

Austin Aries delays the start of the match by running down the aisle but Strong runs into the crowd and Aries is restrained by the usual hoard of students. It takes until 01:07 for them to even touch thanks to Delirious’ usual antics. Strong is obviously the more powerful of the two (it’s sort of implied isn’t it?) so Delirious goes to his speed and mat-wrestling to nullify that advantage. Never Ending Story in the corner is halted by Roddy going to the eyes. Delirious goes to the top rope but gets swept off the ropes by the champion…and it turns out he took a bad crash landing and got knocked out. Thanks to the mask it takes Roderick an uncomfortable few seconds of jerking the head around to even notice. He then goes for the arrogant/sporting count-out victory…but Delirious has recovered sufficiently to drag himself into the ring. That’s basically it though, he’s out on his feet and totally vacant. Gibson Driver nailed, but Delirious manages to get a shoulder up at 2. The crowd are in an awkward, concerned about Delirious silence now. Roddy’s response? He rips up part of the guardrail AND GIBSON DRIVERS DELIRIOUS ONTO IT! NO REMORSE! Delirious is counted out at 09:20.

Rating – ** –
This is very a generous rating, but it was a hard one to call because it was cut off before it could really get going by the injury to Delirious. In the end I’ve awarded marks for Strong eventually (at first he looked totally clueless about what to do) helping Delirious out and using the injury to ensure a semblance of drama around the finish.

Roderick Strong tries to do more damage to Delirious afterwards but is chased away by Austin Aries who clearly hadn’t had enough of being fondled by all the students first time around.

Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal vs Jack Evans/Shingo – ROH Tag Title Match

The Lords Of The Ring must be feeling super-confident (well, Sydal is, he’s a right cocky sh*t these days) after defeating probably the greatest ROH Tag Champions to date (Aries and Strong) last night in New York. They are now faced with a Dragon Gate team for the second time in only their third defence. They defeated CIMA and Shingo at International Challenge, but now Shingo is coming back for more. He’s partnered by Jack Evans, who will be appearing on a much more regular basis in 2007 and is looking to win ROH gold for the first time in his career.

Jack calls Daniels ‘Professor X after some successful stem cell research’ and I almost fall of my chair laughing. Everyone looks super-sharp early, but Evans stops to breakdance allowing Sydal to hit him from behind. Sydal’s cocky whiteboy dance rules. Daniels doing the robot also rules. Jack just got double-served so he’s outta there. The champions work Shingo over, including a nice sidewalk slam/Cannonball leg drop combo for 2. Eventually Jack kicks Daniels in the back of the head and that enables his Japanese partner to tag out. Standing moonsault off Daniels’ chest gets 2. The pendulum has swung now and it’s the Fallen Angel who is cut off from his partner and in trouble. Evans strings together a gorgeous series of kicks then leaps into a standing SSP in one fluid motion. Shingo spinebusters him then rolls into a half crab and Daniels is taking a beating now. He musters up a desperation clothesline on Jack though and with encouragement from Allison Danger gets the hot tag to Matt. He hits a wild running moonsault to Shingo on the floor. Back in the ring he gets 2 on Evans with a standing moonsault. A splash/neckbreaker combo from the champions gets another nearfall. Sydal tries an AJ Styles-esque quebrada into the Slice but Shingo saves his partner. He powerbombs Sydal into the corner then heaves him up again for the Gallon Throw. Daniels gives Takagi a Lionsault with everyone else down. Shingo Lariato blocked by an STO, but the BME misses. Evans prevents Daniels from nailing the Fall From Grace and goes after him on the floor with a Space Flying Tiger Drop. Wheelbarrow DDT on Shingo by Sydal but Evans breaks the pin with a springboard senton. BACK SUPLEX/BLOCKBUSTER combo by the challengers. SKIPPING A GENERATION GETS 2! The former Generation Next partners go at it until Shingo decapitates Sydal with the SHINGO LARIATO! ANGELS WINGS ON SHINGO. Evans sweeps Matt’s legs as he sets up for the Sydal Press, but the champions isolate him in the corner. SPIKE ANGELS WINGS! The LOTR win at 20:07.

Rating – *** –
It was really crisp for a lot of the match but everyone just seemed a little out of sync with each other down the closing stretch. They were always going to struggle given that this was essentially the same style of match as the Briscoes tag earlier, and it never came close to topping what those four did earlier. Certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination, and that new double Angels Wings finisher is really awesome – I wish they’d have come up with it earlier in their spell as a team. It just wasn’t quite as good as you might expect given the talent involved.

Hey look…its Austin Aries again. Jack talks to Shingo in English with a South Park-esque Japanese accent which seems ridiculous. Evans tells Aries again that he’s not going to pick sides between him and Strong. Austin says he’s going to find new talent in ROH to help him fight the NRC. Jack thinks maybe he’ll need a group of his own as well…which as of July 2007 still hasn’t happened.

Lacey has requested some interview time to tell Jimmy Jacobs that she’s proud of him. She seems a little turned on by how the f*cked up Cabana and whispers apparently dirty things in his ear.

5TH YEAR FESTIVAL VIDEO – This time the numerous international talents ROH have used in the past year. Those highlighted are – Naomichi Marufuji, Mohammed Yone, Takashi Sugiura, Doug Williams, Blood Generation, Do Fixer, Robbie Brookside, KENTA, SUWA, Go Shiozaki, Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm and Spud. Is there any reason why they missed out Shingo and Morishima – two guys who are featured prominently on this very show? It’s also a shame they didn’t expand this to include all the international talent they’ve used down the years. Names like Muta, Liger, Kojima, Ohtani, Tanaka, Togo, Hidaka, Super Crazy and even Curry Man could all have been used then.

Homicide vs Takeshi Morishima – ROH World Title Match

Despite losing to Samoa Joe last night, Morishima still got himself over as a huge force by standing toe to toe with Ring Of Honor’s resident legend. He’s got this World Title shot tonight by getting his hands on an open contract. Homicide has his work cut out tonight, he’s literally half the size of Morishima – who has the strangest choice of entrance attire imaginable (fluffy jacket and cowboy hat).

Morishima is a bad ass motherf*cker, and has no intention of waiting for Homicide to even reach the ring before getting the fight started. Prazak raves about how unusual it is to not have proper introductions for an ROH World Title match. Mori DDT’s the champion on the concrete floor meaning he’s a mess before the bell has even rung. Homicide has to climb the ropes for a swinging DDT that sends Morishima to the outside. TOPE CON HILO down the aisle. He whips the challenger into the guardrails, except Morishima is so f*cking massive he breaks it. Julius Smokes lays in a clothesline for good measure as Cide proves he’s at home brawling on the floor. It clearly needs a team effort to keep Mori down, as Smokes now gets into the ring to help Homicide stay on offence. Unfortunately Morishima runs through the pair of them. CARTWHEEL AVALANCHE squishes the Notorious 187 into the corner. TWISTING BUTT ATTACK gets 2. Is it weird that I totally mark out for that move? Homicide tries a sunset flip like an idiot and gets sat on. He’s so physically mismatched here it’s hard to see a way he can beat the challenger. Morishima’s look of confusion at Julius Smokes as he yells things like ‘eat my ass’ or ‘I’ll cut your head off you Chinese asshole’ is priceless. Homicide hits an Ace crusher and over excitably goes for the Lariat way too early. Morishima just effortlessly kicked out of the combo that beat Samoa Joe at the Battle Of The Icons. He is at least slowed down enough for Cide to catch him as he tries to climb the ropes. SUPERPLEX from the champ, but that took SO much effort and he takes an age to cover. He tries a crossbody from the top but is caught easily and thrown into an overhead suplex. The giant missile dropkick sends Cide flying out of the ring – that’s how much of a power advantage Mori has. He shakes off a couple of dropkicks so Homicide goes to a neckbreaker instead. Morishima drops Homicide again with a sidewalk slam. Urinage suplex blocked and Cide goes to the STF but despite smearing nose-blood all over Morishima’s face, he can’t force a submission. Flying headscissors scores, but Morishima shakes it off and plants him with the URINAGE SUPLEX. Back Drop Driver blocked and by the game World Champion. Morishima NO SELLS big boots and hits the BACK DROP DRIVER! LARIATOOO! HOMICIDE KICKS OUT! BACK DROP DRIVER AGAIN! New World Champion at 15:41.

Rating – **** –
I know this is totally out of keeping with basically every other review you’ve probably read of this show. Sorry guys but I LOVED this match. I thought it was brilliant, and probably Homicide’s best in-ring performance since the Danielson match at Reborn Stage 2. The story told here was perfect, with Homicide working like an absolute maniac to get Morishima over as an unstoppable colossus. It basically took a sh*tload of effort and stringing three or four moves together for Homicide to inflict any damage, whilst Mori seemed to be able to hurt him at will. Unlike Mori/Joe last night which told the Ring Of Honor fans “well, this Japanese guy is good, but Joe is still better – and that’s a real shame since TNA won’t let us use him anymore”…this one did loads to get over the type of unrelenting asskicker ROH want Morishima to be. I know I’ll get a lot of heat and be told I’m over-rating this match, but whatever. I loved it…

BJ Whitmer leads a troop of jobbers into the ring to congratulate the new champion and gets attacked by Morishima. Like I said, he’s a bad ass.

Tape Rating – *** –
I fell a little behind on watching ROH shows so by the time I got round to watching this I’d already read a lot of reviews – and most of them weren’t particularly positive. Therefore I found this show to be a remarkably pleasant surprise. It’s not the best Ring Of Honor will ever do, but considering the criticism I’ve seen it receive I really don’t think it’s a bad little show. Briscoes/Stee-nerico and Homicide/Morishima are both really good and it’s not like Joe/Rave, the Tag Title match or the Street Fight are bad either.

Top 3 Matches

3) Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal vs Jack Evans/Shingo (***)

2) Homicide vs Takeshi Morishima (****)

1) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs El Generico/Kevin Steen (****)

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