NWA-TNA Turning Point 2004 12/5/2004

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Turning Point
From: Orlando, FL
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Opening Contest: Bobby Roode/Eric Young defeated NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions BG James/Ron Killings to win the titles:
James backs Young into a corner to start off but Young kicks James in the midsection followed by a few right hands. James quickly gains the upper hand by ramming Young head first into the corner. James blocks a punch from Young after Young delivered a few jabs. James knocks Young down with a right hand and Killings comes off the top rope nailing Young with a leg drop to the groin. Roode tags into the contest and shoulder blocks Killings. Killings arm drags and hip tosses Roode before connecting with a spinning heel kick for a two count. James enters and nails Roode with a knee drop for a two count. Killings scoop slams Roode before heading to the top rope where Roode is able to knock Killings off. Young tags in and connects with a back breaker. Double team back breaker by Team Canada gets Roode a near fall on Killings. Roode knee lifts Killings and drops Killings with a back suplex for a two count. Young enters and works on Killings with right hands and stomps. Young taunts the fans and is soon met with a missile dropkick from Killings! Roode tags in and knocks James off the apron. Killings is able to fight off both men and tags in James. James cleans house with right hands, big boot and a backdrop. James punches Roode in midair as Roode leaps off the top rope and gets a near fall following a forearm shot. Young runs the apron after flipping over but is crotched by Killings on the top. Killings knocks Young out with a scissors kick! Roode plants James with a spine buster but isn’t able to get a three count. James holds Roode and allows Killings to spin kick Roode. Scott D’Amore rolls into the ring to prevent a cover on Roode. James goes for the pump handle slam on Roode but Johnny Devine enters the ring and whacks James over the back with the Canadian flag! Roode covers and picks up the win. *1/2

Second Contest: Sonny Siaki/Sonjay Dutt/Hector Garza defeated Kid Kash/Frankie Kazarian/Michael Shane:
Dutt and Kash kick off the contest trading several right hands. They trade hammer locks and other mat based moves for several moments. Dutt nails Kash with a kick to the back of Kash’s head and a spinning head scissors takedown. Dutt rolls through a sunset flip and dropkicks Kash. Garza tags in and Kash is suplexed by both men. Shane tags into the contest and punches Garza several times but Garza kicks Shane on the knee followed by a shoulder block. Shane drops Garza with a right hand as Garza comes off the ropes. Garza runs into a double big boot from Shane and slips off the ropes on an attempted monkey flip. Shane leg drops Garza to regain control and tags in Kazarian. Garza tosses Shane to the floor and tags in Siaki. Siaki chops away on Kazarian and plants Kazarian with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Dutt tags in and is lifted by Siaki onto Kazarian who was on the top rope to connect with a nice hurricanrana! Kash cheap shots Dutt and allows Kazarian to drop Dutt with an arm breaker. Shane tags into the match and shoulder blocks Dutt’s arm a few times. Kash illegally enters without a tag and continues to work on Dutt’s arm. Dutt springboards off the middle rope connecting with a cross body for a two count. Kash chops Dutt in the corner and locks in a cross arm breaker but Siaki break up the submission. Shane is now in and has the cross arm breaker locked in on Dutt again. Kazarian leaps off the top rope connecting with a leg drop on Dutt for a near fall. The heels continue to work on Dutt’s injured left shoulder for several moments. Dutt manages to leap off the top rope to hurricanrana Shane and tags in Garza. Garza cleans house with right hands and a scoop slam on Kazarian. Garza leaps off the top hitting Kazarian with a moonsault but is dumped to the floor by Kash and Shane. Siaki backdrops Dutt over the top onto Shane and Kash on the floor! Traci accidentally hits Kazarian with a splash off the top and Garza hits Kazarian with a corkscrew splash off the top to win the bout! **1/2

Third Contest: Monty Brown defeated Abyss in a Serengeti Survival match:
They brawl on the aisle way to start off the match. Brown tosses Abyss into the guard railing and ring steps for the early advantage. Abyss tosses Brown face first into the ring post to stop Brown’s offensive attack. Abyss rams Brown back first into the ring apron and chest first into the guard railing. Abyss rips off tape on Brown’s ribs and delivers several shots to the injured ribs. Abyss goes under the ring to grab a table, which Abyss slides into the ring. Brown attacks Abyss in the ring as Abyss was taunting the fans. Brown charges out of a corner nailing Abyss with a clothesline and right hands. Abyss stops Brown with a big boot and gets a two count. Abyss whacks Brown over the back with a steel chair. Abyss drops onto Brown with a sit down splash onto a chair on top of Brown! Abyss goes for the cover but Brown is able to kick out at two. Brown blocks a second sit down splash by low blowing Abyss with the chair. Brown proceeds to whack Abyss over the head with the chair. Brown power slams Abyss onto the steel chair and plays to the fans! Brown attempts the Pounce but Abyss counters with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss goes for the cover but only manages to get a near fall! Abyss wedges the chair in the corner but Brown ends up sending Abyss head first into the chair! Brown connects with the Pounce but Abyss is knocked to the floor! Brown goes for the cover back in the ring but Abyss pops his shoulder up at two! Brown attempts a second Pounce but Abyss ducks and Brown crashes into a table in the corner! Abyss covers and nearly wins the bout. Both men have bags of tacks but Abyss dumps his outside the ring. Abyss looks for a choke slam onto tacks but Brown blocks it! Brown rips off Abyss’s shirt and chops away on the monster. Brown goes for a power bomb but Abyss gets out of it. Abyss goes for a power bomb of his own but Brown counters with a double leg slam sending Abyss head first into the tacks. As a result, Brown wins the match despite not pinning Abyss. **

Fourth Contest: Pat Kenney/Johnny B. Badd defeated Glenn Gilbertti/Johnny Swinger:
Considering this match is pretty much a filler contest, I will do the “long story short” detail here. Special referee Jacqueline got involved in the contest by scoop slamming Gilbertti. Badd proceeded to connect with the TKO on Gilbertti and picks up the win. NR

Backstage, the Kings of Wrestling have appeared to put Randy Savage in a car and sent Savage away.

Fifth Contest: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven:
Page attacks Raven before the bell with a running clothesline in the corner and follows up with right hands. Page blocks a boot from Raven and nails Raven with a discus clothesline. Page knocks out the referee with a big boot and baseball slides Raven to the floor. Page rams Raven back first into the guard railing a few times. They brawl into the crowd where Page whacks Raven with a crutch and a trash can. Back in the ring, Page runs into a big boot but recovers to send Raven groin first into the ring post. Raven hangs onto the top rope to avoid the Diamond Cutter and gets a near fall on a pin attempt. Raven grabs a helmet from under the ring and nails Page over the head with it, twice. Raven goes for the cover but Page kicks out at the count of two! Page quickly rolls Raven up for a two count. Raven quickly recovers and stomps away on Page before getting a chair. Raven nails Page with a running face wash in the corner. Raven drop toe holds Page face first into the chair but only gets a two count on the cover. Page punches Raven several times in the corner and clotheslines Raven several times. Page big boots Raven and goes for the Diamond Cutter. Raven blocks it by low blowing Page and rolling Page up for a near win. Page rolls Raven up out of the corner but only gets a two count. Raven plants Page with a running bulldog and gets another two count. Page connects with a side belly to belly suplex for a near fall on a pin attempt. Raven super kicks Page after ducking a clothesline but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Raven clotheslines Page but Page blocks a clothesline and plants Raven with the Diamond Cutter! Page covers but Raven kicks out at two! Two people wearing hoods are now at ringside. Raven plants Page with a DDT but isn’t able to get the win. Erik Watts leaves the commentary table and slides into the ring. Watts choke slams both men wearing hoods but ends up nailing Page with a clothesline! Page low blows Watts and plants Watts with the Diamond Cutter! Raven recovers and stomps away on Page a few times. Page counters a DDT attempt with the Diamond Cutter and picks up the win. **

Sixth Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin to retain the title:
Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock very early on but Williams is able to escape and bails to the floor. Sabin kicks Williams away after a snap mare and they have a standoff. Williams works on Sabin with several forearm shots but Sabin battles back with several of his own. Sabin nails Williams with a missile dropkick off the top rope sending the champion to the floor. Williams attempts a sling shot splash but Sabin catches Williams looking for the Cradle Shock. Williams gets out of it by dumping Sabin to the floor. Williams ends up connecting with a slingshot hurricanrana on the floor! Sabin chops Williams several times and power bombs Williams onto the guard railing! Sabin heads into the crowd and jumps off a barrier over the railing onto Williams with a cross body! Williams drops Sabin throat first across the top rope as Sabin stood on the apron. Williams sends Sabin to the floor where Scott D’Amore gets several cheap shots in. Williams covers Sabin in the ring but only gets a two count. Williams sets Sabin up in the tree of woe and steps on Sabin’s groin! Williams distracts the referee to allow D’Amore to choke Sabin. Williams goes for another cover but is still unable to get a three count. Williams with a neck breaker and a tornado DDT but Sabin pops his shoulder up at two! Williams dropkicks Sabin in the back and has a chin lock on Sabin. Sabin nearly wins with a quick rollup but Williams recovers nailing Sabin with a dropkick for a two count. Snap suplex and a back suplex by Williams for another near fall. Scoop slam by Williams and follows up with a leg drop for a two count. Sabin cuts Williams off at the top rope and brings Williams down to the mat with an over head belly to belly suplex! Sabin nails Williams with a kick to the side of the head and plants Williams with a running sit down power bomb but only gets a two count on the cover! Williams crotches Sabin on the top rope and Sabin drops into the tree of woe. Sabin avoids a charging Williams and ends up leaping over the ring post taking Williams out with a somersault dive on the floor! Sabin goes for the cover back in the ring but only gets a near fall. Williams connects with a side Russian leg sweep and signals for the Canadian Destroyer. Sabin counters into the Cradle Shock but Sabin rolls through and has the Sharpshooter on Sabin! Williams pulls Sabin to the middle of the ring but Sabin manages to reach the bottom rope on a second effort. They are on the top rope until Williams gets off looking for a sunset flip power bomb but fails. Sabin leaps off hitting Williams with a rolling reverse German suplex! Sabin quickly gets up and spikes Williams with a pile driver but doesn’t win the bout! Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but D’Amore pulls Williams off. Sabin gets distracted and Williams nails Sabin with brass knuckles. Williams covers Sabin and gets the three count. ***1/2
After the match, Team Canada celebrates the huge win.

Seventh Contest: AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy/Randy Savage defeated NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash/Scott Hall:
Styles and Jarrett started off the co-main event. Jarrett controls Styles with a side headlock early on. Tilt a whirl head scissors by Styles but Jarrett regains control with a headlock. Styles stops Jarrett coming off the ropes with a dropkick. Hall tags in who along with Nash, is wearing Elvis suits. Hall pokes Styles in the eyes and chops away on Styles in the corner. Styles delivers a few leg kicks to Hall’s knee and nails Hall with a dropkick. Styles calls for Nash to enter, who eventually does enter the contest. Nash knee lifts Styles in the midsection and delivers an elbow smash and a right hand. Nash fails on an attempted snake eyes and clothesline. Styles dropkicks all three heels down and tags in Hardy who cleans house. Hardy double leg drops Nash in the groin. Hall nails Hardy on the back as Hardy comes off the ropes. Hardy turns around only to be met with a big boot from Nash. Jarrett tags in and stomps away on Hardy for a few moments. Jarrett jumps onto Hardy’s back as Hardy is set on the middle rope. Hall tags back into the contest and hammers away on Hardy with right hands. Hall drives Hardy down to the mat with a choke slam but Hardy kicks out at two. Nash tags in and plants Hardy with a big side slam for a near fall. Hall returns to the ring and applies an abdominal stretch while grabbing Nash’s hand for some extra leverage. Hall slaps Hardy a few times until Hardy knocks Hall down with a spin kick. Jarrett and Styles tag into the contest with Styles cleaning house with dropkicks. Styles plants Jarrett with a springboard reverse DDT but Jarrett kicks out at two. Jarrett places Styles on the apron where Styles goes for a springboard but is tripped by Nash. Jarrett follows up sending Styles flipping into the corner. Styles ducks a clothesline from Hall but is caught by Hall who connects with a fall away slam for a two count. Nash tags into the contest and quickly delivers knees lifts on Styles in the corner. Nash continues his dominance with elbow strikes. Nash tries to cover Styles several times but Styles kicks out at two each time. Jarrett connects with a gut buster and attempts to lock in the figure four but Styles rolls Jarrett up for a near fall. Hall is tagged in and works on Styles with right hands. Nash enters the ring and has a bear hug locked in on Styles. Styles tags in Hardy, but the referee was distracted and doesn’t allow the tag. Styles and Jarrett begin to trade right hands until Styles gets the upper hand with several strikes. They come off the ropes and collide as both men were attempting cross bodies. Hardy gets the tag and delivers a flurry of right hands on Jarrett. Hardy connects with the Whisper in the Wind on Jarrett. Hardy plants Hall with a STO and nails Nash with a jaw breaker on the apron. Hardy fights out of the Stroke and hits Jarrett with the Twist of Fate! Styles leaps off the top connecting with a cross body on Hall. Nash pulls the referee out of the ring. Styles sends Nash into the ring post. Hall smashes a guitar over Hardy’s head as he stands on the top rope. Hardy still kind of Swanton Bombs Jarrett but there isn’t a referee to make the count! Styles takes Hall out with a slingshot dive on the floor. Randy Savage makes his way out to the ring and asks for a tag from Hardy. Savage gets the rag and punches Jarrett, Hall and Nash several times. Jarrett has the sleeper hold on Savage but Savage gets out of it and has a sleeper on Jarrett! Hardy and Styles have sleeper holds on Nash and Hall. Savage blocks a sunset flip from Jarrett and rolls Jarrett up for the win. *3/4

Main Event: America’s Most Wanted defeated XXX in a steel cage match:
Daniels gets the quick advantage on Storm with several right hands. They try to send each other into the cage but fail. Skipper tags in and so does Harris. They exchange punches with Skipper delivering a few knee lifts and a kick to Harris’s back. Harris plants Skipper with a full nelson slam and AMW backdrop Skipper. Daniels enters and blocks a backdrop with a boot to Storm’s face. AMW lift Daniels up and ram Daniels into the cage. Storm clotheslines Skipper and rakes Daniels face into the cage. Daniels has been busted open as he is sent into the cage again. Harris tags in and sends Daniels face first into the cage. Harris attempts a vertical suplex but Skipper enters and saves Daniels. Harris is double teamed as XXX hip toss Harris and Skipper scoop slams Daniels onto Harris. Daniels tags in and continues to hammer away on Harris. Daniels works on Harris with a head butt, and it is clear that Daniels is bleeding a lot. Daniels clotheslines Harris and Skipper enters to work on Harris with several right hands. Skipper kicks Harris on the knees but Harris fights back by catapulting Skipper into the corner chest first. Storm enters and cleans house right hands. Storm power slams Daniels and super kicks Skipper. Daniels prevents AMW from hitting the Death Sentence on Skipper. Harris leaps off the top rope nailing Daniels with a cross body. Skipper drives Harris face first into the steel cage. Skipper reveals that they have handcuffs and proceeds to handcuff Harris to the corner. Storm is double teamed by XXX while Harris is still handcuffed to the corner. Daniels uses the handcuffs key to work on Storm. XXX ram Storm face first into the steel cage! Skipper is the only guy not to be bleeding at this point. XXX connect with a power bomb/elbow drop combo on Storm but only get a near fall as Storm kicks out. Daniels accidentally clotheslines Skipper and Storm spears Daniels! Storm grabs the key and gives Harris the key. Harris is able to break free from the handcuffs and hammers away on XXX. Harris connects with a clothesline and spears Daniels. Daniels is sent face first into the cage several times by Harris. Storm lifts Skipper up and drives Skipper chest first into the cage. Harris drives Daniels back first into the cage a few times and connects with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Skipper connects with a side belly to belly suplex on Harris and heads to the top rope. XXX connect with a vertical suplex/cross body combo on Harris for a near fall. Storm nails Skipper with a swinging neck breaker. Storm rams Skipper into the cage face first. Harris comes off the ropes connecting with the Hart Attack on Skipper for a two count. Daniels sends Storm shoulder first into the cage. XXX send Harris face first into the cage. XXX set Harris up for the Death Sentence and they connect! Skipper covers but Harris kicks out at two! Skipper climbs to the top of the cage but Storm gets up and power bombs Skipper off the top rope! Storm goes for the cover but Skipper kicks out! Daniels plants Storm with the Angels Wings but isn’t able to get the three count. Daniels climbs towards the top of the cage but is stopped by Storm. Harris and Daniels are on the top of the cage with Harris sitting on the very top. Skipper is up there as well and proceeds to walk the top of the cage before hitting Harris with a hurricanrana! Daniels is at the top of the cage and leaps off with an elbow drop onto Harris! Storm grabs Daniels on the top rope but Skipper stops Storm. Harris heads over and they do the Tower of Doom spot, where Daniels landed awfully dangerously but is okay. Harris counters the Play of the Day by Skipper and they ram each other into the cage. Daniels head butts Storm several times but runs into a big boot from Storm in the corner. Storm and Daniels exchange back elbows on the top rope until Daniels knocks Storm off. Harris runs over and knocks Daniels off the top rope. Harris has handcuffed Daniels to the cage! Skipper runs into a super kick from Storm. AMW plant Skipper with the Power Plex and Storm manages to pin Skipper for the win. *****
After the match, AMW celebrate their win while XXX are left in the shocked that they lost.

End of show

My Take:
The tag title match wasn’t horrible as the action was kept short while fitting quite a bit into the match. Good decision to have Team Canada regain the championships. I like the stable and feel that they can be taken seriously if they have both under-card championships. The match was supposed to have Konnan teaming with James. If that were to happen, the match would have been far worse than it was.

The X-Division six man tag match was a solid bout full of high spots and consistent fast pace action. I surprised that Garza picked up the win as the main focal point of the match was the Dutt vs. Kash feud which started at the last pay per view. I would’ve thought that Dutt would have pinned Kash, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The finish looked like Garza botched it and hit Kazarian awfully hard in the lower midsection area.

Brown/Abyss was a predictable brawl that wasn’t all that great. The win for Brown makes a lot of sense considering Brown is getting a huge push in TNA. Brown is in line for a TNA World Championship match against Jarrett. Again, a decent hardcore brawl but it wasn’t all that brutal, really.

If you manage to get zero crowd heat from the Impact Zone crowd you know you are doing some really bad. That is exactly what happened in the Gilbertti/Swinger/Kenney/Badd match.

DDP/Raven was really a average match until the Erik Watts involvement. I don’t see how that accomplishes anything especially when Page just wins the match anyway. Again, the crowd just didn’t care about Watts and who can blame them. Watts is horrible in every possible way.

Williams/Sabin was a very good contest with a very disappointing finish. So, everything leading up to the finish is some good action. The finish is just not satisfying.

The six man tag match co-main event wasn’t awful. One thing that bothered me was how Savage came out and won the match. Tenay was clearly trying to suggest that Savage should now get a world title shot against Jarrett. If Savage can’t wrestle in a limiting six man tag, why would you plant a seed for a major singles match? Doesn’t make sense does it? I didn’t think so. Savage didn’t need the win here at all and I would have rather had Styles or Hardy who worked the whole match and got heat from it earn the big win.

The steel cage was just fabulous. That is all I need to say about that. Go watch it, right now! It’s on YouTube!

Overall, a very good X-Division title match and a must see cage match in my opinion. I’ll give the show a thumbs in the middle. Aside from the fourth contest, nothing was out right awful. You really need to do yourself a favor and watch Sabin/Williams and AMW/XXX.

Thanks for reading.

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