WCW Nitro 5/5/1997

Written By: Justin Rozzero

WCW Nitro 5/5/97
Lakeland Center
Lakeland, FL

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko & Bobby Heenan

– We kick off this week’s show with a recap of the closing moments from last week’s show. We then cut to the announce table where Piper, Flair and Greene are about to talk about last week, but a huge “NWO Tradition Bites” banner drops behind the announcers. Piper tears it down and slams it and yells “that’s enough” and they storm off as we hit our opening animation. When we come back, Piper, Flair and Greene are in the ring and more NWO fliers are raining down from the sky. Piper says that all he sees is paper. Last week he stood there as paper fell down. He stood there reading the paper and then he looked outside and saw that it was only 3 on 1 and that Flair was doing fine. He has always been there for Flair and he will not stop. They said it is 75% their gate for Slamboree and Piper says he don’t want no purse and that he don’t carry no purse. JJ Dillon has now arrived in the ring and says we have a problem. He says they have people playing mind games and talks about the 75% of the purse clause. Dillon says that Bischoff wrote sweet deals and he can’t do anything about them. If Piper doesn’t show up, he is in breach of contract and will let WCW down. He needs to have his head on straight. Piper says his head has never been on straight, but he will show up at Slamboree. He embraces Flair and Greene and it is now Flair’s turn to talk. He said last week that he didn’t know about Hall or Nash, but Syxx is all his. On the 18th of May, a man who has no regrets and has performed at 120% his whole career promises the wrestling world that when you drive out of Charlotte, there will not be one pothole in the road. They remain in the ring but we are set for our opener.

1) Konnan & Hugh Morrus defeat Public Enemy when Morrus pins Rock after a superplex onto Konnan through a table at 3:37

Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock are out with their table as Flair, Piper and Greene finally head out to the back. As the Dungeon makes their way out, we get a look at clips from a couple of weeks ago when a big brawl erupted between the Steiners, PE and the Dungeon. Konnan and Hugh also have a table and Jimmy Hart with them as they head out. All four men brawl to start but it ends up with Konnan and Rock in the ring while Morrus and Grunge battle outside. Now all four men end up outside and Jimmy Hart ends up on the table. Konnan is able to stop Rock before he can dive out onto Jimmy. The brawl wars on as all four men are just fighting on the floor. Morrus gets run into the post allowing PE to work over Konnan. PE set up a double stack table and they put Konnan on the lower table. Grunge heads up top but Jimmy Hart pulls Konnan out and Grunge crashes through both tables and careens into the safety rail. Morrus is choking Rock in the ring and Konnan sets up a table backwards in the corner. Rock hits a springboard moonsault on both men for a near fall. Konnan powerbombs Rock as the trainer is out to check on Grunge. Konnan and Morrus try and sandwich Rock, but he ducks and they collide. Rock sets the table up right in the ring and he puts Konnan on it. Rock heads up top but Morrus stops him and then superplexes him off the top and through Konnan who was on the table. That was a nasty spot. Morrus covers Rock and gets the win. And with that win, Konnan and Morrus move to Slamboree to battle the Steiners. Grade: 2.5

– We are back from break and live from Lakeland for this abbreviated episode of Nitro. We get our opening pyro and then head back to the ring.

2) Syxx defeats Rey Mysterio, Jr. with the Buzzkiller to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at :53

As Rey makes his way out, we get footage from two weeks ago when Rey nearly beat Syxx for the Cruiserweight title but Kevin Nash eventually got involved and cost Rey the match. The NWO music fires up and Syxx, Nash and Hall make their way out, but Syxx is in jeans and not in tights. They get in the ring and Syxx jumps Rey before the bell. He nails him with some kicks but Rey is able to crotch him on the Bronco Buster attempt. He pounds away at Syxx and then dropkicks both Nash and Hall as they try to get in the ring. Nash distracts the ref and Hall slugs him from behind and then hits him with the Outsider Edge. Syxx locks in the Buzzkiller and gets the quick win as Rey is out cold. Grade: .5

– As Syxx celebrates, JJ Dillon and Nick Patrick along with a hoard of referees come hustling down the aisle and to the ring. They are followed by Eric Bischoff and the rest of the NWO. JJ threatens Syxx to break the hold or the decision will be reversed. Bischoff says that Dillon needs to back off and that he has no power or stroke. Syxx finally releases the hold and then gets in Dillon’s face. He tells JJ that he better not think he is going to pull the same crap here that he did for McMahon. Nash said he had enough of Dillon in New York and he has one coming. The argument continues as we go to break.

– We are back and visiting with Lee Marshall who is in Baltimore preparing for next week’s show. Everyone from Camden Yards down to the Naval Academy is getting ready for Nitro from the Baltimore Arena. Baltimore is always the epicenter of WCW excitement, so be sure not to be left out. The city is called “Charm City” and is the birthplace of Babe Ruth, Montel Williams and Edgar Allen Poe and is the home of the Ravens, not the Weasels. Next Monday, when someone offers Bobby Heenan some Chesapeake blue crabs, that is a good thing. And that is it for this week’s 1-800-COLLECT road report. Bobby says he is going to knock Marshall out as the NWO music hits once again and Hollywood Hogan is in the house. He is flanked by Eric Bischoff and they strut out to the ring. Tony says the NWO has dominated this show, one that is being run by JJ Dillon. This is the first time we have seen Hogan in a while now. Hogan poses as Eric marvels in it. Eric says that Hogan has been busy making films but the phones have been melting in the NWO Headquarters and people want to know when Hogan is going to beat up Sting. Hogan has the Wolfpac in the back and they will take care of Flair, Piper and Greene for him. Hogan has been making money and buying land. The crowd is calling for Sting and Hogan is not impressed. Hogan says that week after week, even he realizes how hard it is to be Hollywood. Each week, you have Piper, Flair, DDP all calling Hogan out. However, Hollywood wants the big dog, because that is how they do things. So, with that said, he calls out Sting right here, right now. They look to the skies, but no sign of Sting. Hogan says that this just goes to show that once a god, always a god. He poses some more and that is that for this piece of business. Bobby notes that Hogan named everyone except Lex Luger. Tony says that Luger was injured at the hands of the NWO in Japan, but he is scheduled for action later tonight.

– We are back from commercial and Gene Okerlund brings out Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly to chat in the aisle. They said Page couldn’t beat Savage at Spring Stampede, but he did it. Page says he grew up in the bar business and he was in more bar fights than he can remember, but the Spring Stampede match was a brawl he had never been in. However, that match was a defining moment for him and he defined Savage in the match. Kimberly says she was behind Page through it all but now Savage is walking around saying she is obsessed with him. Kim laughs it off and says that it is obvious the man has a one track mind but the traffic on it is very light. We now hear the melodious tones of Randy Savage’s voice and see than he and Liz are up in the Uecker seats. Savage says that what Kim says is a lie and says that everyone wants the Macho Man. He tells Kim to quit calling and writing him and says she wishes she had the Macho Man. Page has two words: Diamond Cutter. Savage says if he weren’t hurt, he would come down now and kick Page’s ass.

3) Jeff Jarrett defeats Alex Wright by submission with the Figure Four at 1:24

As Page and Kim head off, Jeff Jarrett and Debra make their way to the ring for our next match. Jarrett armdrags Wright to start and then struts a bit. He grabs a side headlock and takes Wright down with a swinging neckbreaker. Wright cartwheels past a Jarrett back drop attempt and lands a dropkick. He works Jeff over with some fists in the corner as the announcers talk about Sting. Debra hops on the apron and distracts the ref and Wright decides to dance for her, allowing Jarrett to chop block him. Jarrett locks in the Figure Four and gets the win. Jarrett will challenge Dean Malenko for the US Championship at Slamboree. Grade: .5

4) Glacier defeats Lizmark, Jr. with the Cryonic Kick at :17

We are back from break and Glacier is making his way out, sans helmet. Lizmark wins the lockup but Glacier is able to duck under Lizmark, who back flipped off the middle rope off a whip. Glacier nails the Cryonic Kick and picks up the super fast win. Grade: .5

– As Glacier celebrates, Mortis and Vandenberg hit the ring and Mortis hammers away at Glacier. The giant man follows out and he just stands behind Glacier as he turns the tables on Mortis. Mortis reverses a whip and sends him right into the arms of his partner, who drills Glacier with a Urinage. He pounds away at Glacier and Mortis hits the Flatliner, which is a Samoan drop from the middle rope. Mortis heads up top as his partner drapes Glacier across the top rope. Mortis comes off the top with his staff and smacks Glacier in the back with it. They continue hammering Glacier with the staff and they stand tall alongside Vandenberg, who holds up Glacier’s helmet. Larry says Glacier needs help from a friend as we go to break.

– When we return, we are set for Main Event action as Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri head down to the ring. Giant makes his way out alone and it seems like the Luger injury rumors mentioned by Tony earlier just may be true. Giant grabs a mic and says that Luger is not here tonight, but he does have a partner for tonight: Diamond Dallas Page. Page and Kim head out but as they are in the aisle they notice Savage and Liz standing off to the side. Page grabs Savage’s crutch and is about to nail him, but Savage pulls Liz in front and holds her there. Page tries to get around Liz, but Hogan comes up from behind and smacks Page with another crutch repeatedly. Hogan works Page over as Savage holds Kim by the hair. The rest of the NWO hits the ring and they all start beating down Giant and Harlem Heat with the crutches. The crowd is calling for Sting as the assault continues. Ric Flair and Kevin Greene hit the ring, but the NWO overwhelm them and Syxx actually locks the Figure Four on Flair. Piper hits the ring, but they dominate him as well. Kimberly and Page are both out on the floor and Savage and Hogan head to the announce table as the carnage continues. Hogan says that it is safe to say that the NWO with the Madness, Hollywood and the Wolfpac, everything is under control. Savage says his leg feels better and they laugh at Piper behind put to sleep by Nash. Hogan calls out Sting and Savage says it is great to have Hogan back in the house. They continue to laugh about things and crack jokes about Kimberly as we fade out.

Final Analysis

This week’s episode was another quick and dirty one as the show was again shortened by the NBA playoffs. That didn’t stop them from loading the show with angle development and major plot points though. The matches this week were all short and low in action, but the surrounding angles were pretty well done. The opening promo with Flair, Piper and Greene was good stuff and they continue to a great job of pushing their upcoming war with the NWO. This is definitely their best built up main event match in the last few months. The opener was a good brawl and the Dungeon member pick up a nice win and move on to a bout with the Steiners at the PPV. The NWO continue to wreak havoc and they sent Rey Mysterio to the hospital this week and then really made a statement later in the show with Hogan’s promo and the great beat down to end the show. I actually miss Hogan the weeks he isn’t on as he adds a lot of excitement to the mix and I like how he worked with Savage to beat down Page and Kim. Page was actually elevated quite nicely this week just by being involved with Giant and by being attacked by Hogan. The show flew by because they jammed so much into the hour and the NWO was just great throughout. I am getting pretty excited for Slamboree as they continue to really build the card nicely. Final Grade: B

MVP: New World Order
Runner Up: Diamond Dallas Page
Non MVP: Rey Mysterio
Runner Up: Glacier

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