The Voice vs. Hulk Hogan

Written by: Bob Colling

The Voice vs. Hulk Hogan
Hosted by:
Michael Schiavello

Michael opens up the interview standing outside the Pontiac Silverdome and talks about the WrestleMania III main event between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. He notes that Hogan slammed Andre at the event and says that tonight he will be interviewing the Hulkster.

For this interview, Michael has dyed his facial hair similar to Hogan’s trademark goatee. Hogan jokes that Michael just committed trademark infringement. Hogan tells Michael to use a fan next time to avoid any of the chemicals from getting in his face.

Hogan talks about slamming Andre and how the fans were expecting something huge for the match. Hogan claims that Andre was closer to 700lbs and was in serious pain after having back surgery. He remembers asking Andre what he wanted to for the match but Andre didn’t want Hogan to worry about it. Hogan says that Andre told him to slam him and after he slammed Andre he tore his arm up pretty good. He calls Andre a very unselfish person because he didn’t have to do that for him.

Michael asks if it’s true that Hogan has shrunk due to the surgeries. Hogan states that it is true and goes into a story about how his mother would measure him. He was 6’7’’ when she first measured him. Thirty years later he was measured at being 6’4’’. He is a little bit over 6’5’’ now after having another spinal surgery. He believes it is because he landed on his butt with his finisher. He would’ve used the sleeper hold if he had known the damage a leg drop would’ve had on him.

Hogan recalls being an annoying fan who would follow the wrestlers and recalls having his leg broken by his trainer Hiro Matsuda on the first day of training. He was out for several weeks but came back. He learned moves then that aren’t used nowadays.

Michael brings up Hogan’s match with the Undertaker at Survivor Series 1991. Hogan talks about a neck injury he suffered despite his head never hitting the mat. He doesn’t have feeling in his hands still and notes that it wasn’t anyone’s fault but rather his neck wasn’t strong enough.

Bash at the Beach 1996 is brought up. Hogan recalls meeting with Bischoff and Turner and mentioned that he should turn into a bad guy because the numbers had flatten out. Hogan talks about Bobby Heenan ruining the moment when he said “what side is he on?”He feels like it took away a little bit of the magic. It was a lot of fun playing the heel role.

Michael discusses how Hogan got the ring name Hulk Hogan. Hogan talks about going to the Incredible Hulk series and how people noticed that he was bigger than Lou Ferrigno. So, when he went back to work people called him Terry “The Hulk” Boulder.

Hogan talks about how he didn’t believe that Sylvester Stallone called him to be in Rocky III. He thought it was just a rib when Gorilla Monsoon gave him a notice. He eventually got the part and didn’t get paid for it. Hogan tells a story about Sylvester telling him to hit him as hard as he could and he gave 50%. Sylvester went down to Hogan’s boots and came up bleeding but he loved it.

Michael asks when did Hulkamania begin. Hogan mentions that before he went to the WWF, he was doing the Hulkamania gimmick in AWA that was getting over pretty well. He knew that if it got on a larger scale it would last for a long time.
Michael asks if it’s true that Sheik was supposed to break Hogan’s leg. Hogan says that Sheik says he was and tells a story about how Verne Gagne was upset about Hogan leaving because no one had ever done that. According to Sheik, he was offered $100,000 to break Hogan’s leg. Michael notes how crazy Sheik is with him doing lines of cocaine. Hogan mentions how Sheik thought it was good when he would test positive on drug tests.

Michael turns the interview towards WrestleMania history. He first talks about the first WrestleMania. Hogan remembers a lot of jealously at the event because no one knew what Vince McMahon was doing. He names Dave Schultz as a guy who took credit for the event and for bringing in Mr. T, but Hogan mentions that it was all McMahon’s idea. Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper both had the mindset to protect the business and were going to hurt Mr. T, but Hogan had a conversation with them to prevent anything like that from happening. Hogan says that they knew they had hit a homerun after the event. He says that he and McMahon were a great team when they were together.

Michael asks about what kind of person Andre the Giant was. Hogan talks about the Bad News Brown story where Andre supposedly called Brown the “n word” but Hogan says that is not true. Hogan recalls Andre saying a joke that had the “n word” involved. Brown took exception to it and muttered something before going into his man purse to get something but Andre told Brown that he would shove any kind of weapon up his ass. Hogan talks about how Andre wouldn’t be able to fit in the bathrooms in Japan and would need to use the bathroom in the tub or on his bed. Hogan talks about taking the brute of the punishment from Andre for the first eight years of knowing Andre. Once Hogan smartened up and respected the business he became friends with Andre. “There was never a time where Andre could be comfortable…” due to his size. Hogan mentions how Andre was another guy who shrunk during his career.

Michael brings up WrestleMania V where Hogan wrestled Randy Savage for the WWF World Championship. Hogan says that he made more money with Savage than anyone else. He praises Savage’s work on his character and was strictly business. Outside the business, Savage would blame Hogan for everything. He recalls Savage was very paranoid when it came to Miss Elizabeth. Hogan mentions that Savage is remarried and did a Legends deal with the WWE but made them come to his house because he didn’t want leave his house.

Hogan talks about WrestleMania VI where he wrestled the Ultimate Warrior, who got so tired after only five minutes of their match that he wanted to “go home”, meaning to end the match. Michaels notes how that the match was supposed to be the passing of the torch from Hogan to Warrior. Hogan says that was supposed to be the beginning of the end for Hulkamania. Michael mentions several good wrestlers who never attained the fame that Hogan earned. Hogan says that everyone runs differently with the ball and its not just in the ring but also outside the ring.

WrestleMania XVIII is brought up with the Rock. Hogan knew that he was going to be turned into a babyface at the event. He recalls hitting Rock with a hammer and trying to murder him with a eighteen semi truck. However, it didn’t work and the fans ended up siding with Hogan.

Michael brings up Hogan’s great ability to blade. Hogan says there isn’t any secret and it all depends where you keep the blade. He kept the blade in his mouth while others keep it in their fingers or wrist or even have referees drop it on the mat. He never cut his mouth with the blade and even left the blade in his mouth for a couple days!

He will take advantage of being Hulk Hogan because his gimmick is always there. Hogan likes to have fun with being Hogan.

They play a game:
Honky Tonk Man: Knockout
Jesse Ventura: Chokeout
Shawn Michaels: Wedgie
Vince McMahon: Sit down for a bowl of shrimp

Michael talks about Jesse Ventura and his rocky relationship with Hogan. Hogan says that Ventura worked on main event in the WWF and spent one day in Japan. He hears that people believe that Ventura is jealous of him. He doesn’t believe Honky Tonk Man is jealous, but is rather just a shit disturber.

If his wrestling collection was burned, the one match he would want to survive would be his match against Andre.

Hogan would still do the Hogan Knows Best show because he thought the show would save his marriage.

He would choose to have a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin if he was still in his prime. He knows a lot of people wanted to see him wrestle Austin but it never happened.

Hogan says Randy Savage was his best opponent.

Hogan praises Gorilla Monsoon for being a real pro and a standup guy. He mentioned how Monsoon lost to him in thirty eight seconds.

Miss Elizabeth is brought up and Hogan says that she made Savage’s career. Without her, Savage wouldn’t have gotten as big as he did.

He considers Ric Flair to be the greatest wrestler of all time. He says that Flair loves the business and protects the business.

He misses Rick Rude and was a real good friend. The same is said for Mr. Perfect.

Hogan talks about wrestlers dying young and doesn’t believe that has affected him. He has always pulled up short when it comes to using drugs. He has always been around the 300lbs mark and didn’t need to use drugs to enhance that. He gets his blood check every 3-6 months depending on the situation. He isn’t afraid of dying young because of the lifestyle.

Hogan talks about being 38 years old and thinking about ending his career just as his house was being built. He was going to retire approx in 1991. He never planned his career going this long but doesn’t regret it.

He believes that everything he has gone through was worth it in the long run. “I believe I still have a lot to do.”

To close out the interview they both rip their shirts.

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