3PW Legends Collide 3/29/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling presents Legends Collide
From: Philadelphia, PA

Before I start the show, let me just say that 3PW is still having their show at a bar. I believe they ended up having some kind of issue with XPW and the ECW Arena so they couldn’t have their shows there for a number of months. The camera angle is still a pain in the ass to deal with.

There looks to be a lot of empty seats.

Opening Contest: Josh Daniels defeated Damien Adams:
These guys teamed last month and now are wrestling each other. There really isn’t any kind of story for this match happening. Daniels competes a lot similar to Chris Benoit and has a very similar build to him as well. Adams displayed some nice offense hitting a nasty double leg slam out of the corner. Whenever they would get a good move in, they would follow up with a boring rest hold. For instance, Adams drop toe holds Daniels face first into the corner and goes right to a sleeper hold. Daniels dangerously drops Adams on his head with a release German suplex. Daniels’s offense is really just any version of a suplex which just adds to the similarities of Chris Benoit. A very nice finish sees Daniels counter a top rope hurricanrana with a middle rope sit down power bomb to get the win! *3/4

Second Contest: The Hit Squad defeated Blue Meanie/Roadkill:
The result of this match shouldn’t be considered a surprise because the Hit Squad were really dominate at this point in time. I don’t really have any interest in Blue Meanie whatsoever. He runs 3PW so he is pretty much on the under card every show, even though he doesn’t provide any kind of entertainment. They brawl to open the match, with Meanie and Roadkill actually getting the upper hand which was kind of surprising to see. Mack crushes Meanie up against the railing after diving off the apron. After delivering a side walk slam, Roadkill jokingly spanks Mack. Mafia takes Mack and Roadkill out with a suicide dive. Roadkill misses a dive off the apron and hits the guard railing. Roadkill is double teamed for a few moments as the Squad show off some nice double team moves. Meanie gets the hot tag, but his offense doesn’t last long at all. Late in the bout, Roadkill hit a TKO on Mafia, who sold it incorrectly but only gets a two count. Meanie is pinned after a top rope frog splash by Mack while Mafia had Meanie in a frog splash. *1/2

Before the next match, Joey Matthews cut a promo about tonight being his return to 3PW. He believes it would’ve been smarter booking to have him in the main event. Striker chimes in and says that the main event would take away from Matthews winning the 3PW Heavyweight Championship. Striker cuts a promo to get the fans behind him, which I don’t think worked all that much since he is a heel, but he is in denial of that fact.

Third Contest: “Hot Stuff” Matt Striker defeated Rockin Rebel:
This month, Striker came out parodying Eddie Gilbert. It could come as no surprise that this was a comedy match. Striker tried for the claw, but Rebel turned it around on him. Striker realized that it actually doesn’t hurt. Striker hit a heart punch and the polish hammer, but they again had no affect on Rebel. Striker connected with a Kamala big splash for a one count and kicked every body part on Rebel like Ronnie Garvin. In between the comedy skits, Striker is able to get some decent offense in but it’s really not all that great. Joey Matthews enters the ring to hit Rebel with an illegal object as the referee was distracted and Striker gets the three count. ½*

Fourth Contest: Balls Mahoney defeated Nosawa in a falls count anywhere match:
they actually start the match off with several mat wrestling based moves and wrestling moves. While they did that, the match was pretty uninteresting since neither man is really known for their ability to actually wrestle. Nosawa introduces the weapons into the match by using a pizza cutter on Mahoney’s forehead, which obviously busted Mahoney open. Mahoney returns the slices to Nosawa’s forehead with the pizza cutter. At this point, roughly seven minutes into the match, they are only using a pizza cutter as a weapon. Mahoney introduces a table to the match doesn’t use it quickly. Nosawa delivered a couple of kicks but Mahoney blocked a shining wizard so he could hit the Nutcracker Suite for a two count! Nosawa is really losing blood as he sets another table up. Mahoney super kicks Nosawa on the table but gets crotched on the top rope. They completely botched a top rope hurricanrana spot. Mahoney nearly wins following a top rope leg drop through the table. Mahoney grabs Nosawa on the apron to connect with the Nut Cracker Suite through a table on the floor! *1/4

Fifth Contest: Homicide defeated Xavier:
They start off with some mat wrestling, which neither man looked all that comfortable doing. Homicide takes Xavier out on the floor with a somersault dive. He gets a near fall on Xavier back in the ring following an ace crusher. Homicide really controls Xavier early on with a series of boots in the corner and exploder suplex for a near fall. Xavier completely no sells a top rope hurricanrana to deliver a spear to Homicide’s back followed by a back breaker and a back suplex. That was a nice series of moves, despite the no sell. Xavier puts Homicide in a dragon sleeper whole having a surfboard submission hold locked in! Xavier gets out of the Cop Killa to connect with a Back Stabber before putting Homicide in a camel clutch. Homicide ends up fighting back with a boot to the face on the floor and whacks Xavier over the back with a chair. Back in the ring, Xavier hits a gut buster and a hard power bomb but doesn’t get the three count! Homicide leaps off the middle rope to plant Xavier with a tornado DDT and comes off the top with a double stomp for a two count! Xavier blocks a second lariat to hit a pump handle sit out slam and hits a top rope 450 splash but Homicide reached the ropes! Seconds later, Homicide is able to hit the Cop Killa to win the bout. **1/2

Sixth Contest: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Gary Wolfe defeated Joey Matthews to retain the title: Matthews has really become the top heel guy in 3PW and plays the role really well. Wolfe used his power early on to toss Matthews around the ring. Matthews went to the floor and began to work out for a few moments. Matthews tosses a few chairs into the ring but is whacked over the head with one by Wolfe, so that didn’t work according to plan. Wolfe uses Raven’s offense of dropping Matthews face first into a steel chair with a drop toe hold. Matthews gains the upper hand when Striker trips Wolfe while running the ropes. Matthews nearly wins the title following a top rope clothesline but is stopped by Wolfe with a spine buster moments later. Wolfe is dumped to the floor where Striker gets a few cheap shots in. They brawl on the floor until Wolfe leaps off the apron to elbow drop Matthews through a table. Back in the ring, Matthews fights back with several right hands while Striker sets up a table on the floor. Wolfe splashes Matthews in the corner before connecting with a delayed vertical suplex. Striker gets on the apron to distract the referee and they work on Wolfe. Matthews accidentally knocks Striker off the apron and through the table. Wolfe counters a neck breaker attempt with the Death Valley Driver to pin Matthews. **

Seventh Contest: Jasmine St. Claire defeated Missy Hyatt in a bra and panties match: Special referee Todd Gordon found St. Claire hare sneaked several weapons under her dress. Both ladies get their clothing stripped off with Claire doing so first and leaves Hyatt leaving. It appears that St. Claire has formed an alliance with Gordon as well.

Main Event: Terry Funk defeated Abdullah the Butcher and Dusty Rhodes in a Last Man Standing match:
What would you expect from seeing three guys who can barely still compete? I should give Funk some credit as he could still deliver decent brawls but the other two guys? Not so much. The match literally consisted of nothing but punches, fork shots, chair shots and elbow smashes. It was such a crappy main event that I am sitting here laughing that people actually went to see those three. Who was suppose to carry that match to being respectable? The finish was dumb as Funk dropped to his knees at a nine count, but still won despite Rhodes standing up right behind the referee. Rhodes didn’t like the decision and hit the referee with a biotic elbow. DUD
After the match, they all brawled briefly before the DVD comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
If Josh Daniels is put in the ring with someone who knows how to follow up on good action, he will be part of good matches in 3PW. For some reason I’d like to see him wrestle Homicide or Xavier. Hell, put him in the ring with Matthews again. Daniels can really put on a good show, I know he can.

Striker wasn’t all that funny this month and thus the comedy match with Rebel really didn’t entertain me at all.

I was really expecting a blood bath with Mahoney/Nosawa, which it ended up being, but it wasn’t any good. Aside from the finish, it was quite boring and repetitive.

Homicide/Xavier was the match of the night, but it wasn’t all that good either. It was nice to see the Cop Killa finish used, though.

I was rooting for Matthews to the win the title because he is one of the few bright spots in 3PW. I can’t imagine that Gary Wolfe is the best pick to be the heavyweight champion.

As I stated before, the main event was boring and nothing else needs to be said about that, really.

Overall, there is no need to check this out. I know it’s still sold by Smart Mark Video and I believe it’s for a rather cheap price. Even at its lowest price, it’s not worth it.

Thanks for reading.

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