WCW Halloween Havoc 1997 10/26/1997

Written by: Matt Peddycord

Halloween Havoc ‘97
October 26, 1997
Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand Arena

ALRIGHT! Let’s go back to NINE years ago to a much simpler time in wrestling. The nWo angle had been going in WCW for over 16 months and by this point even as an eleven year-old kid at the time, I wondered, “ What was it going to take to bring these nWo guys down and leave my beloved WCW alone?!” Here is Halloween Havoc 1997 as I see it.

Your Hosts are Tony, Dusty, Bobby & Mikey!

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Onoo) vs. Ultimo Dragon

I LOVE JAPANESE GUYS! This feud was really between Dragon & Onoo than Dragon & Nagata. Onoo, of course, brought Dragon into WCW a year prior to this event actually, but turned on him and now Nagata is Onoo’s “hired assassin”. Bobby calls Yuji, “Yogi” and I laugh. This is a clash of styles to say the least as Nagata is a heavyweight and Dragon, well, isn’t. But let’s see how this goes down! Nagata starts out as though he wants to trade kicks with Dragon, but when Dragon goes to kick, he catches his foot and spins him around in a waistlock. Yuji slaps on a side headlock, Dragon shoots him off into the ropes and they collide to a stand still. Dragon comes off the ropes again, ducks a clothesline and then knocks Nagata down with a shoulderblock. Dragon evades a kick or two from Nagata, and gets a nice leg trip. Nagata catches Dragon running and powers him over in a modified t-bone. Nagata whips Dragon into the corner and Dragon does his patented head-stand on the turnbuckle mule kick. Why would you fall for that? Dragon punishes Nagata with the awesome stiff-kick combo that he’s famous for. Nagata catches Dragon off the ropes into a reverse chinlock, and then goes to rip off his mask. Dragon comes back with a back suplex, but it’s not enough to keep Nagata down. Nagata back up with some SSSSSTIFF kicks to the back of Dragon, and then goes to a camel clutch. He doesn’t hold onto that for too long though, as he gets up and taunts the crowd. Nagata picks up Dragon and drops him with a piledriver for two. Dragon tries to block a vertical suplex, but after three tries, Nagata gets what he wants. Nagata gets a one count off of that and goes back to the reverse chinlock. Nagata releases the hold and begins to kick Dragon so hard, it’s got to hurt his own leg! Dragon is just begging him to kick him again and again. Big mistake, because Dragon catches his leg and gets the dragon screw leg whip on Nagata! Now Dragon comes back with some kicks to the back, which sent Nagata rolling out to the floor. Dragon tries a pescado, but Nagata catches him on the way down with a SSSSTIFF KICK to the sternum! While these two take a breather, we catch a glimpse of Raven and his flock coming down to sit at his ringside seats. Meanwhile, Dragon sends Nagata into the safety rail nice and HARD. ASAI MOONSAULT! The crowd chants, “Dragon!” Back in, Dragon whips Nagata into the opposite corner and tries for the handspring back elbow, but Nagata stops that with a knee to the back! NICE. Nagata sets Dragon up top for a superplex, but Dragon fights it off and goes for a sunset flip powerbomb! AND…IT…IS…GOOD! That gets a near-fall and the crowd sighs in disappointment. You people think this match is exciting, just wait until a little bit later. Dragon goes up for a moonsault and connects, and that gets another near-fall. Both men up as Dragon chops Nagata back into the corner. He sets Nagata up top for a hurracanrana to finish. Nagata doesn’t want that to happen, so he takes Dragon by the arm and slams it across the steel-connector on the turnbuckle. Back in, more SSSSTIFF kicks by Nagata! Nagata begins to work on the arm and the shoulder, but then decides a release belly-to-belly might be fun and gets a near-fall. NAGATA-LOCK? What the crap? Dragon easily makes the ropes. The commentators (actually just the smarter ones; Heenan & Tenay) are baffled by Nagata’s reasoning for that? Nagata tries for a powerbomb, but Dragon rolls off his shoulders and locks in the DRAGON SLEEPER! Dragon used the injured arm however, and can’t lock it in as well as he would have liked. Dragon nails an enziguri and both men are down. They chop each other on their knees and Dragon stands up and begins to kick away at Nagata. OHH SNAP! Dragon sets Nagata up top for the ‘rana to finish, and he pulls it off! Dragon’s arm is bothering him so much, he just sits there holding his injured arm and doesn’t cover Nagata. Dragon goes for the DRAGON SLEEPER with the injured arm, which makes it all the more easy for Nagata to counter that into a Kurasawa armbar. Dragon has no other choice but to tap. (9:51) This was a great match, but I couldn’t give it four stars due to the Nagata-lock foolishness. Post-match, Nagata and Onoo “break” Dragon’s arm and then Nagata sticks a lot of yen in his mouth given to him by Onoo, because he’s his “hired assassin”. You know, if they really wanted to get Nagata over with the peeps, they could’ve showed clips of him going around Vegas spending his money in casinos and strip joints in hilarious Japanese fashion! Or not. ***½

Gedo vs. Chris Jericho

This is Gedo’s WCW debut, which is odd to stick an unknown to WCW fans on one of the biggest PPV’s of the year like this. From what I hear, these two know each other very well from Jericho’s WAR days in Japan, so this should be good. During Gedo’s entrance, they show Raven’s flock with Stevie Richards holding a sign that says, “OOOH THAT’S SCARY!” and he mouths what it says. It made me laugh. It’s a shame he got replaced by Lodi in the flock, because he was ten times funnier and 3,000 times less gay. But anyways! HERE COMES THE LIONHEART! OOOH YEAH! Gedo’s an ugly man, by the way. They lock up and go into the corner, so Gedo gets in a shot to the face. Jericho is already pissed, so Gedo goes to the apron for a breather. Back in, he grins like an idiot. Jericho kips up out of an arm wringer, and returns the favor into a hammerlock. Tenay talks about Gedo’s big win over Benoit in the 1995 Super J tournament, but then mentions about him losing in the finals against Jushin Liger. Gedo also has wins over Chris Jericho & Syxx (now known as X-Pac, but known as Lightning Kid in his Japan days). Jericho with a reverse back kick takes Gedo down. Gedo is holding his jaw and rolls out to the floor. He gets pissed at the crowd who doesn’t care for Gedo at all. Back in, Jericho meets him coming in with a beatdown. Jericho takes Gedo into the ropes and catches him with a back elbow. Jericho takes Gedo down with a stalling vertical suplex to a nice little pop from the crowd. That gets a two-count. Jericho ties Gedo up in the ropes and chops away. Jericho’s whip into the ropes is reversed, but Jericho comes back with a shoulderblock. Gedo back up, he tosses Jericho, but he “skins-the-cat” back in, only to get clotheslined back out. Gedo goes out, and just brings Jericho back in. Gedo drops him with a powerslam for a near-fall. Gedo eats boot off a charge in the corner, but comes back with a snap powerslam, which gets two near-falls. Gedo’s looking pretty frustrated, so he decides to lock in a sleeper. Gedo’s not very tall or very muscular for that matter, as Jericho lifts Gedo up on his back and falls down on him. Jericho runs Gedo down a hard clothesline, and then gets the DOUBLE POWERBOMB for a two-count! Jericho takes Gedo to the top rope, and then decides to do the same by going for a JERICHO SPIKE (top-rope Frankensteiner) and blows it badly. OUCH. And the cliché thing to say here would be, “That’s why it’s called a high-risk move, folks!” Jericho covers for a two-count and then Gedo rolls out to the floor. Jericho slingshots out to the floor, and Gedo dropkicks him in the abs! Man, it’s just not a good night for launching yourself onto Japanese people. You try it, and you just get kicked for it! Back in, they go through a series of swing and misses until Gedo drops Jericho knee-first onto the mat. I’m not sure what they were going for there, but it didn’t happen the way it should’ve. Gedo goes up top and falls victim to the Liontamer (Walls of Jericho) for the tap out victory! (7:18) Everything went down hill after the Frankensteiner botch, but overall it wasn’t too bad. **½

Mean Gene is standing by in the locker room with Debra (Queen of WCW). Debra talks about some big surprise that is supposed to stop by in the Mongo/Wright match later that night. She says people have been talking and saying, “Is it Jeff Jarrett? Is it Michael Cook? Some people have even asked is it Steven Seagal?” Speaking of Steven Seagal, Mongo stops by and runs off at the mouth about credit cards and wedding rings. Okerlund says this is something that shouldn’t be settled in WCW, and I couldn’t agree more.

WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. – “Mask vs. Title”

Now here is what I’m talking about when I said earlier, “Just wait until later…” This is Eddie at his overall HEELISH peak. You can just look at Eddie and hate him. VERY few heels are THAT good at being heels as Eddie in fall-1997. Eddie swears he’s going to rip Rey’s mask right off his head! Eddie swings, Rey ducks, and we’re off! Rey gets caught out of a quebrada, and turns it into a beautiful arm drag! Rey sends Eddie to the floor, comes off the ropes, and flips over the ropes onto the apron in front of Eddie. Eddie takes him by the shins and just throws him down to the floor! YEEEOW! Eddie takes Rey to the other side of the ring and flings him head first into the steel steps. Back in, Eddie connects with a slingshot senton across the Rey’s lower back. Eddie brings Rey up just to break him back down to the mat. Extremely loud “Eddie sucks!” chants start up. While that bothers Eddie, Rey comes back with a perfect dropkick. Rey handsprings right onto Eddie’s shoulders and Eddie turns it into a back suplex. Eddie delivers a stalling brainbuster, and covers for a near-fall. Eddie follows up with the sickest tilt-a-whirl back breaker ever for another near-fall. Eddie starts to RIP at the eyehole of Rey’s mask, while applying an ab stretch! Eddie turns that into a crazy pumphandle backbreaker for another near-fall. More LOUD “Eddie sucks!” chants. Eddie has Rey down on the mat in a knucklelock on both hands, trying to keep the shoulders down for a pin. While in this position, Eddie jumps up as fall back down on Rey, but Rey gets the feet up. The momentum from that takes Rey to the top rope, in order to a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT DDT! Mind-blowingly awesome. A Rey dropkick sends Eddie flying out to the floor. Rey springboards, but catches himself in time and lands on the apron after he sees Eddie slide back in the ring. Eddie dropkicks him off and goes out to get him. Eddie sends him HARD into the safety rail, and back in they go. Eddie continues to rip at the mask in a reverse chinlock hold. After that, Eddie locks in the Gory Special! Rey quickly gets loose and arm drags right out of it, but whiffs on a dropkick. Eddie follows that up and dropkicks Rey square on the back of the neck. Again, YEEEOW! Eddie picks up Rey in a shoulder breaker position and just drops to his knees for a backbreaker. Eddie follows that with half-crab/armbar type submission hold in which he locks his hands together while holding those two submissions, along with his knee digging in his back. I just really don’t know a name for this one. Could it be a half-surfboard perhaps? I don’t know. I don’t even think Mike Tenay knows, because he didn’t say. Eddie relinquishes the hold and sends Rey into the ropes, and returns with a running dropkick for a two count. They brawl in the corner with Rey ultimately getting the upper hand. This just pisses Eddie OFF and he takes Rey by his full-body wrestling attire and just throws him in the opposite corner. Rey gets hung up in the corner, or properly called, the Tree of Woe which is just easy pickings for an open Eddie dropkick to the gut. Eddie goes to the other side of the ring, and charges back at Rey as if to try another dropkick. Rey lifts up and Eddie hits the ringpost, crotch first, much to the delight of the crowd. Eddie is on the floor after that, so Rey decides to leap off the turnbuckle and onto Eddie! This match is too amazing. Back into the ring, Rey comes off the ropes, almost gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl, but he lands on his feet. Rey STANDING VERTICAL LEAPS and gets a picture-perfect ‘rana for the closest near-fall of the NIGHT. Eddie immediately shoots back up and catches Rey with a clothesline. Rey is back up, tries another quebrada, but Eddie moves and Rey lands on his feet. Rey then proceeds to single-handedly headscissors Eddie back out to the floor! Rey hits a somersault plancha, and then keeps it going by turning it into a ‘rana on the floor! Back in, Rey goes up and connects with a corkscrew moonsault for two! Rey sets up Eddie for a split-legged moonsault off the ropes, NOT in the turnbuckle like RVD, but it hits Eddie’s knees. Eddie hoists Rey up and DEATH POWERBOMBS Rey for an UNBELIEVABLE NEAR-FALL! Eddie takes Rey to the corner, and then charges. Rey catches Eddie and tosses him face-first into the top turnbuckle, and then spin-wheel kicks him down. Rey goes for a springboard move, but Eddie catches him and drops his back across his knee! Eddie calls for the FROG SPLASH! He goes up, but catches himself in mid-air and rolls through on the mat as Rey avoids the move. Rey charges at Eddie in the corner, in which Rey gets lifted up onto the top turnbuckle. Eddie cuts his feet out from under him, as Rey lands on the turnbuckle. Eddie tries for Splash Mountain, but Rey counters into a ‘rana for the pin and the title! (13:50) THE best WCW singles match ever. *****

Hogan and Bischoff mention that since Turner and Co. has people coming down from the rafters and attacking Hogan and making it an unsafe working environment, he will not wrestle Piper tonight until WCW makes them a contract stating that Sting will not be in the building. Blah, blah, blah.

Steve McMichael vs. Alex Wright (w/Debra)

See, this is “sneaky” because- nevermind. You’ll find out here by the end of the paragraph. I hate hearing the bell sound, knowing that a match is going to suck. They trade arm wringers, which ends in a Mongo scoop slam. Wright rolls out to the floor to stall for time. Back in, Alex starts to jaw with the fans. Thirty seconds later, they lock up and Mongo hooks on a headlock. Wright escapes and stands there. Wright goes back to “working” the arm in a not-so-painful fashion. Moments later, Mongo does the same. Wright comes back with European forearms. You know what; do you REALLY want the play-by-play for THIS? I didn’t think so. Here’s the finish: Mongo hits the tombstone piledriver, Debra gets up on the apron to distract the ref, and Goldberg makes his PPV debut appearance by entering the ring. This is “sneaky” because Goldberg is actually the surprise. Mongo decides it would be bright to go over and talk with Debra who is standing with the ref at the moment! Mongo turns around and gets speared two feet BESIDE the ref! Ref Charles Robinson obviously knows what’s going down right now, but “plays it cool”. Goldberg jackhammers Mongo, picks up Alex Wright and kindly places him on top for the three-count. (6:27) This wasn’t even WCW Pro-good. CRAP

Now we have Savage & Elizabeth in the nWo locker room talks about Slim Jims and snapping into it after he beats DDP.

WCW World Television Champion Disco Inferno vs. Jacquelyn – non-title match

I remember as an eleven-year old thinking that this was STUPID. Disco stalls for like, EVER because he’s skeered of her. After around three minutes of stalling, I can’t make out whether or not the crowd is chanting, “Disco sucks” or “This match sucks”? It doesn’t really matter though, because both are true. They make contact around six minutes in for a couple punches only to have Disco roll out to the floor. He makes like he’s leaving the arena, but Jackie follows him out and nails him from behind. Back to the ring, Jackie hits a hurricane DDT. She goes up for a crossbody, but Disco rolls through for a near-fall. Disco turns away to argue with the ref, and then gets rolled up for three. (9:40) Well at least it’s over. CRAP

WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig vs. Ric Flair

ALRIGHT! A fight with NO stalling! Flair is ready to go on Hennig. Flair pulls him out of the ring and beats on him, then pulls him into the ring and beats on him. I love it. Hennig goes out onto the apron and gets shoved out onto the guard rail! They brawl on the floor with Flair having the full advantage. Back in, Flair posts the knee and grabs a chair. He goes to swing at the leg, but Hennig moves his leg out of the way. Flair back in, and he pounds and chops away in the corner. WOO! Hennig came out wearing one of Flair’s robes with the sleeves pulled off to mock him, which only made Flair all the more PISSED. Flair pulls the robe off of him and puts it on himself. Hennig runs at Flair and flip-sells the CRAP out of a chop. Flair struts and then a bunch of WOO’s. Hennig gets whipped into the opposite corner and shoots out of it with a clothesline. Hennig gets the sitdown neck-snap, and then works the knee. Hennig is still selling his left knee that got posted about five minutes ago. They trade blows, and Hennig goes back to working the knee. The announcers catch themselves talking about the Piper/Hogan thing WAY too much, and go back to the match. They go back to trading blows, and Hennig ending with the advantage. Flair flips out of the corner off a whip and goes to the floor. Hennig goes out after him and they brawl on the floor. Back in, Hennig snaps Flair’s neck across the top rope, and then continues the punishment. Just as Flair mounts a comeback, Hennig grabs a sleeper. Flair works his way out of it, and then they go to the floor. Hennig grabs a chair and he tries to smash the chair on Flair’s head, which just happens to be against the steel post! That just pisses off Flair to the max and he pounds away on Hennig on the floor. Flair catapults Hennig into the steel post! Moments later, Hennig takes his belt, which is the Cruiserweight belt for some reason, and attempts to leave. But Flair goes out and brings him back in. They fight over a suplex, with Flair winning it. Flair then uses the belt and gets disqualified. (13:57) This was just all about Flair’s revenge more than doing an actual match. **

Mean Gene is standing by with JJ Dillon who has a notarized document that says Sting will not be in the building tonight. Then, Bischoff comes out and is all crying about it.

Scott Hall (w/Syxx) vs. Lex Luger – Special Ref: Larry Zbyszko

They trade some meaningless holds for about five or six minutes until Luger takes Hall into the corner for a ten-count punch. After five punches, Hall brings Luger down with an inverted atomic drop and follows up with a clothesline. Hall gets in a bunch of clotheslines and a fallaway slam that gets two. Then to slow down this “fast-paced” match, Hall slaps on a sleeper. Hall then keeps sending Luger out of the ring just as he would try to get in. Moments later, Zbyszko & Hall get into an argument where they shove each other, which ends with Hall getting dumped out to the floor. That was the biggest pop of the match. Bischoff comes out to yell at Larry, only to get kicked out of the floor. Now, Luger & Hall get back in the ring and Luger gets in his usual offense (Atomic drop and a bionic forearm) and signals for the rack. Zbyszko is busy with Bischoff and doesn’t see Syxx nail Luger in the back of the head. Hall hits the OUTSIDER’S EDGE for the win. (12:39) Zbyszko was all reluctant for making the three-count, and then demands instant replay. After seeing what went down, Zbyszko demands for the match to continue. Hall comes back in and gets all in Zbyszko’s face, then gets shoved into the TORTURE RACK for the win? (15:35) Syxx comes in and nails Zbyszko and Luger. Zbyszko is PISSED and he locks on some sort of sleeper-body scissors move. I can’t think of the name of it right off. Hall & Bischoff come in and they do a number on him. Anyways, this match was a mess; the bad kind. CRAP

Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs. Diamond Dallas Page – Las Vegas Death Match

1997 was the year it seemed DDP’s ribs were ALWAYS taped. As if they weren’t taped, his ribs would just fall out. The rules in this match are the same as in a “Last Man Standing” match. The first wrestler to go down for the ten-count loses. They brawl up and down and all around on the floor. Finally they go in the ring, and just continue what they were doing on the floor. They trade blows in the corner, with DDP getting the last advantage and pulling off a swinging neckbreaker. DDP goes for the DIAMOND CUTTER, but Savage avoids that like death. Savage exits out to the floor only to have Page slingshot himself out to the floor on top of Savage. DDP sends Savage back in, but gets neck-snapped across the top rope and sent back out to the floor. Savage ascends to the top rope and levels Page with a double-sledge across the back. Savage sends Page into the third row right beside Raven and his Flock. I almost forgot about them being at ringside. Stevie Richards just sits there pointing and laughing at Page. They brawl in the crowd where some guy just takes off his shirt for no reason. Yeah, he’s drunk. They fight over towards the entrance way and the Halloween Havoc set. Savage gets his whip reversed into a bunch of styro-foam tombstones and stuff that really wouldn’t hurt you that much at all. At this point, Dusty is just getting on my nerves. I think he is bothering Tony & Bobby too, because he’ll say stuff and expect a response and then gets nothing. The ref then starts the ten-count, and Savage is up at seven. Savage started to go over towards the other side of tombstones, but Page pulls him back towards the ring. Tony ~ “There’s Doug Dellinger standing there. That must’ve stopped Savage.” Bobby ~ “Yeah…everything’s alright now!” I love the sarcasm. They go back and fight around the ring, including getting thrown into the steel steps, and having the steel steps THROWN at him! Savage tosses Page back into the ring, and then grabs a CAMERA from a cameraman! He goes to nail Page with it, but Page gets his feet up and the camera smashes back in Savage’s face. Elizabeth has a “glass” platter and NAILS referee Mickey Jay with it! That was awesome. Elizabeth goes over and chokes on Page with a camera cord! Cue Kimberly Page! CATFIGHT! CATFIIIIGHT! Kimberly takes Elizabeth by the hair and takes her ALL the way back to the dressing room. Nick Patrick comes out to replace Mickey Jay as the referee. Both men get counted down for a seven-count until they both rise up at the same time. Page comes back with a pancake slam and signals for the DIAMOND CUTTER. He tries it, but Savage hooks onto the top rope and doesn’t take the move. Page is down, and Savage goes up for the MACHO ELBOW and he connects with a not-so-vibrant impact. Page is up at six and then slammed back down. Savage goes up again for the MACHO ELBOW and gets it again, this time it hits MUCH better. Page is up at 9.75! DDP maneuvers out of a slam and drops the DIAMOND CUTTER! But Nick Patrick gets hit on the way down! Patrick comes back to his senses after what could’ve been a three-count otherwise and starts the count. They both get up at eight. Page tries another DIAMOND CUTTER, but Savage low-blows out of it. Page falls out to the floor and tries to get back in, but a Fake Sting (actually it’s Hogan) comes out and nails Page straight in the ribs with a ball bat and leaves. Savage is up at eight, and Page doesn’t get up at all. (18:09) This was fun, but not nearly as fun as it could’ve been. ***

Hollywood Hogan vs. Roddy Piper – Non-title Cage Match

I believe this is the actual old-school Thunderdome cage. It’s kind of like the Hell-in-a-Cell type cage where there is room to fight around outside of the ring and still be in the cage. The only difference is, there is no top to it. Onto the match, Piper chases Hogan around the ring until Hogan tries to CLIMB out over this like, 20-foot high cage wall. Piper has a leather strap from somewhere and starts whipping Hogan with it, and then bites Hogan in the butt. Hogan comes off the cage and they brawl around on the floor, with most of the offense being Piper. Into the ring, they do an actual wrestling move, albeit a bad one, which is just an atomic drop. Piper continues the offense if you can call it that out on the floor. Hogan tries to climb out again, but gets a low-blow. You know, they’ve talked about this match all night and never once mentioned the rules. Hogan tries to escape out the door like this is the WWE or something and evidently, you can win that way. Piper comes out with him at the same time, however, and the match just continues. Hogan slams the door back in Piper’s face a few times to send Piper reeling. Hogan crotches Piper on the guard rail and decides to just leave, but is stopped at the top of the entry way by Sting. And not just any Sting, but a FAKE ONE! Gah, I hated when they did that. Hogan turns around and gets nailed by Piper. Back into the cage they go, and you can call it brawling if you want. I call it, stalling. As Hogan goes up the cage to escape, another fake Sting appears beside the other one at ringside. When we go back to the cage, we see Hogan is on the floor and Piper is almost out. Hogan kicks Piper back down while at the same time, coming back down WITH him? This sucks. They go back into the ring where Hogan whips him with his weight-lifting belt he always wears. When he gets winded doing that, Hogan crawls out to the floor and goes up the cage wall again. He makes it onto the other side of the cage, only to see the fake Sting waiting for him at the bottom. No reaction from the crowd which means only one thing, WCW. YOU WEREN’T FOOLING ANYONE WITH THE FAKE STINGS! While Hogan is jawing with the fake Sting, Piper climbs up the cage to meet Hogan and pull him back in. Back into the ring, Piper chokes Hogan with his own t-shirt. Hogan grabs the WCW World title belt and nails Piper in the face with it. Hogan hits two legdrops and yells for a ref to come in. Randy Anderson comes in and counts for a near-fall. Hogan signals for Savage to come shooting down the aisle, where now the two fake Stings are back standing there doing absolutely nothing. Savage climbs to the top of the cage while Hogan holds Piper. He LEAPS from the top for a double-sledge, and hits Hogan. Savage could’ve easily broken both legs from that. Piper dumps Savage and hooks on the sleeper on Hogan for the win. (13:52) Could it be any worse? Don’t answer that. Post-match, the usual nWo beatdown. A fan comes in and gets BEAT DOWN by Hogan & Savage? Surely that part was set-up. CRAP

Final Thoughts: The first hour contains IMO the best singles, non-gimmick match in WCW history. A lot has happened since 1997, and the entire WCW library belongs to the WWE. The Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero DVDs both have their Halloween Havoc match in DVD quality. As far as everything else goes on this show, you are either a fan of the nWo era by this point or it royally pissed you off and made you flip over to the WWF. However, this show did have some pretty good wrestling in it, so let’s just go with thumbs in the middle.

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