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WCW Nitro 7/14/1997

Written by: Justin Rozzero

WCW Nitro 7/14/97
The O-Rena
Orlando, FL

Hour 1
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Larry Zbyszko

– We fade up into the arena as we pan the crowd before settling on the entrance way. Some dance music flares up and Kimberly comes out to a big pop. She says she has some good news for Nitro and brings out a group of lovely ladies. Unfortunately the audio isn’t very good so we miss the names. They all hop in the ring and dance with some chairs for us. After a lengthy routine, we head over to the announce table where we are joined by Tony, Larry and Mike. Tony tells us that the dance troupe is called the “Nitro Girls”. They talk a bit about last night’s BATB and Tenay discusses all of the mainstream media coverage they have gotten. His lasting image was seeing Luger rack Hogan, Rodman and Savage. Larry narrates clips of a fake Sting that showed up last night. They try to figure out who it was and they settle on Kevin Nash. With that, we go to the ring.

1) Alex Wright vs. Prince Iaukea

Alex Wright makes his way out as Tony runs down some of tonight’s card. We then get an inset promo from Wright pumping himself up and talking about other guys’ jealousy. Larry says Alex should join the Nitro Girls. Iaukea is out next as Tony and Mike talk about his TV title reign from earlier in the year. Mike thinks he is suffering from a sophomore jinx but Larry says he is just inexperienced. Wright smacks Prince off the bell and this crowd is pumped up here so far. Wright works over Prince in the corner and the dances a bit. Wright misses a charge and Iaukea back drops Wright and the crowd explodes. We cut to the aisle to see the Giant making his way down. Wright has a chinlock on the Prince but the Giant chokeslams the referee and that seems to be that. Wright & Iaukea wrestle to a no contest when the Giant interferes at 1:26; Grade: 0

– Giant chokeslams Prince and Alex applauds him and takes off, which was pretty funny. A hoard of security officers comes out but they all eat chokeslams as well. The crowd is just off the hook during all this. Giant has something to say, he has had it up to his throat with the NWO, all the way from Bagwell, Norton, Syxx, Hall, Savage, Hogan and especially Kevin Nash, the 6’11” goon. Sting asked him a long time ago how bad he wants it, and he wants it more than ever. He knows it wasn’t really Sting that hit him with a bat last night, he knows it was Nash. He wants Nash tonight and calls him a coward and tells him to get out there. Doug Dellinger and his deputies head out to clear Giant out of the ring as we go to break.

2) Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Eddie is heading out and Tenay says he doesn’t believe Eddie when he says he is just trying to toughen Chavo up. We get clips of last week when Eddie left Chavo to take a beating from Norton & Bagwell. The two men trade shoves off the bell as Larry says Eddie has a greasy look like the NWO. Eddie hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Chavo comes back with an armdrag and back body drop. He hits a flying forearm to send Eddie to the floor. Chavo heads up top and comes off with a cross body block. Tenay harps on Eddie’s dark side and says this is no surprise to anyone who knows his history. Chavo tosses Eddie back inside and then heads back up top. Eddie pops up and trips Chavo up, crotching him on the corner. Eddie goes up and takes Chavo over with a top rope superplex. He sends Chavo to the floor and then starts talking smack. He pulls him back inside and chops away in the corner. Chavo eats a back elbow but is able to send a charging Eddie flying into the top buckle. Chavo gets a Northern lights suplex for with a bridge two and follows with a bridging German suplex for another near fall. He slams Eddie and heads up top but Eddie gets his knees up to block the frog splash attempt. Eddie spikes Chavo with a sick powerbomb and then heads up top. He drops the frog splash and gets the win. Eddie Guerrero d. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with a frog splash at 4:14; Grade: 1.5

– Eddie yells at Chavo, heads up top and drops another frog splash. He goes up again but Hector Guerrero comes out to check on Chavo and yell at Eddie. Eddie shoves Hector down and then bails to floor and takes off. Tony says Eddie is completely divorcing himself from the family and Mike agrees. Gene Okerlund is in the aisle and he brings out Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly. Gene says we were all shocked that Curt Hennig was Page’s mystery partner but he ended up leaving DDP high and dry during the match. Page takes us back six months. He had just had a match in Minneapolis and he went out for a few beers afterwards. When he was out, he ran into Hennig and they chatted and found out they had a lot in common. As they talked, Hennig told Page how much he respected him. So, when Page needed someone to back him up, his first choice would have been Sting. But, since Sting bailed him out so many times already, he didn’t want to go there. His next choices were Luger and Giant, but they were already busy. So, he made a few calls, talked to Hennig and Hennig said he would be there. He thought Hennig was a stand up guy, but he was wrong. He isn’t crying and he isn’t even mad, because he doesn’t get mad, he gets even. It doesn’t matter how many times he gets knocked down, it matters how many times he gets back up. He is full of surprises and if Hennig doesn’t believe it, he should ask Savage about La Parka…bang! And we are off to break.

– When we return, the Nitro Girls are getting jiggy with it on the entrance ramp. Gene walks in as they dance their way off and he brings out Harlem Heat. Gene says the NWO has been ducking the Heat, throwing Vincent in their way. Booker says they aren’t worried about NWO or Vincent and there are no patsies in their group. They are going to whip Hall and Nash like they stole something here tonight. Gene says many people are saying Harlem Heat is now without guidance. Stevie says they may not have a title match tonight, but they will turn it into an old fashioned street fight. They are out and we are off to the ring.

3) Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton vs. Steiner Brothers

The NWO B-Team music cranks up as Norton, Bagwell and Vincent head to the ring. Tony talks about all the mainstream press WCW received from last night. We take a quick break and when we return, the bell sounds. Tony tells us that the Steiners earned a tag title shot at Road Wild last night. Buff poses a bit and then takes Scott over with an armdrag. He poses some more but Rick comes in and gets in his face. Scott and Buff lock up and Scott launches Buff with a hiptoss of his own. Buff goes back to posing as Larry and Tony talk about last night’s main event and pimp the encore. Scott grabs a side headlock and then puts Buff down with a shoulderblock. Buff comes back with a dropkick and Scott bails to the floor. Buff says he hasn’t seen height like that since Tree Rollins. Scott drills Buff with a clothesline off a leapfrog attempt. Now Scott poses and then sends Buff over with a back drop. He press slams Buff and the crowd is going crazy. Scott hits another clothesline and then follows with another one to send Buff to the floor. Mike reminds us that Bagwell & Norton are undefeated in Japan. Scott tags in Rick as Buff comes back in. We cut outside as Konnan, Syxx, Hall and Nash exit a stretch limo. Hall invites us all to a party at his house later tonight. Not sure I could handle that one. Tenay talks about the eye contact Konnan had with Nash after breaking Rey Mysterio’s leg two weeks ago. Back inside, Norton is in and he crushes Rick with a huge shoulderblock. Tony thinks it is obvious that Konnan is with the NWO. All hell breaks loose in the ring and all four men start brawling. Rick puts Norton on the top rope and climbs up, but Vincent hops in and nails him, allowing Norton to hit Rick with a tornado DDT. Norton tags in Buff and he starts choking away at Rick. Buff slams Rick and drops an elbow for two. He slams Rick again and heads up top but Rick catches him and snaps him over with an overhead belly-to-belly. Scott takes Buff out with a pair of clotheslines. Norton comes in, but he gets sent over with a belly-to-belly as well. Buff gets one a belly-to-belly and a double underhook powerbomb from Scott too. He pulls Buff up but Chono and Muta hit the ring to cause the DQ. Damn, I was really digging that match. Steiner Brothers d. Bagwell & Norton by disqualification when Muta & Chono interfere at 6:44; Grade: 2.5

– Chono, Muta, Bagwell, Norton and Vincent all take turns hammering away at the Steiners. Scott comes back and hits Muta and Chono with a double clothesline. He tosses Vincent outside and then press slams Muta. Rick avoids a charge and nails Buff with a clothesline and takes Norton over with a belly-to-back suplex. They send Bagwell and Norton to the floor and the Steiners looked like beasts through all of that. The crowd is going wild as we go to break.

– Be sure to join us on TBS this weekend for WCW Saturday Night. Harlem Heat, Meng, Hugh Morrus, Syxx and a statement from JJ Dillon will all go down, so check out the Mothership! We join Gene back in the aisle and he has done some prying and was able to speak with Raven. We still don’t know his status as he has been very evasive when talking about WCW. We get some clips of Gene speaking with Raven last night. He did his usual dark rhymes and didn’t really give us any insight as to what is going on with him. Back live, Gene is over near the crowd with Raven and Richards again. Gene asks him about his big announcement that he referenced last night. Raven talks about rules and responsibilities and says he will do what he has to do. The only announcement is that there is no announcement. Stevie is in shock and says that Raven told him if he signed a contract with WCW…and we don’t find out the rest as Raven spits in his face and shoves him down. Gene can’t believe it and we are off to break.

– We are back and the Nitro Girls are getting down on the ramp and Bobby Heenan has joined us a bit early tonight. They dance for a minute before we head back to the ring.

4) Super Calo vs. La Parka

As Calo heads down, Tony again talks about how big last night’s main event was in terms of mainstream coverage. We then get clips of DDP ambushing Randy Savage after dressing up as La Parka in a match. Heenan says that DDP is the only wrestler outsmarting the NWO right now. La Parka heads out and the announcers wonder if it is really him. Parka glances over at Kimberly and she gives the Diamond Cutter sign back to him. Parka hits the ring and we are underway. Calo takes Parka over with an armdrag but Parka comes back with a clothesline and dances for us. Calo ducks a clothesline and takes Parka over with a clothesline. The crowd erupts as Randy Savage hits the ring, shoves Calo down and attacks Parka. Parka & Calo wrestle to a no contest when Savage interferes at :46; Grade: 0

– Savage hammers away at Parka and tries to rip the mask off. Page comes in from behind and nails Savage. He hammers away at him as Curt Hennig hits the ring. He turns Page around and decks him with a foreign object. Hennig walks off as Savage pulls himself up. Tenay wonders if Hennig is associated with the NWO but Tony and Bobby don’t think so because he walked off. Savage heads up and drops the big elbow on Page. Gene is in the aisle with Hennig and he wants to know where he is coming from. Hennig heard Page earlier and says they have nothing in common. Five years ago, Page would come up to ringside and ask for Hennig’s autograph. He calls Page the biggest mark in the business. Gene says he has a great work ethic but Hennig disagrees. Hennig says that if Page tries to challenge him, he won’t last 30 seconds. The rumor around the locker room is that he can’t last 30 seconds with his hosebag old lady either. Hennig starts to walk off, but Ric Flair struts out and brings him back. Flair wants Hennig to watch him wrestle tonight and then go out and party all night long at Pleasure Island. Flair dances off as Hennig looks perplexed and we go to break.

Hour 2

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

– We check in with Lee Marshall, who is in Jacksonville, FL with the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report. Eight days from tonight, WCW will be in Jacksonville for a special Tuesday Nitro. Tickets are still available and Larry tells us that Jacksonville is the birthplace of Pat Boone. Boone has rejected doing a heavy metal song entitled “Whipping the Weasel”. Bobby says that the flip side has “Whipping the Wimp…the Weirdo” and says he doesn’t like Marshall. The NWO music cranks up as Tony reiterates that Nitro will be airing on Tuesday next week and not Monday. Syxx, Hall and Bischoff bring out Kevin Nash, who is in a wheelchair. Bagwell, Konnan, Vincent, Norton and Bagwell also emerge. They park Nash on the ramp and Eric has things to say. They have some business to take care of and as we can see, one of the most powerful men on the planet is injured. That is not the worst thing though as the worst thing is that he is being accused of being a Sting imposter last night. Eric asks him straight up, was he a Sting imposter. Nash denies and says he would never stoop so low as to attack another combatant from behind. Nash and Eric start to weep and Eric says Nash pulled himself out of traction to make a special announcement here tonight. Nash wants to stand up for this, so Buff and Hall help him up. Nash says that K-Dog showed the Wolfpac and NWO and the world what he would do. This one is for the Raza…and Konnan reveals his NWO shirt. Nash says that he has proven to them that he has what it takes to be a member of the NWO and he welcomes him aboard. Hall tells him that when he is NWO, he is NWO for life. Nash says that even when he looks like Larry Flint, he is just too sweet. They wheel Nash towards the ring and Tony says that they are lucky Giant was escorted out of the building by police earlier tonight. Hall hops in the ring and Nash grimaces in pain in his chair as we go to break.

– We are back and Harlem Heat is heading to the ring. Tenay says they are upset that the NWO tried to handpick their opponents by helping the Steiners beat Harlem Heat a couple of weeks ago. We get clips from a few weeks back when Vincent came out and got in the Heat’s face and got a beat down as a result. Booker and Stevie are in the ring as Hall, Nash and Syxx are huddled at ringside. It looks like Syxx will be replacing Nash in the match tonight.

5) Scott Hall & Syxx vs. Harlem Heat in a non title match

Hall and Syxx step inside and Mickie Jay calls for the bell. Booker and Syxx start things off and Booker lands a knee after they posture a bit. Booker hammers away at Syxx and chokes him against the ropes. Syxx comes back with a spinning heel kick and tells Stevie to suck it. He mares Booker over and drops a snap legdrop. Syxx chops away, mares Booker again but misses an elbow. Booker misses an elbow but he pops up with the Spinarooni and decapitates Syxx with a stiff sidekick. Syxx staggers over and tags Hall and Booker tags in Stevie. Hall flicks his toothpick at him, but Stevie fires back with right hands and pummels Hall in the corner. The crowd is digging the assault as Hall crumbles to the mat. Stevie eats a boot on a charge and Hall comes off the middle rope with a bulldog for two. Hall hits some short arm shoulderblocks but Stevie puts him down with a clothesline. Tony talks about the difference from last year to this year for the NWO. He believes that a year ago, WCW stars were intimidated by the NWO, but this year they are just cautious. Stevie tags in Booker and they both nail Hall with right hands. Booker covers and gets a near fall. Booker tries a cross body, but Hall catches him and tosses him with a fallaway slam for two. Hall grabs an armbar but Booker fights up and drills him with a back kick to the head. Booker hits a flying forearm and sends Hall to the floor. Bobby talks about how impressive Rodman was last night as Hall slides back inside. Booker tags in Stevie and he slams Hall down for two. Stevie grabs a reverse chinlock but Hall fights up and takes him over with a back suplex. Bobby says that they picked up Konnan because he is an alley fighter and will do anything for them, no matter how rough. Stevie tags Booker and he charges in and knocks Syxx off the apron. Booker hits the scissor kick and gets a near fall. He paint brushes Hall a bit and then hammers away at him. Hall comes back and hits a clothesline as Tony wonders why Booker didn’t tag out like he normally would. Nash tries to get out of his chair, but his back is in too much pain and he has to sit back down. Mike says that Harlem Heat has never been without a manager, so they may be adjusting to that. Booker hits a stiff superkick and gets two. Hall puts Booker on the top rope and follows him up. Booker elbows him off and he comes flying off with a high cross body for two but Syxx breaks up the pin. Stevie comes in and Syxx attempts a spin kick, but Stevie catches him and plants him with a powerbomb. Stevie keeps the assault on Syxx on the floor as Booker takes control in the ring. He hits the ropes, but Nash hops up and nails him from behind. Nash hobbles off the apron and back to his chair as Hall hoists Booker up and drops him with Outsider Edge for the win. That was interesting match as the NWO wrestled as faces for most of the match. But it seems that was just to push the story of the Heat’s anger and how on their game they were. The heat for the match was great and they kept up a good pace. Hall & Syxx d. Harlem Heat when Hall pins Booker with the Outsider Edge at 8:57; Grade: 3

– Hall, Nash and Syxx head to the back as Stevie checks on Booker in the ring. Nash pushing himself up the ramp backwards is pretty funny. As they leave we go to break.

– We are back and the Nitro Girls are putting on another show on the ramp.

6) Masahiro Chono & Great Muta vs. Public Enemy

Muta, Chono and Vincent head out to the NWO B-Team music as Bobby talks about the NWO now having control in America, Japan and Mexico. Tony keeps talking about how the NWO is in their second year. Public Enemy is out next as Tenay talks about how hot the NWO merchandise is in Japan. Grunge and Rock put their table down as Tenay runs down upcoming shows. Chono and Muta attack on the floor and all four men brawl around the ring. Chono mocks their dance moves as he hammers on Rock. Chono shoots him into the guardrail and then bites him. We get some more mainstream coverage talk about last night as all four men end up back in the ring. Chono and Muta hammer away, but PE whips them into each other. They hit stereo ten count fists in opposite corners and Chono and Muta roll to the floor to regroup. Muta and Chono walk around ringside to stall for a bit before finally getting back inside. Chono and Grunge finally square off but they continue to posture and stall. Chono lands a kick and hammers away at Grunge. He follows with a chop but catches a back elbow on a charge. Grunge hits a swinging neckbreaker and tags in Rock. Rock comes in with a double axehandle, but Chono falls back into his corner and tags in Muta. The crowd is behind PE and they are still quite rowdy. Rock ducks a clothesline and hits a headbutt but Muta is able to tag in Chono. Rock hammers away but Rock ducks a mafia kick and hits a springboard moonsault. Both men make tags but Muta lands a spin kick and follows with the handspring back elbow. He follows with a bulldog and some kicks. He drops a corkscrew elbow and lands some more kicks. Bobby says when the replay starts tomorrow he will call Tony and they can stay on the phone the whole time and talk about what they see. Tony says he will watch it alone and they can talk about it the next day. Bobby says they could do a conference call with all three of them instead. Both men tag again and Rock comes in with some big right hands. Rock nails Muta with a clothesline and hits Chono with one as well. Rock gets distracted by Vincent and everything breaks down. Mark Curtis eventually goes to get Vincent down after Grunge nails him. That allows Muta to spew the mist at Grunge. Chono nails the mafia kick and gets the win. That was another fun match as the crowd is really helping things. I love Bobby saying he can smell the mist from that far away. Chono & Muta d. Public Enemy when Chono pins Grunge with a mafia kick at 6:46; Grade: 2

7) Jeff Jarrett vs. Ric Flair

We are back and Jeff Jarrett and Debra are heading to the ring. Mongo lost to JJ last night and it looks like he lost his wife as well. Mike says it seems like Debra is tired of being in Mongo’s shadow. The Nature Boy struts down the aisle next and we are ready for action. JJ was booted from the Horsemen on June 23rd and he has a shot at revenge here. They lock up off the bell and Flair grabs a side headlock. He puts JJ down with a shoulderblock but JJ recovers and sends Flair over with a back drop. Flair chops JJ down three different times after avoiding various moves. JJ hits a clothesline and dropkicks Flair over the top and to the floor. JJ follows him outside and the two brawl a bit. JJ back drops Flair on the floor and then shoots him back inside. JJ comes off the top with a cross body block, but Flair rolls through and gets a near fall. JJ whips Flair into the corner and he doesn’t fully rotate for the Flair flip so he just sorts of bangs his shoulder hard. JJ whips him to the other corner and Flair flips successfully this time. He lands on his feet, runs the apron and comes off but JJ meets him with a dropkick. JJ poses instead of covering but drills a springboard kick to the chest. He chokes Flair over the middle rope and then puts him on the top buckle. He follows him up and takes him over with a top rope superplex. JJ grabs the leg and goes for the figure four, but Flair kicks him off. JJ goes for it again, but Flair grabs a small package for two. He chops JJ and then sends him down with a right hand. Flair is unloading with chops and rights and then he makes a pelvic thrust motion to Debra. Flair dances around the ring and drills JJ with a low blow as Debra jaws at the camera at ringside. JJ recovers and locks in a sleeperhold, but Flair breaks it with a jawbreaker. The crowd erupts as Mongo comes down and starts screaming at Debra. Inside, Flair goes for the figure four, but Mongo comes in the ring and stomps on JJ. Benoit comes in as well and the beatdown is on. They take turns hammering on JJ before JJ is able to slip out of the ring and take off. Jarrett d. Flair by disqualification at 5:21; Grade: 2

– When we return from break, Gene is the ring and tells us we are in the shank of the evening…ok then. He brings out Lex Luger and says he is coming off a huge win that was a major story across the country today. Lex comes out to a huge pop and he climbs in the ring to chat with Gene. Gene asks him what is going through his mind right now. Lex says it is a great feeling and he has had some low points in his career, but he has also had some great ones. And last night will be one of his finest moments. Lex commends the Giant on being his partner and says he loved racking Savage, Hogan and Rodman as well. He tells Rodman to stick to basketball as he was officially welcomed to WCW. Gene announces that Lex won the four corner match back at Spring Stampede and Hogan is due to give him a shot and he thinks Road Wild would be a great place for it. Lex is formally issuing the challenge and he is waiting for Hogan to answer it. And it looks like we may not have to wait as the entire NWO files out of the entrance way and walks towards the ring. As they head down, a man dressed as Sting in a long weird wig follows behind them. The NWO circle the ring and Sting hops in the ring…he pulls off the wig and reveals that it is indeed the real Sting! Sting and Luger circle the ring and we are out!

Final Grade: B

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