WCW Nitro 9/1/1997

Written by: Justin Rozzero

WCW Nitro 9/1/97
Civic Center
Pensacola, FL

Hour One
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Larry Zbyszko

– We start off with a nice NFL Films style video tribute to Arn Anderson, who came out and retired last week. We then head inside the arena where Tony Schiavone welcomes us to the third anniversary of Nitro. The show will be three hours long and will be dedicated to Arn Anderson. Tony tells us that Hollywood Hogan is in the house and he will comment on a possible match with Sting. Tenay says last week’s show broke the ratings record for wrestling on TV. They run down tonight’s card and recap last week a bit before Tony takes us back to video of Curt Hennig officially taking Anderson’s spot in the Horsemen. We then get a quick clip of Lex Luger wishing Arn a happy retirement as we take a break.

– When we return, the NWO music fires up as Tony and Mike tell us this is an unscheduled appearance. Scott Hall, Randy Savage and Elizabeth make their way over to the announce table. Tony wants to leave but Larry makes him stay. Hall wishes the fans a happy Labor Day on behalf of the NWO. He thinks this is a fitting holiday to honor the NWO because they are the reason the fans are here and watching at home as well. They are the working man’s wrestlers. Savage lies across the announce table as Hall takes a shot at Larry. He says people like Larry can live through the NWO. The NWO comes out time after time and tell WCW to stick it, something the common folk can’t do to their bosses. Larry says Hall has something on his nose from hanging out with Hogan. Savage tosses the announcers and then sends a warning to Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger. Lex and DDP will take on Hall and Savage here tonight and Randy says they will be given a permanent holiday. They are undefeated and they are it. Hall says they will keep being too sweet, so don’t worry out there. They vacate the announce table as we head to the ring for our opener.

1) Mortis vs. Silver King

Mortis, Wrath and James Vandenberg head out as the announcers come back to the table. Larry rants about them invading the set saying they should only come out for legit interviews. Tony says fines won’t matter and that Larry needs to step up and knock one of them out. Larry says if he knocks one of them out and stretches one then he is at war with all of them and that would ruin his golf game. Larry will consider a match with Hall if there is a large amount of money on the line. Mortis works over King but King comes back with a superkick for two. King clubs away and hits a nice spin wheel kick in the corner. Mortis avoids a moonsault and hits a leg lariat. King comes back with some chops but Wrath is up distracting Scott Dickinson. That allows Vandenberg to trip up King and Mortis drops a springboard guillotine legdrop on him for two. The announcers are talking about War Games as Mortis hits a jackhammer for two. Larry thinks WCW should have kept their War Games team secret. Mortis rolls up King for two and then runs him into the corner. King goes low to stop Mortis but Mortis shakes it off and comes back with right hands. King reverses a whip and sends Mortis over with a back drop. He follows with a dropkick to send Mortis to the floor. King flies out with a springboard plancha. Both men are back inside and King puts him down with a double chop. Mortis drops King with a downward spiral and then hoists him up on his shoulders and heads to the middle rope. He falls back with a Samoan drop and picks up the win. Mortis looked good there. Mortis d. King with a Samoan drop from the middle rope at 3:31; Grade: 1.5

– Vandenberg has the mic and he invites the Faces of Fear to come out and battle Mortis & Wrath so he can add their severed heads to his collection. They quickly answer a donnybrook breaks out in the ring. These two teams will square off at Fall Brawl. The Faces of Fear win the brawl as Vandenberg, Mortis and Wrath bail to the back. The Nitro Girls come out to dance a bit as Tony plugs tonight’s show some more. As we go to break, we get a classic Arn Anderson moment. It takes us back to Bash at the Beach 1994 when he turned on Dustin Rhodes and joined up with the Stud Stable.

– When we come back, we go back to last week when JJ Dillon said he is committed to signing a match between Hogan and Sting before the end of the year. Eric Bischoff denied it and ranted on about Hogan until Sting came out and beat him down. When we come back, we head right to the ring.

2) Dean Malenko vs. Yuji Nagata

Malenko makes his way out as Tony reads off some upcoming ticket release dates. The bell sounds and off we go. They circle around until Nagata starts working the arm a bit. Dean reverses it and takes Yuji down and hooks a wristlock. Malenko will take on Jeff Jarrett at Fall Brawl. Yuji and Dean trade off some mat holds with Yuji gaining control and going to work on the leg. Dean turns it into a leg lace but Yuji gets to the ropes. Larry talks some more trash to Hall as Dean grabs a front facelock on the mat. Both men are back up and Dean hits a dropkick for one and then goes to a rear chinlock. Yuji fights up but Dean whips him hard into the corner. Dean eats a boot on a charge and Yuji takes him down with leg whip. Dean elbows out of a back suplex attempt and takes Yuji down. He briefly clamps a cross armbreaker but Yuji breaks free. Dean takes him down with a back suplex and gets a near fall. Both men are back up and Yuji takes him over a nice half nelson suplex for two. The crowd starts to boo as Jeff Jarrett and Debra powerwalk to the ring. Dean ducks a spin wheel kick and hits a double underhook powerbomb. He hooks the Texas cloverleaf, but Debra distracts the ref as Jarrett hops on the apron. Dean breaks the hold and walks over but Jeff catches him with a punch the face. Jarrett then snaps Dean’s neck across the top rope and Yuji covers and picks up the win. This was kind of dull and all over the place until the final minute or so when it picked up. Nagata d. Malenko after interference from Jarrett at 4:47; Grade: 1

– Yuji celebrates and we check out a replay before heading to break. On the way out, we get DDP talking about the respect he has for AA.

Hour Two

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Larry Zbyszko

– When we return, Tony welcomes us to hour two of this three hour spectacular. The Nitro Girls get down as Tony calls for Nitro Party tapes. Tony says that there are five or six Nitro parties at once in his hometown. And with that nugget in our back pockets, we head to the ring.

3) La Parka vs. Ultimo Dragon

La Parka and Sonny Onoo come out and Sonny has a framed picture with him. Apparently the picture is of him locking a dragon sleeper on Ultimo Dragon and was taken by Silver King on Saturday Night. Dragon is out next and Tony tells us he will be taking on Alex Wright for the TV title at Fall Brawl. The bell sounds as Dragon glares at Onoo. Parka slugs away to start and then puts Dragon down with a shoulderblock. He unloads a loud chop but Dragon shakes it off and lands a springboard huracarrana. Parka gets back up but Dragon kicks him right through the ropes and to the floor. He slips through the middle ropes and dropkicks Parka down. Dragon hammers away at Parka, whipping him into the barricade. He tries a handspring elbow but Parka dodges it and he eats steel. Parka heads back in as Onoo comes over to confront Dragon. Dragon swats him off and then hooks him for a suplex but Parka saves his manager with a dropkick. Parka goes back inside and then comes flying out with a suicide dive, driving Dragon into the rail. Both men are slow to get up and head back inside. Parka drops him with a powerbomb and struts before covering for a near fall. Parka takes Dragon over with a nice belly to belly for two. Dragon fights to his feet as the crowd rallies him. Parka hooks Dragon in the Tree of Woe and then just boots him hard in the chest for two. Dragon comes back with a clothesline and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. He chops away at Parka but eats a boot on a charge. Parka takes him over with a powerslam and gets two. Dragon lands on his feet on a back drop attempt and then kicks Parka down. Dragon hits a fallaway slam into a bridge for two. Onoo is able to crack Dragon with a chop to shake him up for a second. Mickie Jay tries to get Onoo down as Parka grabs a chair. Dragon ducks it and kicks it back into Parka’s face for the win. That was a fun match and the crowd was really digging it as both men went all out. Dragon d. Parka after dropkicking a chair into his face at 4:35; Grade: 2.5

– Onoo begs for mercy but Dragon grabs him and slams him down hard. He hooks the Dragon sleeper but Parka grabs the chair and Dragon takes off. We get a AA promo from Starrcade 1985 as we head to break.

– When we return, the NWO B-Team music is blaring and Buff Bagwell and Vincent are heading to the ring.

4) Buff Bagwell vs. Glacier

Bagwell hits the ring as Tenay tells us that Glacier is still undefeated in singles competition. Larry thinks the difference here will be Glacier’s discipline over Bagwell’s lack thereof. The snow starts to fall as Glacier heads out. The announcers talk about War Games some more during Glacier’s epically long entrance. Larry thinks Glacier should have brought Ernest Miller out to watch his back. Bagwell mouths “what was that” with an incredulous look on his face as he gets back into the ring. Buff takes Glacier over with an armdrag and then poses a bit. Glacier grabs a side headlock but miss a jump kick and Bagwell smacks him in the face. Buff plays to the camera but then walks right into a big kick to the head. Glacier chops Bagwell a bunch of times until Buff escapes to the floor to regroup. Back inside, Buff hits a hiptoss but Glacier trips him up with a legsweep for two. Glacier takes him over with an armdrag and hooks an armbar. Buff gets to his feet and breaks the hold with some shots to the midsection. Vincent trips up Glacier, allowing Buff to clothesline him to the floor from behind. Vincent tosses him back inside and Buff hits a nice standing dropkick. He poses and then chokes away at Glacier. Larry thinks Buff’s head is getting smaller but Tony thinks its getting bigger. Buff tries to pin Glacier with one foot but isn’t successful. Glacier comes back with a cross body for two. Both men get up but Buff plants Glacier with a clothesline. He poses again before running Glacier into the corner. Buff catches a boot to the face on a charge and Glacier comes out with a clothesline. Larry wants Glacier to get mean and aggressive. Glacier kicks away at Buff and then takes him over with a back drop. He kicks Buff in the face and then heads up top. Buff ducks a kick attempt but Glacier lands on his feet. He goes for a springboard cross body but comes up short and clips Buff’s knees. I can’t believe he didn’t wreck Buff’s knees with that one. Buff goes to the eyes and then calls Vincent up to the apron. He goes to whip Glacier into him, but Glacier reverses it and Buff collides with Vincent. Glacier kicks Buff down and then kicks Vincent off the apron. Glacier runs Buff into the corner and then hoists him on to the top rope. Glacier follows him up and goes for a superplex but Vincent hooks Buff and Glacier falls back hard onto the mat. Buff comes flying off with the Blockbuster and picks up the win. That was a really good match and Buff was in a nice hard working groove at this point. Also, Glacier’s streak is now over. Bagwell d. Glacier with the Blockbuster at 6:25; Grade: 2.5

– Buff poses and celebrates with Vincent. We get a quick word from Larry about AA as we go to break.

– When we return, Tony sends us to a video package detailing Roddy Piper’s year long WCW odyssey. After that we head right to the ring for our next bout.

5) Lizmark, Jr. vs. Villano IV

And Lizmark and Villano are already in the ring and locking up as we come out of the Piper video. Tony hopes that Piper returns to WCW very soon. Villano has control and works the arm but Lizmark mares him over to break the hold. He follows with an armdrag and headscissors takeover. Lizmark plants Villano with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then dropkicks him to the floor. Lizmark flies out with a suicide dive to take Villano out. Both inside, Lizmark charges but eats a clothesline. The camera cuts to the crowd to see Raven walking through the crowd. Villano drops a leg across the back of the neck as Raven continues to walk around. Villano chops away and then plants Lizmark with a back elbow. Villano hits a DDT but Lizmark comes back with a spin wheel kick for two. He hits a huracarrana and gets two with a cradle. Villano V has popped up at ringside. Or maybe I just didn’t notice him before. Villano flips Lizmark to the apron but Lizmark hiptosses him to the floor. Lizmark heads up top and he crashes onto Villano with a cross body. The Villanos switch off and V gets in the ring. He knocks Lizmark down with a dropkick as Tenay points out the different Roman numeral on Villano’s tights. That really is a pretty dumb move on their part. If you are going to switch off, why advertise it with a number on your tights? Lizmark hits another tilt-a-whirl slam for two. He follows with a springboard moonsault and gets the win. Lizmark d. Villano with a springboard moonsault at 4:07; Grade: 1

– In a funny spot, the Villanos argue that Lizmark pinned the wrong man. Lizmark fights them off and the Villanos take off angrily. We head over to Gene in the aisle as he brings out Lex Luger for a chat. Gene talks about the recent interactions between Luger and Page and he wants to know if they can get along and work well together tonight. Lex says he and Page are not seeing eye to eye right now, but he found out last week that he put Page in the rack and he wants to apologize for the accident. He understands Page’s emotions with the NWO and they need to get their act together. This is a big match tonight but the NWO’s foundation is built on lies and deceptions and he and Page cannot let it happen to them. So, he calls Page to come out to bury the hatchet. Page doesn’t show though, just like Lex no showed Page’s request last week. Lex heads to the back as we check out another classic AA moment. This one is from the 4/12/93 episode WCW Worldwide when Arn baited Bobby Eaton in before dropping him with a right hand and planting him with a spinebuster

– When we come back from break, the Nitro Girls are getting jiggy on the ramp. They are joined by Disco Inferno who starts dancing with them. Tony is surprised to see Disco return to Nitro here. Disco hangs out in the aisle as we are set for our next match.

6) Alex Wright vs. Hugh Morrus for the Television Championship

As Wright comes out and dances, Disco critiques him and shows him how to do it. They start shoving as Larry is disgusted with the whole thing, telling them to lift weights and wrestle. Tony wants them to tear each other part. Larry puts over Alex’s aggressiveness as of late as Disco takes off. If Wright hangs on here tonight, he will move on to defend against Hugh Morrus at Fall Brawl. Morrus makes his way out next and predicts he will be doing a victory dance. Tenay says Morrus has to stay focused as Larry puts Wright over some more. Morrus mocks Wright’s dancing as the bell sounds. They lock up and Morrus tosses Wright into the corner. Alex hammers Hugh off the break but Hugh fights through it and slugs away until Alex bails to the floor. Larry criticizes Morrus’s lax attitude in the ring. Alex takes his time getting in as we get some War Games talk. Morrus beals Wright into the ring and then drills him with a headbutt. Wright avoids a charge in the corner and goes to work with some uppercuts. Wright works some kicks in and then dances. He starts working on Hugh’s knee, breaking him down to the mat. Alex drags Hugh to the corner and wraps his leg around the post. Larry gets some shots in on Hall as Alex keeps working the knee. Morrus comes back with a clothesline and then tosses Wright back inside. Hugh is slow getting in and Wright meets him with a dropkick to the knee. He heads up top and comes off with a stomp to the knee. He heads up again but Hugh hobbles up and press slams him off the top. Alex bounces up but Hugh nails him with some clotheslines. He hits two running splashes in the corner as we see Disco Inferno has returned to ringside. Morrus slams Wright as Disco hops on the apron. Morrus beals him into the ring and clubs away on him but that allows Wright to land a spin wheel kick and get the rope assisted win. That was a good little match as Wright continues to impress each week. Wright d. Morrus with a spin wheel kick at 5:49; Grade: 1.5

– As Wright dances to the back we see Raven is now seated at ringside. We get some AA comments by Bobby Heenan as we go to break.

Hour Three

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

– When we return, Bobby has joined Tony and they are surrounded by the Nitro Girls. Tony goes over the Nitro Party contest once again and calls for tapes. We then get video package focusing on Sting with the young boy’s speech from the Clash playing over it. We then head right back to the ring.

7) Stevie Richards vs. Damien

Stevie Richards makes his out and he is followed by Damien as tonight’s Luchador showcase continues. Before Damien can get in the ring, Raven hops the rail, hammers on Damien and drops him with a DDT on the floor. Raven shoots Damien back into the ring as the bell sounds. Stevie turns around, looking confused and trying to figure out what happened. Stevie listens for a heartbeat as Raven gets up on the apron. After that, he starts giving Damien CPR. Raven tells him to get up, so Stevie walks over to him. Raven slaps him across the face and Stevie quickly turns around and pins Damien. Richards d. Damien after a Raven DDT at :45; Grade: .5

– Stevie celebrates the win and then runs off as we hear Dean Malenko talk about AA before going to break.

– When we come back from commercial, the Nitro Girls are dancing in the ring and Tony talks about what is left to come here in hour three. Tony then welcomes in Lee Marshall for the 1-800-COLLECT road report. Lee is in Milwaukee and immediately drops a dated Happy Days reference. He has been to some Nitro parties and they are talking about next week’s show already! Get your tickets now! Milwaukee is home to the Brewers, Bucks, Packers and the legendary Crusher. They now want to be known as the Cheeseheads and not the Weas-Heads. Bobby calls him “limburger man” as we head down to Gene. Gene puts over Milwaukee and welcomes in Big Bubba. He says Bubba has been MIA and he asks for an update on his health and status. Bubba says that he has used many different names and dressed in various outfits since coming to WCW, but he won’t like to Gene, the fans or himself anymore. His name is Ray Traylor and he is flesh and blood like all of us. Back in February, he was big and strong and a member of the NWO. He was walking through a parking lot and got jumped from behind. He woke up in a hospital room and people told him he would never walk or wrestle again. It was the lowest part of his life and he needed his friends the most. But, he learned a lesson: that the NWO 4 Life slogan is crap. He didn’t get a phone call, letter or card as he only got a FEDEX from Eric Bischoff kicking him out of the NWO. He hung a picture of Bischoff on the wall and used it as motivation to start walking again. Now he is here to tell Bischoff that he will rip his head off because nobody kicks him when down. Traylor heads to the ring for our next match.

8) Ray Traylor vs. Prince Iaukea

Mike, Bobby and Tony are happy to have Traylor on WCW’s side. Prince heads out next and we are set to go. Traylor outs Prince down with a big shoulderblock and then slugs away. Tony and Mike talk about Traylor’s career evolution as he splashes Prince in the corner. Iaukea comes back with a dropkick but Traylor brushes it off and tosses Prince to the floor. Prince tries to come in with a sunset flip but Traylor just drops down on his chest. Traylor gets up before the three count and looks out to the crowd. He whips Iaukea in and crushes him with a big boot. He issues a warning to the NWO as he kicks away at Prince. Prince fires back and he hits another dropkick, but Traylor shrugs it off again and hammers Iaukea down. Bubba whips Prince in, catches him in a bear hug and then spikes him with a spinebuster. Traylor hooks a rear chinlock as Tony puts over his size and strength. Traylor goes for a piledriver but Prince back drops him out of it. He chops away at Ray but Ray reversed a whip and hits a sidewalk slam for the win. That was a good showing as Traylor was all fired up. Traylor d. Iaukea with a sidewalk slam at 3:14; Grade: 1

– We check out the replay and then hear AA comments from JJ Dillon before going to break.

– When we return, Gene is in the aisle and talking about Arn’s retirement speech last week. And with that, he welcomes the Four Horsemen out to talk. Only it isn’t actually the Horsemen. It is Syxx dressed as Ric Flair and Konnan dressed as Mongo. And they did a hell of a job. Syxx mocks Flair’s salutation to Gene but Gene wants no part of it. He takes off out of respect for Arn and Syxx tells him to beat it. He calls out Curt Hennig next, but it is Buff Bagwell dressed as him. He certainly has the gum chewing down. They all get in the ring as Syxx continues to impress as Flair. They reenact last week’s Horsemen segment as Tony wants it to end. Syxx keeps “wooing” as Buff talks about being put on the spot and then says he can’t give an answer. Syxx is awesome here as he is nailing the mannerisms and clichés. He has a surprise for us: Arn Anderson. Well, Kevin Nash dressed as Arn Anderson that is. And he has a neck brace on, a huge gut and beer cooler under his arm as well. Tony and Bobby want the producers to dump out of this, but it looks like we are staying. Nash lets them know that the beer is on ice as Syxx struts around. He says Labor Day is a fitting day to honor his career because you always wonder when he may go into labor. He is a man of average size, speed, quickness, looks, intelligence and carpentry skills but he parlayed that into an excellent wrestling career. The crowd isn’t very impressed here. Syxx has crazy amounts of tears falling down his face as Nash says he lost feeling in his beer opening hand. He fought back from his injury and got back to the gym…where he just walked around, but still he got there. A week ago, he went to the neighborhood bar and bellied up but a fat broad came out and smacked him in the back, knocking the beer from his hand and sending a chill down him. It was one of the same fat broads that have been following the Horsemen for years. He then said to himself that it was ironic, not only that he was out $3.75, but that the sands were ticking through the hourglass and so are the days of our lives. The one thing you could say when AA came to town, besides leaving behind unpaid bar tabs, was that he was coming to town. No matter how drunk or hung over he was, the eight people that bought tickets got a hell of a show. The crowd is booing now. He comes out here to ask the people to remember how he looks right now, not what he used to be. Tony says this is the lowest point in Nitro history. Nash has a challenge for “Curt”. He doesn’t want to fight, because he hasn’t won one in twenty years. Syxx is crying and staggering around ready to pass out. Nash offers “Curt” his spot in the Horsemen. It isn’t just a spot, not a liver spot, not like the dog spot…it’s HIS SPOT! He offers it up again and keeps running down all the different spots. “Curt” says he can’t say he likes AA or the Horsemen, but it would be an honor to accept the spot. The shake hands and Syxx drops to his knees, crying some more. All four men take off their shirts to reveal custom Horsemen shirts that show horses’ asses instead of heads. Tony says that security is holding the Horsemen at bay backstage. They strut around and throw up the Horsemen fingers as we go to break. I know this got skewered at the time for being mean spirited, but it was well done and pretty funny. I still understand that they went a bit deep on Arn there and maybe they could have laid off the drinking part of it, but it got good heat.

– Tony, Bobby and Mike tear apart the NWO for that display and Bobby says it is a disgrace. Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring and Chris Jericho is out next as we are ready to go. But, before we can get going, Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring. Eddie has the mic and tells Chavo that he gave him an opportunity to step up and become Cruiserweight Champion nine months ago. But instead of disgracing the family again, he should step down and let Uncle Eddie take the opportunity here. As Eddie talks, Scotty Riggs starts to head to the ring. Chavo tells Eddie that he was supposed to watch his back, but he left him to the wolves twice. Riggs steps in and says he deserves a title shot, but Eddie tells him to beat it. Eddie tells Chavo to do the right thing and let him take care of Jericho. Iaukea, Damien, Ciclope and Billy Kidman are out. They all start shoving each other. Now Super Astro is out too and a big brawl breaks out. A few more cruiserweights hit the ring as the brawl rages on. Chavo tries to leap onto Eddie, but he dodges it and Chavo takes out Kidman. Now Alex Wright and Ultimo Dragon are arguing on the floor two. This is pure chaos as everyone just keeps diving out onto others on the floor. It boils down to Iaukea and Jericho as we see Dragon hooking Wright in the Dragon sleeper on the floor. Eddie slips into the ring and pastes Jericho with the belt. He puts the belt across Jericho’s face, heads up top and drops a frog splash on to it. We get some AA comments from the Giant as we head to break.

– When we return, the NWO music is playing as Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way out to the ring. They get in the ring and Hogan hits the poses as Eric grabs the mic. He calls Hogan the Heavyweight Champion of the Universe. The crowd is all over them. Eric says Hogan drove Sting to the rafters, broke his heart and took his soul. Hogan has defended the title more times in one year than Sting has even wrestled. Hogan is the people’s champion and he has something to say. Hogan wants to know who Sting is without the big black bat. Hogan calls Eric his best friend and confidant and he wants to know who Sting has beaten. As far as he is concerned, Sting comes out with a wrinkled up trench coat but to be a superstar, he better get into dry cleaning. Well then. He says Sting looks like Colombo and is a Hollywood wannabe. The crowd chants for Sting and Hogan calls him out. He rags on Sting’s paint and body. He puts the title on the line right now and tells Sting the jabroni to come get some. Eric says he will kick Sting around the ring after the match too. Hogan drops to his knees and looks up, asking for Sting but he doesn’t show. He says Sting is out here each and every week and he is in the building. Hogan heard there is someone out there that vowed to make a Sting/Hogan match happen. Eric tells Jr. Executive JJ Dillon to come to the ring to talk. JJ gets in the ring and Eric tells him that Hogan has an answer for him. Hogan says he has pulled out of his brand new action movie to be here and put the title on the line and he has an answer for Sting…a right hand and legdrop for JJ. Hogan chokes away at him and drops another leg as Tony walks off commentary. Bobby and Mike call for help as Eric spray paints JJ’s back. Hogan says that Sting has been stung by the NWO. That was some great stuff right there and the crowd was just all over them. Tony is back and dejected as we go to break.

9) Scott Hall & Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger & Diamond Dallas Page

We are back and Savage, Hall and Liz are heading to the ring. Tony says he loves his job but isn’t having fun here tonight. As they hit the ring we take a break. When we return, Luger is making his way out. Page and Kimberly are out next and Bobby says he doesn’t like that Page and Lex came out separately here. All four men stand off with Lex and Page standing in separate corners. The bell sounds as Page and Luger debate who will start. It will be Page and Hall. Hall slugs away at Page to start but Page turns him around and hammers back. He hits an inverted atomic drop and slugs Hall down. Hall tags in Savage, but Page hammers on him as well. He puts Savage down with a clothesline as we take another break. When we return, Hall has Page in an armbar. Tony says that Hall and Savage have tagged in and out but Page has not even gone near Luger. Hall goes to the eyes and then kicks at Page in the corner as Tony continues to lament WCW’s bad night. Savage is back in and hot shots Page across the top tope. He tags in Hall, who takes Page over with a fallaway slam for two. Hall tags Savage back in and Randy peppers Page with right hands and a back elbow. Savage tags back out and Hall comes in with a big right hand. Hall stomps on Page and mocks Luger before tagging Savage back in. Savage clamps on a rear chinlock but Page fights up to his feet. Savage tags in Hall, who crushes Page with a clothesline in the corner. Hall tags in Savage, who heads up top and nails Page with a double axehandle for two. Savage kicks Page around as Luger paces on the apron. Savage tags Hall back in as the crowd tries to rally Page. Page comes back with a clothesline to a big pop. Page finally crawls over and tags in Lex, who comes in and wipes out Hall and Savage with right hands and forearm shots. He drops them both with a series inverted atomic drops. Page is wobbling around behind Hall as Lex hits four a few more atomic drops on him. Lex hits the ropes and charges with the forearm, but Hall ducks and he pastes Page. Savage runs over and hammers on Lex, but Lex dodges him and racks Savage. Hall covers Page and Nick Patrick counts that, ignoring the rack, to give the NWO the win. That was a fun match with some nice psychology. Hall & Savage d. Luger & Page when Hall pins Page after a Luger forearm at 8:06; Grade: 2

– Luger complains to Patrick that he was the legal man. The NWO takes off, Luger paces around the ring and Page pulls himself to his feet as we fade out. See you next week from Milwaukee!

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