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CSWF 4/12/2003

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

CSWF- CYBER SPACE WRESTLING FEDERATION, April 12th, 3 PM Rahway, NJ, took place right before Jersey All Pro supershow, in Woodbridge. Seeing that the two venues were literally only 5 minutes apart, I thought that a lot of fans would attend. Apparently, they knew something I didn’t, and stayed away from CSWF. Can’t say I wasn’t too jealous of them. With an attendance of 46 people, this is how the show went:

America The Beautiful was sung beautifully. Maybe one of the highlights of the show, but it was sang great, and I’m a mark for good renditions of America The Beautiful and Star Spangled Banner. Don’t want to joke about it, but it was PAM. (Perfectly Acceptable Music)

Show starts off with the monotone Larry Zbyszko and Larry Winters argue over the real “Living Legend” nickname. Larry Z, (as I don’t want to spell his last name, because it is one of the hardest words to spell in the English language) gave his same speech about the WWE, that you have heard all over the world for the past 2 years. Trust me, Larry Z would pull a Piper, and join up with the WWE, if Vince ever wanted him. I love how people always bash Vince, especially these “Legends” but would sign with him in a drop of a hat. This interview set up the battle of the triple L’s (Living Legend Larry’s) and we were on our way to the first match.

Striker d. Chi Chi Cruz and Nick Berk in a Triple Threat Match

Rob Eckos was originally supposed to have Berk’s spot, but due to his foot being broken, Berk was his replacement, and Eckos was there to introduce him. Have to respect Eckos for keeping all his indy bookings, when he’s legit hurt. This was one of the better matches of the night, probably due to Striker and Berks involvement, and the fact that Striker is one of the more funnier guys in wrestling. Striker even appealed to the 80’s fan in all of us, and gave some LETHAL BACK RAKES and the FINGERPOKE FROM HELL TO THE EYE! Brutal maneuvers, but effective. Decent match for what it was, in front of the 46 fans. In the words of my good friend Jim Brambilla, “The crowd went w…mild.”

In our 2nd bout of the evening, Blasphemy d. Kamma Teppa Kegga

It was more of a blasphemy to the audience who were watching this match. Note to KTK: If you’re going to bring beer to the ring, and not share with “The MiC” or the other fans, you will be forever a heel, no matter how much you try to be a face. Luckily, we went to a bar before the show, so this match wasn’t so bad. Note to CSWF: Lose the ref who can’t keep his pants up, and gets jokes. He was horrible in there, and being a “ref” albeit, once, I can say that lol. Seriously, between laughing in the matches, to tackling guys in the corner, to trying to be assertive and steal heat from the wrestlers, that was blasphemous. Look for the Final McWord later.

For the coveted CSWF Hardcore Title, Tommy, I mean Jackie Dreamer d. Tyrus
Everyone knows that I don’t like watching promoters/bookers in their own shows wrestling. I’ll make an exception for Vince McMahon, as people did pay to see Vince get his comeuppance against Austin or Hogan, but I digress. This match was a brutal match, in regards to time. Finish saw Jackie win after putting Tyrus through the table. Next.

In one of the better matches of the day, Sean Sheridan d. Dave Greco for the CSWF Cruiserweight Championship

I know my Wrestling Clothesline buddies were marking out for Sheridan’s theme music. Sheridan played the limited crowd up well. I put whatever credibility I have to say that Sheridan is a great wrestler, as I have seen him have good matches in JCW, and this match was no different. Great back and forth match. Kudos to both guys.

Joey Matthews/Crazy Ivan/Hungarian Barbarian d. Mike Preston/Damian Adams/Kid USA, when Barbarian pinned Adams.

You had some good talent mixed in with some average guys, but this was a fun little match. The workrate fan in me would’ve preferred Adams vs Matthews, but this was a nice match.

Post match: Slyk Wagner Brown comes in and beats up the winning heel team, and makes a shout out to the CSWF World Champion for a title match. I hope he gets it, as Slyk (See my JAP Review after this one) would bring some credibility to the belt. Miss Asia, who I forgot was there, which shows how effective she was in the match, jumped on Slyk. This led to Big Red, April Hunter, coming out and destroying her. Please don’t book April vs Asia, because that would be insulting to April. Anyway, April and Slyk stood tall in the ring, and we’ll see if Slyk gets his title shot.

Intermission. No beer. That’s not good.

We then had an interview after the intermission with EZ Money, Julio Dinero and Chris Hamrick. All 3 are decent on the mic, even though Hamrick does his talking in the ring. The winner would be the #1 contender to the CSWF title, and Danny Doring joined them, to make this a 3 WAY DANCE, which was reiterated several times. Ok segment, as all men involved are good performers.

Devon “Crowbar” Storm w/Serena d. Matt Vandal

What did Storm do wrong to have to wrestle Vandal? No offense to Vandal, but he wasn’t on Devon’s level. Not one of Storm’s better matches. Vandal needs more work, but has a good look.

Larry Z. w/Vanity d. Larry Winters after the dreaded BELTSHOT FROM HELL

Firehawk, an avid Larry Z supporter, was at ringside to do commentating. Doesn’t help the live crowd, as you can’t hear what he’s saying. Vanity is good looking and for people in support of animals, she has nice puppies. Does Larry Z really need to win from a belt shot? I am not the biggest Zybscko fan, but I can appreciate his wrestling, and what he’s done in the past, and I’m sure he didn’t need a belt to defeat Larry Winters. Just a blah match. Crowd is falling asleep here.

For the USWF and CSWF titles, Sinister X defeated Smoke

Evil MiC mode is taking over…. This match was, for a lack of a better word, CRAP. Smoke is a Rock rip off, from catch phrases, to look, to facial expressions. Seriously to Smoke, are you satisfied in just working the CSWF, or do you want to work elsewhere? I know that most of indy wrestlers, would want to have a meeting with Vince and finally “make it” in the WWE. I’m sure Vince or Patterson or whoever else is recruiting these days, is saying; “Well if we get this Smoke guy, who can rip off the Rock, very bad by the way, maybe the WWE fans would go nuts for him. Let’s give him a call.” N-word please. This was atrocious. With some of the other guys on the roster, cough Striker cough Slyk, neither of these guys belong in a title match. Several fans in the front row, decided reading a newspaper away from the ring was a good idea. Can’t blame them. Sinister X has a good look, but in no way belongs in main events, or a champion. Smoke was bad in the ring, and his gimmick sucks. He gets “X-pac” heel heat, due to fans hating his gimmick not his character in the ring. I will go to say that this match belongs on the Josh Deeley level of matches. Well maybe one or two steps above. Evil MiC mode off.

In the match of the night, where Julio Dinero was the special referee, Danny Doring d. Chris Hamrick and EZ Money.

Great match. All men in this match, as mentioned previously, are true pros. They worked well for us, despite the attendance. Dinero is a funny man. Finish saw Dinero turn on Hamrick w/a SuperKick, and a fast 1-2-3 count as Doring wrapped him up. Good match. PAW match. I left immediately, because I didn’t want to miss a second of JAP, which was 5 minutes away, but I have been told that nothing else happened.

Final McWord.

CSWF needs help. Big time. There were a lot of indy workers today that did not work ROH, that could’ve saved this show. Honestly, I don’t understand the 46 people there. Unless they all had crystal balls, I thought this show was promoted very well, on the internet at least. I am very honest, and talked to the CSWF promoter after this show. He told me that CSWF is in growing pains, and will have a much better show next time. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, before I stop going to his shows. Something needs to be done to this promotion. NYWC has only run 2 shows, and both shows have been smashing successes. This is CSWF’s third show, and the attendance keeps dropping with each show. The event was held in the Center Circle, which is a great wrestling building. CSWF had a great look and presentation, but the overall wrestling quality and excitement was no where to be found. This might be the harshest I have ever came off, so I hope CSWF realizes there is work to be done, which they do, and promotes and delivers a better show. With a show that drew 500 fans, 5 minutes away, you can’t say that fans aren’t there. Good luck to CSWF, they are going to need it. CSWF is running tentatively on June 14th, check out the DOI site or for more information. Before my word gets taken to home, give CSWF a chance of your own, and see what you think about it. They are promising a better show.


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