DGUSA Enter The Dragon 2010 7/24/2010

Written by: McXal

Dragon Gate USA – Enter The Dragon 2010: First Anniversary Celebration – 24th July 2010

It’s been over two months since I last reviewed a DGUSA event, but since the next set of DVD’s finally arrived in the mail last week (after being on pre-order for what seemed like an eternity) I thought I’d jump right back into it. When I left Dragon Gate USA at the end of their first year of existence, a clear landscape had started to form. BxB Hulk of World-1 sits at the top of the company and was starting to get some momentum going as Freedom Gate Champion after a series of credible defences. Yoshino and Dragon Kid had settled their superb feud at Open The Northern Gate. The heavy hitters of CIMA, Doi, Shingo, Mochizuki and former Dream Gate Champion YAMATO had all amassed some superb matches across all the DGUSA DVD’s thus far. Impressive American talent like Brian Kendrick and Young Bucks had such a good year that TNA gave them contracts, meaning they left us over the Phoenix weekend. The US fronted portion of the roster is now frontlined by the likes of the Chikara Sekigun, the enigmatic Jon Moxley fronting the formidable Kamikaze USA faction, with Jimmy Jacobs lurking in the background as a Raven-esque style loner. Year One was a good year for Dragon Gate USA, laying the foundations for a strong new independent wrestling promotion, proving there was indeed a real market for bringing the stars of Dragon Gate to the United States on a regular basis, and releasing several VERY well-received pay-per-view/DVD events. I closed my review of Uprising by conveying my own enjoyment of the product, but raised some concerns about just how far Dragon Gate USA could go without a greater input from the American members of the roster. Losing Davey Richards and the Young Bucks was clearly damaging and left them with only the niche Chikara workers and promo guys like Moxley and Jacobs.

Enter The Dragon 2010 shows clear intent to address that. Of course all the headlines will be the return of the American Dragon, fresh from his surprise sacking from the WWE for his overly aggressive approach to the Nexus’ RAW invasion angle which apparently went beyond the ‘PG’ boundaries now in place. His no compete clause meant he wasn’t permitted to appear on the ppv portion of this show, but does return to DGUSA in the non-ppv, dark match main event to face Shingo. Elsewhere there’s main show debuts for several domestic talents – including those that will become increasingly important as Year 2 progresses – with the likes of Ricochet, Chuck Taylor, Rich Swann and more getting a chance to shine. Chikara Sekigun and Kamikaze USA settle their differences in a big elimination tag bout whilst Masaaki Mochizuki, after a hugely impressive Canadian weekend, challenges BxB Hulk for the Open The Freedom Gate crown. We’re back where it all began, The Arena in Philadelphia, PA, with Lenny Leonard and Leonard Chikarason.

CIMA opens the show with more of his fun Japan-glish promo skills. He’s interrupted by Johnny Gargano to make his pitch to be the American representative for CIMA’s Warriors stable, and wants to prove his worth by facing him in a match.

CIMA vs Johnny Gargano

This is actually the first time we’ve seen Gargano compete in a DGUSA main show since Open The Freedom Gate, when he lost a multi-man match in the first round of the title tournament. However, as we saw over the Canadian weekend, he has big goals in Dragon Gate. He believes he has what it takes to be a major player, and wants a stable to snap him up as their American representative…but thus far hasn’t had too many offers. Will a good performance here convince CIMA to change his mind?

Johnny drives CIMA out of the ring with a handspring kick into a TOPE SUICIDA! He snaps off a neckbreaker and gets an early nearfall. Finally CIMA rolls through a sunset flip and DOUBLE STOMPS THE FACE! Mexican surfboard applied…so Gargano bites his way free, only to take the ass dropkick against the turnbuckles. Venus Strike sends him to the apron but the American shows great resourcefulness to slingshot through the ropes into a spear on the on-rushing CIMA. Lungblower from the DG talent, but such is the damage Gargano has inflicted that it takes him some time to regain his bearings. Double knees in the corner…but Gargano hits back with his own knee strike, then a LAWN DART TO THE BUCKLES! Schwein countered…PERFECT DRIVER GETS 2! VAN CIMA-NATOR! SCHWEIN! METEORA KNEE DROP! CIMA wins at 11:52

Rating – *** –
Star-making match for Johnny Gargano, and an energetic start to the show. I’m not going to lie and say it seemed like Gargano was in CIMA’s league because, lets face it, he isn’t. CIMA is a world class talent, but in this match he showed that talent by helping Johnny to a terrific little match that will tangibly lift his stock on the independent wrestling scene. Gargano was allowed plenty of offence, and in the end was only beaten when CIMA had to use all his finishers one after the other to put him away. Good way to open the DVD, and a strong statement of intent that American talent are going to feature more prominently in the second year of DGUSA.

CIMA burns Gargano by refusing a handshake for his efforts.

Drake Younger, given a huge opportunity to work Naruki Doi tonight after a late injury prevented Dragon Kid from making the trip, cuts a promo promising that he’s in DGUSA to stay

Adam Cole vs Arik Cannon vs Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet

Main show debuts for all four men, although I believe most of them have been on some pre-shows already. I believe Cole is a graduate of CZW’s school, and is certainly a prominent member of their roster now, and is a junior who shows a lot of promise. Ricochet has a real cult following for being a terrific high flyer. Taylor is one of the most polarising figures on the indy scene, with many fans of his work in the Midwest and in California, and as many detractors to go with it. Cannon has been around for years, and is a solid worker, but has never really gotten an extended run in an ROH, a PWG or a TNA because his look and garbage bag ring attire tend to throw a few people off.

Ricochet does handsprings and backflips as he comes through the curtain, in case you needed any indication as to what sort of worker he is. Cannon tries to bully Ricochet as they start together, until Rico strings a few armdrags together and sends him out. Taylor knocks him out with a sweet dropkick then suffers the same fate at the hands of Cole. Arik stops Ricochet diving once…and second time around it’s Cole stopping him with an enzi through the ropes. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY CHUCK INSTEAD! HANDSPRING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR FROM RICOCHET! Cannon powerbombs Taylor out of the corner INTO A REVERSE SUPERPLEX ON RICOCHET! EXPLODER INTO THE BUCKLES ON COLE! Adam takes every strike Cannon throws at him and still stays up, so Arik absolutely flattens him with a big lariat for 2. HANDSPRING RANA INTO A RED STAR PRESS get Ricochet a nearfall. BACKSLIDE DRIVER ON COLE! SAYAMA FLIP INTO A SWINGING DDT ON TAYLOR! TOTAL ANARCHY FROM CANNON TO COLE GETS 2! This match is crazy! Ricochet goes for a baseball slide on Adam Cole and gets caught for an OCEAN CYCLONE SUPLEX INTO THE SIDE OF THE F*CKING RING! In the ring he gets a nearfall with the Cole-Lateral. BRAINBUSTER drops him on his head seconds later but still he kicks out. SPRINGBOARD CANADIAN DESTROYER ON CANNON! 450 CORKSCREW MOONSAULT LEG DROP FROM RICOCHET MISSES! AWFUL WAFFLE WINS IT FOR CHUCKY T! It’s over at 09:42

Rating – **** –
Where the frig did that come from? Totally crazy spotfest match there that had to be seen to be believed. I don’t imagine the rest of the roster, sat in the back watching this, would be overly thrilled about this being so early on the show, but it was a superb introductory effort from all four of them. Ricochet looked every bit the crazy high flyer he’s hyped to be (incidentally, with the likes of him and Pac on the scene, who can hit wild high spots with such absolute precision, you can’t help but feel like Jack Evans is done as a viable commodity on the indies), Cannon looked like a hard hitting mothertrucker, Cole got to look like the plucky up and comer whilst Taylor was the opportunist, seeing the least action of all four of them but constantly appearing from nowhere to hit a big spot then get out. Adam Cole would ink a contract with Ring Of Honor later in 2010 which would curtail his involvement in the DGUSA project, whilst Cannon isn’t exactly a natural fit with large chunks of the DGUSA roster. However, you’d imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more from Chucky and Ricochet.

Jon Moxley fronts a Kamikaze USA promo, with that faction looking to quash Chikara Sekigun

Drake Younger vs Naruki Doi

This is a massive opportunity for CZW’s Drake Younger here. This was originally scheduled to be Doi vs Dragon Kid, however Drake was drafted in as a last second replacement when Kid pulled out through injury. Already heavily battle scarred, Younger certainly won’t back down from the challenge of the former Open The Dream Gate Champion, and will know that a good outing here will earn him future spots in DGUSA events.

Doi himself looks to be suffering with injuries, and comes out wearing a shirt to cover the heavy taping on his ribs. Younger throws him out of the ring but MISSES a somersault senton off the apron and lands hard on the concrete floor. That injures his leg, something which Doi immediately targets with a dropkick against the ropes. Scything, two-footed lunge to the leg takes Younger down again for ROLLING SHINBREAKERS into a back suplex. Impressively, Drake catches Doi as he sprints in for another attack on the leg and drops him on his head with a half nelson suplex. Doi 555 countered into a sliding lariat for 2. Naruki hits back with a shotgun dropkick in the ropes, then the somersault senton across the back. Younger goes for a Cop Killa but gets flattened with an Unprettier variant, which is a cool counter. Doi 555 then the Baketori Sliding Kick win it for the DG athlete in 08:48

Rating – ** –
Pretty one-sided and squash like there. Between Younger being pretty average and Naruki very obviously working within himself thanks to his own injuries there wasn’t an awful lot going on here. Doi’s assault on the leg was cool, but it went nowhere, didn’t contribute to the finish and wasn’t sold to any great degree by Drake. No rush to bring him back…

Drake Younger gets on the stick after the match to fish for future bookings and an American representative spot if there are any going. That’s Johnny Gargano’s gimmick of course, and he arrives to attack Drake for gimmick infringement.

Mike Quackenbush says he appealed to the Dragon Gate Office to give them a partner who hates YAMATO. They got new Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino…

BxB Hulk vs Masaaki Mochizuki – Open The Freedom Gate Title Match

Mochi moved to the front of the queue for title contendership after an impressive weekend in Canada which saw him defeat Naruki Doi and Akira Tozawa on consecutive evenings. He’s a dominant, hard hitting opponent who represents a stern test for the popular, now shaven-headed champion.

Apparently losing a Hair vs Hair Match with Shingo is the reason for Hulk’s new look. Mochizuki dishes out a stiff chop in the first minute, then a fierce kick a couple of moments later. That throws down a marker, and Hulk rises to the challenge, holding his own in a great kung fu-movie style near miss exchange. BxB tries to trade kicks with Mochi and fails miserably but uses his quickness to his advantage by diving aside and forcing Mochizuki to drill his knee into the ringpost. He drops the leg over the guardrail seconds later and returns to the ring having successfully negated the imposing kick strength of his challenger. Modified cloverleaf does more damage at the 5 minute mark. Masaaki kicks Hulk to the floor, but delivering the kick took enough out of him that it takes a while to recover. Running kick with the other leg sends BxB out of the ring again. He ducks a BxB kick and this time it’s the champion who sees his leg collide with a ringpost. APRON SHINBREAKER by Mochi., followed by a running kick to the exposed knee. Figure 4 Leglock applied at 10 minutes – marking a total 180 degree change in the direction of the match in just five minutes of action. BxB kicks free of a spinning toe hold, but his kick are increasingly powerless now, and he is FLOORED by Mochizuki. ANKLELOCK…WITH LEG GRAPEVINE! Hulk courageously refuses to tap and tries to trade more kicks and strikes with the challenger. Springboard missile dropkick scores, but he finds himself on the canvas struggling to shake off his bad leg. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! He then get 2 with a standing corkscrew senton. Hulk Bottom scores, but a tree of woe dropkick doesn’t and Mochi levels him in the corner with a big Yakuza kick. BxB tries the same tree of woe escape that Mochizuki tried moments earlier, but Mochi scouts it and punts him in the neck. Hulk lands on his feet out of a German suplex and delivers a superkick for 2. EVO countered, but the Maus kick scores instead. DEVASTATING kick combo brings Mochi back into things…and he NAILS the Twister for 2 moments later. SECOND ROPE BRAINBUSTER! RUNNING HEEL KICK TO THE STOMACH! Still Hulk kicks out. EVO! But BxB is too tired to make a cover. DUELLING STRIKES! YAKUZA BY HULK! AVALANCHE EVO! MOCHI KICKS OUT! PHOENIX SPLASH…AND HE KICKS OUT AGAIN! SUPERKICK! Hulk finally retains it at 21:47

Rating – **** –
Even with his horrific sell-job on the leg, this is clearly BxB’s defining match as Freedom Gate Champion thus far. He’s a natural contrast to Mochizuki in that he’s a fiery underdog with lots of babyface charisma…which makes him a great opponent for the vicious, almost emotionless toughness coming his way from Mochizuki – who is one of my favourite Dragon Gate talents by this point. This was far from perfect, but they pushed it into 4* territory almost by sheer will power, and even with the attack on the leg becoming increasingly irrelevant as the match wore on, you could appreciate the story of BxB trying to rise to the challenge of his uber-tough opponent…and finally besting him by dishing out a flurry of big finishing moves.

One of Hulk’s dancing girls from Phoenix (in absolutely terrifying make-up) shows up to distract the champion for long enough for Kamikaze USA to assault him. BRYAN DANIELSON MAKES THE SAVE! Moxley calls Shingo and YAMATO back, telling them not to oppose Dragon until they’re getting paid to wrestle him…

Scott Reed vs Rich Swann

This is an opportunity to take a look at two up and coming talents who impressed at a seminar earlier in the evening, and are not signed to deals with the likes of ROH, therefore real candidates to become part of the DGUSA and Evolve rosters. Reed looks like a total powerhouse, whilst Swann lacks size but is supposedly hugely charismatic.

Swann demonstrates real speed, but runs into an imposing belly to belly suplex by Reed. HEAD DROP GERMAN moments later gets 2. Corkscrew enziguri then a standing moonsault from the lightning fast Rich Swann. STANDING 450 SPLASH! Swann wins at 02:04

Rating – ** –
I’m not sure what more these two could have done in barely 120 seconds of wrestling time. Reed looked like a competent power guy, whilst Swann put in an outstanding debut full of speed and energy. He looks like a real find

No time for him to celebrate though, as Brodie Lee arrives to beat the sh*t out of everyone in the ring – including DESTROYING Reed’s female valet Nicole with a sickening Big Boot in the corner. He’s here in DGUSA to mow through everyone in his path – man, woman or child. Next time he’s coming for some Japanese talent…

Jon Moxley/YAMATO/Akira Tozawa/Gran Akuma vs Masato Yoshino/Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw/Hallowicked

This is an 8-man tag team bout fought under elimination rules. Kamikaze are represented by Moxley, YAMATO, Gran Akuma and Akira Tozawa, whilst Chikara are Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, and they’ve been joined by partner for the evening, new Open The Dream Gate Champ Masato Yoshino – who hates YAMATO and defeated him for the Dream Gate crown.

Yoshino appears to be in possession of a NEW Dream Gate belt. The change was badly needed, since the old one looked like a hunk of scrap metal screwed to a shred of old sofa material. The dastardly Kamikaze charge into a four-man cheap shot on all their opponents to get things going. Bodies quickly fly around ringside but in the ring it’s Moxley and Yamato singling out Quackenbush for punishment. Mike manages to send everyone outside and climbs for a TOP ROPE MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Yoshino tags in with Tozawa, and goes CRAZY with the rope run speed. Double Stomp Go 2 Sleepy Hollow from Jig and Hallowicked to Akuma but Tozawa mows down Jigsaw and drags him into the Kamikaze corner. Akuma distracts the referee whilst Moxley and Yamato choke Jig in their half of the ring at the five minute mark. Akuma moonsault OVER YAMATO’S HEAD still misses Jigsaw as Akuma continues to be the worst talent in DGUSA. SUPER RANA counters an avalanche Rubix Cube attempt and enables Jigsaw to tag Wicked. Rydien Bomb on Tozawa for 2. Akira blocks Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and nails a BACK DROP DRIVER! Four man attack on Hallowicked, ending in GALLERIA! Yamato eliminates Hallowicked at 07:53. Chikara Sekigun are a man down, so Quack and Jig converge for double teams on Moxley.

MISSILE DROPKICK SENTON BY YOSHINO! BRAINBUSTER BY JIGSAW FOR 2! Mox fires up to hit a CHICKENWING SUPLEX! JIGSAW F*CKING NO SELLS! LARIATOOOOOO! NO SELL AGAIN! Moxley hammers him with a chair…and is disqualified at 10:35! Jimmy Jacobs runs in and beats the up the eliminated Moxley…as Yamato eliminates Jigsaw at 11:09 with another Galleria. Yoshino sprints into the Slingblade on Tozawa. ROPE RUN DIVING HEADBUTT BY AKIRA MISSES! RUNNING SENTON INSTEAD! Quack narrowly avoids elimination at the hands of the Tombstone lungblower from Gran Akuma. CODE RED COUNTERED TO AN INVERTED CODE RED! Quack eliminates Akuma at 14:22. Ude Yoshino lays out Yamato as the Dream Gate Champion cranks up the pace again. LIGHTNING SPIRAL! TOZAWA SAVES! BTS gets 2 on Yamato for Quackenbush, only for Yamato to stand up and deliver a brainbuster. HEAD DROP SLEEPER SUPLEX! BRIDGING GERMAN BY TOZAWA! YOSHINO SAVES! Ude Yoshino COUNTERED TO GALLERIA! Yoshino KICKS OUT! TORBELINO! SOL NACIENTE ON YAMATO! CHIKARA SPECIAL ON TOZAWA! SIMULTANEOUS TAPS! Quack and Yoshino seal the win in a sensational 18:37

Rating – ****1/2 –
All the usual fun of the Dragon Gate multi-man tag action, except this time you had added storyline perks thrown in. Admittedly Akuma did his best to bring things down a notch (I’m really not a fan of his at all) but everything else was absolute money. From Moxley’s electrifying cameo as the cerebral leader of his team, through the plucky spirit of Jig and Wicked, the almost impossible speed of Yoshino, the sheer awesomeness of YAMATO to the clever and popular conclusion of the contest giving both the Dream Gate Champion and head of Chikara Sekigun a big victory. I can’t speak highly enough of this bout. Bearing mind this was the main event of the pay-per-view edit of this show it had to deliver, and it was a real show-stopper.

Outside an unhinged Jon Moxley warns Jimmy Jacobs to stay out of his affairs…

Shingo vs Bryan Danielson

It was a real shock to the wrestling world when Daniel Bryan, having made a significant impact on the WWE ‘Universe’ as part of the inaugural NXT series, was fired for his super-intense spitting, tie-choking antics during the Nexus’ assault on John Cena and Monday Night RAW. Fans of Bryan wondered what all the fuss was about, but in a post-Benoit WWE, and with Linda in the midst of her run for the Senate, the sight of one man choking another with his own tie was not deemed to be in keeping with the ‘family friendly’ direction Vince has led his company in recent years. Bryan had to go, it seemed, so it was that in the summer of 2010 Bryan Danielson made an unexpected, mostly unwanted (I think fans legitimately wanted to see Dragon make his mark at the highest level) but entirely welcome return to the independent scene. Almost before he was fired rumours circulated that his sacking was a temporary measure and he’d be brought back once the ‘heat’ had died down. With a 90-day no compete clause in place meaning HDNet was out of the question, ROH decided Danielson wasn’t worth the money to bring back for what would realistically be no more than a one-time boost to a particular show or DVD sales. Crazy as it sounds, ROH somehow managed to miss out on bringing in arguably it’s greatest ever worker when he was available, and one of the most talked about wrestlers in the entire world. BUT, Ring Of Honor’s loss was Gabe Sapolsky’s gain. Even though he couldn’t put Dragon on ppv, he quickly signed the man he’d booked as World Champion through what was probably ROH’s most successful time-period and booked him on as many Dragon Gate USA and Evolve shows as he possibly could. Everyone knew Danielson wouldn’t be back for long, so Gabe’s only job was to book him in the biggest ‘dream matches’ possible to shift as many DVD’s as they can. Evolve got Danielson/Fish and Danielson/Sawa – both matches that Dragon reportedly requested. Dragon Gate have signed him up for a trilogy of matches with Kamikaze USA. He faces Shingo tonight, and has YAMATO and Jon Moxley on his remaining dates. Enjoy him whilst you can folks…

Danielson is so over at this point he doesn’t need entrance music. No beating around the bush, Dragon and Shingo immediately start laying into each other with big elbow smashes. Made In Japan is blocked, and Shingo then slides to the floor to avoid an early Cattle Mutilation. Standing chickenwing from Dragon, keeping Shingo down on the canvas where he can out-wrestle him and negate his power. Mexican surfboard into a dragon sleeper as Danielson continues to dominate. He’s targeting Shingo’s arm, softening it up for the likes of the Triangle Choke, Crossface Chickenwing, Cattle Mutilation or the Lebell Lock, his new WWE finishing hold. Shingo shows incredible power to dead-lift him off the mat into a vertical suplex. Bryan tries to retreat but Shingo gives chase to the outside and drives his arm into the guardrails. That events things up, and as the match returns to the ring, it’s Shingo using his strength and power to control proceedings. He goes to a body scissors which is a simple and effective hold, but that’s down on the mat and Dragon quickly turns it to another surfboard. Shingo tries a German suplex but turns to see Danielson on his feet and running to hit a knee strike. Running elbow seconds later sends Shingo to the floor. SPRINGBOARD CROWD DIVE FROM DRAGON! He went through Shingo, and even Akira Tozawa and Super Sheng Long at ringside.

Shingo fights hard to stay out of Cattle Mutilation territory and throws Dragon across the ring with a BACK DROP DRIVER! Danielson up…BACK DROP DRIVER AGAIN! Manriki locked in and Dragon works hard to find a rope. CAPTURE SUPLEX out of the corner as he continues to throw Danielson on his neck. Blood Fall evaded and Danielson swivels into a kick to the side of the head before collapsing into a heap on the canvas alongside Shingo. ‘He’s too violent’ – Philadelphia. VIOLENT strikes by Danielson seem to render Shingo defenceless, only for the Kamikaze USA representative to pop up into a DVD. Baseball slide facewash by Danielson followed by the back superplex for 2. KICK YOUR F*CKING HEAD IN STOMPS! TRIANGLE CHOKE! MMA ELBOWS! SHINGO NO SELLS! SECOND ROPE DVD! BOTH MEN DOWN! HEADBUTT DUEL! MADE IN JAPAN! DANIELSON KICKS OUT! SHINGO LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TWO COUNT AGAIN! MR SMALL PACKAGE GETS 2! CATTLE MUTILATION! Shingo stands up so Danielson throws him down again with a tiger suplex. MMA ELBOWS! CATTLE MUTILATION! REGAL SUPLEX GET 2! TRIANGLE CHOOOOOOOOOOKE! SHINGO POWERS OUT! TRIANGLE CHOKE MMA ELBOWS! ARM CAPTURE CROSSFACE! SHINGO TAPS! DRAGON WINS! DRAGON WINS! 29:14 is your time…and it’s already proclaimed a MOTYC by Philadelphia.

Rating – ****1/2 –
There have already been a large number of top notch matches in Dragon Gate USA’s brief history…but for my money this tops them all. Definite 2010 MOTYC, it’s just an incredible match that needs to be seen. Thirty minutes pitting Shingo’s unrelenting power and determination against the unrivalled technical skills of the ‘Best In The World’. It wasn’t completely flawless, but it was still a gripping encounter and a strong reminder to the independent scene as to exactly what they’d been missing whilst Danielson was in the WWE. Of course, even by this stage most people knew it was only to be a fleeting return, but his brief hiatus from ascending to the role of WWE ‘superstar’ is more than welcome if he’s going to be putting on classics like this. Next up for him is Shingo’s Kamikaze USA stable-mate YAMATO.

Speaking of YAMATO, he arrives in the ring for a staredown with Danielson. BxB Hulk comes out to assist Danielson and Jon Moxley eventually arrives to pull his charges away. BxB welcomes Dragon into the World-1 fold to end the show…

Tape Rating – ****1/2 –
For my money this was the best DGUSA show thus far. The trademark high octane, thrillride wrestling style of the DGUSA crew was still here for all to see, but tonight it was allied with a bold, brash, purposeful creative drive that made the show an absolute blast to watch. From new American talent like Gargano, Taylor, Ricochet, Brodie Lee and Rich Swann getting chances to shine, the best Freedom Gate Title match thus far in the midcard, the awesome ppv main event of Chikara Sekigun getting the best of their year-long rivalry with YAMATO, Akuma and Kamikaze USA…and the best DGUSA bout to this point (in my opinion anyway) rounding things off in the form of the must-see Danielson/Shingo match. Honestly, I can’t think of a single wrestling show I’ve enjoyed more in a long time. Aside from Doi/Younger, which was passable and totally inoffensive, everything else about this event was absolutely spot on. Great matches, great storylines, great title fight, hot crowd, new stars being born. If you’ve not been convinced by Dragon Gate USA thus far, this may well be the night you become a fan.

Top 3 Matches

3) BxB Hulk vs Masaaki Mochizuki (****)

2) Chikara Sekigun/Masato Yoshino vs Kamikaze USA (****1/2)

1) Bryan Danielson vs Shingo (****1/2)

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