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FIP Fallout Night 2 11/13/2004

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

FIP’s second night at the Party Zone in Tampa Florida included one of the most innovative matches I’ve ever seen on an independent wrestling show. That was the main event, so we’ll get to that later, but first:

Mikey Batts put on one of his better performances (that I’ve seen) against Don Juan in the opening match. Following this, Kahagas battled Erick Stevens in a match between two guys I know very little about. Kahagas has a cool look but Stevens did nothing for me. Antonio Banks, who I appreciate more and more every time I see him, wrestled Jared Steele in a battle of deceptively large men. The team of Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon, collectively known as Double Deuce fought Ron Neimi’s 911 Incorporated combination of Mike Shane & Rob Steel). Two things stuck with me in this match; 1) WWE is really wasting the Shane Twins, and 2) Rod Steel is really cool!

The Mid-card got a little hotter with a hard-fought 4-WAY Fray between Rainman and Dan Maff and Azriael and Sal Rinauro. After that, the viewers were treated to a highly entertaining tag team match between Dave Prazak’s Associates, Jimmy Rave & Fast Eddie Vegas going up against Jerrelle Clark & Insane Dragon. This, of course, stemmed from the events of FALLOUT Night #1 when Rave/Vegas accepted Prazak’s offer and Clark/Dragon declined. Excellent battle with a shocking finish.

The main event featured and insane idea that did not disappoint in pushing the envelope. Falls counted ANYWHERE in the city of Tampa, a truly unique set of rules (or lack of rules) with unlimited possibilities. Homicide’s FIP championship was on the line, as he and C.M. Punk’s brawl spilled out into the streets with a legion of FIP fans following every move. They spent a good five minute on top of a 12 foot ring truck threatening to throw each other off onto the cold unforgiving pavement below. They both made it down alive but eventually found themselves surrounded by strippers fighting on a stage at a strip club. Sound crazy? It was. The fight went on with two female members of the adult industry molesting each other just 3 feet away. Disclaimer: There is no NUDITY included on this DVD. C.M. Punk had the line of the night when he bent over and yelled “You’re a Whore!” in one of the young lady’s ears as she performed her routine. The match finally ended with a pile-driver on the sidewalk outside the club and Homicide having his arm raised in victory. In-freaking-sane. Homicide celebrated by donating a couple dollar bills to the hard-working dancers inside.

Final Thoughts:
It’s not often that I can honestly proclaim that I have seen something new in the wrestling industry but this was something I’ve never seen. The possibilities are endless, they could have gone anywhere — but this would only work if you had less than 50 fans in attendance because they had to follow the action as it traveled around town. I loved the Falls Count Anywhere in Tampa match and it really made this DVD worth watching. If TNA or WWE ever get around to making a Homicide or C.M. Punk DVD I would hope they would include this match because it was a great match. Two thumbs up for the Rave/Vegas vs Clark/Dragon tag match as well. DVD Rating: 8.5/10

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