FIP Strength In Numbers 11/11/2005

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

“Strength in Numbers” took place inside of a rodeo arena or something like that which made for a very unique atmosphere. The first match featured the debut of one of the best independent tag team on the circuit in Black Market, made up of Joey Machete and Shawn Murphy. Their opponents were Rainman and Evan Starsmore. Poor Rainman — last month he was challenging for the FIP championship. I guess he felt the same way about it, because he walked out on Starsmore and that led to Black Market picking up their first victory in FIP ( 5 / 10 ).

Lenny Leonard interviewed American Dragon, who screamed insults at the fans and officially joined DP Associates. Dave Prazak came out and bragged about his Associates putting Homicide out of action and issued an open challenge to face American Dragon; Jaison Moore, who was in street clothes sitting in the crowd, jumped the rail and lasted about five seconds before tapping out. It was funny because a “legit” fan followed Moore over the rail and wanted to help, but Moore wisely told him to return to his seat. Gotta love marks! Jimmy Rave then dragged recent ROH graduate Pelle Primeau out from the locker room and forced him into the ring with Dragon, who took his time and slowly dissected the young rookie before making him tap out too. Then some real competition showed up in the form of the “Sicilian Shooter” Tony Mamaluke, who accepted Dragon’s open challenge. That match actually lasted about 30 seconds and ended in a No Contest when Jimmy Rave interfered, and Roderick Strong made the save. This now sets up a tag team match for later. American Dragon and Jimmy Rave vs. Roderick Strong and Tony Mamaluke.

Next up we have the “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison scoring a victory over ROH graduate Derrick Dempsey, who looks like he belong on the cover of a cheesy romance novel as opposed to a wrestling ring. It was a decent match that went a little bit too long ( 4 / 10 ). Derrick Dempsey had a good look, he just needs to bulk up and get some road-time and ring-experience.

Salvatore Rinauro seems to change tag team partners in Full Impact Pro more than he changes his underwear. On this night, Rinauro chose to team up with ROH Graduate Davey Andrews. Speaking of underwear, their opponents were FIP Tag Team Champions The Heartbreak Express, accompanied by the “hottest woman in wrestling”, So-Cal Val! Sal Rinauro took it upon himself to give his rookie tag partner a crash course in how to incorporate comedy into your match. God bless him, Davey Andrews stuck out like a sore thumb working with three (four if you include Val) of FIP’s most charismatic performers. So-Cal Val was nice enough to stand on the camera side of the ring with her long legs glistening in the spotlights — oops, where was I? Oh yeah! Wrestling…. seriously though, Val is surprisingly good as a heel valet. She really takes her craft seriously, which is refreshing. The Heartbreak Express retained their titles after Val knocked out Davey Andrews with her loaded purse ( 7.5 / 10 ). After the match, Rinauro and Andrews got a small measure of revenge when the cornered Val and gave her the spanking of a lifetime!

Jerrelle Clarke defeated Erick Stevens in an unexpectedly good match ( 7 / 10 ).

Dave Prazak introduced his entire crew of “Associates,” American Dragon, Jimmy Rave, Mr. Milo Beasley, Austin Aries, Adam Pearce and his man-servant Shane Hagadorn. After all, the DVD is called “strength in numbers,” therefore DP Associates has a severe advantage over anybody that opposes them. I don’t think there’s ever been a bigger faction in independent wrestling!

DP Associates would rule the remainder of the show with an iron fist. Their first obstacle was the team of Tony Mamaluke and Roderick Strong, who came up short against Jimmy Rave and American Dragon. It was a brilliant tag team match between four very talented wrestlers ( 8 / 10 ). After the match, the entire DP Associates faction attacked Strong and Mamaluke and three jobbers (Chasyn Rance, Seth Delay, and Altar Boy Luke) made the save and asked for an impromptu match.

I’m sure they are all very good young upstart wrestlers, but Seth Delay, Chasyn Rance and Altar Boy Luke didn’t have a chance in hell of defeating Adam Pearce, Austin Aries and Shane Hagadorn. DP Associates continued their reign of terror with another big victory ( 6.5 / 10 ). Is there anybody who can save FIP from Dave Prazak’s team of evil arrogant powerful wealthy cheating warriors? After the match, Jimmy Rave and American Dragon returned to the ring for a DP beat-down on the three losers. Roderick Strong and Tony Mamaluke ran in to help the good guys but DP Associates didn’t retreat until Sean “Syxx-PAC” Waltman cleared the ring!

Sean Waltman challenged Austin Aries to a match, and after some coaxing Aries accepted to avoid being labeled a coward. This is a dream match as far as I’m concerned. If Austin Aries ever makes it to the upper echelon of the wrestling business, it will be due in part to being put in matches like this. Sean Waltman won and it was very good — your typical indy style main event ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts:
Sometimes I really have to get picky to find something worth criticizing. Colt Cabana is on the back cover of the DVD but isn’t on the show. Plus they keep using the same picture of Dave Prazak with blonde hair when he has had dark hair for several months now. Gosh! As I look back at all of the FIP DVDs I have watched and reviewed, I realized how much FIP has evolved. I used to describe it as good old fashioned southern wrestling in front of small crowds, but now it has become much more intense and the crowds have gotten much bigger and louder too. The good thing about it is that wrestling is still the backbone of the product and the fans are the blood that runs through its veins. The best thing they did was get out of the bars and into venues open to families. FIP has done everything right and it shows by the influx of talent coming in and out of the promotion.

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