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WCW Nitro 1/17/2000

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Monday Nitro
Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio
January 17, 2000

Souled Out supplied more surprises than any pay-per-view in recent memory.

But the biggest twist was delivered the following evening. Major announcements were made about the World and US Title…

And commissioner Kevin Nash was only getting started.

Show Results

Outside the arena, commissioner Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner arrived in a limousine.

Kidman d. Psychosis

After his tremendous performance in three matches last night, Kidman displayed renewed confidence against this former Mexican champion. Hungry to avenge the loss of his match to Kidman, Psychosis worked the Filthy Animal on the arena floor. Countering a cross body press with a dropkick, Kidman took hold of the advantage, but then suffered a brutal gourdbuster off the second rope. Kidman miraculously kicked out of Psycho’s guillotine leg drop before winning with the Face Drop.

Announcers Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan welcomed fans to the show and discussed the ramifications of Souled Out.

Backstage, Arn Anderson made a statement about last night’s Heavyweight Title Match between Chris Benoit and Sid Vicious. The former Horsemen enforcer admitted that Sid Vicious’s leg was under the rope when he tapped out to the Crippler Crossface. He apologized to the fans, and announced that their was no World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage, Nash and crew arrived at their new office. The Harris Boys had once again become Creative Control.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Booker T and Midnight
Booker T addressed his brother’s betrayal last night at Souled Out. The former TV Champion promised to show Big T and Stevie Ray the true meaning of street justice.

In the ring, the new Harlem Heat – Stevie Ray and Big T – offered Booker T a second chance to join Harlem Heat. When Booker T arrived with Midnight, his older brother demanded that the female phenom return to the locker room.

Big T d. Booker T

Booker T immediately attacked Big T, and was attacked by both men. The former TV Champion immediately suffered a double underhook into a Tiger Bomb, but managed to mount an offense after a few minutes (Booker was dressed in a shirt and tie). Stevie Ray provided a distraction, allowing Big T to strike his opponent with the slapjack. Post -match, Midnight and the new Harlem Heat stared each other down in the walkway.

Backstage, the Mamalukes (Johnny the Bull and Big Vito) prepped Disco Inferno for a match.

Disco Inferno with the Mamalukes d. Vampiro

Jacked after his win against David Flair and Crowbar, Vampiro decimated Disco with spinkicks and Judo throws. Thanks to outside interference, Disco regained momentum, but seemed angered by the actions of his cohorts. When Disco missed a Disco Drop (second rope elbow), the Mamalukes wouldn’t allow him a moment to rest on the outside. Vampiro defeated Disco with his Nail in the Coffin finisher.

In the commissioner’s office, Nash interviewed new personal assistants provided by Big Poppa Pump. The bevy of beauties looked tremendous, but their typing skills seemed doubtful…

3-Count (Shane Helms and Shannon Moore) with Evan Karagias d. David Flair and Crowbar
Tag Team Title Match

Pre-show, 3-Count attempted to sing their hit single, but were interrupted by David Flair, Crowbar and Daphne. This spirited match saw action both inside and outside the squared circle. While Crowbar battled both Shane and Shannon, Standards, Practices and Ms. Hancock observed the action while Evan tried to observe Daphne in a biblical manner. 3-Count’s lead singer received a stinging shot from David’s crowbar; a few moments later, Shane suffered an inverted DDT (courtesy of Crowbar) and the pinfall.

Backstage, Nash gave his new assistants ample dictation. Big Sexy’s first mission: The destruction of the Old Age Outlaws.

Tank Abbot d. Maestro with Symphony
Shoot fighting Rules

The only pretty thing about this contest was standing ringside in the dress. After one punch, Maestro was unconscious. Post-match, Norman Smiley challenged Tank, but ended up standing behind his new compadre Meng.

Before the commercial break, the locker room emptied and approached the arena to hear commissioner Nash’s State of WCW address.

Kevin Nash’s State of WCW Address
With all the wrestlers in the ring, Big Sexy, along with bodyguards Creative Control, stood in the dressing room entrance. The nWo leader called WCW’s wrestlers underachievers, and then parodied his previous days as Oz.

Jeff Jarrett was given back his US belt, and all wrestlers were told of WCW’s new rectal exam policy (no, I am not making this up). He also insisted that all wrestlers call him Lord Master and no one would be allowed to ask questions about the World Title. After accusing Lex Luger of using Viagra, Nash signed his first main event: Buff Bagwell vs. Diamond Dallas Page, with Kimberly as the special guest referee (wardrobe supplied by the nWo).

In the commissioner’s office, Kimberly was informed of her role in the main event.

Masa Hiro Chono and Super J d. The Varsity Club with Leia Meow

Returning from a suspension by Standards and Practices, The Varsity Club was treated to a brutal match against New Japan superstars Chono and Super J (Chono came to America to confront Mike Rotunda for leaving nWo Japan). After a grueling match, Super J helped Chono reverse a small package and take the win.

Sid Vicious d. The Wall

Angered by many aspects of his performance last night, Sid took down The Wall like a wrecking ball. The crowd roared as Sid riveted The Wall with chairs and a chokeslam. During the match, Nash ordered the Maranara family to attack Sid (talk about a job without benefits… ). After the Mamalukes received a matching pair of Power Bombs, Disco boogied back to the dressing rooms.

Scott Steiner Interview
The Michigan State alumnus attacked the Ohio State mascot as he approached the ring. Flanked by two gorgeous valets, Big Poppa Pump offered his services to any willing sorority girls in Ohio. Pump became so angered by the crowd’s reaction, he actually pummeled an Ohio State student in the front row.

The Total Package with Elizabeth d. Bam Bam Bigelow
The Beast absorbed some brutal shots from Package, but still managed an off-the-top headbutt drop. When TTP looked as if he might lose, Elizabeth distracted the official. Enter Chris “Champagne” Kanyon. The Hollywood sellout attacked his former Triad partner and had his agent Mr. Big supply TTP with a champagne bottle. After christening the head of the SS Bigelow, Package took the match.

Backstage, the nWo watched Bagwell, DDP and Kimberly head toward the ring.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Buff Bagwell
Special Guest Referee: Kimberly

Stealing the show for a second night, Buff and Page battled like rabid dogs in front of the cheering Ohio State audience. Kimberly gave no indication about a favorite in the match as these two warriors took the fight to the stands.

Back in the ring, the fight continued to rage at an unbelievable pace. Bagwell countered a Diamond Cutter by grabbing the top rope. After a series of near-falls, Bagwell decided to attempt the Buff Blockbuster. DDP groined his opponent, but still fell prey to a second Blockbuster attempt. Before Bagwell could cover for the pin, the Georgia stud accidentally struck Kimberly. The distraction gave Page a chance to hit the Diamond Cutter and score the pin – but Kimberly didn’t stay to celebrate with her husband.

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