WWE RAW 4/18/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
London, England
April 18, 2011
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole, Josh Mathews & Jim Ross
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready for RAW in jolly ole’ England? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

R-Truth’s music hits and he hips and hops his way down to the ring. The crowd sounds a bit mixed at the offset of his entrance. Truth says that he is very happy because he has been down a long road. He has been down a road of trial, tribulations and demons, but he is in line to become the WWE Champion. He admits that he isn’t perfect but says that he’ll be walking out of Extreme Rules with the WWE Championship. The crowd is loudly booing. He says that he will take on anybody anywhere. That’s the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

John Morrison’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He enters the ring with a mic and hugs Truth. He says that Truth forgot to mention the part where he got to hang out with Lady Luck last week. Morrison shows a clip of Truth drinking water during the gauntlet last week. Truth says he is in great shape, he just needed a drink. Morrison says that he may be in great shape… for an athlete that smokes. Truth admits that he is trying to quit. Truth says that he knows Morrison is trying to get into his head and have him make a match for Truth’s Extreme Rules spot. Morrison says that this is the last chance for the two of them to fight before next week’s Draft. Truth says that the people in London do not want to see him and Morrison fight. The crowd roars their approval of the match. Truth asks if anybody in the crowd has some water, or perhaps a cigarette.

John Morrison v. R-Truth

Truth knocks Morrison down at the start of the match and heads out of the ring. He heads to the bell keeper’s position and grabs a bottle of water.


Back from the break, the two are squaring off in the middle of the ring. Truth locks on a side headlock, but John escapes. Inside cradle for a near fall from Truth, and then back into the side headlock. Morrison breaks free and hits two clotheslines. Truth counters with a heel kick. Truth locks in a grounded abdominal stretch. Morrison escapes with a jaw breaker followed by a dropkick. Truth hits a head butt and goes for another cover. Morrison kicks out. John misses an axe kick, but Truth gets knocked to the mat which sets up Starship Pain! Morrison leaps, and this match is over.

Winner via Starship Pain: John Morrison

John Morrison has earned R-Truth’s spot in the WWE Championship Match at the Extreme Rules PPV

After the match, Truth pulls a celebrating Morrison down from the turnbuckle. Morrison hits the back of his head on the mat. Truth charges across the ring and hits a hard running knee to the head of Morrison. Truth sits down in the corner and tries to take stock of the situation. He exits the ring, and hits another running knee to the head of Morrison which was propped up against the barricade. Truth then appears to feel remorse and walks over to help Morrison to his feet. After a couple steps towards the ramp, Truth drops him and walks over to the announce table. He grabs a bottle of water and smashes it across the head of Truth. An, “R-Truth Sucks” chant breaks out in the arena. Truth then lifts Morrison to his feet and hits the Lie Detector. Truth finds a lady in the audience with a pack of cigarettes. He grabs the pack and then begins to smoke one! The crowd begins a “That’s illegal” chant. Truth kneels over Morrison and blows smoke into his face. Truth chucks the pack at Morrison, and then heads to the back.


Evan Bourne is in the ring for his match. Vickie Guerrero comes out to a chorus of boos. She introduces Dolph Ziggler, who is sporting a brand new haircut with no bleach.

Evan Bourne v. Dolph Ziggler

Bourne starts the match with a hurricarana and tries for a crossbody off the second rope. Ziggler counters with a dropkick to the face. Cover attempt, but Bourne kicks out. Ziggler wrenches on an Armenia Death Lock, but releases to lift Bourne to his feet. Evan begins to kick, but Ziggler just throws Bourne down to the mat. Evan gets up and hits a high knee followed by a spin kick. Cover attempt, but Ziggler kicks out. Evan stomps on the gut of Ziggler and heads to the top rope. He leaps for the Shooting Star Press, but Ziggler rolls out of the way and Bourne lands on his feet. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag, and this match is over.

Winner via Zig Zag: Dolph Ziggler


Edge tribute video airs

The Miz comes down to the ring with Alex Riley. He complains that Morrison is now in his match at Extreme Rules, which he has not had time to fully prepare for mentally. Miz paints a picture of the different ways that he could lose his WWE Championship at the PPV without being pinned. After all, it is a triple threat in a steel cage. The Miz says that he will not leave the ring until the RAW GM makes this right. Alex Riley grabs him a chair from ringside, and Miz takes a seat in the center of the ring.


Back from the break, The Miz is in the middle of the ring, and has apparently been speaking this entire time. He vows to still be the WWE Champion at the end of the PPV. Because, “I’m the Miz, and I’mmmmm”

Sin Cara’s music hits to interrupt The Miz. He runs down to the ring and vaults over the ropes. John Cena’s music hits, and he charges down to the ring. Sadly, he did not attempt to use Sin Cara’s trampoline.

*GeneralMail Alert

This is now a tag match.

The Miz & Alex Riley v. John Cena & Sin Cara

Cena and Riley start the match off. Cena pounds him in the corner and then hits a running bulldog. Riley rolls to the outside of the ring.


Cena is in the ring with Miz and fired up as we come back from break. Fisherman suplex from Cena followed by an AA attempt. Miz counters with a Side Effect. Miz stomps on Cena in the corner. Riley gets in a cheap club blow across the chest. Miz goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out. Riley gets the tag. He unloads on Cena, and then tags back in Miz. The WWE Champ kicks Cena and then taunts Cara. Cena is hit with a splash, and then Riley gets the tag. Cover attempt, but Cena kicks out. Cena hits an over arm slam.

Sin Cara and Miz both receive the hot tags. Cara unloads on Miz with a slew of spring board variants, and then hits a connected hurricarana on Riley which sends him out of the ring. Miz is about to get hit with another springboard, but Riley pulls him off the apron. Miz slams Cara back first into the apron, and then slides him back in the ring. Miz drags Cara to the middle of the ring and attempts an over head slam. Cara counters into a roll up! Miz kicks out.

Riley gets the tag and hits a double team suplex with Miz. “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant breaks out in the arena. Riley goes for a pin, but Cara kicks out. Miz gets the tag, and attempts a splash. Cara moves out of the way, and gets the tag to Cena! Riley also gets the tag. Cena starts to set up his final moves with the side slam and 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena lifts him up and connects with the Attitude Adjustment! Instead of going for the pin, he tags in Sin Cara. The luchadore attempts a springboard moonsault, but misses by a mile. No matter, it will be good enough, and this match is over.

Winners via Cena’s Attitude Adjustment being powerful enough to last through Sin Cara’s botched moonsault: John Cena & Sin Cara


Vignette airs for Kharma (Awesome Kong)


Nikki Bella w/ Brie v. Eve Torres

Eve misses a cartwheel and locks on a rest hold. Torres is backed into the corner but escapes with a side kick. Nikki is rolled up, and this match is over.

Winner via Roll Up: Eve Torres

Michael Cole grabs a mic and says that he is about to be knighted.


Michael Cole is in the ring, which is covered in a velvet carpet. Jack Swagger comes down to the ring in a suit. He has a scroll and reads a decree. After tonight, Cole will be no longer Mr. Wrestlemania, but Sir Michael Cole. Jack Swagger introduces “Queen Elizabeth”. She performs a fake knighting ceremony, and it’s “official”. Upon being knighted, Cole kisses her on the lips. Cole tries to get going a “Sir Michael Cole” chant, but instead the crowd chants, “WHAT”.

After the affair, Cole tries to get Lawler and Ross to kiss his feet. They refuse, and Lawler tries to attack him. Swagger interferes and takes Jerry out of commission. Swagger then heads over to Jim Ross and forces him to kiss the feet of Michael Cole. By the way, Cole’s feet were clearly slathered with makeup to make them appear more disgusting.


Josh Mathews has replaced Ross & Lawler on commentary.

Santino v. Sheamus

Sheamus stomps Santino to the ground and then throws him into the corner. Sheamus lifts him up over head, but Santino counters with a split. Sheamus responds by kicking and then kneeing him in the back of the head. Sheamus lifts him to his feet, and then hits a harsh clothesline. Sheamus locks on a stretch. Sheamus finally releases and chucks Santino into the corner. Santino dodges a splash, and attempts to pump up the cobra. Sadly, he can barely stay on his feet. Sheamus counters with the Brogue kick. This match is over!

Winner via Brogue Kick: Sheamus


Wrestlemania 27 Rematch
CM Punk v. Randy Orton

They square off in the middle in the ring, and lock up. Punk grabs a side headlock, but is backed into the corner. The ref breaks the hold. Orton throws him headfirst into the turnbuckle, and follows up with a couple of uppercuts. Orton then stomps across his chest. Orton clubs his arm across the chest of Orton. Punk comes back with punches and knees, only to be met with a snap scoop slam. Orton falls to the mat and is stalking Punk. RKO attempt, but Punks moves out of the way!


Orton is caught in a pinning predicament as we come back from break, but kicks out. Punk cinches on a front headlock. Orton uses his strength to break free, but Punk hits a snapmare and tries for another cover. Orton kicks out. Snap suplex from Punk and another cover, Orton kicks out again. Punk goes back to a headlock, of the rear variant this time. Orton finally breaks free, but gets whipped into the ropes and caught with a knee to the gut. Cover, Orton kicks out. Punk uses the ropes for leverage as he stomps on Orton. The referee breaks the move, and Orton slides out of the ring. Punk heads out onto the apron and hits a huge clothesline to the outside. He rolls Orton back into the ring. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Punk goes for the GTS, but Orton counters with a small package! Punk kicks out and locks on a head scissors submission. Orton bites his way free, but gets caught with a running knee lift to the jaw in the corner. Punk goes for a bulldog, but Orton counters and tries for a pin. Punk kicks out. Punk leaps behind Orton and punches him in the kidney. Bulldog connects this time and Punk goes for the cover. Orton kicks out yet again. Punk hits a couple of leg kicks, but the Viper’s neckbreaker changes the tide of battle. Angle Slam and cover attempt, but Punk kicks out. Punk connects with a springboard clothesline, and goes for a cover. Punk kicks out. Punk heads up to the top turnbuckle, but Orton runs up to counter. Both men are on the top rope for a Superplex! Cover attempt, but Punk kicks out. Orton sets up the suspended DDT, but Punk counters in a GTS attempt, Orton tries an RKO, but Punk kicks him in the face! Cover attempt, but Orton kicks out. Orton hits a surprise roll up, and this match is over!

Winner via Roll Up: Randy Orton

After the match, New Nexus comes down to the ring and attacks Orton. Mason Ryan hits his finisher but doesn’t allow Otunga or McGillicutty to participate. He says that Orton is “his”. Punk gets to his feet and stops him, saying that Orton is his. Ryan doesn’t want to listen, and Punk points to his arm band and orders him out of the ring. Punk tries to charge across the ring to punt Orton, but Orton springs to his feet and hits an RKO out of nowhere!

David’s Thoughts

Interesting way to kick off RAW tonight. At first I thought it was a bit awkward and goofy, but I actually really enjoyed the heel turn by Truth. The whole Morrison/Truth Extreme Rules angle may have been a bit round about, but it got the job done effectively. The added effect of the cigarette smoking worked to near perfection. However, I don’t understand the point of taking Truth out of the Extreme Rules match. A heel Truth would be far more entertaining than Morrison. But, that’s arm chair booking. I’m just trying to understand how this makes sense.

Speaking of things that I don’t understand, how exactly is Dolph Ziggler any different now than he was last week? Other than the hair, he acted pretty much the same. Sure, he now looks like Cody Rhodes abandoned his diet, but other than that I’m at a loss.

Sin Cara’s entrance was pretty spectacular tonight. Look, I’ll give credit when it is due, but it’s going to fail horribly one night, and it won’t be pretty. I just don’t see the point in risking that kind of crash and burn scenario.

Whatever happened to Alex Riley being fired from Miz’s employ?

I like Sin Cara, I really do but this was not a great showing from him tonight. He missed on a bunch of big spots including the finish. He needs to slow down. When Harry Houdini first started doing magic he had the bad habit of packing as many tricks as possible into his five minute sets. His big break came when he was mentored into slowing down and focusing on one great trick during that time that would enrapture the audience’s attention. Sin Cara would be wise to soak up that mentality.

The Michael Cole segments are starting to try my patience. I didn’t get anything out of his knighting ceremony tonight. When the beloved Jim Ross being forced kiss the disgusting feet of Michael Cole falls DEAD on a crowd, you know the segment is terrible.

I don’t really understand why they made a big deal out of the draft coming up next week for the Divas. Why would Eve not have a chance to challenge for the belt if she was drafted? Last time I checked it was a multi-brand title….

Sheamus and Santino had a fun little match.

Decent match from CM Punk tonight, but the crowd was not into it thanks to very poor babyface skills from Randy Orton. Absolutely no emotion went into anything he did, and so the crowd couldn’t care less. There were also a nauseating amount of pin attempts.

Overall, pretty lackluster RAW tonight.

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