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WWE RAW 5/9/2011

WWE Monday Night Raw
Knoxville, Tennessee
May 9, 2011
Commentators: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole & Josh Mathews
Reported by: David Stephens of

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

RAW kicks off with Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring introducing Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio tells us his name, but we already knew that. He notes that the WWE Champion is John Cena. The crowd should be aware that there is no one better to fight Cena than himself. Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and comes down to the ring. Rey has a mic and explains that it is in fact himself that should fight Cena. Mysterio tells Del Rio that his destiny is not to be a Champion. His destiny is to one day be the personal ring announcer of… Ricardo Rodriguez! Mysterio challenges Del Rio to a match tonight to decide the #1 Contender for the Championship.

Rio seems about to accept, but The Miz’s music hits. He walks down to the ring with Alex Riley. Miz enters and asks, “really?”. Miz says that Teddy Long’s poor decision making may have allowed decisions like this on Smackdown, but this is his show. The WWE Championship is his title, and if it wasn’t for Riley screwing up last week, he’d still be the Champion. Rio says that Miz had his chance, but he didn’t get the job done. Miz counters by saying that he did get the job done. Last week he did pin John Cena, and was even announced as the winner, but the referee made the wrong decision. He is calling for a legitimate rematch against John Cena.

R-Truth walks out onto the ramp proclaiming that, “The Truth has set me free”. Truth notes that they can’t seem to get along, so he’ll add a little bit of his own hate. For instance, he hates hospital food. It’s dry as a desert. Truth shares the fact that at the moment Morrison is in the hospital, as he will be out four to six weeks for a neck operation. Truth says that he put a beating on him so bad, that he has to have surgery today. He uses as his reference point. Truth tells the group that he has no problem ensuring that they all meet a similar fate. Truth says that he is not going to wait around for ten years again to get a shot at the Championship. Truth is all kinds of fired up.

*GeneralMail Alert
and I quote…

Despite all the compelling arguments to be #1 Contender I see only three who deserve it. So tonight, we will have a Triple Threat Match to determine who will face Cena at Over the Limit. The Miz v. Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio.

Truth is absolutely furious. He can’t believe that this has happened to him again. He claims to be better than everyone in the ring, especially Mysterio. Rey says that for once he agrees with the GM, he shouldn’t be involved in the match. That’s what’s up. That’s the Truth the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Miz tells Rey and Rio that on RAW they are chump change. Miz says that the next Champion will be – ALBERTO DEL RIO (Rodriguez cuts off the Miz). After that declaration Riley attacks Rio and all hell breaks loose. Rey ends up clearing the ring and celebrating as we go to commercial.


The Bella Twins v. Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres

Kelly and one of the Bellas start things off, but a quick tag leads to a cover. Kelly kicks out. Bella whips her into the ropes, but Kelly connects with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Kelly hits a cartwheel elbow to the corner, and then the other Bella tries to pull her sister out of the ring. Bella goes for a roll up, but Kelly counters into one of her own. This match is over.

Winners via Roll Up: Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres

After the match, Kharma’s music hits. Eve and Kelly are apparently “frozen in fear”, but The Bellas are smart enough to hightail it to the back. Kelly slides out of the ring, and Eve decides to attack Kharma for some idiotic reason. Kharma clotheslines her and heads out of the ring after Kelly. Kelly runs away and Kharma reenters the ring to hit the Implant Buster on Eve!

Kane is shown in the back walking with Big Show


Mason Ryan w/ CM Punk v. Kane w/ Big Show

Mason whips Kane into the corner, but gets caught with a slew of punches. Mason kicks Kane to the ground, and then steps on his back. He picks Kane up on his shoulder, slams him into the turnbuckle, and then still carrying him, slams him down to the mat. Cover, but Kane kicks out. Kane hits a big boot, and goes for a cover, but Ryan kicks out. Kane kicks him in the head again, but gets caught with a cheap kick from Punk. Show charges after Punk, and punches him in the skull. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty try and make the run in save, but it was a poor decision. The referee calls for the bell. Kane and Big Show hit a stereo Chokeslam on Mason.

Winner via DQ: Kane


Vickie Guerrero comes out on the entrance ramp and introduces who she calls the future of the WWE, Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero v. Santino

Santino is thrown to the mat at the start, and then gets caught with a lateral press. Ziggler hits an elbow drop and then lifts Santino to his feet. Santino gets an arm drag and starts to pump up the cobra. He turns to face Ziggler, but gets caught with a dropkick to the face. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag, and this match is over.

Winner via Zig Zag: Dolph Ziggler


Video recap of Christian losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton on last week’s Smackdown.

Scott Stanford is in the back with R-Truth. He says that he’ll get redemption for this poor decision of tonight’s main event. He then challenges Stanford to say what’s up. He complies, but Truth still seems pretty angry.

John Cena is shown in the back with Zack Ryder, and then makes his way down the hallway as Ryder continuously fist pumps.


Video recap of Miz v. John Cena last week

Alex Riley is in the back with Miz, explaining that he didn’t mean to cost Miz his match last week. Miz calls him stupid, but Riley apologizes and says he didn’t know. Miz tells Riley that he is nothing more than an amoeba, the lowest form of life and without brains. Miz says maybe he is one step above that, but Riley still has the brain of an orangutan. He doesn’t understand why he even allows Riley in his presence. Riley says that he is going to make it up to him, and tells him to watch this. Riley is shown walking down the hall. Riley walks out onto the entrance ramp, and then down to the ring. He has a mic and he says that he knows what people think about him, but he really doesn’t care. The only person in his life that he cares about is the Miz. Riley challenges John Cena to a match to prove his own worth. At first, Cena doesn’t come out, but Riley continues to goad him. Riley throws the mic nearly the entire way up the entrance ramp.

John Cena v. Alex Riley

Cena starts the match off by pushing Riley to the mat. Cena hits a back body drop and then tries for a splash, but Riley moves out of the way. Cover attempt, but Cena kicks out. Riley pounds on the face of Cena and tries for another cover. Cena kicks out. Riley hits a side drop and tries for another cover. Cena kicks out yet again. Cena sets up for the moves of doom, and connects with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena picks up Riley for the AA, but Miz walks out on the entrance ramp. The move connects, but Cena decides to lift Riley up for another AA just to drive home the point. Cena locks on the STF and riley is forced to tap. Miz stares on, and then heads to the back.

Winner via all the finishers in his arsenal, so… two?: John Cena


Michael Cole is in the ring, and he announces that he is retiring from in ring action. Cole will retire as the only undefeated Superstar in WWE history. He says that when he goes into the WWE Hall of Fame, he wants it to be as a dual broadcaster and superstar. Lawler gets into the ring to challenge Cole and shows a clip of The Rock attacking Cole last week. Lawler is laughing and says that if the day were to ever come where Cole was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, then life as we know it would cease to exist. But, maybe there is a way he could get in, if Cole were to defeat Lawler in another match. If that happens, Lawler vows to induct Cole into the HoF AND give him his HoF ring. Tempting as the offer is, Cole declines and heads back to his cave. Cole still has a mic and chastises Lawler for trying to ruin his retirement. He makes a cracks about Al Gore and Elvis fans. Cole continues on to talk about yesterday, which was Mother’s Day. Cole says that he and his mother watched tape of his Wrestlemania match. Cole says that there is nothing better in this world than spending the day with your Mom. Oh wait, Cole realizes and sarcastically apologizes to Lawler for the fact that Jerry’s mom passed away in February. Lawler has had enough and attempts to run after Cole. Swagger runs down and makes the save.


United States Championship
Kofi Kingston [c] v. Jack Swagger

Swagger gets behind Kofi and attempts a takedown, but Kofi escapes the hold. Swagger counters with a knee to the gut, and then whips him into the ropes. Kofi bounces and hits a flying forearm. Swagger slides out of the ring. Kofi slingshots to the outside, but Jack slides back into the ring, and poses as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Swagger tries from his bounce splash, but Kofi moves out of the way. Kingston tries for the Trouble in Paradise, but Swagger moves out of the way. Kofi heads to the top rope and hits a HUGE crossbody. Swagger locks on the Ankle Lock, but Kofi has the ropes in his grasps and forces the break. Jack slams him down to the mat for his efforts. Lawler appears on the ramp which allows enough of a distraction for Kofi to hit the Trouble in Paradise. This match is over.

Winner & STILL US Champion: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Lawler throws Swagger over the guardrail, and then attempts to attack Cole, but he is still safe in cave. BUT, Lawler grabs his tie through a hole, and slams him against the glass. Swagger runs over to Cole and tries to help him to his feet. Swagger says that Lawler is fired because he touched Cole, but Lawler says he never touched Cole, he only touched his tie. Swagger says that Lawler just made Cole a first ballot Hall of Famer. On behalf of Michael Cole, he accepts the challenge for a match.

Video package of the “That’s What I Am” premiere with Randy Orton


Rey Mysterio v. The Miz v. Alberto Del Rio

Rey tries for a double 619 early, but Miz moves out of the way and tries for a roll up. Rio kicks out. Rey is in the corner with Rio behind him, and Miz connects with a splash. Cover attempt, but Rey kicks out. Miz locks a side headlock on Rey. Miz is kicked off, and gets set up for a 619, but Del Rio trips up Rey. Rio kicks Rey in the gut and then whips him into the ropes. Rey tries a head scissors, but Rio throws him outside the ring! Miz tries for a roll up, but Rio kicks out.


Back from the break, Mysterio is in the ring with Del Rio. Rey gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, and then a cover. Rey kicks out. Rio slides out of the ring and kicks Miz, then gets back into the ring and kicks Rey. Cover, but Rey kicks out. Rio tries to bounce off the ropes, but Miz pulls the top one down sending him out of the ring. Miz and Rio brawl on the outside of the ring. Rey and Rio are back in the ring now and Rey flies off the top rope with a HUGE crossbody and goes for the pin. Rio kicks out. Miz tries a run in, but Rey sends him right back out of the ring. Rio goes for the cross arm breaker on Rey and connects! Miz runs in to make the save in the nick of time! Rio tries to roll up Miz, but Miz kicks out and hits a DDT. Cover attempt, but Rio kicks out! Miz is sent flying to the outside of the ring. Riley limps his way down to Miz and tries to help him back into the ring. Back on the inside, Del Rio is looking for a Powerbomb on Rey. Mysterio counters into a head scissors and sets up for the 619. Riley is on the apron but gets knocked off. Rey hits the 619 and follows it with a huge head butt. Miz slides into the ring and gets the roll up victory!

Winner via Roll Up: The Miz

John Cena comes out and congratulates The Miz. He says that there are no excuses, because their match at Over the Limit will be I QUIT!

Truth runs into the ring and attacks Rey as RAW goes off the air.

David’s Thoughts

R-Truth is showing a lot of attitude. More so than I can remember seeing in a heel character in quite some time. We have to ride this one out, but so far creative is handling his character to perfection. He added a lot to the opening segment.

I’m really glad Kelly Kelly is back on RAW.

Eve Torres is an idiot for attacking Kharma. Seriously, what good could possibly come from that decision?

Is anyone else bored of Kharma? They need to do something with her other than this dumb frozen in fear gimmick which is completely illogical.

I still am not a fan of Dolph Ziggler’s new hair. It should have sparked a renewed vigor as a character, but I’m just not seeing it.

Mason Ryan is a beast.

Continuing the dumb idea trend tonight were David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty attempting to attack Big Show and Kane. Very poor decision.

Yet, topped by the poor decision of Alex Riley to get massacred by John Cena. I’m convinced these guys all made a bet to see who could make the dumbest mistake on RAW this week.

I know a lot of people are not crazy about Cole dragging Lawler’s mother into their storyline, but up until he did that tonight, I was bored of the segment. It’s working to add interest to a waning feud, so I tentatively support the decision.

I loved seeing Cole’s faced slammed up the against the glass, sweet justice!

I wonder if Swagger ever considered that perhaps, just maybe, Cole didn’t want him to agree to a match against Lawler for him.
I’m glad to see Mysterio is committed to wearing a full mask again, and not that half-a-mask nonsense.

Nice to see some redemption for Riley at the end of the show. I Quit is always an interesting match, we’ll see how this one plays out. Miz was the logical choice to face Cena, but I don’t see the belt changing hands.


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