TNA Impact 5/5/2011

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 05, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week Impact opens up with a recap of last week.

We cut to the arena where Immortal is already in the ring. Sting and RVD are walking down to the ramp to confront them but agents (D-Lo Brown, Al Snow, & Simon Diamond) run down and get between them. They stop Sting & RVD from getting in the ring. Hogan says they don’t “want” to fight and he claims that Sting & RVD had the agents come out to hold Immortal back from killing Sting & RVD. Hogan says Sting can hide behind them all he wants but there will be no more idol threats. Hogan says if any Network exec things he’s going to come on Impact and tell him what to do he wants to see there face. Hogan says no more mind games from Sting and he warns Sting one last time to tell him if he knows something Hgoan doesn’t know, or else Immortal will wipe Sting & RVD out.

Sting says he knows quite a bit but he doesn’t have to say anything because NEXT WEEK there is going to be a representative from Spike here to face Hogan face to face. Sting says “he…no she will deal with you then Hulk.” Sting obviously playing more of those mind games Hogan was talking about. Hogan gets pissed at that comment and he decks D-Lo Brown! The rest of Immortal attacks the other agents! Sting and RVD get in the ring and start brawling with Immortal. FORTUNE hits the ring now!

Hogan bails out as Fortune, Sting, & RVD clean house. Robert Roode gets on the mic and screams at Hogan not to take another step and calls him a coward. Roode calls him a coward and a son of a bitch and Hogan finally stops and turns around. Roode says he’s listened to him talk and talk for the last 6 months and he’s had it. Roode says it’s time for Hogan to start listening to someone else and that someone else is Roode right now! Roode says he’s not going to talk about how he and his buddies built TNA from scratch again or how Hogan, Bischoff, and Flair cashed in on their blood, sweat, and tears. Roode says what he’s going to talk about comes from his heart. He says he thought he knew Hogan and thought he was the guy who inspired Roode to become a Pro Wrestler. Roode says he possesses the one thing that Hogan does not and that’s PRIDE. Roode says he’s proud of the fact that each week he busts his ass inside the ring and he does it not just for himself and the fans but for every person associated with TNA. Roode says he’s proud that he earned every penny he makes and at the end of the day when he goes home and he’s able to put food in his kids mouth that is the most gratifying feeling a man can have. Roode says he’s a blue collar worker like half of America and he asks what the hell Hogan has earned.

Roode says what Hogan has earned isn’t a damn thing and the only thing he’s done in the last 18 months is rape and steal from TNA and the fans. He says Hogan ruins peoples lives and he took this company right out from under Dixie Carter and he doesn’t even blink. Roode says a close friend of him, Jay Lethal, was fired last week. Roode says Jay Lethal was a warrior that came each and every week and was proud to be a wrestler. Roode says Lethal came to work every week and did what he was told to do whether it sucked it or it was great with a smile on his face because he loves this business and he loved TNA. Hogan says “so what? You’re next.” Roode says, “let me properly introduce myself to you: my name is Bobby Roode..and I am the man that is going to stand up to you, you selfish son of a bitch.” Roode says he will be the one to stand up to him because next week things will change! He says next week everything’s going to change. Wow, that stuff about Lethal was very surprising.

In the back Karen & Jeff Jarrett are beating on Velvet Sky’s door and she finally comes out in a towel. Karen says they know that it’s Velvet who Kurt hired and she says Jeff won’t let that happen. Karen tells Velvet to go blow-dry her weave and put her skanky little outfit and meet them in the ring. Karen says she’s got an offer for Velvet she can’t refuse. Jeff tells Velvet that she’s “really stepped in it now” but Velvet says “at least I didn’t get it dumped all over me.” Karen tries to go after Velvet and Jeff holds her back.

We see a shot of a masked wrestler walking in the back and Mike Tenay says it’s the debut of the masked Luchador from Mexico, Sagriento. He’s wearing black, purple, and yellow gear with an S on his chest that kind of drips like blood. The mask has no eye holes or mouth/nose either (kind of like Mistico). If you’ve ever seen Aerostar from AAA, think his mask with tassels on the back like Delirious.


In the back Matt Hardy talks about Robert Roode and Beer Money and he says he was one half of the greatest tag team of all time, Hardy Boyz. Matt says Roode needs to be taken down a few notches and taught a lesson. Matt says he’s going to get on the phone and call someone “very, very special” and that special person is going to be by his side and they’re going to challenge Beer Money for the Tag Team Titles at Sacrifice. Matt says when it’s all said and done Beer Money will learn valuable lessons and Roode should have keep his mouth shut.

Suicide vs. Sangriento

First off, “Sangriento” means “Bloody” in Spanish. Tenay says that his “scouts” have told him that Sangriento is one of the hottest independent luchadors in Mexico. They’re billing him as hailing from Tijuana, Mexico. Tenay calls Sangriento perfect for the X-Division with his high flying style. His music starts off with kind of generic Fiesta sounding music and then turns into kind of a hip hop style beat. His gear is definitely Lucha Libre influence. Sangriento and Suicide shake hands and then Suicide goes to lockup, but Sangriento ducks and then grabs Suicide in a side headlock. Suicide shoves Sangriento into the ropes and then nails him with a shoulder block. Suicide hits the ropes and Sangriento leapfrogs him and then rolls backwards for a Wheel Barrow but Suicide cartwheels over him. Suicide takes Sangriento down with a Double Chop and as he screamed and hit Suicide I’m having second thoughts and thinking that is Kiyoshi or Okada under the Suicide mask. Suicide whips Sangriento into the ropes and goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker but Sangriento counters into an armdrag and then a dropkick. Suicide rolls out to the floor and Sangriento slides through the bottom and middle rope into a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover on Suicide on the floor! Sangriento throws Suicide into the ring apron and then he climbs on the apron. He tries to back kick Suicide from the apron but Suicide catches his foot and then sweeps the legs of Sangriento causing him to land hard on the apron. Suicide rolls Sangriento back into the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Suicide picks Sangriento up and tosses him into the corner and nails him with a series of clotheslines. Suicide then rolls Sangriento to the middle of the ring and covers him for another nearfall. Suicide picks Sangriento up but Sangriento hits Suicide with a series of body shots. Sangriento then comes off the ropes and slides underneath Suicide’s legs. Sangriento then hits Suicide with a Spinning Back Kick. Sangriento attempts to whip Suicide into the corner but Suicide reverses it. Sangriento attempts to float up and over a charging Suicide, but Suicide catches him in midair and tosses him to the center of the ring. Sangriento rolls backwards and as he gets to his feet Suicide destroys him with a Running Dropkick into the corner! Suicide covers Sangriento and gets another nearfall. Suicide picks Sangriento up and hits him with Reverse DDT/Elbow Drop combo. 1…2…NO Sangriento kicks out! Suicide throws Sangriento into the corner and charges but Sangriento gets his boot up. Suicide catches the foot and tries to clothesline Sangriento, but he ducks and then hits Suicide with a knife edge chop. Sangriento climbs up top and hits a NASTY Missile Dropkick to the back of Suicide’s head as Suicide was kneeling! 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out! Sangriento climbs up top again and dives off with a Diving Hurricanrana! 1…2…NO Suicide kicks out again! Sangriento nails Suicide with several Roundhouse Kicks and then he comes off the ropes but Suicide catches him with a Spinning Back Kick to the gut. Suicide grabs Sangriento and hits him with the Snapmare Driver into the turnbuckles. Suicide picks Sangriento up and goes for the Suicide Solution but Sangriento catches him in midmove with a hurricanrana! Sangriento then goes for a Spinning Heel Kick but Suicide ducks and Sangriento then spins around into a back kick to the gut of Suicide. Sangriento then hits a Springboard into a No-Look Diamond Cutter! Oh damn! 1…2…3! That was dope!

Winner: Sangriento via pinfall (Springboard No-Look Diamond Cutter)

In the back Hogan and Bischoff are talking about being sick of the network. Bischoff and Hogan wonder if it’s Flair that’s the snitch but Hogan says Flair is a lot dirtier than that. Bischoff says he doesn’t think it’s Flair either. Hogan says they need to go down the whole roster until they find the rat.


Back from commercials Mexican America are in the ring which is decorated for Cinco de Mayo. They drop the Mexican Flag down now and Hernandez tells all the Gringos to stand up and salute their new national flag. Anarquia welcomes us to Cinco de Mayo as a big “U-S-A” chant erupts. Anarquia gives us a history lesson telling us how Cinco de Mayo is in honor of the Mexican Armies victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Anarquia says the fans WILL salute the Mexican Flag and he says this land will belong to “Los Mexicanos”. Sarita says it’s no party without the Spanish Announce Team and they invite Willie Urbina and Hector Guerrero. Sarita tells them not to forget the Tequila and they bring it. Anarquia puts over Hector Guerrero saying he’s from the greatest Mexican Wrestling Family ever. Hernandez whispers something to Anarquia and then Anarquia turns to Willie Urbina. Anarquia asks him what he’s doing here and he reminds him that he’s not Mexican, he’s a “filthy Puerto Rican.” Why did they censor “filthy?” Sarita trips Willie and Hector tries to defend Willie. Anarquia says he’s not one of them but Hector says they’re all Latinos. Anarquia says if Hector is with him then he’s not with Mexican America. Hernandez calls Hector a sellout and Anarquia says they’re going to give them both a proper American burial. They break out American flags but before they can do anything Ink, Inc.’s music hits!

Ink, Inc. runs out and jumps Mexican America! Neal clotheslines Hernandez out of the ring and Moore takes out Anarquia! Neal tells Mexican America they don’t disrespect their country or their flag. Neal says when there’s Americans like them still willing to fight for America it wills stay their country. Neal says “the one in the back might not understand so let me translate.” Neal tells them to get their green cards and let the door hit them on the way out. Neal & Moore hold up the American Flag in the ring.

Up next is AJ & Daniels against Bully Ray & Gunner.


“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Bully Ray & Gunner

They show a replay of AJ costing Bully Ray the Title last week. Daniels and Ray will start the match off. Ray talks trash and then they circle each other and Daniels quickly tags AJ in! AJ goes after Ray but Ray turns around and jumps over to Gunner and tags him in! Gunner attacks AJ who is wearing new gold and black gear by the way. Gunner picks AJ up on his shoulder but AJ shoves him off and then leapfrogs Gunner and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ picks Gunner up and tags in Daniels. Daniels dropkicks Gunner’s leg and then clotheslines him to the back and gets a nearfall. Daniels tags AJ back in and AJ locks in a wristlock and twists it. He then tags Daniels right back in. AJ whips Gunner into a boot from Daniels! AJ and Daniels hit the High/Low (Spinning Leg Sweep from AJ and running Clothesline from Daniels at the same time)! Daniels then hits the ropes but Ray hits him from behind allowing Gunner to clothesline Daniels. Gunner covers Daniels and gets a nearfall of his own. Gunner throws Daniels into Ray’s boot and tags Ray back in. Ray lights Daniels up with nasty chops and then tags Gunner back in. Gunner throws Daniels into the turnbuckles and then he Scoop Slams him and connects with a Fist Drop. 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Gunner locks in a Chinlock but Daniels fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Daniels hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Gunner and then he ducks a back hand, and finally Daniels comes off the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm! Daniels kicks Gunner off and tags in AJ! AJ rolls under a clothesline attempt from Gunner and connects with one of his own! AJ hits a second clothesline and then he charges at Gunner in the corner. Gunner backdrops AJ over the top! AJ lands on the apron and hits the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ picks Gunner up but Gunner pokes him in the eyes! Gunner then tries to clothesline AJ but AJ ducks and hits the Pele! AJ goes out to the apron and goes for the Springboard 450, but Bully Ray slaps the top rope causing AJ to crash and burn. Daniels catches Gunner with an Enziguri that sends Gunner out to the floor and then Ray nails Daniels with a clothesline. Ray grabs his chain and chases the referee away and then he starts to hit AJ with it but Tommy Dreamer runs out! Dreamer stops Ray from using the chain but then grabs AJ and Piledrives him! What the hell?!


Ray smiles and looks at Dreamer and says “good choice.” Dreamer follows Ray to the back as the fans chant “you suck.” Ray looks at the camera and says “AJ, Imma’ bust your ass and make you wish you never got in a wrestling ring.”


Back from commercials Dreamer is destroying the backstage area and he starts punching a locker.

Daniels tells AJ to relax and AJ acts as if his hand is injured. Daniels and Kazarian wonder what happened with Dreamer. AJ wonders if it’s because Fortune took out EV2. Kazarian asks if he’s bitter and Daniels says Dreamer must have known AJ’s neck was hurt from what Ray did to him. AJ says they’re going to get answers or Dreamer’s going to take a beating. One or the other’s going to happen.

Bully Ray approaches Matt Hardy, who’s on the phone, and asks him how “he’s” doing. He tells Hardy to tell him that he said hello. Ray asks if Matt saw what he just did and Matt said he did. Ray says Dreamer isn’t stupid and he knows what’s up. He says Dreamer has two girls and a wife to take care of and he put Dreamer between a rock and a hard place tonight. Ray says Dreamer is doing what he has to do to stay in this company. Ray says he looks stupid but he’s not stupid. He says he’s been friends with Dreamer for so long he’s going to enjoy toying with his mind and Hardy says he’s going to enjoy watching him do it.

Karen and Jeff are walking in the back and then we cut to Velvet doing the same.

Winter is giving Angelina “her medicine” and then she says very soon she won’t be taking them anymore, but right now she needs them. She says soon she won’t need them anymore. Winter says their souls connected a long time ago and now she’s going to come back to her.


Jeff Jarrett & Karen make their way out to the ring. Karen calls Velvet out and Velvet doesn’t make her wait long. Velvet gets a nice pop. “Sloppy seconds” chant starts as Karen says every girl in the Knockouts locker room has been a Champion except Velvet. Jeff laughs at her and Karen asks why that it is, and Karen says she’s been “laying down” quite a bit. Karen says Velvet had the idea of tying herself to Kurt Angle so she could get noticed. Karen says that won’t happen but Velvet says there is no relationship with her and Kurt. Velvet puts her hand in Karen’s face and she enjoys listening to herself talk so much that she’ll tell her one more time what she told her last week, she has no idea what Karen is talking about. Velvet asks if Karen understands the words that are coming out of her mouth. Velvet says the only thing her and Kurt Angle have shared over the past 4 years is conversation. She says she would never sink so low as to sleep with someone to get ahead here and that’s more Karen’s style! Velvet says Karen is right about one thing and that’s that Velvet has never been Knockouts Champ. Velvet says she’s sat back and watched everyone else get their shot but she’s fine with waiting her turn. Velvet says now that her and Angelina are no longer “B.F.F.’s” she has a goal that she’s had her sights set on for quite some time and that’s to be the Knockouts Champion. Velvet says she has some important business to attend to that doesn’t involve Karen. Velvet tries to walk away but Karen grabs her arm. Velvet slaps her arm away and screams at her not to ever touch her. Karen asks her what business that is and suggests it’s taking care of Kurt.

Karen says Velvet won’t fool her and Kurt fooled her for 10 years but not anymore. Karen says Jeff knows people in high places and he’s arranged for there to be a Handicap Match tonight. Winter & Angelina vs. Velvet tonight. Karen says when their done with Velvet she won’t be in any shape to mess with Karen. Winter’s music hits and she and Angelina come down to the ring as Karen talks trash to Velvet. Karen tells Winter to take Velvet out. Kurt’s music hits now!

Kurt comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Jeff gets out of the ring and leaves the ladies but Kurt says he comes in peace. Kurt says that he promised the network he wouldn’t do anything that he would regret before the Main Event tonight. Kurt says the Network rep he spoke to earlier has trumped Hogan & Bischoff tonight. Kurt says that match Karen was talking about will now be a Mixed Handicap Tag Team Match and it will be Velvet & Kurt vs. Angelina, Winter, & Jeff! Velvet says she wants to personally invite Karen to be at ringside tonight because when she’s done with Morticia and her Zombie she’s coming after Karen and she’s going to beat her ass! Jeff throws his jacket at Velvet and Velvet says she’s going to put Karen over her knee and do exactly what her mommy should have a long time ago!

In the back Bischoff is bitching about what just happened with Kurt. Murphy & Terry approach Bischoff and says Bischoff is upset and they’ll take care of anything they need him to. Bischoff says he’s upset because the world is populated with guys like Terry & Murphy. He says they talk a big game but never show him anything. Bischoff says tonight he’s going to make a match, Terry vs. Murphy, loser is out and the winner is officially in Immortal. Terry and Murphy get in each others face. Can we have a match where Triple-H comes out and squashes both guys and both are gone? Oh wait, wrong show.


In the back Crimson is searching for Samoa Joe, he’s got a sledgehammer. Shouldn’t you be looking for Abyss dude?

Loser Leaves Immortal Match
“The Freak” Rob Terry vs. Murphy

Terry comes down to the ring and roids up and attacks Murphy. The two exchange right hands and then they both hit the ropes and clothesline each other. Murphy kicks Terry and then hits the ropes but eats a Roidline and then an Elbow Drop. Terry gets a nearfall. Terry hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Murphy for a nearfall. Murphy hits Terry with right hands on the mat and then he picks Terry up and hits a European Uppercut and an elbow. Terry shrugs him off and picks Murphy and runs him into the corner. Terry hits Murphy with Shoulder Blocks in the corner and then Terry chokes him. Terry charges at Murphy but eats a back elbow. Murphy then picks Terry up for a Side Slam. Murphy hits Terry with a Knee Drop to the back and then he climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Clothesline Kane-style. 1…2…NO Terry kicks out! Murphy puts the boots to Terry and then hits Terry with a series of right hands. Murphy sets up for a Powerbomb but Terry backdrops him. Terry then hits a Spinning Heel Kick followed by a Vertical Suplex lifted into a Powerslam! 1…2…3! Murphy is out of Immortal.

Winner: Terry via pinfall (Suplex Powerslam)

In the back Bischoff literally calls that match bad. Hogan says he’s done with BOTH of them. Bischoff says if he was on the other side of the equation with the Network thing he would pick someone that’s the least likely. Hogan says it could be anybody and Bischoff says they’ll figure it out.


In the back Crimson approaches Samoa Joe with a sledgehammer. Crimson says he’s been looking for Joe and he wants to personally thank Joe for helping him last week and next time he sees someone stomping his face in he’ll turn his head and walk away. Joe says Crimson is bitter because he didn’t help him and that’s funny because when Joe was a young undefeated phenom he NEVER asked anyone for help. Crimson says he doesn’t need Joe’s help and he’s not going to ask for it but he better stay out of Crimson’s way. Joe asks if that’s a threat and Crimson says he can take it however he wants to. Joe smiles as Crimson walks away.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Ms. Tessmacher

All I got to say about Ms. Tessmacher is if you haven’t seen the Bikini Contest pictures that Paul Heyman put up of her, then go do yourself and favor and see them. Oh lord have mercy at Tessmacher’s ring gear. Tessmacher drops her glasses and goes to pick them up and nearly gives Earl Hebner a heart attack. Tessmacher and Mickie lockup and Mickie gets her in a wristlock and twists the arm. Tessmacher rolls over and then reverses the hold and hits a Shoulder Block into the previously injured shoulder of Mickie. They lockup again and Mickie gets Tessmacher in a side headlock but Tessmacher shoves her off only to eat a shoulder block. Mickie hits the ropes and Tessmacher drops down and Mickie cartwheels over her. Mickie then connects with a dropkick and she grabs Tessmacher, but Tessmacher sweeps her legs and covers her for a nearfall. Tessmacher charges at Mickie and Mickie sweeps her legs and gets a nearfall of her own. Mickie picks Tessmacher up and the two exchange forearms. Mickie whips Tessmacher in the corner and charges but Tessmacher gets her feet up. Tessmacher climbs up top and then as Mickie stumbles backwards Tessmacher grabs Mickie and gets on her shoulders and hits a Victory Roll! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Tessmacher gets to her feet and goes for a clothesline but Mickie ducks and then Tessmacher tries to kick Mickie but Mickie catches her leg. Tessmacher hits an Enziguri with the free leg! Tessmacher covers Mickie and gets another nearfall. Tessmacher starts working on Mickie’s arm now and starts knee dropping it. Tessmacher locks in a Top Wristlock on Mickie. Mickie fights to her feet and breaks the hold with rib shots. Mickie then grabs Tessmacher but eats a knee to the gut. Tessmacher looks like she was going to slam Mickie to the mat by the shoulder but Mickie shoves her away and goes for a clothesline. Tessmacher ducks but eats another clothesline. Mickie hits a series of Forearms and then she connects with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker! Mickie kicks Tessmacher and connects with the MickieDT! That looked like it hurt. 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL KO Champ: Mickie via pinfall (MickieDT)

Madison Rayne’s music interrupts Mickie’s celebration and she and Tara come out to the stage. Madison says she’s going to keep it short and sweet because she knows out “in them backwoods” they don’t have a very extensive vocabulary. I resent that. Madison says she was the longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all time and she even offered Mickie a rematch out of the goodness of her heart when she was not contractually obligated. She says that she is asking Mickie for the same thing and for her to be the fighting champion she claims to be. She wants a rematch at Sacrifice. Mickie says if Madison wants then she’s got it, but not so fast. She says there is a catch. Mickie says at Lockdown she had to put her hair on the line to get her rematch, so what is Madison willing to put on the line to get her rematch. Madison tells Mickie to name it and she’ll do anything. Mickie says her stipulation is that if Mickie wins at Sacrifice then the contract between Madison & Tara is over! That means Tara is free! Tara smiles at that one and Madison asks if that’s what Tara wants. Madison agrees to it! Madison walks away and Tara mouths “thank you” to Mickie.
In the back Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, and Generation Me are walking and Kendrick says they’re going to see Bischoff because they’re pissed off and too damn talented to have what happened to Jay Lethal happen anymore. Kendrick says they want answers.


The X-Division guys find Bischoff in the parking lot and Kendrick asks 1) why are they sitting on their hands yet again and 2) why is Jay Lethal gone. Kendrick asks what they have to do to get a chance in TNA and he knows they are the most talented guys in the locker room. Kendrick says they bitch and moan and complain amongst each other but he’s tired of it. Bischoff says he’s a little tired of it himself. Bischoff says he really cares about their careers and wants them to achieve everything in their career and the secret for them is: “grow about a foot and a half and come call me.” Rey Mysterio says hi Eric. Kendrick is pissed and he says “are you serious?!” and Bischoff calls him an ass and throws his coffee at Kendrick and says he is serious (maybe a nod to the Eddie Guerrero incident back in WCW where supposedly Bischoff threw coffee in his face?). Bischoff says he’s not going to take a bunch of crap about a bunch of runts not getting what they want. Bischoff says if they don’t like what they’re not getting then leave. Kendrick and the X-Division guys stare him down and walk away.

Tenay and Taz discuss the Spike TV rep coming to Impact next week and then we cut to Sting and RVD talking about their match at Sacrifice in vignettes. Both guys interviews were taped at gyms and it’s a really good vignette highlighting all of their history together in TNA.

Main Event
Mixed Handicap Match
Jeff Jarrett, Winter, & Angelina Love w/Karen Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle & Velvet Sky

Borash is doing the Boxing-style Intros again. Velvet and Winter start the match off. Jarrett distracts Velvet and Winter grabs her by the hair and slams her into the turnbuckles. Winter attempts to whip Velvet into the opposite corner but Velvet reverses it and charges at Winter and hits a Monkey Flip! Velvet hits a series of Facebreakers over her knee on Winter and then a clothesline. Velvet approaches Winter but Winter grabs her by the tights and tosses her into the corner. Winter then tags in Angelina. Angelina stalks Velvet and then grabs her by the hair, but Velvet hits a Jawbreaker out of nowhere. Velvet slaps Angelina and kicks her but it has no affect. Velvet hits the ropes and Angelina goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks and hits a Spear! Velvet and Karen start arguing and Velvet grabs her by the hair. Angelina kicks Velvet in the ass sending her out to the floor where Karen starts talking trash to her.


Back from commercials Angelina continues to pummel Velvet. She stomps Velvet and then starts swinging wildly at Velvet on the mat. Angelina slams Velvet into the corner and then tags in Winter. Angelina and Winter Double Suplex Winter. Angelina goes for an elbow drop but Velvet rolls out of the way and then crawls under Winter’s legs and tags in Kurt! That means Jeff has to get in! Jeff comes charging in with a clothesline attempt, but Kurt ducks it and nails Jarrett with a forearm and then ac clothesline. Kurt whips Jeff into the corner and charges but Jeff gets his boots up! Jarrett comes charging out of the corner but Kurt catches him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! Kurt goes for the Angle Slam but Jeff counters with an arm drag. Jeff kicks Kurt and hits a DDT! 1…2…NO Kurt kicks out! Jeff hits Kurt with strikes and then he attempts to whip Kurt but Kurt reverse it and then goes for a backdrop. Jarrett Sunset Flips over Kurt! Kurt rolls through it and locks in the Ankle Lock! Jeff fights it and Karen pulls him towards the ropes but Kurt pulls him back and it actually drags Karen in with him! Karen blind tags herself in and stalks Karen but Winter and Angelina jump Velvet. Winter and Angelina double team Velvet and whip her into the ropes and go for a double back drop, but Velvet stops and Double DDT’s them! She covers Winter, 1…2…3!

Winners: Angle & Velvet via pinfall (Double DDT)

Velvet and Kurt celebrate and then Kurt grabs the microphone. He congratulates Velvet and he says he hopes this gets her one step closer to getting her Knockouts Title. Kurt then says Karen is going to witness a nightmare that she will never imagine. He says Velvet was never his ‘mistress.’ Angle says the chosen one is going to take Karen out for good so he can take Jarrett out and whoop his ass with no distraction. Kurt says the chose one will be here next week! Kurt says, “oh that is real, that is damn real bitch!”

In the back Hogan and Bischoff are again questioning if it’s Ric Flair or maybe Vince Russo that’s the rat. Bischoff says “Russo is still under a rock shedding skin somewhere.” They come up to Hogan’s car and someone has spray painted “You’re NEXT!” on it. Hogan says, “You’re next?! What you mean? Goldberg’s coming now?!” I literally laughed out loud at that one, funny line. Bischoff says there’s no chance that’s who it is.

As Hogan and Bischoff leave the X-Division guys are standing around laughing. Red says, “did he really say Goldberg?” Kendrick blows smoke in the air (from a cigarette) like Goldberg used to do with the pyro, awesome.


Before I talk about anything I’m going to touch on the Sangriento character since most know I’m a huge Lucha fan (and do a Lucha column here on WrestleView). First, it’s a horribly kept secret that Sangriento is actually Amazing Red under the mask. The gear he wears didn’t do much for me but I did like the mask. They can work on the gear, it’s a work in progress. Before I even look for the “oh it’s a Sin Cara” rip off comments, TNA has been supposedly talking about creating their own Lucha character (rather than signing someone like a AAA or CMLL star like WCW did back in the day). Amazing Red is not Mexican nor is he a Luchador but he is Latino and does wrestle a Lucha-type style and he has worked in Mexico. For those that don’t know Red formerly wrestled under a mask in Japan (and in America for MLW) as Fuego Guerrero so he has history of doing it. At that time he was wrestling as Red in TNA and Fuergo Guerrero in other places. His debut was smooth, he didn’t have any botches or anything else and his finish is completely different than anything Red does as Amazing Red. I think the biggest thing is that they’re trying to put focus on a new character and an X-Division character at that. They made sure to mention that his style fits perfectly with the X-Division. I would have rather maybe they set up the match with Suicide as a showdown between masked guys but Suicide hasn’t really been getting much TV time lately. I liked the debut and I like the idea now I just hope that they follow through with this and let the character get over. Now, I’m wondering if they’re thinking about keeping Red wrestling AS Red and also Sangriento or if they’ll faze the Red character out completely down the line (since he was featured tonight) or maybe have a legit luchador come in and take over the roll from Red down the line. I would rather Red stay under the mask if it means he’s going to get more TV time.

Also, I want to talk about the ring announcing situation. It looks like they’re going with Christy Hemme announcing the matches before the Main Event and then doing the boxing-style intros with Borash in the Main Event. I love this idea and I love them treating every Impact Main Event like this no matter what match it is. They did this back in the day in the Asylum with all Title Matches but I like the idea of doing it for all the Main Events now like WCW did back in the day.

The opening segment was great and Roode was extremely good. I love the emphasis he was putting on earning his money in TNA and being a blue collar worker even though his character is a rich guy. He can have that connection with the fans despite being ‘rich’ because he busted his ass for TNA. I was really confused by the mention of Jay Lethal and legitimately surprised they mentioned that. Supposedly a lot of people were upset about it backstage and then not only did Roode mention it but the X-Division guys even mention it when they went to Bischoff. I loved the nod to the Eddie Guerrero incident with the coffee throwing thing. I just don’t know where they’re headed with this. The X-Division guys got the last laugh by tagging Hogan’s car to mess with them, but whats next? If we’re headed towards more spotlight being towards the X-Division I’m all for it whatever it is.

The Mexican America stuff was fun and I think Neal coming out and doing what he did was obvious after the Osama Bin Laden stuff this past weekend. I understand people are going to wonder why Moore goes from trying to lure Neal over to the dark side to being the patriotic punk, but I can see why TNA is going this route right now with so much attention on “patriotism” right now and Neal’s background. Mexican America vs. Ink, Inc. should be a fun match though.

Daniels/AJ vs. Ray/Gunner was a decent match and the Dreamer involvement was interesting. I like that AJ and Fortune wondered if this had something to do with the Fortune vs. EV2 feud. Dreamer is having his job being held over his head and he is the reluctant heel. We’ll see where this goes.

Matt Hardy was obviously teasing his brother for the match with Beer Money but supposedly it’s definitely not him but it IS someone from TNA’s past. I won’t spoil anything.

Terry vs. Murphy wasn’t near as bad as I figured it would be, but it still sucked. Murphy is gone and Hogan hinted that they both are. I hope that’s the way it is. They both suck, period. Gunner has potential and I love his intensity. I don’t mind them keeping him around.

Mickie/Tessmacher was NOWHERE near as bad as I thought it would be, in fact it was 100 times BETTER than I figured it would be. It started out pretty solid but there was a few clunky spots as it went on and it’s obvious that Tessmacher is still green but she has potential. The stipulation for Mickie/Tara makes sense and is LOGICAL! Mickie wants the match to guarantee no interference from Tara. How do you do that? Make the stipulation if Mickie wins then Tara is free, Tara won’t interfere. LOGIC!

The Angle/Jarrett/Velvet stuff tonight was not very good. The Main Event itself was actually pretty fun for the most part but this Angelina/Winter stuff has to come to an end. Angle keeps teasing this woman for next week and I hear that it’s a VERY surprising person and definitely not who I thought it was going to be.

Overall up and down show but fun for the most part and they have loaded up next week with a bunch of stuff including the Network rep showing up as well as Kurt’s surprise chick. Should be interesting in the least.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode’s promo
Match of the Night: Sangriento vs. Suicide (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B –

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