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WCW Thunder 10/29/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 10/29/98

Match 1: Wrath v. Hammer

Hammer has been dominated most of the match. Hammer gets in a few blows but is finished.

*1/2 Squash

Match 2: Fit Finlay v. Alex Wright

They have brawled back and forth. Fit has pounds him over and over with uppercuts, knocks him to the floor and works over the leg, wrapping the leg around it. He gets back into the ring, so does Alex, really slowly only to be taken down and he wrenches the leg screaming that this is how he broke his father’s leg. Alex cartwheels by him off the whip but is still grabbed and tossed to the floor. The ref is knocked out and Alex manages to get the pin but no ref. Fit uses that to his advantage and Tombstones Alex getting the win.

** Okay. Fit should always beat Alex Wright.

Match 3: Disciple v. Jobber

Squash. Where was the Disciple during the PPV?

Match 4: Eddie Guerrero v. Dean Malenko

They have exchanged moves the entire time, lock ups and takedowns.


Malenko has him grounded in a chinlock. Eddie gets up and kicks out, he walks the ropes and scissors him over getting a two count. Malenko is knocked down and kicked. Dean is snapped over and put in a reverse chinlock. But Malenko is up and launches him. Eddie scrambles to the floor after Malenko goes for the Cloverleaf. Eddie gets back in the ring and wants to shake hands. Dean does not fall for it and takes him down putting him in a chinlock. Eddie is up and gets in a couple of blows, knocks him down with a spinkick and slingshots on top of him. He stalls to mock the fans and stomps on Malenko. He slams Malenko, goes up top but Dean is right there and superplexes him off. Both men are slow to recover and Eddie pushes him to the floor and he flings him into the railing. He tries again but it is reversed. Dean rolls him into the ring, and Dean hits him and then is grabbed and nailed with a hurracarana. He places him over his back and bends him forward where he bridges him for the two count and they both exchange a few near falls. They hammer each other and Malenko stomps a hole in him and for some reason the rest of the lWo come down and stomp away and the Horsemen run down and clear them out.

*** Nice match. Not sure why these two feud when they have a common enemy.

Match 5: Disco Inferno v. Chris Jericho (c) for WCW TV Title

Disco has the mic and tells Chris that he has been a great TV champ and a man of great respect. They respect one another. Disco wants that belt and tells Jericho to place it around his waist. Jericho acts like he is going to hit him and then decides to place it around his waist and raises his hand and then clotheslines him. Jericho stomps on him and then wants to whip him with the belt but the ref grabs it. Disco takes advantage and strikes with a swinging neckbreaker and he gets a two count. Jericho rolls to the floor in order to recover. He gets back in the ring and dominates for a minute but Jericho takes him down getting two. Jericho vertically suplexes him and he gets another two count. Jericho pulls back on the head and has the knee in his back. He releases the hold, struts around and then headbutts Disco. He works him over against the ropes. Disco is sent into the corner but Disco comes back by running him pillar to post only to run into a boot. Jericho takes his time following up and scoop slams him. Jericho goes up top and wastes time leaping into a boot and is given an atomic drop and Disco gets two. Disco stomps away in the corner. He pushes Jericho away and drills him with a forearm from the second rope getting two. Disco takes time going for the piledriver and Jericho takes him over and puts him in the Liontamer, Disco is struggling to the ropes but cannot get there and he taps.

**1/2 Another solid Jericho bout.

Match 6: Chavo Guerrero v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They lock up and circle around, and neither gets the upperhand. Okay, sorry got distracted. Been a solid match. They have gone back and forth. Kidman slingshots onto him and keeps Chavo down with a chinlock. Chavo gets to his feet and after Kidman misses a lariat he is knocked down with a spinkick. Kidman is run into the corner and Pepe is rubbed into him. Chavo snaps him over and applies a rear chinlock. Kidman escapes but is put right back in it. Kidman is up and grabs him but Chavo slips behind and gets a near fall with a bridged German suplex. Chavo bodyslams him and then slingshots into him for two. Chavo chops him in the corner. But he is knocked away and Kidman leaps off the top and knocks him over getting two. Chavo floats over after getting sent into the corner but he is grabbed and powerbombed. Kidman gets a near fall. Kidman kicks him in the head, gut, but Chavo grabs him, misses the clothesline but springboards off the ropes and gets a near fall after a bulldog. Chavo chops him in the chest and then strikes with a running forearm in the other corner. He grabs Pepe, talks to it and then puts it back! Kidman grabs him but is back elbowed off of him and Chavo leaps, sunset flip for two but Kidman turns it right around and pins him.

*** The ending left something to be desired but it was still a good match.

lWo glare at Kidman as he leaves and they enter the ring as Chavo giggles with Pepe. Eddie tells him that this is enough and reminds him of his heritage. He has not lived up to it and Chavo shoves him so Eddie knocks him down and he tells him that he has to earn his colors despite being blood.

Match 7: Cat v. Villano V

Cat tells him that his hands are lethal weapons. He challenges a fan and then does his count to five. Villano claps and dances in place. Cat turns right into a dropkick and some hammering blows. Cat takes off his head with a kick, and he chokes him out. He mounts and pounds him in the corner. Villano gets in some offense and he kicked in the head with a roundhouse kick and it is over.

*1/2 Squash.

He jaws on the mic some more challenging people and here comes Sonny Onoo. He offers him some money and we will see later if he takes it….

Match 8: Scott Hall v. Random

Hall is dumped over and taunted. Hall then makes short work of him with two Edge’s.

*1/2 Squash.

Match 9: Giant v. Raven

Raven is manhandled initially but Giant misses the splash in the corner and then avoids the boot. He heads to the floor and gets back in as the Giant goes after him. He baseball slides into him and then leaps on him and the Giant catches him and goes to run him into the post. But Raven slides behind and shoves him into the post and then he is walloped a few times with a chair. With help from Kanyon they set up a table. Giant is crotched on the ropes as he comes in. He wants to put him on the table but Raven is goozled and chokeslammed into the table! It is over.

*1/2 Okay….They need to do something with Raven.

*** There was plenty of solid wrestling tonight. Not much angle advancement, a near replay of the Hart/DDP match from Nitro. Not a bad show overall with a weak main event.

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