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FIP Evening The Odds 11/11/2006

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

On the heels of a historic night of FIP action which featured the crowning of a NEW Full Impact Pro Heavyweight champion in the great Roderick Strong, it was now time for everyone to feel the wrath of DP Associates after losing the precious centerpiece of their organization. Dave Prazak and his crew immediately hijacked the show and made their intentions clear that they wanted to get revenge on Roderick Strong TONIGHT in a 10-man Tag Team Elimination match! Pelle Primeau happened to be in the ring for his match and Dave Prazak sent Shingo in to destroy Primeau and make the proverbial “you’re either with us or against us” proclamation. Nobody came out to help poor Pelle Primeau but FIP champion Roderick Strong sauntered out to the ring in his street clothes – I guess since he’s champion now he doesn’t have to help other people. Strong said the first two members of his team tonight would be the FIP Tag Team champions, the

Briscoe Brothers. All three men hit the ring and chased DP Associates away. Little Pelle Primeau asked Roderick Strong to let him be on his team tonight and Strong agreed. Talk about a weak link, ha ha ha, just kidding Pelle!

The opening match saw FIP newbies Rhett Titus and the lanky Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne take on FIP veterans the Heartbreak Express. The HBX were disqualified when they decided to make a violent statement towards Black Market and used some weapons to attack and destroy their young naive opponents ( 5 / 10 ).

Davey Richards came out wearing an ECCW (a promotion in British Columbia) t-Shirt and talked about fighting Roderick Strong any time any place and asked Dave Prazak if he could be on Team Danielson in the main event tonight. Prazak accepted his offer and said by the end of the night Davey Richards would learn to love DP Associates.

Jake Manning came out and he was announced only as “Mr. Elite,” but I guess they changed their mind on that because it said “Jake Manning” on the DVD cover. His opponent was the masked Canadian Cougar (aka Tony Kozina). Cougar played possum to outsmart Mr. Elite and score the 1-2-3 to win ( 5.5 / 10 ).

The make-shift jobber tag team combination of Bino Gambino and Jack Manley, both from California, took on the big, bad, brawling team of Black Market. Joey Machete, who does all the talking for Black Market, cut a promo on the Heartbreak Express and said they got rid of “that skank” So Cal Val but introduced their valet Allison Danger. Danger came out showing off her leaner and much more desirable figure and took her position in Black Market’s corner and watched her boys easily defeat Gambino and Manley ( 6.5 / 10 ). Should have been a quick squash match. Black Market invited The Heartbreak Express to fight them on the spot so they started brawling all over the building beating the crap out of each other – which nothing compared to the upcoming Cage of Pain match.

The next three matches featured three members of the YRR (Young, Rich and Ready… for action) faction in three separate singles matches. The newest member of the YRR, the dangerously beautiful Daffney Unger, was in the corner of each YRR stud as they all scored tainted victories over their opponents. First up, we saw YRR’s Salvatore Rinauro defeat Erick Stevens with help from Steve Madison ( 7 / 10 ); Then it was YRR’s Kenny King pinning Jerrelle Clark with help from Steve Madison ( 7 / 10 ); Finally, YRR member Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance defeated former tag team partner Seth Delay ( 7 / 10 ). It was definitely a GOOD NIGHT for the YRR!

Right after the Rinauro/Stevens match, Dave Prazak came out and offered a spot on Team Danielson to Steve Madison. Madison accepted the offer and said he would bring the lovely Daffney into the fold as well. Then after the King/Clark match, Erick Stevens said he took the last spot on Team Strong in the main event!

The main event was a 10-Man Survivor Series-style Elimination match between Team Danielson (Bryan Danielson & Shingo Takagi & Shane Hagadorn & Steve Madison & Davey Richards) and Team Strong (Roderick Strong & The Briscoe Brothers & Erick Stevens & Pelle Primeau). Team Danielson was accompanied to the ring by Dave Prazak, Mr. Milo Beasley, and Daffney (who was really earning her paycheck tonight!). There is like 73 members of DP Associates I don’t know why they had to recruit anybody in the first place! Like most FIP main events, they ate up about 10-minutes of time interacting with the hyper-active fans. Madison eliminated Primeau. Stevens eliminated Madison. Danielson eliminated Stevens. It was five-on-four putting Strong and the Briscoes at a disadvantage, not to mention Prazak, Beasley and Daffney at ringside! Roderick Strong miraculously eliminated Bryan Danielson! Strong eliminated Hagadorn. The Briscoes eliminated Shingo. DP Associates abandoned Davey Richards. The Briscoes and Roderick Strong manhandled Davey Richards for several minutes before the Briscoes finally put him away with a Spike Jay-driller. FIP champion Roderick Strong and FIP Tag Team champions the Briscoe Brothers are the winners ( 9 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: The main event was a fun match with constant action and multiple outbreaks of chaotic brawling.

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