ROH Wrestling 9/24/2011

Written by: Bob Colling

Ring of Honor Wrestling TV: Episode #1
From: Chicago, IL

Kevin Kelly is standing in the ring to welcome everyone to Ring of Honor Wrestling. He promotes the main event tonight which will see the Kings of Wrestling challenge ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team for the titles. Before we start the action, Kelly introduces his partner calling the action… Nigel McGuiness! For those new to ROH, McGuiness competed under the name Desmond Wolfe in TNA and was a big star for ROH prior to leaving. McGuiness says it is “bloody awesome being back here.” He credits the fans for making him who he is. McGuiness knows everyone is excited and wants the show to start.

Earlier in the day, Future Shock and the Bravado Brothers shared some thoughts on their match tonight. Adam Cole believes Future Shock will take the tag division into the future. Harlem Bravado is mad because Future Shock gave his brother Lance a concussion. Lance warns little children to leave the room while the match happens.

Opening Contest: Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole) vs. the Bravado Brothers (Lance & Harlem)

Cole and Harlem kick off the contest. Cole works on Harlem with a few elbow smashes after avoiding a cheap shot. O’Reilly enters the contest and along with Cole kicks Harlem a few times until Lance enters the ring but is met with a flapjack by O’Reilly. Lance and Harlem are tied up and Future Shock has a double arm submission hold. Cole chops Harlem a few times until Lance blindly tags in and helps Harlem hit an ace crusher. Cole is chopped by Harlem several times who is greeted with a Justin Bieber chant. Harlem gets a near fall following a kick to Cole’s back. Bravado’s hit a double snap suplex on Cole. Harlem gets a two count after Lance delivered a reverse neck breaker. Bravado’s hit the Gentleman’s Approach on Cole but are unable to get a three count. Cole is able to make the hot tag to Kyle O’Reilly who kicks Harlem and trips him with a leg sweep. O’Reilly continues to kick both Bravado’s and connects with a double dragon screw leg whip. O’Reilly heads to the top and hits a double missile dropkick but only gets a two count. Bravado’s manage to stop O’Reilly with a back suplex/neck breaker combo. Lance is super kicked to the floor by Cole. O’Reilly hits Harlem with a few rolling butter fly suplex’s and Cole hits a German suplex after a DDT. Cole takes both Bravado’s out with a suicide dive! O’Reilly runs off the apron and dropkicks Harlem face first into the guard railing! Cole hits a top rope cross body but Harlem rolls through and nearly steals a win! Future Shock hit Ride the Lighting on Harlem to win the bout.
After the match, both teams shake hands to follow the Code of Honor.

Winners: Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole)
Match Rating: **3/4.
It was a decent match to kick off the ROH on Sinclair Broadcasting Era. There were a few nice double team moves by both teams and the wrestling was nicely put together.

ROH World Champion Davey Richards hypes up ROH live event shows with Kevin Kelly. Richards only wants to fight the best and the best are in Ring of Honor.

Footage of fans guessing who will win between ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards is shown. A few clips from Best In The World are shown. At the event, ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team retained the titles beating the Briscoe Brothers, Kings of Wrestling and the All Night Express. After the match, the Briscoe Brothers returned to the ring and attacked the champions with chairs until the All Night Express ran out with sticks. They show several clips of the Edwards/Richards ROH World Championship match as well. After thirty six minutes of action, Davey Richards defeated Eddie Edwards following a kick to the fact to win his first ROH World Championship.

Kevin Kelly hosts Inside ROH. Kelly goes over the Code of Honor. Jim Cornette talks about wrestlers shaking hands before and after matches because it shows respect for each other. Kelly announces that next week ROH Television Champion El Generico defends against Jay Lethal. Lethal shares comments about being 21 years old when he was last in ROH. He is here to prove he is the best in the world. Lethal credits Generico as being a great wrestler and believes that Generico is going down next week to the Lethal Injection.

Clips from Best In The World are shown to promote the Kings of Wrestling vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. WGTT managed to win the bout and retain the titles. Yet again we see the Briscoe Brothers attack Haas and Benjamin with chairs.

Nigel McGuiness is standing with Julian Smith for a prediction on the main event. Julian predicts Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will retain the championships tonight.

The Briscoe Brothers cut a promo with Kevin Kelly during a live event segment. They introduce themselves as six time ROH World Tag Team Champions. Mark Briscoe almost forgot who the champions were!

Main Event: ROH World Tag Team Championship Match:
(champions) Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Chris Hero) vs. Kings of Wresting (Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero) w/ Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Ray

Neither team wanted to shake hands that is how heated this feud has gotten, folks. Haas and Castagnoli start off the contest. Haas slams Castagnoli to the mat to get the early advantage with some amateur wrestling. That control didn’t last long after a right hand from Castagnoli. Haas blocks a hip toss and begins to arm drag Castagnoli a few times. Benjamin blindly tags in and nails Castagnoli with a top rope flying clothesline. Benjamin is backed into a corner but is able to wiggle his way out of it and arm drags Chris Hero out of the corner. Hero is almost rolled up by Benjamin but kicks out at two. Hero gets up and shoves Benjamin but is met with a right hand for doing so. Benjamin chops Hero into his corner Hero blocks a kick from Benjamin and allows Castagnoli to knee Benjamin in the back from the apron. Benjamin stumbles into a leaping big boot by Hero! Hero dumps Benjamin to the floor where Castagnoli holds Benjamin so that Hero can kick Benjamin in the face. Back from a commercial, Benjamin is nearly pinned by Castagnoli following a snap power slam. During the break, Benjamin tried to tag in Haas but couldn’t make it. Benjamin hits a charging Castagnoli with both feet and tries to tag in Haas. Hero enters to stop him but flies over the top rope after Benjamin pulled the top rope down. Benjamin kicks Castagnoli and leaps to tag in Haas but Hero yanks Haas off the apron. Haas distracts the referee as Hero hits Benjamin with an elbow smash. Castagnoli covers but only gets a two count! Hero delivers a senton splash but Benjamin kicks out again. Hero stomps away on Benjamin and along with Castagnoli pull on Benjamin’s legs. Hero and Benjamin trade blows until Hero big boots Benjamin in the face. Benjamin counters a double suplex attempt with a double neck breaker! Benjamin leaps and tags in Haas who cleans house with right hands. Haas hits a tilt a whirl head scissors on Castagnoli and connects with a German suplex on Hero after avoiding an elbow smash. Haas almost pins Castagnoli with a t-bone suplex but only gets a two count. Haas back elbows Castagnoli and leaps off the middle rope to hit a hurricanrana for yet another near fall. Hero hits the KFTO after Haas is slammed gut first to the canvas by Castagnoli but Haas kicks out at two. Hero hits Haas with another elbow smash and Castagnoli spins Haas around by the legs until Hero dropkicks Haas in the head. Castagnoli covers but only gets a near fall again! Benjamin spears Castagnoli as KOW try for a double team move and Haas nearly rolls Hero to win the match. Hero misses an elbow smash and is instead super kicked by Benjamin. Haas drapes Castagnoli over the top rope and Benjamin leaps over Haas to axe handle Castagnoli to the floor. WGTT hit Hero with their version of the Hart Attack to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team
Match Rating: ***1/2.
As expected these four put on a good match to close out the first Sinclair Broadcast show. I don’t think there needs to be much else said about this one.

Final Thoughts:

For a first show, I thought it was a good show. I don’t watch much WWE/TNA anymore because their shows just seem to drag on. But, this one hour show flew by. I really enjoyed the wrestling and the atmosphere it had. I really hope ROH can remain on television for the long haul.

Next week, ROH Television Champion El Generico defends against Jay Lethal!

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