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ECW on TNN 3/17/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Asbury Park, NJ


1.) Impact Players defeated Nova & Chris Chetti
2.) The Sandman defeated Angel
3.) Steve Corino defeated New Jack
4.) Masato Tanaka defeated ECW World Champion Mike Awesome by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. The show opens up with the Impact Players against Nova and Chetti already in progress. Jazz bulldogs Dawn Marie an face busters Jason! Credible puts an end to Jazz with a super kick! Credible whacks Nova with a kendo stick after Storm kicked out of a roll up and Nova is pinned.

2. We see clips from Living Dangerously that happened five days ago. Super Crazy beat Rhino to win the ECW Television Championship thanks to Rob Van Dam!

3. Backstage, Rob Van Dam is sitting with ECW Television Champion Super Crazy. RVD says he couldn’t handle with Rhino holding his championship. He hopes Crazy will defend the championship. RVD reminds Crazy that he is coming back for his championship.

4. Da Baldies work on Sandman to give Angel the upper hand. Angel mocks Sandman while talking into a microphone and DeVito whacks Sandman over the head with a kendo stick shot. Sandman battles back on the floor by tossing Angel into the guard railing. DeVito steals Sandman’s kendo stick and runs away to the backstage area. Sandman returns with a guard railing. Sandman misses a leg drop and crotches himself on the guard railing. Sandman is able to pick up the win following a kendo stick shot. That was rather boring to me.

5. Backstage, Cyrus is sitting with Rhino in the locker room. Cyrus talks about being smarter while Rhino is tougher than everyone else. Cyrus tells everyone that he can pull the plug on this company. He has killed companies before and will do it again. He keeps ECW alive so he can play with it and torture it! Rhino says that nobody messes with Rhino.

6. Steve Corino is in the ring where he is told by a referee that he has a match, but doesn’t seem happy about whom his opponent is. Corino mocks Dusty Rhodes asking how he got heat with the office. Corino says he isn’t going to wrestle the guy listed because he is a convicted felon. Too bad Corino, here he comes!

7. As most New Jack matches go, Jack hits Corino with several weapons while his music plays throughout the match. Jack Victory enters the ring and attacks Jack to try and help Corino. Back from a commercial Jack leaps off the balcony to splash Victory through a table! Rhino gores Jack back in the ring to allow Corino to earn the win.

8. Joey Styles announces that Spike Dudley will need knee surgery and will be out of action for nine months.

9. Backstage, Raven is sitting somewhere talking about Tommy Dreamer. Raven compares life to a game of cards. He says that the bond between himself and Dreamer turns over more and more cards. Then something happens and the cards are tipped over and shattered into a million pieces. Raven finishes off saying wasn’t the point to just play a game of cards? Francine says his catchphrase to end the segment.

10. Awesome and Tanaka start off with dueling chairs but Awesome gets the advantage with a few shots that don’t really bother Tanaka. Tanaka hits Awesome a few times with the chair and follows up with a snap power slam. They go to the floor where Awesome drops Tanaka gut first across the guard railing. Back from a break, Tanaka has managed to plant Awesome with a tornado DDT. Awesome stops Tanaka with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Tanaka shows his heart by kicking out of a top rope splash. Jeff Jones slides a table into the ring for Awesome to use. Awesome sends Tanaka through the table with a double leg slam but isn’t able to get a three count. Tanaka kicks out of a running power bomb as well! Tanaka stops Awesome on the top rope and hits a superplex through a table for another near fall! Tanaka hits the roaring elbow but the referee is distracted. Raven comes down to the ring and plants Tanaka with a DDT! Raven decides to DDT the referee as well! Awesome power bombs Tanaka over the top rope to the floor through a table! Tommy Dreamer comes down to the ring but is met with a DDT by Raven. The bell has sounded causing the match to be thrown out. Awesome power bombs Dreamer through a table set up in the corner to close the show.

Final Thoughts:

I didn’t like the show all that much this week. The wrestling wasn’t all that great, and that comes from someone who loves Tanaka/Awesome matches but it didn’t live up to the matches in the past. Plus, I think it was more of a way to progress their feuds anyway. So, I’ll give this week’s show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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